Tangled Tales

What Price, Love

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Quick blue eyes scanned the dignitaries waiting to receive the royal party from Mirkwood. *There*. There he was, the elf that tormented him in his dreams as an elfling. Legolas jumped down from his horse and walked forward and sketched a shallow bow.

"Prince Legolas, we are delighted at your presence. Lord Elrond was held up at a counsel or he would have greeted you himself. Please, allow us to care for your horses and we will have you shown to your quarters."

Legolas gave a quick nod and motioned to his entourage to dismount and hand their horses over to the waiting stable hands. Erestor bade him to follow and he fell into step beside him, even though he had been staying in the same quarters of the main palace since he had reached his majority.

"What ho, Legolas!"

A grin split his face at the sound of Glorfindel, a long time friend, hailing him. He stopped to wait upon him and Erestor came to a halt at his side. He was warmly embraced by the elder blond and greetings were exchanged. The dark haired advisor waited patiently until there was a break in the pleasantries to speak.

"Prince Legolas, if you will excuse me, I am sure Lord Glorfindel will escort you to your rooms," and without waiting for a reply, spun on his heel and strode off.

Legolas stared after him, disappointment and not a little pique coursing through his body. Some of that disappointment must have touched his expression because Glorfindel sighed dramatically and touched his shoulder.

"I see you have not managed to rid yourself of you elfling infatuation with Lord Elrond’s chief advisor."

Legolas turned sharp eyes to his long time friend, "It is not *infatuation*, ‘Fin. And I would thank you, not to make light of my love for him."

Glorfindel was immediately contrite or so it seemed, "Forgive me, my friend, I meant no harm and know that my heart grieves with yours."

Legolas nodded, still troubled, but accepting the apology. He turned and they walked in silence to his chambers. They sat and talked of happenings in their lives that had not involved the other. It was late in the evening when Glorfindel took his leave to prepare for dinner. Legolas moved to the bundles that had appeared while he conversed with ‘Fin. Dinner would be a formal affair to announce his presence in the valley. He would sit at the royal table with Elrond, the high family and his chief advisor, Erestor, and Lord Glorfindel. He pulled out his formal robes and laid them upon the large bed that graced the room. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He was not blind to his own appeal. Many would consider him beautiful. Long, straight blond hair, clear blue eyes, aristocratic nose, and full, pouting pink lips. He was finely cut in his figure and his intelligence keen. Many an elf and many a man had sought his favor and some had found it…for a short time but never long term. He broke eye contact with his image and strode into the bathing area, determined to clear his mind of annoying, distracting longing.

Dinner was a lively event, likened more to a feast. There was dancing and music and laughter. As the night wore on, formal robes were shed in favor of the freedom of formal under tunics and leggings. Legolas was flushed with heat as he danced with partner after partner, both male and female. He caught a flash of blond hair out of the corner of his eye and looked to see who it belonged to. Blond hair was rare in Imladris and most of the people in attendance were dark haired with the exception of himself, his entourage and Glorfindel. Sure enough, it was his old friend dancing with none other than Erestor. He watched the couple as they performed the somewhat intricate steps of a classical waltz. His gut clenched with jealousy as the raven haired advisor smiled at something ‘Fin said. He was unaware of the fact that his current partner had noticed his preoccupation until he spoke on it in silky tones.

"They make a beautiful picture, do they not? So different, yet alike. Light and dark, yet, almost identical in size and stature. When we were elflings, Elrohir and I spent months following them around. Certain that if we kept at it we would catch them in some torrid embrace. We did manage to catch Glorfindel, but not with Erestor. He was quite livid and we had to muck stalls for a month. Erestor found it very amusing and took to being flirtatious with ‘Fin whenever we were around."

Legolas turned his attention back to Elladan, the elder twin of Lord Elrond and laughed at the retelling of his childhood intrigue, but part of him was picturing instead of Glorfindel in Erestor’s arms, himself. He was every bit as fair as ‘Fin, a mite slighter in stature, but as tall. Their coloring was comparable and all in all Legolas thought he would look just as fine, if not better in the chief advisor’s arms. The dance came to an end and he bowed politely to Elladan. Glorfindel appeared beside them suddenly to secure Elladan for the next dance. Legolas, beginning to get tired of the whole scene was about to leave the floor when a molten voice captured his attention.

"Prince Legolas, may I be so bold as to offer myself for the next dance?"

Shivers chased themselves down his spine as he turned slowly to face his desire. Although Erestor had worded his request most humbly, he did not look the least bit concerned or uncertain. He stood tall with one strong hand outstretched to receive his. He looked every inch confident and secure, dressed in all black with silver accents. Legolas did not bother to reply, just placed his hand in the one before him as the first notes of music started. It was not until Erestor had pulled him close that he recognized the music. Hmmm. It was a song that told the tale of an illicit love affair and its tragic ending. Legolas smirked, pleased for the dance called for quite a bit of physical contact. Someone had to lead and the other could do nothing more than follow.

"I will lead."

He could only find time to look surprised before he was swept into motion. Stomp, dip, sway, grind, swing out. Pulled in roughly against a hard, muscled chest. He could feel every inch of Erestor’s body rubbing his, sensitizing his flesh, sending heat through his blood. Eyes the color of midnight held blue crystal one like magnets. Legolas felt as if he would be consumed, every brush of body, every grind of hips was a flame. He lost track of all things except the pulsing beat of the music and the beat of his heart which was echoed in the throb between his legs. When the last chord had faded, he found himself bent over backwards, back arched over Erestor’s strong arm, his legs spread to accommodate the heavy thigh pressing against his arousal and with his lips a breath away from a kiss. He wanted to fuck the raven haired advisor right there on the floor. Instead, Erestor stood him up before bowing to him and thanking him in a detached formal tone for the dance as if they had not all but had sex on the dance floor. Legolas stared after him; such arrogance in one of his station was quite unusual and brought out an urge in him to crush that arrogance.

He was quite suddenly fed up with the whole affair and made his way over to Lord Elrond to excuse himself from the festivities. The great Lord took his excuses well enough after inquiring about his comfort. He assured him that he had all the comfort he could possibly want. He was slightly surprised when the dark haired elf smirked at him and asked him if he was *sure* and reminded him that as Prince and visiting dignitary, all enfold be made to see to his every pleasure. He reassured him that he was just fine, but he wondered just how far the hospitality of Imladris extended. It was indeed something to think upon and he wondered if he could bring himself to take what was not his.

The morning dawned bright and clear and Legolas sought out ‘Fin. He found the elf Lord on the training grounds talking to his second in command. He took a seat and watched the two elves converse. He had long wondered why Glorfindel did not leave the valley and establish his own realm. The blond was in no way beholden to the Lord Elrond and worked in a loose association with him for the good of Imladris of his own volition. He also wondered at Lord Elrond’s reasoning. His father would never allow someone of equal standing to live in his realm and command his own elven forces. Everyone in Mirkwood was firmly under the thumb of the royal family. King Thranduil would have long ago kicked Glorfindel out or brought him to heel. He wondered what it was that tied the two together in such a strange relationship. He watched as Glorfindel thanked the elf and turned away. He stood when Glorfindel spotted him and came to stand before him.

"Walk with me, ‘Fin.

The two elves walked along the long and winding paths of the vast gardens of Elrond’s late wife, Celebrian. He smirked at the memory of the story the royal house had fed to the elf populace of Imladris, that Celebrian had been attacked by orcs. It was well known in the elite circles that Elrond had meticulously planned Celebrian’s attack. Right down to the fact that Elrohir and Elladan had arrived to late to save her. Not that the elf twins knew this, of course. For they had loved their mother with the wholeheartedness of elflings. Truly, they were the victims in the whole ordeal and debacle. He glanced to the side at the large blond walking with him. He wondered if Glorfindel knew that Elrond had killed off his wife. The warrior had arrived in the valley about a century after the fact. The elf looked lost in his own thoughts. Now was the time to inquire about his love.

"Glorfindel, speak to me about your relationship with Erestor."

It was quick and swiftly hidden, but Legolas caught the split second tenseness of ‘Fin’s body, before he relaxed.

"Erestor is an elf that I respect and admire. I would like to think that respect and admiration goes both ways."

"The way you speak makes it seem as if you are not especially close."

Again some hesitation, then a question, "What is it that you seek, Legolas?"

"I would know if you have bedded him or lay claim to him in anyway."


"No? No, what? No, you have not bedded him, no, you have no claim to him, no, you will not discuss it?" Legolas stopped and turned abruptly to his long time *friend*.

The taller elf faced him squarely, "No, I have not bedded him nor is he marked but I have offered him my protection."

Blue ice stared into blue fire in silence. In that moment, Legolas knew that he could not get away with treating Erestor as he would any other servant he wanted. Any other time he had desired a common elf, he had simply took what he wanted with total disregard to whether the underling was willing or not. It seemed Erestor has a protector, a friend and potentially more. Interesting. He smiled purposely dispelling any lingering tension. It would not do to ruin a perfectly good friendship over an illegitimate advisor of mingled blood…that he loved….he meant wanted…a lot.

"Let us continue, old friend, through this lovely space, before we are confined inside to consult with Lord Elrond." The ‘friends’ continued on in companionable silence. Each secure in the knowledge that the other knew where he stood.

"Come in, come in. I don’t want this to take all night. I have other, more pleasurable matters I would attend to." The Lord of the Hidden Valley ushered them into the study and into their respective seats. Legolas saw the seat next to Erestor was empty and made his way over to his side. The advisor glanced briefly at him but no more, instead absorbed in the scrolls laid out before him. Legolas shot him a small smile and the dark elf merely raised an eyebrow at him. This one would need to be taught his place in the world, it would seem. Any proper servant would be thrilled to be seated next to him and would welcome, nay, seek out his attentions and those who were not thrilled, would pretend to be so. This insolent elf did neither. Being a favorite of Lord Glorfindel’s had obviously given him a distorted view of his own importance. It was attractive in an it would be amusing to teach him manners way when he claimed him as his own.

Lord Elrond began to speak and he noticed that the other blond had settled across from him. He kept one hand on the table, fingers wrapped around an elaborate quill of brilliant colors. The other he placed a tiny bit above the shapely knee of Erestor. The fair advisor tensed and breathed in sharply, shifting in his chair. He watched in amusement as Dear Old ‘Fin shot a quizzical look across the table and Erestor managed a shaky smile of reassurance. He wondered how far he could take this before the advisor gave up trying to appear untroubled and proper and disrupted the meeting to beg ‘Fin to save him. He waited a couple of moments into most of the tenseness had left the shapely body next to him and let his hand drift up a strong thigh a few inches. The tenseness returned full force and he felt dark eyes on him, even as he pretended his full regard was on Lord Elrond. He massaged a bit and saw the eyes widen and long pale fingers clench on the table. He smiled. This meeting was not going to be as dull as he had originally thought and he had a feeling the untamed vixen under his hand was going to be livid. He hope to provoke a violent reaction just so he could subdue it. For a servant to strike a member of royalty was punishable in any way the injured party deemed and he could think of a whole list of extremely suitable punishments for the elf next to him. He became aware of ‘Fin’s hot blue gaze upon him and he met it, held it as he slid his hand over and in those last couple of inches to cup Erestor through his formal robes. He smiled and winked as he gave the advisor a firm squeeze.

Glorfindel broke the eye contact when Erestor gasped loudly and pushed back from the table, standing up and away from it. He watched calmly as Lord Elrond frowned at his chief advisor and ‘Fin gave him a concerned look. This was intensely amusing.

"Erestor, are you quite alright? What is it?" Elrond frowned, one eyebrow elevated, irritated at being interrupted.

Erestor bowed quickly at the waist, "Forgive me, my Lord, but suddenly I do not feel at all well. May I be excused?" He took his leave as soon as Elrond nodded his permission. Glorfindel made to follow him, but Elrond spoke.

"You are not excused Lord Glorfindel," the words were spoken mildly, but the acidic undertone was undeniable. Legolas raised an eyebrow. Elrond trying to command ‘Fin? Would the wonders never cease? He waited for his friend’s reaction. He did not have to wait long.

"I, unlike, Erestor do not need your permission to be excused, *Lord Elrond*." The blond glaring fiercely left the room.

Legolas sat quietly for a minute, then stood and moved closer to his obviously livid host, "Why, my Lord, do you let him continue to stay in your realm? When he so clearly does not respect your authority and causes confusion in your household. In our realm he would have been shot for such impudence or seeing as he is exceedingly fair made into a royal whore."

Elrond snorted, "If only it were so simple. He is a legend to the common elves, a hero returned by the Vala, and a leader of the royal forces, who have more loyalty to him than to me. To move against him would be folly."

Legolas hummed. Elrond was not telling him the entire story but it would all surface sooner or later, " Lord, if it is your troops’ loyalty to Glorfindel you fear, then that is a dilemma easily solved. My father has plenty to warriors to spare and with the proper encouragement would be all to willing to aid you in your quest to rid yourself of the famed Balrog slayer."

Elrond stared at him with a contemplative air, " Why, good Prince, are you so set on me ridding myself of Lord Glorfindel? When it is common knowledge to all that you would call him friend and he you? What motivates you? You do nothing that does not benefit you or the Green Wood."

Legolas was silent for a moment, staring at the door through which Glorfindel had exited. "I would have Erestor."

"Ahhh, now, I see. You need Glorfindel out of the way so that you can have that which he keeps for himself. It will not be easy, there have been many to come up lame and missing for merely looking at his pet the wrong way. Not that Erestor knows of it. He thinks Glorfindel is simply a trusted friend. I tried for him once but decided he was not worth an enraged Lord of the Guard. He is quite a delectable piece of ass, is he not?"

"Quite. I will not let Lord Glorfindel detour me from what I want. And that is that damned too good advisor on my cock riding me for all he is worth," the blond stroked the table lightly, imagining such a scene. "Yes, quite." He ignored the voice inside his head

asking him if that was what he really wanted.

Glorfindel ducked as a heavy silver brush flew by his head. He circled the room and tried to stay clear of the extremely irate elf in the middle of the room tearing it apart. Only when the black haired elf stood still, panting in the middle of the room did he speak.

"I take it you are not sick, then? Unless, of course, rage has been newly classified as an illness. Unchecked, maybe. Tell me what is wrong. Was Lord Elrond so boring as to send you into this unparalleled fit of pique?"

Erestor sank down unto the floor, a picture of loveliness among the havoc he had wrecked. Glorfindel moved to kneel in front of him, tipping up his pointy chin to try to catch dark eyes.


Piercingly black eyes locked with clear blue defiantly, "He touched me."

The hand around his chin tightened, "Touched…you? Who touched you? Elrond? If it was he, I will-"

"Legolas, Legolas touched me."

"Legolas? No, surely, you are mistaken. He would not dare to betray my trust in such a manner. Touched you how? On the arm, a chance brushing?"

The deep eyes narrowed, " Think what you will, but it is hard to mistake the feel of someone squeezing your dick, without your permission, I might add, with a light touch on the arm. I should have known you would look the other way and take his side. When it comes down to right and wrong, all royals stick together. And it is alright to take what is not freely given as long as it is from a commoner."

The grip on Erestor’s chin tightened abruptly, just to the point of pain, then loosened. Blue eyes burned brighter, "You know that is not true of me. You will never comprehend the extent to which I protect you from the harsh realities of this world, from royals and commoners alike. You would have been had a hundred times over again, if not for my protection and yet, you still doubt me. Letting titles and other’s opinions rule your thoughts and perceptions. I would give you everything, make it so that you would never have to fear again, but NO!" Glorfindel’s voice had risen steadily as he spoke until at last he was yelling, "MAYBE THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT! TO BE TAKEN AGAINST YOUR WILL BY SOME HOT SHOT ROYAL BRAT WITH A VALA COMPLEX!!" He shook the elf in front of him.

Erestor stared into the blazing blue eyes before him and dropped his head, "You do not understand; you do not know."

Glorfindel sighed and pulled him close, "what is there to understand besides my love for you and yours for me?" He felt the advisor shake his head slightly against his shoulder. The whisper was faint, but he heard it, "You do not understand."

He said nothing to that because there was nothing he could ay that had not already been said on the subject of his feelings for Erestor, "I will speak with Legolas about his behavior. I can not promise you safety without the placement of my mark upon you."

"Glorfindel, I’ve been expecting you. Do come in." Legolas stepped back with a smile and let the slightly taller elf into his rooms.

Glorfindel entered the room in brisk stride, " You know why I am here." It was a statement, not a question.

Legolas shut the door, " You’re here to talk to me about Elrond’s advisor. To warn me away from his delectable body, no doubt, because you hold him above the unwritten rules of our society. If he is not claimed by a peer, ‘Fin, he is fair game."

"He is not unattached, I would have him." The two blonds stood toe to toe.

"I would have him, also. I do not want our *friendship* to diminish over this, ‘Fin. Friends are so hard to come by in this day and age and I regard you as highly as my own brothers. Perhaps, we can work out some kind of agreement concerning your little pet."

The elder blond responded warily, " What type of agreement?"

"Come, let us sit down." The two moved to sit at the sturdy table stationed to one side of the room. Legolas sat insolently sprawled in his chair, relaxed and cunning. ‘Fin sat more tensely, not happy with the situation in the slightest.

"We could share him, ‘Fin. One at a time or at once, it does not matter to me." He continued on, purposely ignoring the rage in Glorfindel’s eyes. "It is not like he is a virgin, ‘Fin. I am certain he has been taken a hundred times over again as he has climbed the ranks of Elrond’s ladder. In fact, I do not understand your reluctance to just take him. It is your right, our right, by blood. Before you storm away, ‘Fin, consider it. Instead of all this waiting and begging for his affection, you could just take him and make him love you or at the very least pretend to. I do believe you have never seen our dear advisor in an, shall we call it, unguarded state. I have ‘Fin and I know that if you would have witnessed what I did, you would not be content to play his little games. You would have taken him a long time ago." He leaned forward to rest his elbows on the table to speak in earnest. "I was mere elfling, almost at my majority, visiting with my father. You know, when I first arrived here for my here of study in Imladris. In the middle of the night I had went to my father’s rooms and he was there." He smirked as Glorfindel’s hand resting on the table curled into a fist.

"Yes, Glorfindel, he was there. Looking back, now, that was well after you had arrived here and befriended him. I can not believe that you do not know of this. Anyway, back to the tale for I can see that you are quite curious. He was in my father’s bed. Chained to his bedposts. He was most unaware and my father sat to one side of him, stroking back his beautiful black hair from his face. He, my father, must have sensed me near because he called for me to come to his side. I walked over and sat beside him. As I watched he pulled down the sheets covering him, baring him in all his glory. He was all sharp angles and hard muscled planes. My father bade me to touch him and I did," he caressed the table lightly and waited for Glorfindel’s desire to know the full torrid tale to overcome his fury and disgust.

Glorfindel sat eyes narrowed, fists clenched, not believing what he was being told. Legolas was right, his first visit to Imladris had been long after he had promised Erestor his protection. That Erestor had been forced into the King’s bed under his *very* nose burned him up inside and to know that Erestor had kept it a secret all these long years seared his soul. How could something like that have happened to someone he *loved*? He had to know the extent of his folly. Legolas had stopped talking, but he had to know it all. "Go on. Finish it."

Legolas raised his eyes from the table slowly and caught the angry blue eyes across from him, " He was pale, so pale…except in the places where Father had marked him. In those places, he was pink and purple. There were teeth marks around his right nipple and handprints at his waist."

Glorfindel growled and Legolas continued, "I touched them and they singed me with their heat. Father encouraged me and I kissed his soft, swollen lips and those gorgeous eyes fluttered open and he called me by my father’s name. I was quite, not wanting him to know that it was me, that touched him. Although, I look like Father, our voices are quite different. He whispered to me, begged me to have mercy, that he was torn and in pain, and I knew then that Father had used him roughly. I drew back, not wanting to cause him further pain." He paused. "To this day, I regret not taking him that night chained to my father’s bed."

Glorfindel stood slowly, vibrating with rage, words hard and cold as ice, " And you are right to rue that missed chance, because you will never, never get another chance to take him." He left the room, closing the door quietly behind him which was somehow more disquieting than the loudest slam would have been.

Legolas smiled at the now empty room, "We shall see, dear friend, we shall see."

Glorfindel hurried through the halls, fury coursing through him, lengthening his stride, until he was just short of running. He burst into Erestor’s chambers startling the elf who was in the middle of cleaning. He kicked the door shut behind him causing the advisor to back up in alarm. He rounded on the frightened elf and yelled at the top of his lungs,"


Erestor flinched at his volume and tone, but was at a lost, " Not tell you what? I know not what you speak of." He quickly backed up as the irate blond advanced on him until his progress was halted by a wall. He stared into brilliant blue eyes and felt fear at the anger he saw there. Had Glorfindel finally tired of waiting for him to make up his mind?

"Why didn’t you tell me that King Thranduil had forced you? Why did you not tell me that he *wanted* you in the *first* place? Then I could have taken measures to protect you!"

Suddenly pain filled black eyes lowered, " There was nothing to tell. He expressed no interest in me beforehand. He caught me in the hall by myself and forced me to follow him to his rooms and I remember very little after that except pain and humiliation. There was no need to tell you afterwards, there was *nothing* you could have done to make it better, and I did not want to see pity in your eyes or for you to go to war against his kingdom."

Glorfindel’s stance softened and he drew the shaken elf into his arms, " I do not feel pity for you, anger at myself and sorrow for your pain, but never pity. I am sorry I failed you, Erestor. Please, forgive me."

Erestor sighed, "There is nothing to forgive, Glorfindel. You can not protect me from life and my station in it."

Glorfindel clutched him closer, "That is where you are wrong, Erestor. I can save you, if you would but let me. All you have to do is belong to me, become mine. No one would dare touch you when you have the mark of the House of the Golden Flower upon you. Once you are mine."

Erestor pulled back with a frown, " I do not want to be branded with the mark of your House as one would brand a stock animal. I do not want to lose the little respect I have gained as chief advisor by being marked as Lord Glorfindel’s consort."

Glorfindel shook him slightly, "No, you would much rather be the night time whore of any visiting dignitary of higher rank. Maybe, it suits you better because then you can pretend in the morning that you have total control of your life and body even as you bleed into your undergarments and force yourself not to limp. Erestor, continuing to cling to that delusion is going to lead to nothing but pain and misery. You only have two choices in this life, to belong to one elf or to be available to every elf who desires you. I more than desire you, Erestor, I love you and I would cherish you as my mate…as an equal. All you have to do is accept my mark. I will give you the smallest tattoo possible, a single golden bloom. I do not understand your resistance to this. Without my mark, legally I have no right to keep others from taking you." He stopped and looked away, "The Prince is most taken with you and demands I stand aside. I will not allow him to have you, Erestor. Without clear ownership, such resistance is an act of war and I will go to war for you if it comes to that."

Erestor stared back at him disbelievingly, "You would go to war for me, a glorified servant? You would risk everything you hold dear to keep another from having me?"

Glorfindel met wide eyes, " I hold you above all and I would have you know it. We do not even have to stay here, love. We can go live in the Golden Wood with Celebrian‘s family. There you would not even need a tattoo because they have long outgrown such barbaric customs, spoken or unspoken. There you would know for certain that Elrond would never show his face there, neither would Legolas for the Mirkwood family has long been banned from those lands. Let us leave tonight."

Erestor blinked, still in shock over the fact that the elf before him was willing to go to war over him. A servant, an elf, that had been misused for centuries before he had been returned to life. It was something he could not fathom or resist, so finally after many years of resisting he said, "Yes. Yes, let’s leave tonight for the Golden Wood." He closed his eyes as Glorfindel gave a shout of joy and swung him around in circles, laughing and squeezing him.

Glorfindel sat the elf who would *finally* be his down. "There is much to be done. I will inform my men and set about getting our transport arranged. Gather whatever possessions you want to take with you and ready your horse. We will leave post haste. I want you to be careful and alert. You will not be fully secure until we are within the heavily guarded borders of Lorien." He kissed Erestor’s forehead and released him with a small smile. "I will meet you at the stables."

Erestor stared with shocked bemusement at the door through which Glorfindel exited the room. It seemed his life was about to be changed forever and for the first time in centuries, he could believe it was going to be for the better.

Legolas could not help but notice all of the unusual activity taking place in the courtyard near the stables and it concerned him. He sought out Elrond and found the great Lord engaged in what he was sure were pleasurable activities with the court minstrel, Lindir. Elrond motioned him into the study and instructed him to ignore the white haired elf before him vigorously sucking his cock. He did just that and spoke what was on his mind, "What is going on in the courtyard, my Lord?"

Elrond gaped as Lindir hit a particularly good spot, " Glorfindel is leaving to visit what remains of his kin in the Golden Wood."

"The Golden Wood?" Legolas stood and left the room with quick strides. He didn’t like the sounds of this. Glorfindel was up to something and he was heading down to the stables to find out just what was going on. He walked casually down and waved aside the curious looks of the stable hands. He could hear a soft voice from the stall that housed Erestor’s horse and he made his way there silently. Hmmmm, Erestor preparing his horse for travel. All in all, it was very suspicious. He crept up to the busy elf and whispered in his ear, "And just where are we going, fair Erestor?" He moved back as the startled elf jumped and spun around to face him causing his horse to prance nervously.

"I am simply readying my horse for it’s journey to Lorien. How are you this fine eve, Prince Legolas?" The advisor strove for his normal mask of indifference, he knew he had failed when Legolas reached out and grabbed him by his robe front.

"Do not think to fool me, *Master* Erestor. I know that you are running off with that muscle bound oaf to the Golden Wood. Lord Elrond may be to blind to see it, to caught up in his little fantasy world, but I am not. I know well enough that once you two are inside the borders of Lorien no one will be able to touch you. But do not fear, fair Erestor, for I am willing to let you go for a price."

The dark haired advisor swallowed, "A price, my Lord? Whatever are you talking about?"

Legolas backed the resisting elf further into the stable stall, "Do not play dumb with me, fair Erestor. You know very well what I speak of. I would have of you what my father had of you. Something to think about when I am alone and cold and ‘Fin has you by his side. Why? Why, Erestor? Why couldn’t you have loved me, instead of Glorfindel? I would have given you everything, more than he can give you." Legolas shook the elf he held captive.

Erestor looked into shimmering blue eyes and spoke the truth, "I have loved Glorfindel from the moment he walked into the Last Homely House. Please, Legolas, do not do this to me. I remember you as my pupil, a bright and shining student, I remember you as a beloved friend of the twins, comforting them after their mother’s death, I remember you as a merciful elfling, that night I was chained to your father’s bed," He paused as clear eyes widened, "yes, I figured out that it was you and not King Thranduil that spared me further pain that night. Please, Legolas, do not make me remember you as a cold hearted rapist like your father."

Legolas dropped his gaze and the hand in his robes clenched and slowly loosened. "You are…you are…free to go. I will tell no one of your plans or whereabouts." He reached up and stroked a soft cheek, "I know that my friend will take good care of you and that brings my grieving heart a small measure of comfort."

Erestor caught the retreating hand and kissed it softly, "Thank you, my young Prince. I will forever be in your debt and may love find you in this cruel world." With those words he stepped quickly out of the stall to go find Glorfindel before more trouble found him. Legolas watched him go with a heavy heart, once again, he had let the opportunity to know Erestor as a lover slip by him, but this time he knew no regret. It was the right thing to do and finally he realized it. "Goodbye, fair Erestor," and he turned to walk back toward the Last Homely House.

Erestor fairly raced around the corner to go into Glorfindel’s rooms. The blond looked up and smiled at him, "Erestor, my sweet, why are you in such a dither?"

Erestor smiled at him brightly, "He let me go. ‘Fin. He let me go."

The blond straightened up, "Who? Elrond?"

"No, Legolas. He had me cornered in the stables, but he let me go out of love. He said that he hoped you would treat me well and that brought him some comfort."

It was slow in coming, but the large blonde smiled also, "I knew that he was different from his father, he just lost sight of his good heart and needed you to set him straight. Are you ready, darling? Everything is all set."

The advisor hugged his Lord and said, "I’m ready, let’s go home."

                                      And they did.