Tangled Tales

The Game of Love

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Glorfindel leaned back against his best friend’s desk and watched as scribes and assistants bustled about the large library. He usually avoided the busy place, leery of the often simpering glances thrown his way. Scholars just were not the type of elves he was attracted to. He had only found two bookish elves appealing in his long life, two lives actually. And he did not count them because they had been great warriors long before turning to a life filled with desks and scrolls. He tapped his foot impatiently and wondered just what was taking Erestor so long. He shifted his weight to his other leg and a movement in the corner caught his eye. His heart stopped beating…and immediately started back up again, thankfully.


Erestor’s velvety voice brought him back to reality. He moistened his lips and asked, "Who is that?"

Erestor leaned on the desk by Glorfindel’s side and tracked his enraptured gaze to the elf in the corner. "That is Figwit. He is new here from…hmmm, I’m not quite sure where, but he’s very pretty. Is he not?"

"Beautiful." The two elves watched the small dark haired elf shelve books. Every time he stood on tip toe his robes pulled tight across what looked to be a firm, perky ass.

Erestor spoke, "A scholar, Glorfindel? I thought bookworms were beneath you, friend."

The blond smiled at the raven haired beauty next to him, "If I am lucky, I will have that bookworm beneath me very soon." Erestor elbowed him in the side, eliciting a grunt.

"I could introduce you, if you would like?" Erestor offered. "He is notoriously shy and difficult to find outside of work."

Glorfindel straightened to his full imposing height, "That is quite alright, dear Erestor. I will introduce myself." And before the advisor could protest the warrior strode off. Erestor settled back down to watch his friend make a fool of himself and lessen his chances of having a certain bookworm beneath him.

Glorfindel cleared his throat as he stood behind the tiny elf. He watched as mahogany hair shifted about the elf’s tiny frame as he turned to look at him or rather his belly button. The diminutive elf gasped and took a step back. Glorfindel smiled as large green eyes traveled slowly up his body to catch his own sparkling blue orbs. He put out a large calloused hand, roughened from countless years of weapons training. "My name is Glorfindel. I am a Lord of this valley and Captain of the Guard here in Imladris. And you are?"

A delicate, finely boned hand reached out hesitantly, "I am Figwit, but please call me Melpomaen, everyone else does. I am new here to train under Master Erestor."

Glorfindel raised the light hand to his lips and kissed it, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Melpomaen. I do hope that your stay here will be most pleasant."

The small elf blushed furiously and tugged his hand away, looking down at the floor, dark hair swinging forward to hide his face, "Thank you for your kind words, Lord Glorfindel…I have to get back to work now," he whispered, backing away from the huge elf in front of him before turning and practically running from the room. Glorfindel stood, frowning at the door the elf had fled through, when he felt a presence at his side. Erestor.

"You have scared him to death, Glorfindel. Excellent first impression."

Glorfindel turned to look at mirth filled midnight eyes and threw a couple of rude gestures. The advisor tsked at him. *tsk* *tsk* *tsk*

"Now, now, Glorfindel. Is that any way to treat a friend. Especially, since you are going to need my help to woo Melpomaen."

"Help? I have never needed anyone’s help to get what I want. This is just a small setback. He will be mine before the week is out."

Erestor shook his head pityingly, "We shall see, old friend, we shall see."


Glorfindel was at his wit’s end. Two weeks had passed and still no progress. He could barely get within ten feet of Melpomaen without the green eyed elf running for his life in the opposite direction. And to make matters worse, Erestor was always lurking about laughing at his expense. Only the Valar knew why the little assistant was so wary of him. He was elf enough to admit he needed help. There was only one thing to do…ask Erestor for guidance. Life was not fair.

Erestor smirked at the distinctive knock at his door. Glorfindel had finally admitted defeat and was coming to seek Erestor’s most capable help. He got off the floor where he had been tinkering about with a picture puzzle , he padded silently to the door and opened it. Erestor lifted an eyebrow at the obviously irate elf before stepping back and bidding him to enter. Glorfindel entered the huge room that felt smaller for his presence. Erestor closed the door and resumed his position on the floor in front of his puzzle and the crackling fireplace. He waited.

"What do I have to do?" The words were gruff, tone terse.

Erestor placed a puzzle piece, "Say it."

Glorfindel sighed, "Once again, the wisdom of your words have proven true. This is why you are Chief Advisor to our most esteemed Lord Elrond and I am not."

Erestor turned to his friend, lounging in what he had come to think of as "The Throne", a large, richly upholstered chair Glorfindel favored.

"The problem is that you frighten him, Fin. You are larger, louder, more important, beautiful and you know it. You need to come down off of your shining pedestal. Stop being an untouchable legend and become an elf that he could befriend."

Glorfindel frowned, "He talks to you. You are a legend."

"A quiet legend. Not many know of me, but your praises are sung Arda wide. It intimidates, Lord Glorfindel, Balrog Slayer, Mandos Returned, Captain of the Imladris Guard, Demon Fighter, Aged One, and let us not forget the fact that you are almost twice his height and could pick him up and snap him like a twig. You need to be more approachable."

"None of those things can be changed. I am what I am."

"You can start by letting him see you outside of work. You need to stop hanging around the library distracting him and causing him to be the center of lurid speculations. It embarrasses him much. He asked me to be moved to one of the smaller studies just yesterday."


Erestor went on, "It might also help if you let him know that we are only friends. Some of his other suitors have been filling his head with nonsense. I have even heard it implied that you and I want him to be the third in a "kinky" all night threesome."

"And you have not told him otherwise?" Glorfindel scowled.

"He has not asked me."

Glorfindel rolled his eyes and smiled at his friend, " I will heed your advice, my friend. I will trust this advice…even though, in all our years together, I have never seen you seduce another elf." He was unprepared for what happened next. Something changed about the black haired elf. Something…indefinable. His dark eyes became liquid pools of midnight and his body became…loose. Erestor shifted unto all fours and crawled toward Glorfindel, clad only in light sleeping trousers, looking for all the world like some exotic overgrown cat. Glorfindel could practically see a tail swaying languidly behind him. The muscles of his arms and back shifted, played and bunched beneath pale skin, drawing the eye. The advisor reached him and moved between his legs, making sure to rub against him as much as possible before kneeling up and leaning in close to meet his eyes.

Erestor stared into dilated blue eyes and felt his friend grow hard against him. He licked his lips and dropped his gaze to Glorfindel’s coral hued mouth. He drew even closer until their breath was mingling. He whispered, "I have always wondered if the stories of your prowess were true. They say that you love like you fight…with all that you possess. You search for weaknesses and use them to your own end." He licked his lips again and his tongue flicked lightly against his friend’s mouth. He felt Fin shudder and inhale suddenly. Time to lower the boom, "Do you want to find my weaknesses, Lord Glorfindel and use me for your own pleasure?" He lifted his gaze to meet heated sapphire eyes. "Your every pleasure?"

The blond warrior’s breath stopped as he stared captivated by midnight eyes and listening to that smooth voice offer him everything, anything he wanted. That voice told him that his friend was ready and willing to submit to anything, do anything for his pleasure. He tried to remember why this was a bad idea, but it was difficult when all he wanted to do was grab a handful of inky black silk and demand satisfaction.

"Do you want me, my Lord?" A teasing brush of lips.

He swallowed hard and tried once more to think, but his mind betrayed him, "Yes," he answered.

Erestor leaned to the side and licked his ear, he bucked and the sexy advisor said, "And so does everyone else. Get over it." With those words he moved quickly back and away to his former position.

Glorfindel blinked. What had just happened? He took several deep breathes and adjusted himself within his leggings. Then he spoke, "That was just cruel. And okay, I believe you know a thing or two about seduction."

"I can not believe you ever doubted it."

Glorfindel laughed at his friend’s arrogance. "My friend, you are quite the treasure. Pray, tell me what lucky elf did you pull that little trick on?"

Erestor smiled at him, ‘You know that I do not kiss and tell. It would not be seemly or befitting one of my station."

Glorfindel tapped his chin thoughtfully, " It was someone of high rank, higher than yours, because you played on their importance. It was not Elrond, was it?"

Erestor gasped, "Certainly not, I would not dare do such a thing to our Lord and friend."

Glorfindel’s eyes lit up. "Dare? You would not dare? Why ever not, my dear Erestor? Are you afraid that you can not manage it? You, a master of seduction, holder of ancient wisdom?"

Erestor’s eyes narrowed, "I did not say that I could not do it. I said I will not do it. Elrond is a dear friend and respected peer. Besides, he is too easy a target."

"Oh, really," blue eyes twinkled.

"Yes, really," dark eyes narrowed to slits.

"I think you are afraid to fail because we both know that it has been years since Elrond took a lover."

"That would make it easier for me, not harder, Glorfindel."

"Maybe he has reasons."

"Maybe he harbors a secret lust for me like you do."

"Maybe--HEY!" Glorfindel caught the last bit.

Erestor laughed.

"I do not harbor a secret lust for you."

"You are right, Glorfindel,. You do not."

"That’s right."

"Because it is secret no more."


"My Lord." Erestor waited for the half elf to turn around to face him. His Lord raised an eyebrow at him and he smiled. The hitch in Elrond’s breathing was plainly audible. This really was going to be too easy. He shrugged aside his uneasy feeling and laid a slender hand on his Lord’s arm. "Please, follow me."


Glorfindel moved stealthily through the garden. He had learned with some carefully placed questions that Melpomaen spent a great deal of his time in the quiet of the gardens. Aha. He changed his pace to a leisurely stroll, taking great care to appear lost in thought. He knew the exact moment the librarian noticed him. The small elf tensed and a look of abject terror flashed across his delicate features. Glorfindel stopped with his back to the elf and stroked the petals of a particularly lovely rose, all the while listening intently for movement. All was quiet. The elf had decided not to run. Point for Glorfindel.


Erestor closed the door to his private study, locking the door behind himself and Elrond. The younger elf looked at him quizzically. He said nothing but moved further into the room. Elrond followed him to his desk, looking puzzled as Erestor calmly began removing things from his desk top. When he finished, he turned around to face the bewildered elf and leaned back against his bare desk. He lowered his chin to his chest and waited. Elrond moved closer. Stopped. Closer still. Stopped.

"Erestor?" A hesitant question. He’s concerned. Good. He turned his head to the side, causing his long, unbound hair to fall across his face. Almost time. A slim hand brushed back his hair and tipped up his chin. He raised large, almond shaped eyes, glistening with tears. Elrond immediately drew him into his arms. Time.


"Hello, Lord Glorfindel." A shy voice rang out.

He turned, *surprised*. "Melpomaen, I did not see you there. Good day, to you. I hope you do not mind my sharing this beautiful space with you. It soothes me…but I could leave if you want to be alone." He made it a question.

The tiny elf took a calming breath, "Please, do not leave on my account. I am the one who should be sorry, disturbing your sanctuary. Perhaps, I should leave." He made to get up.

Glorfindel walked over to him slowly. The elf stilled, looking up with wide eyes. "Please," the blond said, "stay. You are by far the loveliest flower here and your very presence lifts the storm clouds from my mind."

The doll like elf smiled. Point for Glorfindel.


Elrond stroked Erestor’s long hair and murmured soothing words. He pressed his lips against the skin he was nestled against. Elrond tensed. He whimpered needily. Elrond resumed rocking him. He spoke, making sure to speak directly into a pointed ear. "I’m just so alone, my Lord. I do…not know how I can continue to live out my days without the company of someone that understands all I have been through in my long life. Glorfindel is a good friend, but he has his own life and…loves. I am just so weary, so tired of this…loneliness…"he trailed off.

Elrond drew back to look into his moist eyes, "You are not alone, Erestor. I am here for you."

He blinked big, wet eyes innocently, "My Lord, I fear that you do not understand my pain. I have friends…I need something…more."

Elrond leaned forward to place a soft kiss to ruby lips, "I can be more, I want to be more. I have for a long time."

Erestor smiled.


Melpomaen smiled at the large blond beside him. He was just an elf like any other elf, not an untouchable legend.

Glorfindel smiled back, "I would very much like to do this again. Perhaps tomorrow?"

"I would like that also."


"Master Erestor, may I speak with you?"

Erestor looked up from the scroll he was reading at the tiny elf in front of him. He smiled at Melpomaen for the two of them had become fast friends during his and Glorfindel’s courtship. "Of course, Melpomaen. What do you need?" He motioned for the nervous elf to take a seat across from him.

Melpomaen sat in the chair before the large desk, "I need advice…on a private matter." He blushed faintly.

Erestor leaned forward, eyes gleaming with interest. "Go on."

Melpomaen opened his mouth, closed it, then opened it again, "I have never lain with another before and I am frightened. I do not know quite what to expect." His face was cherry red.

Erestor blinked, " A virgin…Melpomaen, I do not think that I am the right person to talk to about this. Why do you not go to Glorfindel? What concerns you specifically, my friend?"

The younger elf twitched, "I did not want to burden him with my fears. As to what concerns me…Lord Glorfindel is a very large elf…in all ways…and it is more than a little intimidating. Especially in the light of my lack of experience."

Erestor thought for a moment, "Well, I think that the best thing for you to do would be to tell him up front that you are a virgin which he has probably already guessed. That way he will take extra time and care that he might not otherwise. As to his…size. At first it may be a bit difficult to take, but as you gain experience, it will quickly become a pleasure, but you may want to ask him to let you explore and spend time getting used to…everything."

The small elf stood and leaned across the desk to hug the older elf, he whispered, "Thank you, Erestor. It does not seem so bad now that I have voiced my fears and found that they were not all together ridiculous. I will heed the advice you have given."

Erestor returned the hug with a warm feeling inside. It made him want to go see Elrond. They, too, had been taking it slowly. Elrond not wanting to rush what he claimed to have wanted for countless years. Erestor waited until Melpomaen had left the room to go seek his Lord. He was in need of affection or giving affection, whatever. In fact, he had not seen his Lord outside of a few moments at work for the past few days. He found Elrond at his desk looking much too irritated for his liking. He made some noise to get his attention and smiled when he caught it. Elrond favored him with an unreadable, shuttered look before smiling back. He shook off the brief disquieting feeling that caused , crediting it to the fact that his Lord was tired from a long day of work. He made his way across the room to perch on his Lord’s lap. He put aside the papers Elrond had been working on and wrapped his arms loosely around his shoulders. Erestor peered down into gray eyes for an endless moment then leaned down to taste rose lips. Elrond gasped and surged up against him creating a sharp pulse of pleasure between his legs. Erestor moaned and rocked against him encouragingly, pleading without words for more. His tongue fought a loosing battle with Elrond’s that ended in the sweetest surrender when his Lord’s hands dropped from his waist to clutch his buttocks, pulling him tighter against him. Erestor immediately started grinding against Elrond’s trapped arousal, he broke the kiss to gasp for much needed air. Lidded silvery eyes stared up at him, gleaming in a beautifully flushed face with wet pink lips. He wanted Elrond passionately and he was tired of waiting upon his Lord’s leisure. His renown patience was at an end.

"Please," he whispered, rocking back and forth, "Please, have mercy on me, my Lord. I will do anything, give you anything. If only you will have me."

Erestor found himself quite abruptly removed from Elrond’s lap. He could only stare stupefied from his new place on the desk as Elrond disrobed hurriedly before his hungry eyes. When Elrond stepped back within his reach, he dropped immediately to his knees, all his attention captured by the shaft jutting from between his Lord’s legs. He grasped it firmly and Elrond inhaled sharply. He brought the tip to his lips and lapped delicately at the moisture gathered upon the plump head. Elrond swayed upon his feet and Erestor pushed him down into the chair he had vacated. When Elrond was still, Erestor enveloped the head, licking the underside with a playful tongue. The warm body under him arched upwards and he obligingly took more into his mouth. Sliding back and forth slickly until his nose touched Elrond’s trembling stomach. A not quite gentle hand, wrapped itself in his long hair, pulling him even closer. He relaxed after a bit of conscious thought and went with it, breathing carefully, gasping open mouthed when the hand pulled him back and off. He shivered as intense eyes focused on his swollen, red lips. Elrond took himself in hand and rubbed the head across his lips, sometimes skimming, sometimes pressing inward, but never enough to satisfy his hunger for more. As the heat coiled tighter in his stomach, he tried to shake loose of the restraining hand but the grip just tightened, so instead he tipped his head back , opened his mouth wide, relaxed his throat and closed his eyes. Elrond stood and sank deep in one motion. He whimpered and dropped one of his hands to his own lap, the other he wrapped around his Lord’s hip, to keep him still while he milked him with his throat muscles, swallowing over and over again. He cried out when Elrond tugged him off again, blinking tears of frustration from his eyes. He was pulled to stand shakily and his hair was released as Elrond roughly stripped off his clothes and latched on to a hard nipple. Erestor jerked as teeth closed around the tender flesh, keening softly as the bite settled into suction. His knees failed him and Elrond caught him up and laid him across his desk, papers and all. His head hung over the edge of the desk but he forgot his discomfort as Elrond moved without pause from his nipple to his pulsing arousal. He shrieked when he was drawn suddenly into hot wetness. Elrond did not tease but took him roughly all the way to the root with more than a hint of teeth. He tried to thrust but found himself pent most securely to the desk upon which he sprawled. Elrond pulled up off of him as quickly as he had sucked him down, grabbing his arm and flipping him over unto his stomach. By the time the room stopped spinning, Elrond had already slipped an oiled finger into him and he was mindlessly pushing back. Quickly a second was added, prodding at his pleasure center, making him cry out and thrash about. A third was dipped in briefly, but quickly pulled out with the other two. He felt a blunt pressure in the next instant and then he was impaled to the hilt. He screamed. It felt like he had been nailed to the desk and yet his arousal did not diminish in the least. His Lord paused for a second, letting him adjust…barely.

He braced himself against the desk as Elrond thrust deep and began riding him hard. He didn’t have the energy or the oxygen to scream anymore. Every thrust forced the air from his parched lungs and when he felt Elrond tense against him and spill hot liquid into him it was almost a relief. He was spun back around and jerked off rapidly. He spasmed as come spurted from him over Elrond’s hand and down his own body. He leaned back weakly and looked up into…angry silver slits. Angry? "What--"

He was cut off as Elrond hissed at him, "I hope you’re happy now, Erestor. I suppose you had to keep up the charade like you cared for me until you got me in the sack, so that you could prove your prowess to Lord Glorfindel." Erestor’s eyes went impossibly wide. Elrond sneered, "Yes, our dear friend informed me of the little bet the two of you made concerning me. He thought it highly funny. Well, I did not Erestor. I can not believe you would do such a thing to someone you would call a friend, someone you have known for most of their life. Leave. Get out right now." He backed away from the shell shocked advisor still collapsed upon his desk. His motion caused Erestor to unfreeze and he reached out desperately to grab the other elf’s hand.

"Please, my Lord, I am sorry, so sorry. I did not mean to hurt you. That was the least of my

intentions. Please, forgive me, Elrond. I do love you. I have loved you for such a long time. Glorfindel just provided me with an excuse to act upon my feelings. Please, believe me…" A tear rolled down his ashen, pleading face.

Elrond shook his grip loose and reached up to touch the crystal bead of moisture, "I wish I could trust your tears, Erestor, but they have deceived me before and I fear they continue to." He stepped back and gathered up his scattered clothing, leaving Erestor to cry silently against the desk making no move to cover or compose himself. Elrond redressed swiftly and left locking the door behind him to keep any other elf from accidentally coming upon the wrecked advisor, he vigorously berated himself for the ache behind the wall of his chest. He had only repaid his own pain in kind. Love was not a toy to be played with and thrown away…and Erestor had played him for a fool. He went swiftly to his rooms, wanting nothing more than to wash the tainted feeling from his skin. What he wasn’t sure of was if the taint came from Erestor or from within.


Glorfindel stepped into the house after returning from the practice field and walked toward his rooms. He had just turned into the hallway that led him past Erestor’s chambers to his own when soft whimpers caught his ear. He smiled at first, thinking Erestor and Elrond were enjoying some alone time together, but as he got closer it became apparent that they were not whimpers of pleasure but rather of pain. He walked quickly to the door and tried it. Locked. He knocked sharply and called out, "Erestor."

The whimpers stopped and Erestor shouted back, "Just go away, Glorfindel. You have done enough already for me."

The blond frowned. What? Something was wrong and he was going to get to the bottom of it, right now. He did not want to spend the time trying to pick Erestor’s specially modified locks, so he backed away from the heavy door, lowered his shoulder and rammed into it. It only took one blow to release the door from its locks. He burst into the room and was brought up short by the sight that greeted him. Erestor sat upon his bed, wrapped in the linens, red eyed with tears running in streams down his face. He had obviously been crying for sometime. Glorfindel approached the bed and reached for his friend about to offer his comfort. He recoiled instantly as Erestor struck out violently screaming at him.

"Don’t touch me! This is all of your fault! How could you do this to me, Glorfindel. He hates me. He hates me! He hurt me, he hates me so much that he hurt me! Elrond has seen the most horrible of acts, the most despicable of criminals and left them to their fate unharmed! He hurt me! He hates me, hates me, hates me, hates hates hates--"

Glorfindel grabbed the distraught elf by the upper arms and shook him, "Erestor, Erestor, calm down and tell me what you are talking about. Erestor! Calm down!" He drew the weeping elf into his arms and rocked him back and forth. His tunic quickly becoming soaked through with salty tears. He waited until the dark elf had cried himself dry and into the gasping, hiccupping stage. He hummed soothingly and waited for him to speak.

Erestor began haltingly, "I went to see him in his office, because I had not seen him for days…I know why now…but then, he gave me a strange look but I foolishly disregarded it. I kissed him and it seemed as if he lost control," Erestor spoke softly, "but I wanted it, I wanted him badly. He was rough with me but I took pleasure in it because it was at his hand. After…after he was through with me…he told me that he hoped I was happy. Now, that I could tell you that I had had him...now, that I had satisfied the conditions of our bet… I tried…to tell him that I loved him…I was so sorry…but he would not listen. He did not believe me." Erestor turned bottomless eyes up to Glorfindel, "What am I going to do, Glorfindel. What?"

The blond felt his throat constrict with his friend’s pain, "It will be alright, friend. I will make it alright. I am so sorry, love, so sorry. I did not know that he would react that way. I am so very sorry. Shh, stop your tears. You will become sick." Glorfindel stayed there on the bed rocking Erestor until he slipped into a deep but troubled sleep. Glorfindel tucked him beneath the covers and kissed the cold cheeks. He needed to go see Elrond.


Glorfindel made his way quickly to the opposite side of the house. He knocked on the heavy door of Elrond’s chambers. His Lord bid him to enter and he did with a swift, agitated stride. He came to a stop before Elrond who was seated, staring into the fire dismally. "My Lord, I have come to speak to you on behalf of Erestor. I do not pretend to know what has transpired between the two of you, but he is most upset and has only just calmed down enough to find some rest. He claims you hate him, my Lord, that you hurt him willfully. My Lord, please talk to me."

Elrond looked up at him with curiously flat eyes, "You waste your breath speaking for that whore. I did not hurt him. I merely did not treat him as though he was untried, because he obviously has been tried over and over again. He quite enjoyed it, until I told him I was on to his games. Leave, Lord Glorfindel. I do not feel like being disturbed any longer.

Glorfindel’s mouth tightened in anger, "I told Erestor that I would make everything right. That I would bring your heart to look upon him with favor once more, but now I think that he would be better off without you. A bitter elf that can not see past a jest between friends to the love that was gifted to him so freely. And as to him being a whore, you do not complain when you need him to gift foreign diplomats with sweet smiles to ease your way. Goodnight, Lord Elrond." The blond turned on his heel and left his young friend to think alone in front of the fire.


Glorfindel stomped off to his rooms nearly stepping on the small elf standing in the hall. Melpomaen squeaked and moved aside. He stopped immediately and gathered the small elf close to his heart. "I am sorry, tiny one. I have had a bad day. Are you okay?" Melpomaen nodded in his embrace before pushing back and away from the warrior.

"I wanted to see you, Glorfindel, but if you are too distressed by your day then I can come another time. I do not want to add to your worry." Big green eyes peered up at him melting his heart.

"No, no sweet doll. Come with me, your presence soothes me." The pair turned and made their way to Glorfindel’s rooms together. Melpomaen sat upon the large bed as Glorfindel walked about stripping out of his tear stained outer tunic and taking off his weapon’s belt and high boots. The large blond stood beside the bed uncertainly before sighing and climbing in to lay his golden head in Melpomaen’s lap. The smaller elf raised a soft hand to stroke silken tresses. The warrior lay there in silence for a long time soaking up the librarian’s presence.

"What did you want to see me for, young one?" Glorfindel turned his head so that instead of staring into the roaring fire a servant had set he was looking up into forest hued eyes. He lifted a hand to touch a blushing cheek and smiled when long eyelashes fluttered wildly.

"Ummm, I came to…to…tell you that I, I want to get to know you better. In all ways…" he trailed off shyly, blushing.

Glorfindel’s pulse raced. It seemed his night was taking a turn for the better. He shifted to rest on his elbows and captured his love’s cupid bow mouth in a gentle kiss. He moved over him in a fluid motion, forcing him back upon the bed. Small hands clutched at him, alternating between welcoming him and fending him off. He pulled back to look into wild uncertain eyes searching for a sign of what was wrong.

Melpomaen stared up at the huge elf blanketing him. He saw the unasked question and answered it, "My Lord…I am frightened…I have…never--"

Glorfindel smiled down at him, "This I knew. Do not worry, small flower. I will do nothing without your consent. What do you want to do? You can have free reign this night."

Melpomaen smiled back at him tremulously, "I would like to see you unclad…is that alright?"

Glorfindel did not answer in words but rather actions. He moved to stand beside the bed before Melpomaen and rid himself of his remaining articles of clothing. The smaller elf scooted to the edge of the bed and reached out to touch his collarbone uncertainly before going on to test a tightly drawn nipple. He quickly removed his hand when the warrior hissed loudly. Glorfindel captured the retreating hand and placed it back upon his body with a pleading expression. Melpomaen shyly resumed the caress making sure to give the opposite nub the same treatment. The blond moaned his name and swayed as he leaned forward to place a wet open mouthed kiss over his navel allowing his tongue to dip inside the small hollow. He smiled against the indent and explored it thoroughly leaving the warrior trembling before him. He pulled back and trailed a hand lower before hesitating once more. He looked up into heavy blue eyes and took note of the suffering expression in them. He touched the heavy shaft lightly and it jumped. His eyes widened. He took it in his hand measuring its girth. His hand barely closed around it and he shivered imagining it forcing its way into his slight body. He stroked the long distance from tip to root and wondered if he was insane to even be thinking about taking this elf as his first. Glorfindel’s hips arched, a low moan leaving his parted lips and the small elf knew that insanity or not the blond would have him someday soon. He let go of his captive and the warrior whimpered.

He looked up again and whispered, "I think that I am intimidated enough for the night…I am sorry, Glorfindel." The blue eyes closed against him and the large chest swelled as Glorfindel took several deep breathes to compose himself.

"Do not worry, small flower. We will take this as slowly as you want to." The sapphire like eyes stared at him intently, "Perhaps, you would like to see me bring my own self to pleasure because I will surely have no rest tonight in this condition," he waved in the direction of his groin.

Green eyes lit up, "I would like to watch," he whispered shyly and moved closer to the edge of the bed.

Glorfindel shifted so that his legs were spread slightly wider and he leaned back tilting his hips forward keeping eye contact with the young beauty in front of him. He was pleased when the darkened eyes dropped and ran over all that he had to offer. He took himself in hand and a gasp sounded in the stillness. Melpomaen’s eyes were wide and curious. He started off slowly, stroking, teasing himself the way he liked most. As thoroughly as he knew himself and as completely as he provided his own pleasure, Melpomaen’s pleasure at watching him drove his desire higher. He thrust up into his hand, curling his torso upwards, because he knew from experience that showed off his abs to their greatest advantage.

Melpomaen shifted uneasily as his arousal throbbed and ached. He had not expected to get so caught up in Glorfindel’s pleasure. It was nothing that he had not done before alone in his own room and yet, it all seemed new to him. The assurance with which Glorfindel stroked himself told him that Glorfindel was confident in his technique. And the release and clench of the muscles in that otherworldly body was sending fire straight to his groin. He found himself inching closer and closer, wanting to get in on the action. Glorfindel’s eyes closed as he hit a particularly good spot. This was his chance! Melpomaen reached out and touched the weeping head of the rock hard shaft. He was immediately pinned by Glorfindel’s glowing orbs. Melpomaen froze as the full power of that gaze skewered him. Glorfindel gripped his wrist and pulled him up to stand before him. He bared his teeth in a pained parody of a smile.

"So, you want to help me, do you?" When Melpomaen shakily nodded, Glorfindel wrapped his fingers around his arousal more firmly. "Let me show you how to please me, then." He adjusted Melpomaen’s grip again, "I will not break and I’m at the stage where a light touch would just aggravate me. Touch me with some strength."

Melpomaen gave an experimental pull, pleased when Glorfindel’s breath hissed out between clenched teeth. He stroked faster with more confidence and smiled as Glorfindel twitched and bucked up into his hand. Oh, yes, this was entertaining and exciting. His fear had faded in the face of his soon to be lover’s pleasure and he caught his lower lip between his teeth as he concentrated on finding out just what brought Glorfindel the most pleasure.

Glorfindel was hard pressed to keep his body upright. The fiery pleasure shooting through him made his knees want to buckle and his body to thrash and writhe about. All in all, he wasn’t that successful in staying still, but Melpomaen did not seem to mind. He looked at his tormentor, loving the focused expression on his face as he brought him pleasure. Oh, he wasn’t going to last much longer. "Mel…Melpomaen," He tried again louder in between gasping breathes.

Melpomaen looked up the second time Glorfindel gasped his name. He frowned not at all happy to be interrupted. "What?" he said a bit snappishly, still stroking and pulling his new toy.

Glorfindel shuddered, took a deep breath, tried to speak , shuddered and tried again. "Melpomaen, I’m gonna…come."

Melpomaen’s eyes widened, "Really? Do it then. Come for me. Let me see you let go." He stroked faster and harder.

Glorfindel groaned at the eagerness in his voice and arched up into the increased intensity of his touch. It was coming, it was coming. "Ahhhhh!" Glorfindel’s back arched up hard and hot cream spurted up onto his abdomen and over Melpomaen’s hand. He dimly heard Melpomaen gasp as his vision went black with the force of his completion. For a beginner, Melpomaen had a lot of natural talent and had proved to be a fast learner. He watched avidly as Melpomaen hesitantly lifted a soiled hand to his mouth and touched his tongue to a creamy finger. In that instant he was hard again. He looked at Melpomaen’s still clad form, noting his desire.

"My little flower, I can help you with that if you please," he gestured toward Melpomaen’s lap with a hopeful expression. He watched with interest as he looked back at him wide eyed before shaking his head no. Glorfindel could see him drawing back into himself and putting distance between them the skittishness returning full force.

"No…I really think I should be going now." The tiny elf stepped back from Glorfindel’s large steamy body, turned on his heel and fled for the safety of his own rooms. Glorfindel watched him retreat then looked down his body at his once again awakened arousal. He shook his head ruefully and went to take as cold a bath as he could tolerate. This was going to tap into vast reserves of restraint he might not have.


The next day was pure hell for Erestor. He had to work in close contact with his Lord while pretending that everything was normal and he was not suffering from a mortal wound to his soul. Elrond seemed to have no such problems putting the events of last eve from his mind. The younger elf worked with the single minded efficiency he always worked with. The only thing different was the deep freeze of ice that seemed to be between the two of them. Where there was once light banter, there was now edgy silence. Erestor could not wait until the work day was over and he could retreat to his room to lick his wounds. He was placing a book back in its rightful place on a high shelf when he was suddenly pressed against the bookcase. He gasped in surprise and not a little fear. Had he really been so caught up in his misery as to not notice Elrond advancing on him? Or maybe he was not on his guard because his heart could still not accept the fact that the half elf had hurt him so cruelly? It was ….just so out of character with the normally loving and nurturing healer. He shuddered fiercely as warm moist air carried sweet words by his ear after cursed silence.

His Lord nuzzled a pointed ear and spoke, "My Lord Erestor, I have been consumed with thoughts of my hasty actions of last night and I really must apologize." Erestor gasped with joy but then Elrond continued, "In my anger at being played for a fool, I quite overlooked what a delightful addition to my admittedly routine life an experienced whore would be. If you can find it in your…heart to forgive me, I would very much like to spend myself in your delicious body night after night. Of course, while you are mine you will have to restrain yourself from sleeping with others. No more conquests to prove your prowess to Glorfindel." The Lord’s hand dropped down to rest on his traitorous arousal, "What say you, Erestor?"

The raven haired elf turned around slowly, expression unreadable. This might be his one and only chance to keep some part of Elrond for himself. Either be his whore or suffer from his chilly silence and hateful disdain. "I accept."

Elrond smiled and made short work of the older elf’s robes. He touched the pale, bared flesh with reverence. Erestor was so beautiful and maintained an aura of untouched innocence even in the face of his obviously active private life. Elrond touched, stroked and kissed Erestor as he pleased with no regard for the other elf’s wants or pleases. A whore had no preferences, but he was secretly pleased when he looked up to see Erestor biting his lower lip and glistening with sweat. He slid slowly to his knees and pressed Erestor back against the bookcase. He took in the engorged slender staff in front of him with pleasure. It was just as beautiful as everything else about his advisor. He regretted that he had not been able to spend more time getting to know every detail about Erestor’s cock last night. He had been to eager to get into his well used ass and punish him for his treachery. He would make up for that wasted opportunity now. He grasped the shaft firmly and brought the head to his lips and licked it softly. A moan sounded above him but he ignored it. This was not about Erestor, it was about what he wanted and he wanted to taste the flesh before him. He put the head in his mouth and sucked lightly. The hips under his hand jerked and he pinched the skin under his hand, the body quickly stilled. Good. He worked the malleable flesh deeper into his mouth, taking him into his throat. He closed his eyes and gave himself over to the act; letting his emotions, the frustration and unrequited, desperate love for a slut rush over him behind the blackness of his eyelids. How had he allowed himself to placed in such a position? His question remained unanswered as Erestor went completely rigid and warm liquid rushed down his throat. He drew back slowly eyes still closed. When he was sure his eyes would not reflect his inner state he opened them and met dazed black ones, "Dress yourself and do not appear before me again before I have need for you." He stood briskly and left the room, moving quickly to his own chambers to relieve the tension that he could not let himself to sate on Erestor at the moment…at least not without causing the elder elf considerable pain.


Glorfindel had spent most of his day half hard. Every other move he made had his cock throbbing and it seemed to be pulsing to the rhythm of Melpomaen’s name. Instead of sparring actively with his soldiers today, he mostly observed and corrected bad or sloppy forms. He didn’t want to end up maimed because all he could think about was intent green eyes and small deft hands. He moaned at the memory as he turned down the hall that housed he rooms. He stopped abruptly mid stride. Erestor. He should stop in and see how Erestor was doing. He knocked on the newly repaired door and a soft voice bid him enter. He walked into the dimly lit room and found Erestor sitting on the floor in front of his fireplace. He moved to sit beside the still elf and stayed silent for a moment.

"How did it go today?"

Erestor shifted slightly, "It went…better than I expected. He apologized."

Glorfindel smiled at him happily, "I knew Elrond would come to his senses and see the error of his ways. Erestor remained silent. Glorfindel stooped smiling, "Erestor?" His voice tentative. The black haired elf looked at him with an unreadable expression, then sighed.

"He saw the error of his ways, alright. He decided that he had been hasty in throwing away the chance to have his very own personal whore."

Glorfindel gaped, "Tell me that you put him in his place, Erestor. You are much too good to be treated in this manner."

Erestor started haltingly, "I … Glorfindel…I love him. I want to be with him any way that he will have me."

"Even as his whore? Erestor, this will not work. You are much too proud to be kept as our Lord’s catamite. You will learn to resent his demands and he will resent you for fulfilling them. If you let him continue to let him think badly of you for imagined crimes of lust, he will always wonder just how many other elves have known the pleasure of your beautiful mouth. Who else has been inside your tight ass and his jealousy will consume you both. This is not a good idea, my friend. What if he starts to demand favors you are not comfortable providing? I know you and I am willing to bet that you are not nearly as worldly or experienced as Elrond believes. It is merely an act that you have perfected to get your way in a world where beauty is power. This whole situation can only led to more pain and misunderstandings."

Erestor was silent for long moments. When he spoke it was on a different, more lovely subject, "How goes everything with your innocent elfling?"

Glorfindel’s countenance instantly lightened. "He is no elfling and I am working on the innocent or maybe I should say the innocent is working on me. I was hard all day, Erestor. I could not concentrate even enough to train my men personally."

Erestor smiled at him, "The mighty Glorfindel slain by such a tiny, pretty elf. I am quite shocked, not to mention amused. Whatever shall you do?"

"I will suffer valiantly until he ends me with his sweet mercy for my plight. He is too noble, not to mention curious, to let me suffer for long."

"No doubt, no doubt." the conversation was interrupted by a hesitant knock. Erestor smirked at the huge blond, "Come in, Melpomaen. He is here."

The small emerald eyed elf came into the cozy room and smiled bashfully at Erestor, "I hope you do not mind if I steal Glorfindel away, do you?"

Erestor showed a glimpse of strong, white teeth and motioned to two away. When they left, he stared unseeing into the dancing flames.


Melpomaen passed quick glances at his own personal soldier, one he wanted to make good use of. They entered the warrior’s chambers and Glorfindel moved about making the rooms come to life and warm. Mel walked over to him and tugged him down for a long deep kiss. He was immediately swept into a strong embrace. They made their way to the bed toeing off boots and shedding clothing. Glorfindel’s body was so hot, so hot against Mel and he craved that warmth; he felt powerful and drunk with power as the huge blond tried to devour him whole.

Glorfindel settled between Melpomaen’s widespread legs, groaning as their erections rubbed together sending sensation skittering through his body. The small elf trapped under him, gasped into his mouth and pushed his pelvis forward to sharpen the contact. Glorfindel growled and broke the wild kiss, "Mel, can I touch you, tonight? Can I bring you pleasure, my little flower? Please…" Glorfindel kissed the swollen mouth again quickly, "Please, Mel." He pulled back enough to stare into dilated green eyes.

Melpomaen looked up into blindingly hot summer blue eyes pleading with him to be granted permission to touch him as a lover would. He took a deep breath and nodded his consent. Glorfindel’s smile warmed his soul and he hoped that he would be pleasing to the much more experienced elf.

Glorfindel leaned down and kissed Mel once more before directing his attention to the slender,

arched neck. He was pleased at the moans that met his efforts and peppered the skin with open mouthed wet kisses. He sutured his mouth to the lovely place where shoulder met neck and set about leaving his mark on the tiny elf; Mel squirmed beneath him, panting brokenly into the air. Glorfindel let the bruised skin slip from his mouth and continued down the delicate pale body. He stopped to lick, kitten like, at a rose pink nipple. The small nub instantly drew up, begging for more of his attention and he gave it all the attention it desired. Melpomaen was having trouble catching his breath when Glorfindel abandoned that nipple to give the opposite one the same treatment. Melpomaen cried out with the pleasure, pushing his chest up to meet the blonde’s mouth. The warrior gave him one more bite and move slowly down his abdomen to tease his navel. The wet tongue delved into the small indentation, circling, playing and flicking. Melpomaen thought that if that tongue on his navel was this good he would die when it touched other places; he was about to find out.

Glorfindel rested between the widely sprawled legs carefully. He made certain not to appear to restrict Melpomaen’s movements even though that was precisely what he was doing. He did not want to scare the all ready leery young elf and making it seem as if he couldn’t escape his grasp would do just that. He turned his attention to the slender flushed arousal jutting up in front of his face, practically begging for his touch. Well, it did not have to beg any longer. He grasped the heated spear and Melpomaen shuddered, gasping for breath. He brought the dripping head to his mouth and tasted the ready flesh. Melpomaen choked on an outcry. Glorfindel smiled in appreciation and took him into his mouth, slowly, swallowing him whole. The slim hips in his hands bucked upward, instinctively trying to thrust and he encouraged them. He was quite high on the slick movements of Mel’s cock between his lips, his tongue delighting in tracing the pulsing vein on the underside of Mel’s arousal when he felt the slighter elf tense beneath his mouth and come in delicious spurts down his welcoming throat. He pulled back reluctantly, paying special notice to the overwhelmed whimpers leaving Melpomaen’s mouth as he stimulated the too sensitive member. He crawled back up the slender body and looked into dazed green eyes or tried to because Mel was focused intently on his mouth. He was only a little surprised when the archivist pulled him down and into an incredibly illicit kiss, the small agile tongue searching his mouth for every last bit of his own taste. Glorfindel quite enjoyed the exploration and thought that next time he would save him a bit of nectar to savor instead of having him search for scraps. Mmmm, next time…

Melpomaen’s back slowly uncurled from its hard arch. His eyes were still tightly shut as the blond kissed his way leisurely back up his sated body. When that moist mouth made contact with his, he latched on to it and moaned at the musky sweet taste of himself. He chased every hint of himself from Glorfindel’s mouth and whimpered in disappointment when the traces were gone. The warrior thrust against him and groaned tearing his mouth away from Mel’s greedy, bow shaped one. Bright green eyes met burning blue ones and Glorfindel panted harshly, sweet breath fanning Melpomaen’s face. Then he dropped his head to the side and kissed Mel’s flushed ear.

Glorfindel nuzzled Melpomaen’s ear, pressing a quick kiss to it. Tasting the small elf had come no where near to sating him. If anything, the snack had made him hungrier. He wanted more. He asked for it. "Mel, Mel-baby, can I touch you there? Can I touch you inside? Please, baby. I’ll be gentle…please."

Mel gasped as sharp teeth tugged at his earlobe and nodded shaky consent to the questions Glorfindel was whispering into his ear. He was rewarded with a quick nip and then he listened, ears closed as Glorfindel leaned over him and rummaged through a drawer ion the dresser at the bedside. He tried to take deep breaths to calm his nerves, but that was difficult considering the fact that his heart was trying to climb out of his chest. The older elf found whatever it was he was searching for and settled heavily back over him. His warm heavy length pressed firmly into his newly awakening arousal. Glorfindel kissed his swollen mouth lightly and shifted down his body. The butterflies in the pit of Melpomaen’s stomach increased their activity as the warrior pushed his legs further apart. He started as some cool substance dripped onto his penis and trickled down over and around his balls and down between his spread buttocks. Still, he clenched his gemlike eyes closed. He felt gentle fingers anoint him with the oily substance. He arched up as slick fingers traced the path the liquid had taken. The clever fingers lightly circled around his virgin entrance and he twitched slightly. His acute hearing picked up an increase in Glorfindel’s breath rate and his eyes crept open and he peered down at the blond. Glorfindel was staring, intently focused, on the area between his legs.


Glorfindel lightly fingered the small entrance bared to him. He raked his thumb through the peppermint oil that he had bought recently for just this purpose. He pressed the tip of his thumb into the quivering ring of muscle. A gasp sounded above him and the shapely thighs around his shoulders tensed. With a considerable amount of restrain he halted his thumb’s progress. He looked up into wide frightened eyes and tried to smile reassuringly; the smile probably came off hungry more than any thing else. He pressed a soft kiss to the inside of one smooth thigh and ducked down to lick the sweet oil from the base of Melpomaen’s cock. The tiny elf moaned and the rigid thighs relaxed and opened once more. He continued to lap at peppermint flavored flesh until his tongue met the top of his thumb and Mel’s sounds of pleasure took on a shocked cadence. The captive elf went still, then tried to squirm away from the unfamiliar caress. Glorfindel slipped his thumb out of Mel and pinned him to the bed with a heavy forearm. With his other hand he held him open and to his mouth. His tongue darted out to circle about the clenching rosebud. Melpomaen’s abdomen arched around his arm and a keening moan left his lips. Glorfindel smiled and licked more forcefully at the muscle guarding the entrance to Melpomaen’s body. Melpomaen was clutching at his hair and bucking against his mouth by the time Glorfindel reintroduced a new finger to his body. Glorfindel worked his pointer finger into Mel beside his tongue and the tiny elf merely moaned and bucked harder against him.


Melpomaen was overloaded with sensations as Glorfindel pierced his body over and over again with his finger and tongue. He thrust mindlessly against the invaders only wanting more. He shifted fluidly as Glorfindel introduced a second finger to his body. This addition brought him closer to reality as he felt a twinge of discomfort as the warrior worked the digits deeper into him, but the pleasure far outweighed the tiny spike of pain. He was pleased to discover that two fingers could touch him much deeper than one. His body convulsed as a bolt of pure lightening shot through him. His world went black then filled with sparkly colors as the pleasure ran over him. He vaguely heard Glorfindel release a satisfied purr but he was mostly focused on figuring out what the warrior had done and how could he get him to do it again. His mind decided for him that begging was the best way to make it happen again.


Glorfindel rocked against the bed, so aroused, as frantic pleas for more escaped the tiny elf. He had been hard for so long that the throbbing between his legs was bordering on painful. He watched his fingers disappearing into the small pink hole over and over again as Melpomaen thrust eagerly upon his hand, begging him to touch him like *that* again. He crooked his fingers and shuddered at the delighted yelp that escaped Mel as he brushed his prostate. He pulled his fingers out until only the tips eased back in with three fingers. The ring of muscle fluttered madly about his fingers and a high pitched keening sound left Mel’s clenched teeth. Glorfindel met resistance before his fingers were buried up to the second knuckle and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Melpomaen was not going to be able to accept him into his body without significant pain initially. He closed his eyes, rested his sweaty forehead on Mel’s equally sweaty stomach and felt the small elf shift around his fingers. He drew a shaky breath and pressed a kiss to damp skin. He slowly withdrew his fingers and moved up to stare into wide dilated green eyes for a long moment. Melpomaen stared back at him with confused desire. Glorfindel pushed tangled hair out of the upturned face.

"Baby…Mel. Listen to me, this is important. Are you listening ?" A small nod met his question. He continued, "Good. I just want you to be prepared for what’s going to happen if we continue on tonight, okay, baby?" Another nod. Glorfindel took a deep breath, ‘I would love to be able to tell you that it’s not going to hurt at all, but I respect you more than that. I love you more than that. This first time," Glorfindel looked away, "If it’s going to be with me is going to hurt like hell."

It took a moment for the words to penetrate the sensual fog surrounding Melpomaen, but penetrate they did. He was afraid, but there was no other elf that he would rather go through this experience with. He loved Glorfindel and trusted him with his life. In that instant he decided to let Glorfindel guide him through his first time. He lifted a shaky hand to turn the blonde’s face back toward him. He kissed the swollen down turned lips and whispered, "With you."


A knock on his door made Erestor start and surface from his rather morbid musings. He was pretty sure that Glorfindel and Melpomaen had left the door unlocked in their haste to get to the warrior’s rooms, so he just waited for Elrond to enter.

The dark haired Lord swept into the room like he owned it. Wait a minute, he did. He took in the slighter elf in front of the roaring fire. Elrond had spent most of the time between the incident in his study and now thinking about his chief advisor. And he had come to the conclusion that he, Elrond, was an utter and total ass. He had known Erestor since he had been a small elfling. Erestor had been his tutor for many years until war had called him away. When Erestor had returned Elrond had been past his majority and they had assumed new roles as friends. Glorfindel had appeared in their lives soon after and the blond and Erestor shared a history that Elrond was not privy to. Elrond was elf enough and man enough to admit that he had experienced quite a bit of jealousy over Erestor’s relationship with the blond. All right, still experienced large amounts of green eyed seething envy. He was always aware of the VAST age difference and the gap in life experience. The two elder elves could communicate so much with just a glance and had separate points of reference. But back to his point, he was an ass. Absolutely an ass. In all the time he had known Erestor, he could not recall a single rumor concerning his advisor’s love life and he could not name a single lover Erestor may have had. At one time he had thought Glorfindel and Erestor were an item, but when he had stutteringly asked Glorfindel about it, the large fighter had laughed gently and denied it with a strangely sympathetic look in his huge blue eyes. Elrond had been too relieved to question the other elf about it. All things considered he has come to the conclusion that there was no way that Erestor was a whore, he and Glorfindel had never played a malicious joke on a friend, and he was an ass. Oh…and that he had loved Erestor for a very long time and just had not realized it. He quietly moved closer to the elf highlighted by the orange flames. He knelt in front of his beautiful friend come lover and stared up into dark eyes filled with reservations. He lightly traced the high cheekbones and brushed the ruby lips. He lowered his hand and bowed his head, "Forgive me." Elrond waited in perfect stillness until a fine boned hand lifted his chin so that he could stare up into dark eyes.

The dark eyes took on a distanced look and Erestor spoke, "I have loved you from the first day I saw you , a precocious elfling, and I am ashamed to say that I have wanted you for much longer than what is proper." The sharp eyes refocused, "You have caused me great pain, Elrond, but love’s course has never been smooth. I am glad to see that my faith in you and our friendship was not misplaced. You are forgiven but remember that forgiveness from me does not come easily and less so from Glorfindel on my behalf."

Elrond nodded. He knew that well enough. Glorfindel could be protective of Erestor to the point of obsession and he wondered often as to why that was. He would ask when he went to the blue eyed elf to request his forgiveness. He looked beseechingly up into Erestor’s face and sighed happily when the older elf leaned down to kiss him softly at first then with more intensity. He relaxed completely into the raven haired elf’s embrace, surrendering everything the way he had always wanted to. The way he had when he had been an elfling under Erestor’s tutelage. He was more than pleased when Erestor slowly lowered him backwards unto the floor before the warm fire pressing the more intimate heat of his strong body against him. He blinked as Erestor stroked his hair back from his face and smiled down at him.

"You were such a lovely child. Always hovering between elfin grace and human abruptness. I tried to bring out the best of both in you. When I returned, you were an elf grown into all the potential I had seen in you as an elfling and I wanted you, but you were still to young to try to hold to one so old. So, I said nothing, did nothing and we eased into a pattern of friendship that remained unbroken until Glorfindel gave me the excuse I needed to approach you. And well…you know the rest of the story."

Elrond pulled that tempting mouth down to his to whisper into it, "I’m sorry…so sorry, Erestor." His words were cut off as the advisor took the opportunity to deepen the contact between them. And the room was silent save the crackling of the flames and the sweet sounds of passion from a love long denied.


Tears streaked Melpomaen’s face as Glorfindel pressed slowly into him and the only thing keeping him from struggling against the invasion was Glorfindel’s soothing strokes and mummers and the absolute look of love and sympathy in those gorgeous blue eyes. The slight elf released a heartfelt sigh of relief when the blond stopped moving forward coming to a halt pressed firmly against his body. Glorfindel pressed soft loving kisses to his brow and forehead and he took a deep breath in and let it out gradually. The pain lessened as he relaxed around and underneath the warrior. He became aware of the curious sense of fullness and the definite feeling of connection with his now lover. Glorfindel’s immense frame, far from making him feel trapped made him feel comforted and secure. He wrapped his arms around the larger elf’s neck and pulled him down closer so that he could snuggle in closer. Glorfindel petted is hair and continued to whisper praise and encouragement. In a short time he felt ready to move on and whispered as much to the blond. Glorfindel drew back slightly and began short rocking motions, barely moving within his body. Melpomaen’s brow furrowed as he concentrated on the odd sensation of the heavy shaft moving within him and wriggled slightly to get more comfortable. Glorfindel gasped and surged against him before checking the movement. The blond bit his shoulder lightly and shifted back entering him at a different angle. This time when the pulsing shaft pressed inward, a sharp pulse of pleasure marked its progress. It was Melpomaen’s turn to gasp and buck. Glorfindel continued to feed him slow, controlled miniature thrusts across his prostate until Melpomaen was writhing underneath him and leaving scratches across his broad back. Only then did the elder elf increase the range and strength of his thrusts always making sure to keep the most pleasurable angle. Being the inexperience elf that he was, Melpomaen was quickly overwhelmed with sensation, coming with a high pitched scream against Glorfindel’s heaving body. The blond captured Melpomaen in a bruising kiss and thrust frantically against him. The tiny elf looked up with wide eyes as the Balrog slayer tensed over him and warmth pulsed into his body. Slowly the tension eased from the large body and Glorfindel relaxed unto him, nuzzling into his hair.

"Are you alright? Do you need me to move, Mel?" Glorfindel’s questions were cut off as Melpomaen clutched him closer. They lay there for a long time in silence as heart rates slowed and breathing became easier, a feeling of contentment and rightness flowing from one to the other, a bond that would only grow stronger with time.

                                                  The End