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Erestor looked in the full-length mirror with the critical and objective eye he was known for as Elrond‘s Chief Advisor. He took in the tousled waist length black hair, shining from the vigorous brushing he had given it. His gaze moved down to his well-defined chest framed by an open lace down black robe with black sleep trousers underneath. He had to admit that he looked good in black; the dark color did wonders for his fair skin and dramatic coloring. He nodded at himself in the clean, clean glass. It would have to do because he had gone as far as he was willing to go into fantasy elf fashion. He turned and headed out of his bedroom in the direction of his heart’s and body‘s desire. It was tonight or never and he wanted Glorfindel too much to back out now. As he walked down the long hallway, he wondered what approach would work the best on Glorfindel, the mighty warrior, shy and virginal or direct and lustful? Maybe he should have found out what type of elves the blond was attracted to before he had decided to go on this fool’s errand, but Glorfindel was notoriously private and the search for information would have taken much too long. He stopped in front of a large intricately designed wooden door that was pretty much the same as all the doors in the Last Homely House…except this was the door to Glorfindel's chambers.

He took a deep breath, knocked lightly," Glorfindel?"

Glorfindel looked up at the soft call of his name and the accompanying knock on his door. He put down the scroll he had been absorbed in and glanced at the almost burned out candle beside his bed. He sighed. Guess he wasn't going finish reading this night. He pushed back the thick covers, padded to the door softly and eased the door open, not wanting to disturb the rest of the household. His mouth came open as well in the next moment. Erestor. Elrond’s trusted friend and advisor stood at his door, hair loose, clad in black silk, looking for all the world like the elfish form of sex. Erestor stared back at Glorfindel taking in his shock at finding out who was at his door at such a late hour. Hell, he was just as surprised to find himself there and yet, he had to do something. The weeks spent dreaming of the golden elf were wearing on him, interfering with his concentration. He had to do something because the attraction was starting to make his work suffer. And that just would not do. What that something was he was going to do, he wasn't sure, but he was here to do it. Glorfindel recovered from his shock and snapped his jaw shut. It seemed that all his prayers and sideways looks full of desire had finally paid off. It had taken the advisor long enough to get the message. He motioned for Erestor to come on in and he barely suppressed a shudder as the bottom of Erestor's silk robe brushed his leg making him insanely conscious of the fact that he was only wearing white sleep trousers. He shut the door and prayed that he was reading this situation correctly. He hoped it wasn’t self delusion to believe this late night visit was of a…social nature.

Erestor took in the décor, surprised to find it contained a large variety of color. Somehow he had expected everything to be blue. His eyes settled on the large bed, the only thing that held a large amount of blue and he decided to sit at the bottom of the bed. That would put him in a position that was ripe with possibility. He watched Glorfindel close the door, then walk around him to settle back down at the headboard of the bed, sitting cross-legged. Erestor turned to face him, mimicking his position and he waited for Glorfindel‘s curiosity to overwhelm him. He did not have to wait long.

Glorfindel waited for Erestor to say something, but he seemed perfectly
content to sit there and stare at him. Silently. Finally, curiosity got the best of him, he questioned the silent elf," So, what brings you to my lair?" He flashed a teasing grin and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Erestor cocked his head to one side considering. Yes, that was the question, wasn't it? He let his eyes drop shyly and decided to try the innocent route for a moment to see how the other elf reacted even though he doubted he could pull it off. He plucked lightly at the blue covers and looked back up meeting expectant sky hued eyes. "Glorfindel, do you like me?" He blinked wide almond eyes up at the warrior like he had seen Elrohir do on several occasions when trying to get his way with Elladan. He had practiced using the expression during the previous weeks before tonight just in case he needed it.

Glorfindel blinked himself. Of all the things Erestor could have asked him, that he didn't expect. The dark haired elf was far from the type that cared about what others thought of him outside of the workspace. While his brain tried to process the unexpected question, his eyes drifted of their own accord over the temptation that was Erestor. Hell, yeah, he liked him, but he wasn’t sure if Erestor meant it in that way. He cleared his throat, " Of, course, I like you, my friend." He leaned back against the headboard, "What makes you ask?"

Erestor lowered his gaze again, twirling a strand of hair. Now, what was he supposed to say? The shy route locked a lot of choices beyond his grasp. He couldn’t say I asked because my heart jumps in my chest when you touch me and my crotch sings. That wouldn’t be in character, after all. Erestor thought about it and decided he did not appreciate the limitations acting shy placed on him. He needed more options and he had never been shy and virginal not even when he had slept with his first elf maiden. The act was too hard to keep up. It was just not in his nature to be unsure of himself, uncharted waters or not, he was Erestor. He captured Glorfindel's eyes, letting his want show," Because I more than like you. I want you to take me."

Glorfindel's mouth fell open for the second time that night. He had to be hearing things. Had Erestor really just said he wanted to fuck him? When that elf made up his mind, he made it up. He decided to make sure before he did anything rash like throw the raven haired elf down and ravish him. "What did you say?"

Erestor smirked," You heard me." He abandoned his cross-legged position and began crawling up the bed on all fours trying to be as seductive as possible. He guessed that he was pretty good at it because Glorfindel stared at him with wide eyes that were quickly hazing over with desire. Erestor straddled the blonde’s lap and removed his thin black robe in one quick motion. Blue eyes tracked his movements and he leaned down, his lips barely touching Glorfindel's and whispered, "Please, I've wanted you for so long." And he had. Too long.

Glorfindel watched Erestor crawl up the bed in an utterly feline manner. He stopped breathing when Erestor straddled his legs and when he shed his robe he remembered he needed oxygen to live. When the raven haired elf leaned down and whispered his need against his mouth, he lost his grip on reality. One arm rose to pull Erestor more firmly to him, the other hand slid into silky tresses holding Erestor captive to a desperate kiss.

Erestor moaned as Glorfindel's tongue explored his mouth making him burn with desire. He relaxed into the blonde’s embrace and followed his lead, hands rising to clench in white blond hair. His body screamed, yes, this is what it wanted and why had Erestor waited so long to provide for its needs? He gave a startled yelp when Glorfindel rolled them over so that he was flat on his back.

Glorfindel broke the kiss and stared down into wine colored eyes just beginning to cloud over. He dropped a quick kiss to ruby lips before trailing down to that submissively arched throat. He opened his mouth, tongue flicking out to taste. Delicious. This was going to be so good, so very good.

Erestor made a small moaning sound when Glorfindel hit a sensitive spot near his ear. Glorfindel responded by sucking the succulent skin harder and Erestor clutched him even closer and arched upwards trying to get more, firmer pressure on his arousal.

Glorfindel grinned against the heated skin he had been marking as he felt the elf under him seeking more of his weight. He shifted until he was between the widespread pajama clad legs, pressed down and was rewarded with an urgent moan and an upward thrust.

Erestor tried to keep up with the whole situation but all his thoughts kept centering on the erection grinding against his own hardness. Heat licked over his flesh and it still wasn't enough; he could not get enough. He locked his legs around Glorfindel's back to press him down harder.

For a while, Glorfindel rocked obligingly between the strong thighs clutching him, enjoying the steady stream of moaning whimpers, but he soon reached under one knee to break the hold; he wanted to explore this delectable body more thoroughly.

Erestor protested brokenly as Glorfindel slid down his body removing the intense sparks at his crotch. His protests, however, died down as a warm wet mouth settled over his nipple. Oh, yes, nipples were good, licking was good, and sucking was good. Teeth! Oh, teeth were good, very good. His whole body shuddered as teeth tugged at his turgid flesh.

Glorfindel groaned around his sweet mouthful. Erestor was so responsive and eager. Almost like he didn't know what to expect or didn't have much experience with sexual matters. Glorfindel's hands dropped to the waistband of the pants that were blocking him from total access and set about remedying that situation.

For the first time since the encounter had started heating up, doubt flashed in Erestor's head when he felt hands beginning to push his pants down. His mind questioned it, but his body continued to sing promising his mind that this would get them to that something they needed quicker. So Erestor raised his hips and allowed Glorfindel to remove the silk bottoms.

Glorfindel's fingers encountered smooth skin and nothing else. The
fact that Erestor didn't have on any underwear at all banished worries that he was inexperienced. No innocent would come to a mate’s room in the middle of the night without underwear and ask to be fucked. Erestor was just extremely sensitive it seemed, the better for the both of them. It would make teasing him to the brink of insanity that much more satisfying and exciting. Glorfindel released the hard bud he had been torturing to investigate the new more southern regions he had bared to his sight.

Erestor tensed as Glorfindel moved lower down his body. He trembled as
a hot tongue dipped into his shallow navel. He felt the low chuckle as he squirmed against the slightly ticklish sensation, stomach quivering. All laughter halted as Glorfindel moved even farther south on his delectable search for goodies.

Glorfindel grasped the hard shaft that seemed to be begging for his
attention, pleased with both size and length. Erestor, it seemed was an elf of many well hidden surprises. He glanced up and found Erestor staring at him with an expression he couldn't quite place. Holding that gaze he took a slow lick across the plump, flared head of the shaft he held. He smiled as the reddish brown eyes glazed over and fluttered shut.

Erestor grasped the bed sheets and tried to breathe. Oh, Valar. This, yeah, this had to be heaven. He could feel the sweet tug of Glorfindel's mouth clear to his toes and one hand let its grip on the covers go to take up residence in cold sunshine hair. He tried to push Glorfindel down more, tried to get deeper into that mind bending heat. Glorfindel pulled up and away much to his intense disappointment. Erestor whined with irritation.

Glorfindel pinned Erestor's writhing hips with his forearm, "No, no naughty Erestor. No thrusting without warning. It's rude and you don‘t want to be rude, do you? Now, lay still like a good elf. You're a good elf, aren't you?" Erestor nodded frantically. Glorfindel grinned," Then I'll give you what you want, sweet elf."

Erestor gurgled when that moist heat began to swallow him anew. It took him deeper and deeper, until he became aware of Glorfindel's nose pressed against his stomach and saliva running down his balls. He forced his eyes open and found that Glorfindel was watching him, blue eyes intent on his reactions as the pink swollen mouth worked him. As he watched Glorfindel drew back, keeping the suction even as he did so. Glorfindel licked his shiny wet lips then started to slowly take him back in again. Erestor fought the urge to thrust with all his might as he watched himself disappear into that distended pink mouth. He must have not been completely successful because Glorfindel's hold on his hips tightened. Heat rolled through him; he was so close to the edge and this was better than any encounter he had ever had with a she elf.

Glorfindel looked up into lust driven eyes and saw how close Erestor
was. Holding his place he trailed a hand down between the splayed legs and lightly fingered the pucker he found there. Erestor bucked and came hard just like he wanted him to. He swallowed the warm liquid hitting the back of his throat and he continued to drink until Erestor lay bonelessly on the bed beneath him.

Erestor lay there where he had fallen, whimpering slightly as Glorfindel let his member fall from his mouth. He was vaguely aware of him searching through a drawer. A few seconds later he heard Glorfindel close the drawer and shed his trousers. A slick finger trying to worm its way into him interrupted his pleasurable haze and he tensed, closing his legs. " Don't be shy, Erestor" Glorfindel husked and pushed his legs wide again. Erestor let him, keeping them open, holding himself warily.

Glorfindel groaned to himself as he explored the incredible tightness of Erestor. He had figured Erestor was not usually a bottom, not surprising considering his temperament, and this proved it. Sweet Elbereth, he was tight. He pulled his finger out and slicked up another one hastily. He wiggled the two fingers in, hearing Erestor's breath catch above him. He glanced up, Erestor’s eyes were closed, his bottom
lip between his white teeth. He pushed deeper brushing against that sweet spot. Erestor gasped and arched, eyes still closed. Glorfindel did it again, fascinated by the wanton writhing. He reached down with his free hand to stroke the hardness throbbing between his own muscled legs.. He had been hard for what seemed like hours yet at the most was probably half an hour. He nudged Erestor's sweet spot once more then he pulled his fingers out.

Erestor opened his eyes as he felt Glorfindel withdraw his fingers.
His legs were heavy and shaking from the prolonged teasing and he was hard again. His eyes widened as he caught a glimpse of Glorfindel's erection before he positioned himself. Panic shot through him. There was no way that was going to fit into him. "Glorfindel, I-," he tried to say something. Glorfindel thrust and Erestor howled as black lightening shot through his ass. It hurt like hell. He bucked hard trying to instinctively dislodge the cause of his pain, but he only succeeded in driving the blond deeper. His whole body tensed and tears sprang to his eyes. He shut them quickly, breath hitching.

Glorfindel had frozen the second Erestor cried out and he remained
that way, balls deep in his ass. After the thought that this was the hottest, the tightest grip he had ever experienced, came the realization that maybe Erestor had been a virgin after all…to male elves. He took a deep breath, and hoped that it had just been awhile for him. The moment he looked down into pain glazed, frightened eyes, he knew that was not the answer. He cursed his lack of restraint and Erestor's foolishness. " Damn it, Erestor, why didn't you tell me?" Glorfindel growled.

Erestor closed his eyes against the angry sapphire glare directed at him. He
wiggled slightly trying to find a less full position. Glorfindel gasped and surged
forward causing him to emit a pained whimper. He quickly became very still and hazarded an answer," Because I knew you wouldn't fuck me if I told you and I wanted you to." His words were choppy and breathless so he tried to regulate his breathing and relax to ease the burn.

Oh, he would have fucked him regardless and he still intended to. Glorfindel exhaled noisily," Well, what do you want now, Erestor?"

Erestor winced at the edge on that question. "Run like hell," his body screamed. His mind firmly reminded him that this was his fault in the first place. He looked up at the slightly pained, concerned, and angry expression Glorfindel wore. That settled it. If he asked him to stop he would be pissed off at him for a very long time. Maybe it would get better, after all, no one would agree to this if it had no up side. His body said he had experienced the up side, but he did not listen. " Don't stop," he whispered.

Glorfindel groaned with relief that he would not have to convince him and pulled out slightly. Erestor bit his lip against the pain. Ow, ow ow, he kept up a mental chant and then on an inward stroke Glorfindel hit that wonderful spot he had discovered earlier. He arched as blinding pleasure spiked through the now less significant pain.

Glorfindel grinned fiercely and held that angle. He was pretty sure that it
still hurt like a bitch, but at least it wasn't all horrible because there was no way he was going to stop. He thrust a little harder almost against his will as the heat began to pool and build.

Erestor held on for dear life as Glorfindel began to thrust harder. He
breathed quickly through his mouth, it was still rather painful, but his body kept arching into every hard thrust pounding his prostate. He tried to reconcile the pain with the pleasure and the fact that he was still achingly hard. He wondered how he could feel so trapped impaled on Glorfindel’s cock, yet so certain of his safety in Glorfindel’s hands?

Glorfindel curved his hands around sweaty shoulders to get deeper, harder. He heard the stifled whimpers but justified his rough actions. The faster he came, the sooner he could stop. Besides Erestor was still hard and was participating...okay, not actively protesting. The thought that he was abusing Erestor’s trust in him, far from making him less aroused, made him hotter. He reached down and grasped the other elf's neglected erection determined to force pleasure on him the same way he was forcing pain on him. He pumped about three times before Erestor tightened around him, coming. He
thrust into the spasms and lost the what little hold on sanity he had. He pulled Erestor tight against his groin and spilled into him, jerking against his sweat damp body. He collapsed totally drained onto the dark haired elf he held pinned beneath him, still speared on his softening cock. Erestor lay there silently as Glorfindel got up the strength to move off of him and pull out gently. He winced at the tiny yelp Erestor couldn't contain no matter how hard he bit into his already abused lower lip. Glorfindel rolled sluggishly off to the side and as soon as he was clear, Erestor jumped off the bed, gathered up his clothes, and fled the room.

Glorfindel flopped onto his back disgustedly. Shit. Well, that went well. He
glanced down and blanched at the amount of blood on his member. Even as shame flowed through him, tendrils of returning desire filtered through also. He was the first to take Erestor and the thought pleased him and his pleasure at the fact angered him. He got to his feet and stalked angrily to the bathing chamber to wash away the evidence of his lapse in control.

Erestor moved quickly down the hall and into his room. He shut and locked the door as if afraid that Glorfindel had followed him, shaking against it for a moment. Then he calmed enough to go look in the mirror. He examined the various bruises and bite marks, wiped his stomach with the cloths he still clutched, turned to the side and gingerly parted his cheeks. He blushed at the semen and blood mixture on his thighs. As sore as he was there was not much damage. He sighed. Virgin to males no longer and limped to the shower.

The morning came and everything was normal if you could not feel the tense undercurrent running between Glorfindel and Erestor. Unfortunately, for the two elves, Elrohir could feel it and was curious as to its cause. He glanced back and forth between the two unusually silent elves...well, Glorfindel was being unusually silent anyway.

"Um, is something wrong?" he asked.

Glorfindel just looked at Erestor who refused to meet his gaze instead
answering Elrohir.

"Nothing is wrong," Erestor pushed back from the table around which they were seated. Elladan and Elrond had already broke their fast this morning. He left to go find Elladan because he felt sure the other twin would know what to do about his situation. The older twin was closer to Erestor than anyone save Elrond and was the obvious choice for advice because Erestor really did not want to hear Elrond harp on and on about his foolishness right now.

Elrohir turned to look at Glorfindel with questions in his eyes. Glorfindel shrugged, but did not say anything. He did not think Erestor would appreciate it if he shared the details of their little late night encounter and plus he didn‘t want to explain himself either. He excused himself after a few more minutes. He had to figure out how to make last night up to Erestor, because now that he had had him, he was going to keep him. He had a feeling that the raven haired elf was more than a little upset and just plain confused. He needed to remedy that before he could get him back to where he wanted him, underneath him begging for more.

Erestor found Elladan up a tree. Literally. He was out back of the house headed toward one of his favorite spots to meditate when the gray eyed elf dropped from the sky. Erestor almost attacked him.

"Elladan," he said, surprised, straightening out of his crouch.

"Erestor," the quiet elf countered looking at him measuringly.
"What is wrong, Erestor?"

Erestor looked around for any elf that might over hear their conversation. They were still in sight of the house and that was a danger in itself. He motioned for Elladan to follow him to the clearing that had been his destination in the first place. They settled onto the leaf littered ground and Elladan waited patiently.

"I went to see Glorfindel last night."


"That's all you have to say?" Erestor frowned a bit.

Elladan smiled," Well, how was it, then?"

"How do you know we did anything?"

"You're walking funny."

Erestor blushed," It was okay, I guess. It hurt."

Elladan nodded sagely," It does the first few times."

Erestor shifted, uncomfortable," I bled a lot."

Elladan did not seem surprised, " You do have a tiny frame. Was
he large?"

Erestor thought about it," Yes."

"Did he stretch you?"


"Did you tell him you were a virgin, to be gentle?"

"Umm, well…," Erestor studied the ground.

Elladan sat up straighter," Erestor, you did not. You went to Glorfindel's room in the middle of the night and asked him to fuck you and you didn't mention the fact that you had never had anal sex before?" He sounded shocked and worried.

"Umm, no." Erestor didn't look up, the irony of being chastised by his former pupil not escaping him. He could feel Elladan staring at the top of his head.

Elladan sighed finally," Did you come at all?"


"When? Before, during, after?"

"Before and during."

"What did he say afterwards?"

Erestor mumbled under his breath. Elladan leaned forward, " What?"

Erestor looked up, "Nothing, I ran out."

Elladan fell onto the ground sideways exasperated. He shook his head,"
Erestor, Erestor, whatever, shall I do with you?"

Erestor grimaced, "Well, what was I supposed to do? I was sore, confused
and sticky. Plus he was sort of upset with me."

Elladan peered through his bangs at him," I would have been quite the
upset elf, myself."

Erestor snorted," I don't know why. It's not like it was his ass on the line."

Elladan sat up absently, pulling leaves out of his hair," You
really don't get it do you?" He shook his head," You went to Glorfindel
because you knew he wanted you and you wanted him, right?"

Erestor nodded his head.

"Does Glorfindel seem the type of elf to just sleep with anyone?"

He got a negative response.

"But you don't see why he would be upset about hurting you
when it could have been avoided?"

Erestor went back to studying the ground. Elladan stood up, dusting himself off.
"I'll leave you to think about it," he walked back toward the house.

Erestor thought about it.

Glorfindel sat in his room on the floor, trying to finish his book, because the bed held too many memories. Memories of how pale skin glistened with sweat…of how sweet ruby lips tasted…how corded muscles felt under his hands. That was all fine and well until such remembrances took a darker turn and he thought of other less pleasant things like how Erestor screamed during that first brutal thrust…how he whimpered with each stroke even pleasure not completely dulling his pain…the small cry when he pulled out…how he ran from the room and how much he had enjoyed having him in his power.

Glorfindel threw the book down. Shit. He felt like shit. He should have fucking knew better, but his hormones had taken over, his need to claim and possess the distant elf. There were signs. The hesitant touches, the fearful looks. Valar, he was going to lose his mind. He had to make things right, not just for Erestor, but for himself too. He got up to go find his wayward lover.

He found him in the pool house and he was thankful, not for the
first time to that Elrond’ kingdom was so well off. He crept in silently after locking
the door to make sure they were not disturbed. Oh, his Erestor was a beautiful thing, All sharp angles and silky hair. He knew the exact moment Erestor spotted him because the other elf broke form and floundered for a second before recovering. He then swam to the side and hauled his naked self out. Glorfindel was waiting with a towel and a grin.

"Hello, pretty baby," he handed him the towel.

Erestor growled and snatched it away, standing, turning his
back to the grinning jester.

Glorfindel stepped closer pulling him back into his embrace, unmindful of the water still running down the lithe body. He also ignored the fact that Erestor tensed slightly. He swept aside the clinging black strands, so that he could nuzzle at his captive's neck. He smiled when Erestor sighed involuntarily and tipped his head to the side to allow better access. He whispered," I'm sorry, Erestor-Erestor, let me make it up to you."

Erestor shook his head and began to pull away, but Glorfindel held on
tightly while still applying that delightful suction to Erestor's oh so sensitive neck. The quieter elf’s resistance slowly faded as Glorfindel walked him backwards away from the poolside. When Glorfindel `s shoulder blades hit the opposite wall he swung Erestor around to lean against it. He pulled back to look into the upturned face.

Erestor stared up at Glorfindel with a lot of lust and more than a
little bit of trepidation. He was definitely turned on but he did not know if he wanted to experience a repeat of last night. It had been good in the end but he was still raw and sensitive.

Glorfindel spoke as if reading his mind," We don't have to do
anything you don't want to." Then he leaned down and claimed his mouth.

Erestor stopped thinking. He trusted Glorfindel with his life; he could trust him with his body. He gave himself up to the hot kiss, already craving more of what the other elf had to offer. He leaned into the kiss fully and wrapped his arms around Glorfindel's neck. They kissed until air became a necessity.

Glorfindel groaned into his ear," Damn, Erestor." He kissed his way down that succulent neck to the shadowy hollow of his collarbone. He laved the dip with his tongue causing shivers.

Erestor's head tipped back against the wall. Maybe the pain was worth this pleasure, this cherished feeling. Plus Elladan had said it only hurt the first few times if done right. Then his thoughts scattered to the winds as sharp teeth tugged a nipple. He clutched his head closer trying to hold the sensation there. Glorfindel obliged him leaving a moist trail as he went to pay homage to the opposite beaded nub.

Glorfindel hummed with his own delight as Erestor jerked against him.
Every brush of skin over cloth an erotic torture. He wanted so badly to strip and take the writhing elf, but he held back determined to make Erestor want it bad enough to ask for it. He glanced up pleased with the abandon he found on Erestor's usually controlled visage. He slowly moved down that supple body, kissing, tonguing, stroking. His hands ran between tensed thighs, capturing his objective. Erestor tensed and he placed a hand on one now tremor ridden thigh soothingly. "Shh, this is just for you baby." He slowly slid down the shivering body and looked at the delicious treat bobbing in front of him. Yep, it was just as lovely as he remembered. Long and elegant. He licked teasingly at it, much like an ice cream cone. He smiled as Erestor shuddered. Instead of taking him deep like before, he gave long slow ball to head laps. When Erestor was suitably distracted he lifted a slender leg to dangle over one shoulder.

Erestor slung out an arm to steady himself as Glorfindel raised one of
his legs to his shoulder. He tensed then flinched as the blond ran an inquisitive finger over his tender, lacerated entrance. Glorfindel caught his gaze and he was surprised to find pain shadowing sapphire eyes. He was even more surprised when Glorfindel shifted his balls and ran his tongue over the area in question, but surprise quickly turned into whimpered encouragement as pulses of pleasure shot through him.

Glorfindel had only meant to kiss the hurt away. Really, he had, but the taste of this elf was exquisite and he whimpered so prettily that he just got carried away. Before he knew it he had pulled Erestor to the floor and had the advisor’s cock halfway down his throat sucking like there was no tomorrow. He didn't care that Erestor was bucking like a madman and had a death grip on his hair. He just had to bring him off, had to taste him like he had before and quickly before he forgot this was supposed to be all for the beautiful elf beneath him. On his next downward lunge and Erestor's next upward thrust, he caught the bucking hips and groaned with all the frustration he felt. Erestor was gone the second the vibrations hit. He screeched like a banshee. Glorfindel immediately rolled to the side and unlaced his leggings. He pulled himself free of the fabric and began jerking off with frenzied motions.

Erestor watched through his tangled weave of hair, and he felt heat
resurge through his loins at the sight of Glorfindel's face. It was twisted as if he were in pain, but he could plainly see the blind pleasure in the glazed orbs. He realized in that moment that he had yet to touch Glorfindel. He watched completely breathless as Glorfindel came, shooting into the air, back arched hard. Then limply falling back to the ground. Glorfindel turned to look at him and smiled a pleased, oddly grateful smile and leaned over him.

Glorfindel leaned down and kissed slightly parted swollen lips. All he had to do was keep showing Erestor the high side of sex and he'd eventually make another journey to his side of the house. He drew back and brushed aside tossed wet strands. "Remember you're welcome in my rooms at any time for anything you want." Then he gathered himself up and tried to make himself presentable. He threw a glance at Erestor, who was sitting up looking at him with wide confused eyes. Glorfindel gave a wave, blew a kiss and left the pool house.

Erestor dressed and sat there and thought about it. While he was glad Glorfindel had not pushed him for intercourse, he was kind of disappointed. Sex with male elves it seemed, was really confusing and after watching Glorfindel touch himself he wanted to stroke the older elf too. It seemed so fun. After awhile Elrohir came to fetch him for dinner, looking a bit satisfied hisself.

Days passed during which Glorfindel tried to find every possible way
to make Erestor come but always stopping short of full penetration. Erestor tried to participate but Glorfindel would just hold his hands away. Whispering about how his touching him threatened his control. When Erestor inquired of his pleasure he simply replied that he was happy making him happy.

Erestor was going insane. He wanted to explore the body that brought him ecstasy with desperation. He paced his room. Then he stalked to his door and quietly slipped out into the hall. He walked quickly to his destination and knocked. A flurry of sound could be heard from within.

Glorfindel opened the door and before he could say a word Erestor was on him. He vaguely heard the door shut and the lock click as his mouth was ravaged. He was even more surprised when the back of his knees hit the bed and he tumbled backwards. He gasped as pointed teeth bit into his earlobe. "Erestor, oh, Valar," he moaned as skin met skin. Clothing seeming to melt away. He arched as Erestor ground down between his legs. Moaning as every technique he had used was used against him. His grip on reality was very slim when Erestor made his way back up his body.

"Make love to me, Glorfindel."

Erestor watched as those words brought Glorfindel back to earth. The
braided elf reached over and got the lube, Erestor stayed astride his lap and waited for instruction.

Glorfindel slicked his fingers, "Lean up, Erestor-baby."

Erestor leaned forward and Glorfindel kissed him while he worked a
finger into his tight passage. Erestor began to swing his hips from side to side encouraging deeper exploration. Glorfindel stroked him until he was begging for more. A second digit was added reaching new depths. Erestor made mewling sounds as sparks danced behind his lids. Glorfindel was touching him
so sweetly. The third finger made him collapse against the sweaty chest beneath him. He rocked back and forth impaling himself on those fingers and rubbing against Glorfindel. He groaned a protest as the fingers were withdrawn. He felt Glorfindel shift slightly and then it was there pressing against him. He froze.

"Don't tense up, baby. That'll make it hurt, relax for me."

He took a deep breath and released it slowly easing the tension. Glorfindel pressed upwards holding him still and steady. He moaned at the pressure then it was in and Glorfindel rocked pulling him down slowly. When his ass came into contact with Glorfindel's thighs his eyes came open. It wasn't hurting just a sense of incredible fullness.

Glorfindel smiled at him," I told you it wouldn't be bad, Erestor." He
made an upward thrust causing Erestor to gasp. "Ride me."

Erestor wiggled a bit. He was so full that he didn't think he could manage movement. He raised up and eased back down. He did it again. Not bad. He tilted his hips forward. Lightening shot through him and his movements sped up. He was so caught up in his own pleasure that he did not notice the effect he was having on Glorfindel.

Glorfindel watched as Erestor worked himself up and down his shaft lost to the world. Up and down, tight ass gripping him hotly. He didn't know how much longer he could stand to let the other elf bounce frantically over him. Then the moaning started. That cinched it. He grabbed the busy hips and rolled before Erestor could protest. He pulled both legs over his shoulders and sank into heaven. Erestor bucked against him.

"Oh, oh, I can feel you so deep," he panted.

Glorfindel pressed harder," How deep baby? Tell me how deep, can you
feel me."

Erestor tossed his head, whimpering, " Like you're a part of me.
Please…please…move Glorfindel. I'm so close, oh, gods, fuck me."

Glorfindel's control snapped and he pounded as hard as he believed Erestor could take it into the willing body, Erestor bent almost double. The black haired elf’s moaning took on a keening quality that erupted into a scream as he came, legs clamping
over shoulders, body tensing.

"Oh, Erestor!" Glorfindel came in the next second and they both
collapsed. Glorfindel eased his legs down, but didn't pull out, holding Erestor

"Glorfindel?" Erestor questioned.

Glorfindel blearily raised his head looking at him, "Promise you're
not going to run?"

"Promise," Erestor whispered. Glorfindel eased out and settled beside him. Drawing him into an incredibly sticky embrace, but there was nowhere he'd rather be. He stayed right where he was and he was too tired to think about anything.

                                          The End, I think