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Doubt Not

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"Guess what, brother dear, Elrohir settled himself on the floor beside Elladan. Elladan merely grunted in response, most of his attention focused on the replica of the Last Homely House he was putting together. Elrohir went on as if his statement has been greeted with much more enthusiasm, "We are expecting visitors from the Golden Wood."

This time Elladan favored him with a glance, "Grandfather?" He screwed a pillar into place and picked up the next piece to be placed.

"No, not Grandfather. Some of his advisors…and their escorts." Elrohir waited for the significance of the word ‘escorts’ to sink in.

Elladan slowly put down the column he had been about to screw in, "Escorts? That would not perchance, happen to include Haldir and siblings?"

Elrohir pouted, "Alas, not Haldir, but his brothers, Rumil and Orophin. You know as well as I that Haldir goes where grandfather goes."

Elladan smirked, "Well, do not keep me in suspense, brother dear. When do they arrive?"

A trumpet wailed in the courtyard and Elrohir grinned, "About now, I suspect. Come let’s go greet them." The brothers left the nice sized scale model of their home to be finished at a later date and headed out to greet their old friends.

"Erestor, our visitors from Lorien have arrived, " Elrond hurried on as the advisor made to put away his work, "but do not trouble yourself, I will go to greet them and I’m certain that Elladan and Elrohir are out to greet Rumil and Orophin." The Lord headed to the door as Erestor gave him an abbreviated nod to acknowledge his words. Elrond smiled at the bent head of shimmering black hair. His advisor had not changed much at all since he and Glorfindel had gotten together, but the Balrog Slayer…now, that was a different story.

It was plain to every elf that encountered the two that the blond warrior absolutely adored Erestor. Erestor only had to look as if he wanted something and it was delivered to him. That was not so very different than it had been in the past. Now, though, Glorfindel’s desire to please the withdrawn elf was known to the entire valley, not just him and Elrohir. Erestor looked upon Glorfindel’s change from secret lust to outward protectiveness and possessiveness with amused tolerance. Elrond could see why he would be amused. Erestor was, after all, one of the deadliest elves that resided in Imladris. He had heard many remark upon what Glorfindel might do if one crossed Erestor, but few knew of the untold grief that would befall the one that wronged Glorfindel.

Elrond grinned to himself as he thought of the many instances he had come upon Glorfindel politely refusing some romantic overture from some elf or the other. After one such occasion he had cautioned his friend not to let Erestor catch sight of such a scene, lest much trouble result. The blond had laughed and agreed with his assessment of the situation. Erestor was not an elf to handle a slight well and trying to seduce his husband was more than a slight. It was an all out insult and would not be tolerated. Elrond pushed these thoughts aside as he stepped out into the courtyard to greet the vacationing Golden Wood advisors. He was not surprised to see his sons already deep in conversation with Rumil and Orophin.

"Well met, Guardians of the Wood,’ Elladan greeted the silver haired elves standing apart from the crowd of elves in the yard. He yelped when the younger one swept him into a strong embrace, nearly crushing his ribcage. He was set back unto his feet in time to see Elrohir clapped heartily on the back by the elder brother.

They stepped back to grin excitedly at each other. It had been quite awhile since they had seen each other. Elrohir motioned to them, "Come, let us show you to your rooms." The small group turned to stroll into the House. Elladan smiled at Elrohir as Rumil elbowed Orophin, obviously trying to get him to say something. The quiet archer just grunted and held his tongue. Rumil heaved a heavy sigh and spoke.

"So, Elladan, where is your father’s lovely advisor?"

Elladan grinned, "Pray tell, which advisor, dear Rumil? Many of my father’s advisors are fair of face."

"You know very well whom I speak of. The beyond fair, Lord Erestor." Orophin hummed in agreement with is brother.

Elrohir went to speak, ‘Well, he is bo-"

Elladan interrupted smoothly, earning himself a black glare from his brother, "He is busy in his study. I’m sure we will see him shortly. Maybe at dinner, but first let’s get you settled in."

Orophin and Rumil traded looks of intrigue complete with raised eyebrows. Something was afoot in the Last Homely House.

Glorfindel came in from patrol more than a little irritated and the most irritating thing about that was that he had no idea as to why he was irritated. He quickly took care of his horse and strode into the house, nothing more on his mind than to take a bath and find Erestor….hmmm, maybe find Erestor and take a bath with him. Yes, that sounded about right. Just what he needed to brighten his mood. He was on his way to his mate’s study when the excited twittering of some maids caught his ear.

‘You know the Guardians of Lorien are here."

What! Those overly arrogant fools were in Imladris. Glorfindel stopped in mid stride to see what else might be said.

"All three of them?"

"No, just the younger two, Rumil and Orophin."

"That Rumil is quite the rascal. I hear that he has already been inquiring about Lord Erestor’s whereabouts."

A snicker, "Lord Glorfindel will not be pleased."

Damn straight, he wasn’t pleased. All thoughts of finding Erestor and sharing a bath evacuated his mind. His only thought now was how to effectively deal with those punks from Lorien in a manner that would not upset Erestor. Erestor was, after all, quite fond of the archers. He remembered Elrond telling him that the advisor was more than fond of the brothers.

Rumil sat next to his brother on his large bed, "What is it, do you think, that Elladan is not telling us? And what does it have to do with Erestor, I wonder?"

Orophin pondered those questions and then gave a thoroughly infuriating and thoroughly Orophin answer, "We shall find out in due time." Rumil groaned and Orophin grinned, "Okay, how about we go and find Erestor and pester him for answers?" Rumil grinned and the brothers were off to the study where the advisor was held up. Rumil made a great show of feeling faint when they finally came upon the beautiful advisor hard at work at his huge desk. Orophin slapped him in the back of the head. The resulting yelp made Erestor look up. A bright smile broke across the raven haired elf’s face.

"Rumil! Orophin! How wonderful to see you! Come in, come in."

Rumil lowered his head bashfully and Orophin rolled his eyes, "We do not mean to disturb you , my Lord. We merely wanted to say hello."

"It is quite, all right. Do come in. Please, I was just about to stop and get ready for dinner."

The tall broad shouldered archers moved silently into the study, coming to a halt in front of the huge desk. Erestor beamed at them some more and moved around the desk to receive his hugs. He decided that the first thing he needed to do was tell them about Glorfindel. He suffered through Rumil’s wandering hands and Orophin’s quick nip to his neck…okay, not quite suffered. He shook his head at the matching lustful gleams in matching blue eyes.

"Rumil, Orophin, I have--"

"Erestor, darling--, *oh*, I did not know you had company." The three elves clustered around the desk turned to look at the door. Glorfindel lounged against the door frame insolently.

Orophin and Rumil exchanged glances. Darling? They turned to look at Erestor and were surprised to see a blush gracing his high cheekbones. Interesting, indeed. It got even more interesting as Glorfindel swaggered forward and held out a hand to their fair friend. They watched Erestor’s reaction and were further shocked when Erestor accepted the hand and was drawn into a firm embrace before being tucked against Glorfindel’s side, under a broad shoulder. Rumil made a strangled noise that abruptly cut off as he caught an elbow to the side, courtesy of his loving big brother.

Glorfindel favored them with a smug look, "Rumil! Orophin! I did not know that you were here in the valley. Welcome, friends, and may I inquire as to the length of your stay?"

Rumil’s handsome features hardened, "We will be staying at least a month."

"Hmmm, that is quite awhile. In that case, you will have plenty of time to catch up with my bonded here and will not mind if I steal him away for a moment?"

Aghast blue eyes swung to Erestor, "Bonded? Erestor, how could you not tell use, ask us, tell us…SOMETHING!"

Midnight eyes winced and strong shoulders shrugged, "It was sudden. I’m surprised Elladan or Elrohir did not tell you. Forgive me?" He smiled winningly.

The two silver haired sentries glaring at him immediately softened, "Of course, we forgive you. It is a shock, that is all."

Glorfindel also smiled charmingly at them, "Are you not happy for your *friend*? Do you not offer congratulations?"

The sound of teeth gritting filled the study before the two forced words out of pinched mouths.

"Congratulations, on your bonding, Erestor."

"I wish nothing but the best for you, my friend," then Rumil muttered under his breath, "I should have wished harder."

"What was that?"

"Nothing, Lord Glorfindel."

"In that case, we will see you at dinner. It was so nice to see you again. Rumil, Orophin." He offered them one last pitying smile and left them standing in the middle of the study. Erestor waited until they were a good distance from his workplace before reaching up and grabbing Glorfindel’s delectably pointed ear. Then he *TWISTED*.


The deceptively slender elf twisted the blonde’s ear once more for good measure, "Do not think that I do not know what you are up to. You staged that whole thing." Erestor batted his eyes innocently, "Oh, Rumil, Oh, Orophin, I did not know you were here. Oh, well, let me stake my claim on your dear *friend*, Erestor, in such a way so that simpletons like yourselves can not mistake it." Erestor lowered his voice, "Come to me, my pet, Erestor, so that all will know that you are mine." The advisor stomped on Glorfindel’s toe, not caring that the thick boots ‘Fin favored would protect him from the full effect of his attack.

Glorfindel quickly gathered Erestor back into his arms and smiled down into snapping eyes, "I am so sorry, my little spitfire. Seeing you in such close proximity to such handsome elves brought out the worst in me, I fear. I will not do it again. Forgive my foolishness."

Erestor’s mouth turned up from its frown, "I guess I can pardon you this time, but this irrational jealousy has to stop, ‘Fin."

"I will try harder, but I feel that I am being perfectly rational to be jealous when so many, including your good friends, wish to have you for their own."

Erestor patted the broad chest he was nestled against, "Do not be silly, ‘Fin. No one is lurking in the shadows, waiting to get the drop on you, to seduce me away from my vows. I just can not credit it."

Glorfindel just shook his head at his mate’s obliviousness, "Come, let’s get ready for dinner."

"But you are all ready for dinner, "Erestor protested as Glorfindel walked them backward toward their rooms.

"Well, let’s get you ready for dinner. I will wash your back and whatever else may need cleaning."

Elladan was patting the floor next to him, looking, okay, not looking for the next staircase to be installed into his model. He was getting ready to ask Elrohir for it when it appeared before his eyes. He looked up from the calloused hand holding the stairs into angry blue eyes.

"Rumil, what ever is the matter?"

Elrohir answered his question from the other side of the room, "He has found out about Erestor and Glorfindel. Isn’t that right, Orophin?" He received a nod in response to his question. "I tried to tell you myself but El thought it would be more fun to let you find out yourselves."

Elladan sat up, "How did you find out?"

"Glorfindel took it upon himself to rub our noses in it. Vala, I can not stand that elf and now that he has Erestor he will be even more insufferable. HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN?"

"Clam down, Rumil. Here, both of you sit with me and I will tell you all about it and if you think he rubbed your nose in it, listen to what he did to me. Elrohir, bring your figures and paints over here and join us." The four settled in and Elladan proceeded to fill the archers in with all the juicy details of Erestor’s brief but saucy time on the dating market and ended with the incident where Glorfindel had taken Erestor on the desk in front of Elladan’s very eyes and made the advisor tell him who he belonged to. A hushed silence fell over the group as the elder twin’s story came to an end. It was broken with a reverent, "Wow."

Lord Elrond took his seat at the head of the royal table with a sense of foreboding. He could tell from the glares being directed at Glorfindel that the word was out about him being bonded to Erestor. He could feel, nay, see a headache, no, a migraine, creeping up on him. This was not helped by the fact that Elladan was grinning madly and Elrohir was looking mildly put out. Something was going on. He turned to look at the source of all his troubles lately, the absolutely stunning couple that was Glorfindel and Erestor. They looked every inch of blissful and in love. Elrond shook his head. It was going to be a long month.

Erestor had just put down his goblet when ‘Fin took his hand, kissed it, then drew it under the table to rest on his lap. He looked in askance at the blond but he just smiled and took a sip of wine from his own cup. Erestor shrugged it off as ‘Fin being ‘Fin until he felt his hand being placed firmly over the heated hardness between his mate’s thighs. He blushed furiously and instinctively tried to jerk away but Glorfindel held him fast. Erestor looked at him with wide eyes and the blond winked lazily, shifting lower in his chair to settle into a wide legged sprawl. The advisor quickly turned his attention back front and focused on his plate, determined not to let his desire and embarrassment show on his face. ‘Fin rocked against his open palm and his fingers curled around the bulge automatically. He heard the hiss that left coral lips and felt the minute all over body shudder. He smiled. So, Glorfindel wanted to play, did he?

Something curious was happening between his advisor and his captain. Glorfindel’s skin had taken on the most attractive sheen and he seemed hard pressed not to start fidgeting . His eyes were at half mast and he appeared to be breathing faster than normal. Elrond switched his attention to Erestor. His brilliant advisor, on the other hand, was cool, calm, and collected. Chatting gaily with the twins and his friends from the Golden Wood. Elrond watched him eat and drink…with only one hand…*one* hand. His gaze sharpened, his other hand was under the table. Well, at least, now he knew why Glorfindel was glowing so prettily. Obviously, ‘Fin was rubbing off on his straight laced advisor. He grinned at his choice of words.

Glorfindel fought hard not to jerk as Erestor teased the tip of his erection with light circles. He fought against the temptation to buck upwards into that firm grasp. He regretted deciding to see how Erestor would react to the knowledge that he was hard and wanting him in public. At least, he knew, now, what Erestor would do. Make it worse. He felt slim fingers at his belly trying to worm their way into his leggings and he grasped the narrow wrist to halt their progress. Erestor twisted, pushed and pulled against his grip to no avail. He heard Erestor sigh and felt the captive hand go limp. He slowly removed the inquisitive hand form his crotch and placed it back on the table. He heaved his own sigh of relief when Erestor picked up his goblet with his rogue hand and took a sip out of it. He shifted in his chair vainly in hope of finding a more comfortable position. He looked at his plate with vacant disinterest. Food was not what he was hungry for.

Elrond could practically see the lust rolling off of Glorfindel and the smug self satisfaction about Erestor. His gaze turned to his long time friend and advisor. He had wondered often enough as he worked in close contact with the quiet elf, what those beautiful features would look like in the heat of passion. He felt a warm tingle course through him at the images dancing behind his eyes. Opportunity lost. In this, he envied his sons. At least, they had seen Erestor touched by desire.

Dinner passed without further event and the guests departed about the Homely House to do their own thing. ‘Fin had to return to the border to do one last shift before he was done for the night. He left Erestor with a kiss and a promise before heading briskly out to the stables to saddle up and ride out. Erestor walked him to the courtyard and watched him go before turning back to the House. Unlike his husband, he kept regular hours unless there was a crisis, so he essentially had nothing to do until ‘Fin came back. He decided to seek out Rumil and Orophin. He made his way silently o their rooms. His tread light form natural grace, then years of subsequent training. He was surprised to find the door slightly ajar and was just about to knock when Rumil’s voice halted him.

"I hope that when it ends, Erestor is not completely destroyed. I care for him so much and it pains me, Orophin, to see him invest his highly guarded emotions into an elf that is less than worthy. He deserves the best that life has to offer. Not some glory seeking, philanderer that will lose interest the moment the new wears off. You and I, both, know what he is like. How he has slept his way through all three elven realms, plus the Halls of Mandos. I can not believe that he will be satisfied with just one elf, extraordinary though he may be. Especially one as unschooled as Erestor in the sexual arts." There was a pause and a low mummer. Orophin. Rumil continued, "You are right, of course, brother. It is best for us to just wait and see how things play out. If it ends badly, we will be there for our friend."

Erestor backed away from the cracked door slowly, hand pressed to his mouth. Was *this* the way everyone thought of him and Glorfindel? That he was just a passing fancy, one in a long line of conquests. Rumil and Orophin, two of his closest companions, doubted Glorfindel’s love for him. He knew Elladan held his relationship with the Balrog slayer in low regard. He turned sharply and fled to his rooms. He needed time to think. He loved ‘Fin and he would put up with a lot to keep him. But would he put up with anything, do anything to keep him? He had a sinking suspicion that the answer was yes.

Erestor was not happy. Glorfindel knew this even though he had yet to see him. He also knew that he had been unhappy since shortly after he had left. It was distracting and dangerous to be on patrol physically, while one’s mind and attention was otherwise occupied. He would have to consult with Elrond on this issue. He took the stairs two by two. He slowed as he neared their rooms, not wanting to alarm his already distressed mate. He entered the room quietly and Erestor turned to him, expression full of melancholy for one second before smoothing out . He opened his arms and the dark haired elf walked into them. He sniffed the sweet hair and rocked slowly back and forth with him. He drew away to look into slightly red eyes.

"What is wrong, my dark fire?"

Erestor smiled and said, "Nothing, now."

‘Fin started to protest, but was hushed, "Shhh, just love me tonight." Glorfindel not wanting to cause more stress did just that. As he lay beside his beloved, stroking black hair away from pale skin, he whispered, "I love you every night, Erestor."

The next morning, Glorfindel waited patiently for dark eyes to fill with awareness. He smiled as the narrow nose wrinkled and twitched in a kittenish manner. He spoke when the lovely eyes focused on him. "Dear darling, Erestor, what is it that had you so upset last night and so restless in my arms?"

Erestor blinked at him and gazed at him considering, "Glorfindel, you would know if you were in love, would you not?"

The blond frowned at the question, "Of course, I would know. One does gain a certain amount of wisdom after two lifetimes. What is this about, Erestor?"

The advisor took a deep breath and hoped Glorfindel’s reaction to what he had to say would not be overwhelmingly negative, "Yesterday, after you left, I overheard Rumil tell Orophin that I was just another in a long line of conquests for you and you would tire of me in time. He even said that it would not belong before you began to take others into your bed." Glorfindel growled, but Erestor continued, "To hear one of my closest companions say such things about us troubled me and I retired to our rooms to think about it. I searched my heart and found that I could *not* believe Rumil’s words. Good friend, though he is, he does not know your heart or mine. I know that I love you and I trust that you love me because you have said it is so."

Glorfindel was silent for a moment, absorbing Erestor’s words. Then he spoke, "You are right to trust in me, to trust in our love. When I was on patrol last night, I could feel your unease and it pricked at me, a stabbing pain. Know as I know, that any harm caused to you would be as my own. Beings outside of this love can not *begin* to comprehend it. When I arrived here at the Last Homely House, I was filled with an unnamed excitement. When my eyes came to rest on your face that excitement had a name. Though many years passed from that first moment to our binding, I knew what, who, you were to me and that you would be mine. Do not *ever* doubt my love, Erestor, because it is a living, breathing part of me that grows with each passing day." Glorfindel spoke with intensity, then glanced away from bright eyes, "And I do fear that one day it will consume me and burn me to cinders with it’s heat. That my love for you will end me, when all the fiery forces of darkness could not." He lapsed into silence.

Erestor exhaled shakily and drew Glorfindel’s blond head down to rest against his chest. The great warrior trembled in his warm embrace and listened to the steady rhythm of his heart’s work. And all was still in the early hours of their day. Erestor would always remember the words that his knight had gifted him with. As well he should have as the future would prove them true tenfold. A love such as their's was not to be trifled with.

The End