Tangled Tales


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"You are watching me, again. What do you want, Glorfindel? I am busy."

The blond moved from his post in the door way of the study in which his love worked. He closed the door softly behind him, leaving just the slightest crack in it. He strolled leisurely over to stand behind the elf that had longed held his heart and jerked his libido around on a string. He moved the heavy curtain of shimmering black hair and planted soft wet kisses on the sensitive exposed nape. He smiled as the captive elf sighed and leaned back against him.

"I used to get so much more work done before you decided to claim me."

He chuckled a bit at that, "I decided to claim you? That’s not the way I remember it at all. I was all set on a bachelor lifestyle when you waylaid me and dragged me off kicking and screaming to your bed and now, you have the nerve to complain."

Erestor spun around to face the laughing blond with an affronted expression, "I did no such thing, Glorfindel! Why, I do not even remember saying more than a few words to you before one day you up and ambushed me in this very study, whispering about bonds and love and oh, by the way, I do not want to see you even talking to the twins again. I thought you had taken leave of your senses!"

Glorfindel smiled down into the incredulous face before him, "I *know* you do not think, I will believe that. Everything you did to me, you did purposely and knowingly. You almost got poor Elladan killed or has no one informed you of that little fact?"

Erestor looked disbelieving, "Elrond would not have let you kill his firstborn out in a jealous rage. You lie."

"I do not. It is precisely because of Lord Elrond that your precious Elladan is still walking around unharmed. But let us not talk about the past, it will only anger me. Kiss me, sweet advisor."

"I do not know, Fin…somehow, I do not believe you will be content with just one kiss. You will demand more, I will protest and you will use your vast experience to overcome my reason."

Glorfindel nuzzled into the space between Erestor’s neck and shoulder, "Mmmm, you know me so well. I vote we skip the protesting part and go straight to the plying of my vast skill upon your delectable body." He licked the fluttering pulse just under the Erestor’s lovely, fair skin and purred with approval as it jumped and sped up. He loved how responsive his lover was. He often wondered how someone so passionate could have remained a virgin for so long. Probably, simply because he was so oblivious to the interest of others.

Erestor tilted his head back and rested his weight upon the desk behind him, his breath already coming more quickly. Glorfindel growled and followed his movement, pushing his thighs apart and settling between them, leaving Erestor pinned in place against the desk and Glorfindel’s broad chest with his back to the door. He wrapped his arms around ‘Fin’s neck and shivered when Glorfindel ground against him. He could feel ‘Fin’s heavy arousal even through his heavy robes and ‘Fin’s leggings. He moaned softly and ‘Fin bent to pick him up and set him on the desk. He looked up into startling blue eyes and knew that he wasn’t going to be working anytime in the immediate future. It was a good thing Glorfindel had closed the door.

Glorfindel felt his body temperature rise at the look of hazy desire in the midnight eyes peering up at him. It seemed he would be getting his way without protestation after all. It was shaping up to be a good day. He lowered his mouth to ruby red lips and pressed lightly, giving teasing lips to that plump bottom lip. He smiled as Erestor moaned and tried to bring him closer clutching at his shoulders with strong hands, but he stayed true to his plan and kept the contact light. He pulled back to survey his handiwork. Mmmmm, delightful. The dark eyes were lightly shut, long beautiful lashes sweeping flushed cheeks…and that mouth. He *loved* Erestor’s mouth and at the moment it was parted just enough to give a glimpse of strong, white teeth and a pale pink tongue. Yes, his mate was made for receiving pleasure and it pleased *him* immensely to be the one giving Erestor pleasure. He leaned down to touch the tip of his tongue to the center of Erestor’s bottom lip and had to moan himself when it was captured and suckled on sweetly. His hips jerked and he pressed harder in between the advisor’s widely spread legs. A whimper reached his ears and Erestor sucked on him more frantically. It was definitely time to move things further along before he came from Erestor sucking his tongue like it was his cock.

He pressed lightly at Erestor’s shoulders and the raven haired elf released his tongue to gasp for air and lay back against the desk like he wanted him to. Glorfindel rained kisses on the exposed arch of Erestor’s neck before moving down to lave and nibble at his collarbone. His hands moved to make short work of the multitude of buttons holding Erestor’s robe together. He ripped the light undershirt in his haste to get to more of that creamy, delectable skin and he was hard pressed not to bite hard enough to draw blood. As things stood Erestor was already marked with his fair share of passion marks and Glorfindel set about adding more to his collection. He homed in on one hard nipple that seemed to him to be begging for his attention. He sucked it in all at once and Erestor bucked against him, seeking friction to ease the heat between his legs. He pressed him back down to the huge desk he was spread upon, hands at his waist. Erestor keened in frustration and threaded slender fingers through his hair. Broken moans and pleas split the air and he was pleased that Erestor was so far gone he had forgotten their surroundings. His darling was so beautiful when he was lost in his desire and so…shameless.

Erestor jerked again as Glorfindel nipped him harder than he was expecting. At this rate he was never going to be able to bathe communally again without being subjected to knowing looks and snickers. He was covered from neck to ankle in the marks of Glorfindel’s extremely uninhibited desire. He moaned again, a ragged rising sound as Glorfindel abandoned his right nipple to pay the same avid attention to his left. He pressed up into the wet heat of his mouth and was rewarded or may…punished with a particularly sharp edged tug. He struggled to bring his legs up but they were tangled in his robes and he twisted and writhed fitfully. Upset at not being able to wrap his legs around ‘Fin’s waist so that he could rub and grind against him to alleviate at least a little of the tension in his groin. He whined needily and hoped Glorfindel would take pity on him.

Glorfindel released his hold on Erestor’s waist and allowed the swollen nipple to escape his mouth to finish pushing the heavy robe down and off the slender legs he stood between, more for his own gratification than Erestor’s. He could not get close enough, tight enough against his love. The rich fabric, which cost more than a lot of elves made in a month, dropped unheeded unto the floor, leaving Erestor in his ripped undershirt and black leggings. He moaned in appreciation at being able to wrap his legs around Fin and Glorfindel thought it was a fine idea himself. He grasped the advisor under one heavily muscled thigh and pulled him tighter against his groin, pressing his arousal into the heated juncture of his legs and thrusting against him forcefully. He swallowed the wail that issued forth form Erestor’s mouth and filled it with his own moans and whispered pleas. He curved one large hand around Erestor’s shoulder and used it to jerk him down against him, the other hand he used to grip the desk to get even more leverage and power. The legs around his waist clenched harder and the pressure inspired him to thrust with more of his strength. He drew in a ragged breath,

"Is this…*gasp*…how..you..*ugh*…want me to fuck you, Erestor?" A helpless moan met his question and he continued on, "Do you want to be able to *feel* my cock in your *throat*, feel it in your ass a *week*, a *month*, after it’s over? Is that what you want, baby?"

The thrashing brunette under him whimpered, "Please, please….’Fin, please…"

"Please, what, baby? Fuck you? Do you want me to give it to you, instead of teasing you through this material? Wasting your time with this dry humping when my dick could be up your tight ass? Is that what you need, baby? My dick in your ass? Is it?"

"Please, please…yes. *whimper*…that’s ….what I want….oh, oh, *VALA*, ‘Fin…please…"

The blond warrior drew back hastily to rid the quivering body under him of the black leggings and dainty boots that hindered his progress and was keeping him from what he desired desperately. Erestor gasped with relief as his arousal was set free and Glorfindel hurriedly pulled his tunic over his head and in his rush broke the laces that held his own green leggings together, but he paid no attention to this as he toed off his own boots and the scrunched up cloth around his ankle to the floor. He groaned as naked heated flesh came into contact with naked heated flesh. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth when he realized that they had no oil, but he couldn’t stop now. He also couldn’t afford to hurt his beloved. He dropped a quick kiss to red pouting lips and set Erestor’s bared feet far apart on the edges of the desk, exposing all his secrets to his gaze, especially the tight little ring that guarded his entrance. He bent his head to lap at the clenching little muscle and Erestor emitted a sharp squeal. He laved it and bathed it with saliva before working one finger into the tight spot, a keening wail met his efforts and Erestor bucked against his finger, pushing against it eager for more. He licked around his finger and added another, he scissored them and pushed them back and forth, working deeper. He held him open and inserted his tongue into him. A slim hand gripped in his hair, tugging painfully hard at the golden tresses, trying to get him closer, deeper. He wanted to be closer, deeper. He wanted all Erestor had to give and more, he wanted everything, his very soul. He put in a third finger and the advisor screamed, and only Glorfindel’s broad shoulders kept him from closing his legs against the erotic invasion. Erestor was chanting his name and begging him to finish it, to stop torturing him, teasing him with his fingers, to fuck him please. Glorfindel did not have to be begged to satisfy his mate’s desire. Hell, he was the one that should have been begging Erestor, more like thanking him for gifting him with his passion, his body, his heart, his soul.

Erestor swore he was about to lose his mind. He panted eagerly at the first touch of ‘Fin’s arousal. His throat burned from all the yelling, but he still managed a small scream when Fin began to press in with only his weight and spit to ease the way. It was burning like fire but he didn’t care. He *needed* this, he needed Glorfindel to take him, to make him his, to *claim* him. He loved it when Glorfindel’s need for him overcame everything else, became the most important thing on the warrior’s mind. He gasped and tried to adjust to the intimate invasion he was being subjected to. Somehow, it seemed Glorfindel was reaching deeper than ever before, piercing him to his quick and he was loving it, every second of it. The first thrust made him bite his bottom lip and his eyes roll back in his head. This was going to kill him, but he had to have more and he arched up to welcome the second brutal thrust into his overwrought body. Glorfindel was owning him and letting him know it.

He couldn’t get deep enough. The thought drummed in his mind, He had to get deeper, had to thrust harder. He sent up a quick prayer to whoever was watching over Erestor. He prayed he was doing no lasting damage because he truly had lost control of himself. Each thrust, each break upon the bough of Erestor’s pelvis took him farther away form sanity and Erestor’s suffering pleasured sounds were not helping him in the least. The advisor clutched him closer and planted desperate kisses across his cheekbones and nibbled at his lips, drawing blood as he bit down in response to a particularly *deep* thrust. He was going to die, he couldn’t get enough air and his muscles burned as if he had been fighting a multitude of orcs. He could feel the heat building, rolling in his lower abdomen and knew it was almost at an end. Suddenly, a sound from the doorway caught his attention and he looked up to find his gaze caught by the glazed silver of one of the sons of Elrond, Elladan. The arrogant, little twit had been watching them, for who knew how long. Something primal stirred in him and he smiled at the transfixed twin. He lowered his mouth to Erestor’s ear, but spoke clearly, his words carrying,

"Who do you belong to , baby?" He thrust deeper, drawing a choked cry from the form writhing, impaled beneath him, "Tell me, who is the master of your body, your heart, your soul?"

Erestor panted beneath him, "Oh…oh, please, please…’Fin…"

"TELL *HIM*, who is your master?" He thrust harder, faster.

Erestor screamed, " AHHH, GLORFINDEL, *YOU*! Then he continued in broken whimpers, "You…you..only..you…please..please, it’s too much. Help me…oh…please."

Glorfindel lowered his gaze to the sweaty glazed face of his lover and kissed his panting mouth sweetly, "That’s right, baby, me. I’m the one that loves you, above all others, the one that would risk everything for you. Me, no one else." He grasped Erestor’s erection in his hand and in two strokes the advisor was shooting all over his hard stomach and muscled chest. Glorfindel stroked deep once, twice, three more times before he fell over the edge with Erestor. When he had gathered enough strength to look up, Elladan was gone. He put the twin out of his mind along with the tingle of guilt he felt for using his effect on Erestor in such a manner. All that mattered was that Erestor was his. He kissed the pointed ear near his mouth and whispered, "Mine."

Erestor turned his head toward him to look him in the eye and smiled, "Yours," he whispered back and gathered the blond close to his aching body. It would not be until much later that he would remember that Glorfindel had shouted, "TELL *HIM*," instead of "TELL *ME*."

                             But that is a different story.