Tangled Tales

The Prize

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Glorfindel stood in the shadows watching. Always watching, never speaking, never touching, never disturbing. That was just the way it was when he was in Erestor’s presence. The way it had been for going on two hundred years now. It had become so common place that no one bothered to question him about it anymore. Erestor had never questioned him. Such was not his place or his way. For although, on Glorfindel this silence was remarkable, to Erestor, it was not. For he was ever and had ever been a silent elf, beautiful, deadly, brilliant, but always quiet. Many whispered that the dark haired elf’s silence and therefore, mystery was what made him so attractive, so alluring. Glorfindel knew that had Erestor been the most brazen, outspoken elf in Imladris, his beauty would still stand above that of countless legions. And, indeed, Glorfindel should know, for he had lived a life filled with infinite beauties coming and going, but none had captured his interest as Erestor had.


Glorfindel did not look away from the object of his attention, but instead inclined his head to let his Lord know that he had heard him. He was unconcerned also, to be caught in his intent contemplation of the way the light seemed to dance about the blue black strands flowing down his sometimes friend’s back.

"I see you are still enamored of my advisor." Glorfindel grunted. "Why do you not go to him, my friend, and let nature take its course. Surely it is not fear of rejection that holds you from your course, because you know as well as I that he is untouched and would quickly succumb to your skillful pursuit."

‘You are correct. It is not fear that holds me back from his side, but rather a certainty. The certainty that once I have had him, I will want no other."

Elrond’s brow lowered, "I do not see the wrong in that."

At this Glorfindel did turn to meet the silvery gray eyes of his Lord, " I am not ready to be bound to one elf for the rest of eternity. There are still countless lesser beauties that I would add to my collection before collecting my highest prize."

Elrond shook his head, not at all that surprised by Glorfindel’s answer. Indeed, it was something he should have predicted, but the warrior before him was overlooking or perhaps, ignoring several key facts. "My dear Glorfindel, I would have you know that there are others that would have your prize, as you call him. Others that want him just as much or maybe more than you."

Glorfindel snorted derisively. "Who? Those elves who would have him just to say they were the first to touch him in passion? The bumbling guards who can not form a complete sentence in the face of his beauty? He is too smart for the virgin hunters and oblivious to the tongue tied. There is no one that could tempt him to lower his guard to submit to the grand indignity of passion."

Elrond looked at the haughty elf in front of him in contemplation. " There are some that are just as close to him as you or I that would have him in their bed and arms. Some that he loves already and admires fully. Like Elrohir and Elladan, for where Elrohir has expressed interest, Elladan has expressed approval. What of Lindir or the guards of Lorien? All of these have looked upon Erestor and seen the glory you have put on indefinite hold for your pleasure. Many I have dissuaded from their pursuit of Erestor out of friendship of you, Glorfindel, but should any of the elves I have named take an active interest in my advisor, I would not halt them in their affections. Especially, not my sons, Glorfindel. If I were you I would not wait until it is too late. For I fear that day is fast approaching you for I have seen Erestor begin to turn more from inside and awaken to the options awaiting him just outside his attention. Yesterday, when he turned a corner and ran into Elladan he blushed as Elladan pulled him close to stabilize them both. From where I stood some distance back, I saw the awareness that flashed in his eyes and do not doubt that Elladan also made note of it. That nothing is certain is the only certainty in this world, Glorfindel." Elrond melted back into the direction from which he had came. Leaving Glorfindel to contemplate his words in the doorway in which he leaned to watch Erestor work.

Erestor barely noticed when Glorfindel left his post just inside the large doorway. He was immersed fully, not in his work but in the stirrings that had so recently risen in his mind, his body, his soul. Never had he felt the need to partake in the drama and frivolity of love and lust as had other elves of his acquaintance, but as of late he had grown increasingly curious about the pleasures of the body and the soft feelings of the heart. He mused over the incident that had taken place in the hall earlier. He had felt something he only remembered feeling once before, when first introduced to Glorfindel, desire. And he knew from the way Elladan had returned his wide eyed stare that he had seen the flash of heat and confusion. He shuddered to recall the answering warmth in the silvery gray eyes of Elrond’s son. He had instantly felt ashamed to be thinking impure thoughts about an elf he had helped raise from an elfling, but quickly realized that Elladan was an elf fully grown, as was his brother.

He sighed, rotating a shoulder made sore from being held in the same position as he worked for hours. His thoughts once more returned to the problem that was consuming his mind. The ways of passion and love. He supposed that in order to reclaim his mind and productivity he would have to research and solve his quandary. This high level of distraction just would not do. It was both annoying him and taking away from his concentration which in turn annoyed him more. He knew of course, that there was someone who would instruct him in the ways of passion, but he was tired of waiting on him to make his move. There, it was decided, starting tomorrow he would begin his foray into the hazy (to him anyway) world of passion. At once at ease, now that a decision had been reached, he bowed his head pack over the parchment he had been transcribing and continued where he had left off.

One by one the table fell silent until even Elrond felt compelled to look up from his breakfast to see what was going on. At first he could see nothing out of place or in the wrong, except that a majority of the eyes at the table was focused on Erestor who was quite happily and obliviously going about eating the food artfully arranged on his plate. Elrond stared a moment longer at him to try to figure out just what was so interesting that more than half the table had to stop and peer. Then, he saw it. A delicate flash of tongue as Erestor slowly drew his fork out of his mouth, having rid it of it’s contents, a tiny lick administered to the long silver tines of the slender utensil. He watched as the procedure was repeated once, twice, three times, before shaking his head and snapping back to reality. /This would not do, not at all./ He cleared his throat forcefully and was appeased when a multitude of heads jerked around to blink at him in varying amounts of embarrassment and chagrin. Erestor, the cause of the whole spectacle, looked at him also expectantly with one graceful eyebrow arched in inquiry.

"Let us finish this breaking of the fast so that we can be about our duties, there is no need to tarry." A low mumble of agreement met his statement and eating was resumed with post haste. Elrond shook his head and settled more comfortably in his seat, not unaffected by the show he had witnessed, just more circumspect than the others. He lifted his eyes once more to catch Glorfindel running a narrowed eyed gaze around the table. Lingering on Elladan and Elrohir but carefully considering every elf that had been enraptured with watching Erestor eat. Elrond had to smile a little internally. /It was about time Glorfindel realized that Erestor was not a prize to sit on some shelf and think that no one else would want to touch it, win it./

/Well, that went better than expected./ Erestor finished his meal and excused himself to get started on his work.

All day the most unusual elves dropped by the study of Elrond. Elves that until that very day had not expressed the least bit of interest in his study. Of course, it wasn’t his study, but rather his advisor that they were interested in. Elrond was hard pressed not to comment on it and long hours before the noonday meal, he had locked the door in hope of accomplishing at least some of the goals he had set for the day. And through the whole unprecedented visitation, Erestor worked on unconcerned, uninvolved, and not the least bit disturbed. He was tempted to skip the noonday meal but in the end did not have to because Erestor decided to skip it. He could feel the almost palpable disappointment when the lunchers realized that his advisor would not be joining then. He was also not the least bit surprised when several elves excused themselves almost immediately after coming to that conclusion. /It was going to be a long day./

Erestor hurriedly slipped into his informal practice clothes, pleased that the tunic and leggings still fit him like a second skin. It had been years since he had sparred with any elf besides Elrond and they always fought in the privacy of the house where Elrond also on occasion trained with Glorfindel. But he and Glorfindel were never there with their Lord at once. He and Glorfindel were mutually exclusive. /Exclusive?/ He smiled for the thought of himself, Glorfindel, and the word "exclusive", in one sentence amused him. /Glorfindel? Exclusive?/ He set off for the open training grounds where Glorfindel worked the guard and Elladan and Elrohir helped him train new Elvin warriors and on special occasions human ones. If there were any elf/elves as well equipped to help him in his quest for knowledge than the twins, he did not know them. He studiously ignored the little whisper at the back of his mind that said there was another just as well equipped or better than the twins. /Glorfindel/

Glorfindel knew at once something was amiss because several things happened at once. He heard Elrohir give a low, appreciative whistle, the clank of a sword hitting the floor, and several quite accomplished archers missed their mark. He looked to the source disturbance and had to admit that the varied reactions were not uncalled for. /Nice, nice indeed./

Erestor strode gracefully over to stand in front of the twins and the golden haired warrior watched with rising ire. /It seems Elrond was correct./ Whatever words the advisor said to them made their eyes light up . He watched as they dismissed their pupils and told them to straighten up with more than a little impatience.

"Lord Glorfindel?"

He raised an eyebrow in question and the archer continued.

"Are we going to resume practice, my Lord?"

"No, I do not think we shall. I can not see us getting anything useful done. What with the potential for…distraction so high. You are dismissed." He stalked over to the trio conversing on the far side of the arena. "Why Erestor, I can not ever recall a time when the training grounds have been graced with your presence. Whatever, pray tell, has brought you here?"

"I felt the need for a bit of physical activity, Lord Glorfindel, Erestor stressed the "Lord", "and luckily for me, the twins seem to be quite…eager to help me in my time of need."

"Most eager, my Lord."

"It’s the least we can do," Elrohir demurred.

Blue eyes flashed, "Well, please, do not let me keep you." Glorfindel stepped away to stand at the side of the sparring area. Elladan following his example.

Erestor and Elrohir faced each other and nodded once before beginning. Swords danced and flickered in the sunlight as the match picked up speed. Elrohir quickly realized he need not hold himself back for the advisor was quite skilled, maybe even more skilled than he or Elladan.

Glorfindel watched without astonishment because unlike the twins, he knew very well the extent of Erestor’s prowess, knew that the advisor had served as a spy under Gil-Galad during the Last Alliance. He also knew that had Erestor been fighting outside the limitations of the rules, Elrohir would have long been defeated for Erestor’s true skill was in breaking the rules of engagement. Such was the way of spies and advisors apparently.

Elladan shifted restlessly beside him and Glorfindel glanced his way. He smirked. The twin’s mouth was slightly open and his color high. Lust nearly rolled of him as he avidly watched the play of muscles as the two dark haired elves battled.

"Your brother will lose. So will you."

Elladan’s head snapped around. He appraised the older elf coolly, "Perhaps, but we both know this is not the real fight. And as impressive as your skill is reported to be, by the legions, I might add, we are not to be taken lightly. Why settle for one, when you can have two for your every pleasure. Erestor has ever been an elf to want the best possible deal."

Glorfindel’s eyes narrowed and he was about to reply when a surprised yelp from Elrohir caught their attention.

Erestor had forced the younger elf to his knees with one hand wrapped firmly in long dark hair and sword tip pressed to his tender exposed throat. The two on the sideline watched as the advisor leaned forward to whisper in a pointed ear. They missed the words spoken, but clearly heard Elrohir’s sharply indrawn breath and saw the shudder that rocked his lean body. Erestor drew back slowly and helped the younger elf to his feet. Elrohir swayed slightly before he recovered himself enough to walk with Erestor over to the elves watching them intently.

Glorfindel spoke first, " I see that you have not lost your skill. Perhaps, you would like to test it against someone with more experience."

"I am afraid that besting Elrohir has quite worn me out. Maybe at later date, Lord Glorfindel. Now, I must be off, I have a meeting with Lord Elrond and I do not want to be late."

Glorfindel watched him stride off and out of sight before turning back to the twins.

"What did he say to you, El?"

"He said that he quite liked how I looked on my knees before him and wondered if you would look just as nice before him."

Glorfindel turned and walked away. /This would not do./

"Why do you watch me so, Glorfindel?"

Glorfindel meandered closer to the elf that still had his back turned to him. "Glorfindel? What happened to Lord Glorfindel?"

"Do not attempt to distract me, Lord Glorfindel. You have been watching me for going on two centuries. Why?"

"Why, if you have been aware of my attention, did you wait so long to call me on it?"

Erestor shivered as the words whispered by his ear. He tensed as long slender fingers stroked through the midnight black curtain of hair that fell to his waist and then swept the heavy weight aside to lay over his shoulder. Fingers lightly traced the sensitive skin of his nape and Glorfindel stepped closer to him, pressing heavily along his back, trapping him against the desk at which he worked. He continued to transcribe the scroll he was working on without missing a beat, without a tremor to betray his nervousness.

"Erestor," Glorfindel slid his hands down deceptively slender arms to rest his hands on top of the advisors, "why are you wasting your time playing with the sons of Elrond? They can not give you what you need. They are fine for a small diversion, but you, Erestor, are not an elf that plays the game lightly. You play for keeps and you can not keep the twins because they already own each other."

Erestor leaned back into the solid weight that held him captive, head turned so that his words danced into the lovely pointed ear so close to his mouth. "Glorfindel, what would you know of playing for keeps? It does not seem to be a game you partake of? Perhaps, I’m not seeking a permanent relationship, but rather a pleasant introduction to what I’ve been missing these long millennia. And who would be better suited to the task than the twins, who would not want a lasting commitment?"

"And just what is wrong with wanting a lasting relationship? An elf of your quality could make even the most steadfast bachelor change his view on bonding. I would have you, Erestor. I would have you to keep for eternity. And in this you have the answer to your question. You have held my heart for many centuries now, but these last two I have been hard pressed to let you go your own way unmolested. Only now that you express an interest in relationships do I come to you."

"Are my wishes the only reason you have not approached me before now? Or perhaps it was because you had not finished collecting trophies for you shelf?" Erestor turned his head away. "Did you really think that I would wait upon your leisure, Glorfindel? Wait for you to decide that you were finished sleeping around and ready to bond with the *virgin* elf that you had placed on hold while you had your fun.

Erestor shrugged to loosen the warrior’s hold and turned in his embrace to stare up into his down turned face. Glorfindel looked back at him with shuttered eyes.

"What really has forced your hand, Glorfindel, is the fact that you can not stand the thought of anyone else touching what you have claimed as yours, if only in the privacy of your own mind. Would you take me right now against this desk to stop the twins from taking me first?" Heat flared in blue eyes as Erestor continued, "But no, you won’t, because you can’t stand the thought of someone having me after you’ve touched me. You would rather be the last than the first if push came to shove." Erestor pressed closer and lifted his arms to look around the blonde’s neck. "Glorfindel, I plan on doing a lot of pushing."*

Glorfindel held his silence for a moment, tightening his hold on the elf he had marked as prey more than a millennia ago. This elf knew him and his habits, probably better than he knew himself. That was the way Erestor worked. He leaned forward, a tingle of warmth shooting through him as midnight eyes widened then fell heavily to half mast.

"Erestor, if I took you now, would it stop you from dallying with the twins? Somehow, I do not think so. I will give you this time to explore with the twins only, but…."

"But what?"

"I will not have you give away what belongs to me."

"And that would be?"

"The right to be the first to take you, the first to look into your eyes and see you realize there is no escape, no control, as I sink into your body," Glorfindel snared a silky earlobe within strong, white teeth and bit down before continuing, "as I impale you upon my cock."

Erestor’s ear rang with the emphasis the blond put on the hard "k" sound at the end of his last word. Heat swept his body and he pressed forward involuntarily. He had to put an end to this before it went too far.

"Glorfindel, release me. I would like to return to my duties."

The warrior released his grip slowly, respecting the wishes of the one he wanted above all others. "I like this dedication you have to duty, because soon your duties will include pleasing me." He turned on his heel and left the room. Erestor stared after him for a second, he turned back to the desk upon which his work lay. /Impossible, Glorfindel was impossible./

Erestor had been going about his schedule as usual when trouble found him. He was taking his usual inventory of the wine cellar when Elladan appeared suddenly from behind a shelf. The advisor was instantly wary because where there was one, the other was close by.

"Elladan, what brings you down here?"

Elladan stalked closer, looking every bit the hunter he was, " I thought you might like a bit of company."

Erestor jerked as a hand settled on his waist and heat pressed against his back. /Elrohir/

"And I thought you might like a bit more company."

Elladan smiled triumphantly, now that Elrohir had secured their prey. "Dear Erestor, we feel that you are in dire need of a break form your duties."

A warm whisper by his ear, "And what better way to spend your break than letting us entertain you?"

He tried half heartedly to back away as Elladan stepped into his personal space, but Elrohir held him fast. He shivered as two identical mouths descended to opposite sides of his neck. He moaned as his head tipped back to rest on the strong shoulder behind him.

Elladan hummed with approval as more warm, silky skin was offered up to him. With a devilish inner smirk he sucked hard on the delicate skin where neck met shoulder. He knew without a shadow of a doubt that Erestor’s fair skin would mark easily, showing everyone, but especially Glorfindel that the advisor had been touched. The vindictive pleasure of the situation made him sink his teeth into the tender flesh and Erestor bucked up sharply into his embrace, then in trying to get distance, pressed back into Elrohir. /Delicious, simply delicious./

Elrohir groaned as the advisor’s muscled form pressed back against him. He could feel the excitement coursing through his twin and the aroused nervousness rolling off the elf they held captive. He rocked against the firm backside rubbing his groin. He wondered if he would ever get a chance to sink into Erestor’s virginal tightness. Somehow, he doubted it and for a split second a blond vision flashed in his mind’s eye. /Now was not the time to think on Glorfindel/

His attention was drawn back to the situation at hand as Elladan began the process of undressing Erestor. He was all too willing to help his brother in his task. Together they stripped the advisor of his formal robes until he stood before them in undershirt and leggings.

Erestor jerked as a cool slim fingered hand slipped under his shirt and meandered over his abs and up to his nipple. A teasing finger lightly rubbed the tingling nub. He vaguely heard a mummer of appreciation and then his shirt seemed to fall from his body. /Cut, it had been cut/

Hands everywhere.



Everywhere, but there.

Then a hand /Elrohir’s/ crept beneath the waistband of his leggings and he cried out as he was firmly grasped. He quickly fell into a black haze of pleasure as the younger twin pulled and tugged on him.

"Don’t end him too soon, El. I want him to spend in my mouth."

/The twins had great skill with knives/ Erestor’s ruined leggings and underwear lay around the ankles of his still booted feet. He was glad of Elrohir’s tight grip on him when Elladan dropped to his knees before him for surely he would have fallen.

Elrohir held Erestor’s cock steady as Elladan leaned in and enveloped the needy, leaky tip into his glistening pink mouth.





Erestor could not distinguish the feeling. All he could be certain of was that it was intense. He opened eyes, he did not remember closing and watched his rigid length slide in and out of Elladan’s hot, wet mouth.




Out. Moist warmth and agile tongue.

Elrohir hooked his arms underneath Erestor’s shoulders and ground against his tight rear end. He watched the visual delight that was his brother giving head to their former tutor. He couldn’t just stand there like a prop while his brother had all the fun. He relinquished hold and slid down to his own knees. He pressed soft kisses to clenching buttocks, moving ever closer to the shadowed cleft. He gently parted the mounds of flesh.

There it was. All tight and clenching and pink and virginal. He tasted it. Lightly tapped it with the pointed tip of his tongue. He heard Elladan moan as Erestor thrust hard into his mouth in response to his touch. He grinned and settled into the task at hand. Devouring Erestor. /Delicious/

Elladan was high on the slick, full movements of the heavy shaft between his tingling lips, shyly tapping the back of his throat. /That would not do./ He slid his hands away from Erestor’s jutting hip bones to his muscular ass. His hands brushed his brother’s holding Erestor wide for his tongue. He could multitask. He took over holding the advisor for Elrohir, sure his brother could find something better to do with his hands and used his grip to slowly pull Erestor deeper into his mouth and down his throat and proceeded to swallow.

He was going to die. His body and mind could not handle this pleasure. Elrohir piercing his center with wet heat and Elladan massaging his shaft with the constriction of his throat. He didn’t know whether he wanted to push back or thrust forward.


The husky whisper and the accompanying tug on his hair made Elladan look up at their captive. /Beautiful. Erestor was beautiful in his pleasure/ In that instant, Elladan decided that he didn’t want this encounter to end with the older elf coming down his throat, but with all three of them naked and tangled together. He pulled back and emptied his mouth with a distinctive pop that made Elrohir draw back also.

Erestor groaned in disappointment as the wet heat was replaced with cold, dry air. He watched with bemused detachment as the twin in front of him /Elladan/ quickly began to strip. He heard the rustling sounds and assumed Elrohir was also stripping. /Elrohir/ he hadn’t seen a lot of Elrohir during this little escapade.


Elrohir quickly finished skimming off his leggings and moved around to the front of Erestor, Elladan moved aside to accommodate him. Erestor looked down on him with soft hazy eyes and ran slim fingers through his hair. Elrohir caught the retreating wrist and tugged the advisor down to kneel between him and his twin. He kissed the parted lips and felt Elladan’s touch upon the small of his back urging him closer. Erestor’s soft moan at the intimate contact vibrated against his tongue.

Elrohir slowly became aware of a soft panting sound near his ear and opened his eyes to watch Elladan watch him and Erestor kiss. A particularly sharp thrust from his twin caused him to break away from the kiss with a gasp. Erestor’s head lolled back against Elladan’s shoulder exposing the ruby ringed teeth marks gracing his throat and Elrohir was drawn to them like a moth to a flame. He carefully placed his own teeth into the tracks and tasted his brother’s mark upon their captive and added his own. That’s when he began to thrust in earnest, seeking his own pleasure as much as Erestor’s.

Erestor was caught up in a whirlwind of sensation and motion. Elrohir thrust against his front, their members slipping and sliding together in a slick of sweat and precum. Elladan thrust with an upward motion at his back, his heavy arousal forcing its way through the divide of his buttocks. Each time the head slid over his entrance he shivered.

Elrohir knew the moment it happened. The moment when his twin’s dick hit the perfect position, the perfect angle, to enter Erestor. He knew immediately. Erestor tensed in his arms, released a small whimper, shifted to spread his legs wider and tilted his hips up and back. /Glorfindel/ Elrohir’s gaze flew to his brother’s and caught there. Elladan was frozen mid motion, clearly torn with indecision. Elrohir watched the internal battle waged through stormy gray eyes identical to his own. When it seemed the temptation to just go on and sink into the tight passage Erestor was offering so sweetly was about to overwhelm his brother he shook his head no. Elladan frowned at him and rocked forward slightly, testing the give of the pretty pink rosebud his cock was pressing against. Erestor moaned slightly and canted his hips further, lost in his desire and without thought. Elladan’s grip on Erestor’s hips tightened and his eyes flashed silver.

/Elladan. No./ Elrohir put all the authority he could muster into the thought and felt his brother register it. He also felt him decide to ignore it. That would not do. /Elladan! Stop right, now!/

/Why? He wants it. He wants me to take him./

/He is not yours to take. You can not have him that way, El. He belongs to another./

/You think to stay me with talk of !Glorfindel!/

Hmmmm. Maybe that was a bad strategy. Erestor moved between them, sending pleasure through them and sizzling over the mental link he had opened.

/Think of it ‘Rohir. As I take him, you would feel every sensation, every tight clench and slick slide, all the while he thrashes with need in your embrace./

/In need, El? Or in pain? You would take him, a virgin, with no lube, no preparation, on his knees, without his express consent, in a cellar? You would not. For I know you as the other half of my soul or do I not?/

Elladan’s eyes flashed with fire and frustration, then resignation. /I concede./

Elrohir leaned over the advisor’s shoulder to grace his brother with a kiss. /Thank you, El./ Elladan hummed into his mouth and released his grip on Erestor to hold his brother closer. Erestor moaned at the increased bodily contact and struggled briefly to get some space. His body verging on being oversensitive. Elrohir stroked his side which just made him buck harder. /We should finish him off, brother. It is becoming painful for him hanging on the edge./

/By all means, then , let’s proceed./

It barely took five minutes to bring the elder elf off. He came with a keening wail and shuddered fiercely between them. The brothers quickly followed his lead and they collapsed slowly in a hot sticky heap. After some time had passed, Erestor moved to sit up, causing a rush of protests from the twins. He sat up anyway, dumping Elladan to the floor. His gaze found his ruined clothes and he looked in disbelief at his still booted feet.

"Just how am I supposed to leave this cellar without any clothes?"

"Do not be dramatic, Erestor. We left your robes intact."

Erestor was far more scandalized than appropriate for a person who had just participated in a threesome, "You want me to wander around the halls in nothing but my robes?!"

Elladan heaved a long suffering sigh, "I will go and collect you some clothes." He quickly wiped himself down with the tattered remains of Erestor’s clothes and dressed. He dropped a kiss to the corner of Erestor’s mouth and licked his twin’s ear. "I’ll be right back."

Elladan found his way up the stairs and through the halls quickly, heading with a confident stride to Erestor’s chambers. As he rounded the corner he caught sight of Glorfindel conversing with Lindir at the end of the hall. He slowed his walk changing from brisk confidence to sensual satisfaction. He also took a moment to fluff his clothes sending air rushing over his still heated body. He watched the pair at the end of the hall and was not disappointed. He smirked as Glorfindel tensed and his nostrils flared. He stopped as the blond cut off mid sentence and swung about to face him. The rage that flashed in bright blue eyes thrilled him. He vibrated with anticipation as the other warrior stalked toward him. He was still smiling when Glorfindel grabbed the front of his tunic and slammed him against the wall.

"Glorfindel," He choked out, "I take it you are not happy to see me."

"Where. Is. Erestor?"

"When I left him, he was still sprawled buck naked on the floor with Elrohir. I assure you, he is in the best of hands."

"What have you done to him?" a snarl through clenched teeth.

"We did nothing to him that he did not want. In fact, we had to keep ourselves from taking all that he offered."

The fist clenched at his chest tightened, "Just what is that supposed to mean?"

"He wanted me to take him. He begged me for it, but I refused."

"You lie. If he would have offered, you would have taken him."

"Oh, but he did. He spread himself and offered his ass as sweetly as any paid whore would. I put my dick to him and he whimpered with need. It is due only to ‘Rohir and his misguided loyalty to you that your "intended" is still a virgin. Technically, a virgin. It was nothing that he would not let us do."

"You lie!"

"I do not lie. Now, if you will excuse me, I must go fetch Erestor some clothes. In our haste to touch him, I fear we quite destroyed his attire."

Elladan grasped the wrist of the hand holding him against the wall. He readied himself for a fight as Glorfindel continued to hold him against his will.


Both elves turned at the authoritative voice to see Elrond standing with Lindir just behind him. The white haired elf looked faintly panicked. Elladan smiled.*

"Let him go, Glorfindel."

With a growl and one more shove into the wall, Glorfindel released the elder twin, who continued unruffled and quite pleased on his way, bowing briefly to his father. Glorfindel still stood facing the wall upon which he had held the twin. His head bowed and fairly quivering with rage. He tensed further when a warm, broad hand settled on his shoulder.

"He is mine, Elrond. He always has been. He should know that his place is by my side, not between your" he spat the word out, "sons."

"How is he to be by your side, my friend, when it is occupied by a different elf every other moon?"

"My past actions have NOTHING to do with this blatant show of disrespect and disobedience."

"Disrespect? Disobedience? When did Erestor become something other than single and unattached?"

"We talked and I told him of my love and intentions."

"And did he agree to the restrictions you tried to place on him?"

A low whisper, "No."

Elrond continued, "Then there has been no disrespect and disobedience. Do not let your rage consume you, Glorfindel. He is still your soul and just because my sons happened to touch him in passion does not mean they moved his heart. Go calm down and all will be well. Do nothing you will regret in the heat of the moment."

When Erestor returned to awareness, he knew immediately something was amiss in his rooms. He rolled over and caught sight of Glorfindel lounging like a large cat in the chair across from him. He smiled sleepily and reached out, "Glorfindel…" The large blond stood and crossed to sit on the bed at his side. He tipped his head back to stare up into crystal clear blue eyes and was shocked into wakefulness by the unholy fire burning there. "Wha…." He did not get to complete his sentence before Glorfindel grabbed a handful of silken night hair and pulled him upright. He yelped and followed the motion to minimize the pain. Glorfindel had obviously lost his mind to touch him in such a manner and he immediately informed him of this fact.

"You have lost your mind! Unhand me at once or I will be forced to hurt you. I am not playing, Glorfindel."

Glorfindel yanked him closer, bringing them eye to eye, and hissed venomously, "I am sure you are not playing. You have probably had your fill of fun and games for the day after rolling around with the twins."

Erestor’s eyes widened. /That’s what this was about./ He relaxed into Glorfindel’s grip and even allowed a small smile to grace his lips, "Del, do not take your jealously out on me. I have never presumed to beat you after one of your many affairs and yet, you presume to punish me. All in all, it would be best if you did not try, because victory is far from assured. Do not test me, Del. It will not be pretty. Loving you in no way makes me submissive to your will or anger. Let go of me. Now."

Glorfindel let him go abruptly and he lay back down on his side facing the blond. "I understand you came by to talk to me about my actions. Perhaps, to tell me they are unbecoming of my station and my future. No? No, because I have done nothing that you have not done. I will not entertain foolishness, Del. Tell me something honest or leave me to my rest."

The blond looked down at the reclined beauty, his eyes drawn like magnets to the large bruise and teeth marks on his throat. His chest tightened with rage that his property bore the mark of another, but Erestor was right. He could offer no reprimands for things he had done on a regular basis. He reached out slowly, well aware that Erestor was primed to fight, regardless of the relaxed posture he had assumed, and brushed some unruly locks from the lovely face. Dark eyes watched him warily but the advisor made no move to protest his touch. He loved Erestor with all his being and would not survive his loss. He lowered his head to place a soft kiss to swollen pink lips and pulled back. "When the last bruise has faded from your body, I will take you as my own and you will have no other and neither will I. During this time, I do not want you to partake of the twins again. Promise me."

Erestor stared up into serious blue eyes and wondered if he should balk against such a highhanded decree, but he didn‘t want to change Glorfindel…just bring him to heel, he meant around to his way of thinking. Glorfindel‘s arrogance was part and parcel to the whole package. So, "I agree to your dictate, Del, because I know that to dominate is your path and mine is to submit, but never forget that I submit of my own will. Not because it is your will for me to do so. If ever you should cross a line with me that should not be crossed, our covenant will be broken and so probably will be your legs among other things. Now, you swear unto me."

"It is agreed upon." Glorfindel took one more kiss and left the room without glancing back.

Erestor sighed and rolled over unto his back. Until the last bruise faded…that was not very long. Four days at most and then he would have what was rightfully his. What he should have had centuries ago, Glorfindel, his golden flower. It really was too bad, he had to put him through such torment, but even his patience had limitations. It was time Glorfindel had been brought to heel. Ever it was the flowing water that shaped the stone and quenched the fire’s thirst. And Erestor was nothing, if not versatile and fluid. Now, what to tell the twins? He had a feeling Elladan would be a little more upset than Elrohir.

Glorfindel had watched over the past few days, the teeth marks at the junction of Erestor’s neck and shoulder. Watched as they became fainter and fainter until they were gone. The time had come to claim his prize and his blood raced and burned with that knowledge. He waited as patiently as he had ever; going about his day as if this was not a day that would change his life forever. Just a regular day. /Right./

Erestor moved with the silent grace he always portrayed but within he shivered in anticipation and his body hummed, fine tuning itself for tonight. The beginning of forever for him and Glorfindel, his hard won mate. He watched the sun lower from the large window of his room and did not stir from his seat until stars kissed the sky and a strong hand touched his shoulder. /Glorfindel/ He stood and faced his fate…to be burned in blue flames to dance in golden winds. Glorfindel took his hand and led him from his chambers to his, clearly intent on claiming his prize own his own territory, soon to be their territory until new rooms were provided by Elrond.

Glorfindel motioned for his dark haired devil to sit on the large, firm bed that graced his room and lowered himself to his knees before him. He stared into midnight eyes, wide and free of fear or hesitation. Nothing, but love and trust danced within the black opals and the sight touched his heart. He lifted one booted foot and swiftly undid the laces, tugging the boot free of a finely arched foot. The other foot was treated to the same and then his hands found the ties of the black leggings Erestor wore, having long ago shed his formal robes. A hitched breath sounded above him and he responded with a mummer of his own. The leggings were slid slowly, steadily down and off. Glorfindel dropped an open mouthed kiss to one sharply jutting hip bone and laved the tip with his tongue. He cherished the shiver that danced through Erestor’s body.

"Glorfindel…", a soft whisper, barely an exhalation of air.

He caught the end of the light shirt that was all left barring his view of a completely nude Erestor. He pulled the shirt up, over, and off , barely disturbing one gleaming strand of hair. He stood and admired his work. Erestor sat, finely muscled, with only the shocking black of his hair and the ruby redness of his lips and nipples, breaking the pale as cream landscape of his body. /Beautiful./ He scooped him up and deposited him further up the huge bed to lay in the middle on his back before him.

Erestor stared up at the vision before him, breath coming in faster than normal, but still it seemed an inadequate amount to keep him from feeling faint. Glorfindel moved to kneel beside him still fully clothed and a large hand swept the length of his body, tangling in tresses, glancing over a small, hard nipple, to tapping the tip of his baby toe. Streaks of warm followed in Glorfindel’s path and Erestor closed his eyes.

"Do not. Look at me, know me for who I am."

Black eyes opened slowly, "I could never mistake you, my Glorfindel."

He was gifted with a hot, lingering kiss for his statement, but when he tried for more contact was firmly denied. Whispering to him to be still, Glorfindel left the bed for the briefest of moments and returned with all his glory bared. /Beautiful./

Glorfindel settled against his love’s side and lowered his mouth to a puckered, begging pink nub. His taste was exquisite, his response divine, his moaning sweet to his ear. He circled and tweaked the other nub causing Erestor to arch and writhe to press up to both his mouth and hand. He left the delight of his nipples to lick over the rippled plains of his abs to lap at the small indention of his navel. Smoothly flowing over Erestor, he shifted to lay between strong thighs and blew warm, moist air over straining flash.


"Shhh…," Glorfindel soothed even as he flicked the tip of his tongue over the smooth, plump head of Erestor’s elfhood. He allowed slim fingers to twine in his hair, but ignored their insistent demands for more contact. This would be on his terms, on his time. He kissed down the underside, teeth grazing the large vein that pulsed there. Whimpers filled the silence and Erestor moved restlessly. Lick,lick,lick, hmmmmm. He licked back over the top and opened his mouth and took him in. Erestor bucked and he pinned him to the mattress with a heavy forearm. Up and down, sliding slickly with saliva and pre cum. The movements were hypnotic in their repetition and soon he was lost in the act of giving his beloved pleasure. Every aborted jerk of the body beneath him made him work harder and when the volume of the pleas falling from ruby lips had reached the level of screams, he pulled back to hold just the tip in his mouth and looked up the, now, glistening body of his partner. Erestor’s head was turned to the side, strands of hair tangled in his eyelashes and sticking to his mouth, disarrayed by the arching and violent head tossing. His stomach muscles quivered and strained and his chest heaved with the need for oxygen. One hand clenched in the bed sheets and the other still gripped his own golden tresses. Broken pleas for mercy, for more, for anything fell from his lips. Good.

Glorfindel was torturing him. That was all that could be said even now that he had stop actively sucking him, he still held the sensitive head in his mouth, allowing sharp teeth to graze tender skin. Effectively halting any movements Erestor might have made to move closer or to move away. His chest hurt from lack of oxygen and his abs felt like he had done hundreds of crunches. He began to doubt his ability to survive this night and it had just begun. Glorfindel let his arousal slip from his mouth, finally, and he could barely manage a moan of relief. His legs were spread wide and bent at the knee, exposing him in the most decadent of ways. He reached up with a shaky hand and pushed his hair out of his face so that he could watch his lover’s motions between his thighs. A tingle of apprehension ran through him as he watched Glorfindel slick his fingers with oil. This was new to him and he didn’t know quite what to expect.

Glorfindel gently circled the tight rosebud and could not help the surge of lust within him. It was so tight that he knew he would have to take the preparation slowly and be as patient as possible. He pressed the tip of his finger in and moaned at the burning heat within. Erestor panted above him and shifted about, not panicking but not altogether comfortable. He worked the finger in deeper, feeling the alternating clench and relax as Erestor adjusted around him. He worked the digit gently in and out, back and forth until it was accepted with ease and the impaled elf was moving against him. He withdrew slightly and pressed in with a second finger, Erestor tensed against him and he dropped a kiss to his inner thigh, gentling him with his free hand. He heard a shuddering exhalation and Erestor relaxed once more. He worked these fingers just as thoroughly, just as gently as before and when they were being accepted with ease…he hooked them and thrust deep. A strangled scream split the room and Erestor’s body bucked up hard. Good. He smiled.

What the fuck?! Erestor’s vision swam as his body tried to process the explosion of pleasure. His own scream rang and echoed in his ears. Glorfindel thrust his fingers into him again and the explosion repeated itself. He moaned and arched into his touch trying to capture the feeling, but Glorfindel pulled back, teasing him. Not going deep, but using shallow thrusts and scissoring his fingers stretching him further. He twitched and bucked, wanting the fingers deeper, harder, to spark the fire within him again. And just when he was about to cry from frustration Glorfindel gave him what he wanted. Ecstasy.

Glorfindel used Erestor’s distraction to ease three fingers within him and the tight clutch of his body worried him for a moment. Erestor was so small, so deliciously tight that he was concerned that no matter how well the preparation, he would cause him a considerable amount of pain. He rotated his hand and the advisor moaned helplessly. Glorfindel watched his fingers disappear again and again into that liquid passage and listened to Erestor beg him for mercy to finish him. He had done all that he could and he was about to explode with the need to sheath himself inside his soon to be mate. He withdrew his fingers slowly, carefully. He slicked his long ignored arousal with oil and moved to kneel between the long, wide spread legs. He lined his cock up with that tight entrance and pressed steadily, but with some speed, so that Erestor would not have time to tense against him. Erestor screamed and bucked against him unwittingly aiding his penetration. He ignored the voice within yelling at him to stop, quickly was the best way, and sank until the whole of him was swallowed up and he could go no further. He looked down into Erestor’s face, his midnight eyes were clenched tight and blood trickled from his bottom lip which was still gripped between sharp teeth. He touched the furrowed brow and the shut eyes flew open, revealing the shock and pain within.

Erestor stared up into concerned blue eyes in pain and shock. It had felt as if he were being torn apart as Glorfindel had sunk into him. All thoughts of pleasure had fled and he lay stiff beneath Glorfindel, legs struggling to close against him and hands pushing broad shoulders away. It hurt, no one told him it would feel like he had been branded like one of the animals humans kept. Glorfindel moved to kiss him and he turned his head away. Surely, he had hurt him on purpose, he should know how to do this without pain with all his vast experience. Certainly, he was punishing him for his play with the twins, but no…that was not Glorfindel’s way. It just HURT so much.

Glorfindel drew in a sharp breath when Erestor turned his head against him. The pain lancing through his heart. He thought that he had hurt him on purpose. What faith he had in their love, obviously their relationship was one that would need a lot of work and he realized that part of that was his fault. He grabbed the pointy chin and turned his face back to him. The dark eyes already looked apologetic and more than a little beseeching. Pleading with him to explain.

Glorfindel softened what was going to be a harsher tone, "I did not hurt you on purpose, sweet darling, it always hurts the first time and you were exceptionally small, Erestor, and my size is not inconsiderable. I will make it better and you will enjoy this. I promise you. Please, relax love and let me pleasure you."

Dark eyes stared back at him intently and Erestor gave a hesitant nod of assent. Glorfindel braced himself on his elbows and start to thrust slowly. His first thrust was met with a pained whimper, but as he adjusted the angle of entry and brushed against the impaled elf’s pleasure spot, the moans took on a different cadence. He kept his pace slow and gentle until the elf beneath him was arching and bucking against him in an attempt to force him harder and deeper. He moved slightly faster and felt the flame flare within him.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh….more, uh, oh, awwww, please, Del, please. Oh, you’ll kill me with this pleasure. Please, oh..," Erestor could not say when the burn and stretch had transformed into indescribable pleasure, but now he could not get enough friction, enough depth. Glorfindel would not take him as hard as he wanted and in the back of his mind, he knew that was probably for the best but he was aching with need and he needed more to cure him. His hands clutched at strong shoulders slick with sweat and he knew he left red, angry scratches when his grip slipped. Glorfindel just moaned and thrust deeper. His legs were wrapped tight around his svelte waist and his muscles burned with exertion. Glorfindel was pumping into him with increased frenzy and his vision was clouding over. A scream built up, waiting to be released.

Glorfindel thrust over and over again. Deeper and deeper into that tight, welcoming heat. He couldn’t remember ever having it this good. Energy pulsed and crackled between them and he swore he could feel echoes of Erestor’s own pleasure. He steadied himself and reached a hand between their bodies to grasp Erestor in his hand and stroked him about three times, before the elf beneath him came in long, hard pulses, over his hand and up his stomach, screaming his delight at the top of his lungs. The resulting contractions of Erestor’s body drove him over the edge and with one last deep thrust, he spilled into the relaxed body pinned beneath him with a harsh grunt. He slowly crumpled down to lay upon the heaving chest beneath him. Erestor pulled him closer and stroked his back with shaking hands. Glorfindel gathered the strength to raise himself to his elbows, slipping gently from the silken passage he had plundered. Erestor released a soft hiss and he kissed the pained expression away. He kissed his way to one pointed ear and licked the tip, smiling at the shiver that wracked Erestor.

"You are mine, now."

"I am yours."

The blond looked uncertain, making his next statement more of a question, "I am yours."

Erestor smiled, "You are mine," and pulled Glorfindel to his mouth and kissed him to consecrate the vow. There would be no other for either of them, this night the first night of forever together.

Somewhere else in the Last Homely House

"I can not believe that he would choose that blond idiot over us, ‘Rohir."

Elrohir smiled, "Love makes a fool of even the brightest elf, El, but do not despair. I will comfort you."

Elladan smiled saucily at his brother and lay back upon their bed, "By all means, comfort me. Let me show you where it hurts." And delighted laughter filled the room…then the sounds of passion.

The End