Tangled Tales

Diary of a Pregnant Elf

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March 21

Glorfindel’s eyes were very blue last night when he reached his peak. I felt as if he were pouring his soul into me. I was honored to receive his gift.

This morning, Elrond lay his hand upon my stomach and smiled softly at me.

I think my wish has been granted by the Valar.


Erestior closed his journal and held the bound pages to his chest for a moment before putting it back into its reserved place in his personal desk. He shut his eyes and concentrated on finding his center. Yes. There was definitely something different, a tiny glowing spark. He sighed. Glorfindel had left for a two month patrol at sunrise. Time was no obstacle for an elf but suddenly two moths seemed like a very long time.

April 19

I am pregnant. I have told no one yet and I am about to bubble over with excitement. I miss Glorfindel. I want him to be the first person I tell. Elrond knows. He tells me that he can see the light of my son’s faer. I neither confirm nor deny his statements. He understands. I miss Glorfindel. One month until he comes home. I miss him.


“You will be taking time off soon.”

Erestor glanced up from his work to see Elrond standing before his desk. “As far as I know, I have scheduled no time off in the near future.”

Elrond just nodded at him and said, “I will adjust your schedules. I am reasonably certain that I can find elves to temporarily fill in as seneschal and head advisor. You will want to be able to focus completely on your family the first three years at least.”

Erestor went to deny his Lord’s insinuations but stopped himself. Words were powerful and he did not want to build negative prophecy concerning his elfling. He settled for saying, “Thank you, my Lord.”

May 26

Glorfindel is due home today! My hands are shaking as I write the entry. I hope that he will be as overjoyed as I am about the conception of our child. Elrond is calling me. Glorfindel is home!


Erestor flung his journal into his desk and hurried from the room. He tried to slow his steps but as he neared the courtyard he was practically running. Elrond was already standing on the terraced steps when he arrived. The noble elf grinned at his excitement and they both turned to await the returning guard.

Erestor fairly vibrated in place as Glorfindel came into view riding at the head of the parade. As soon as he dismounted Erestor ran down the stairs and threw himself into the warrior’s arms. Glorfindel caught him, somewhat surprised at his public display of affection. Erestor was a notoriously private elf.

Elrond watched as Glorfindel sat the small advisor back on his feet. Erestor tugged the blond head down to his own dark one and whispered in the pointy ear. His senseschal released a joyous shout and hugged Erestor again, this time spinning the laughing elf around and around in circles. All the other elves gathered to welcome home the returning elves watched the exuberant couple with good natured amusement.

The Last Homely House would be home to elflings once more.

June 17

I am still not showing but Glorfindel treats me like I am made of glass nonetheless. I hate to think of how he will behave when my condition becomes visible to all. We plan to tell everyone next month. As of now, only Elrond and the twins know. Elrohir and Elladan are estatic and spoil me nearly as much as Glorfindel. This creates a small problem as Glorfindel has grown increasingly possessive. When I tease him, he frowns but holds me closer.


“I have been given the honor of informing you that our fair Imladris will be welcoming a new addition soon.” A mummer swept through the crowded room. There was a moment of excited confusion before the first eyes settled on Erestor who started to blush immediately. “Tonight we congratulate Lords Glorfindel and Erestor as they embark on the journey of parenthood.”

Thunderous applause broke out in the hall. Glorfindel reached for Erestor’s hand and kissed it.

July 28

I am showing! Finally! We were disrobing last night when suddenly Glorfindel stopped dead. I was alarmed at first and asked him what was wrong. He said nothing, merely guided me to the large mirror that graces our dresser. He stood behind me and laced our hands together. Glorfindel placed our joined hands just beneath my ribs and slowly, eyes locked with mine, slid them slowly down over my abdomen.

I could not contain my exclamation of joy. It was there, a gentle swelling. The tiny light inside of me was making its presence in my body known. My elfling is growing.



Elrond looked up at the softly exhaled sound. Erestor had stopped in the middle of the study. His face had paled, his hand lay upon his small stomach and he swayed slightly. Elrond jumped up and rushed to his advisor’s side. He steadied the small elf and guided him to a chair. He brushed the long hair away from the fine features.

“Meldir? Are you well? What is wrong?”

Erestor breathed deeply,” I am fine, my Lord. Just a little dizzy.”

Elrond placed a hand on Erestor’s forehead. The skin was cool to the touch. “You are not fevered. I believe that the baby is affecting your balance. The dizziness should pass once your body adjusts to the added weight and movement within. Would you like me to help you to your rooms?”

Erestor’s “Yes, please,” was small and weak. As they walked down the hall, he voiced a plea, “Do not tell Glorfindel.”

Elrond was silent for a moment. He really did believe Erestor’s body was simply adjusting to his elfling’s presence. It would do not harm to keep this secret. “I will not alarm him. Do not worry yourself, meldir.”

August 13

The dizziness passed without Glorfindel noticing. I am most thankful. I am halfway through Elrond says. Like I did not know that. I have been picking up weight at an alarming rate. Soon, I will look like one of the rich pastries Cook makes. Glorfindel rubs my belly all the time and our elfling likes it. He always glows brighter at those times.


Elrohir sat on the edge of Erestor’s desk. “Pregnancy agrees with you, meldir. I have never seen your skin so fair or your hair so glorious.”

Erestor’s lower lip trembled slightly, “There is no need to be cruel. I am fat and hideous.” The dark eyes shimmered brightly.

Elrohir’s mouth fell open in shocked dismay. Was Erestor serious? He was saved from saying anything as Elladan sauntered into the room.

“Ada sent me to-?” Elladan cut off mid-sentence. “What is it? What is wrong?”

Elrohir shut his mouth with a snap and Erestor just lowered his head, lips pressed tightly together. Elladan walked over to stand near his brother.

<Erestor feels that he is ugly and fat.>

The brothers shared a look of total disbelief.

<And what does Glorfindel say?>

Elrohir frowned. <I am not sure. Should we inform him?”>

Elladan smiled <I believe I can handle this one.>

“Beautiful Erestor, what is wrong?”

Erestor seemed to shrink into himself a little more, :I am sure that Elrohir has told you all you need to know.”

Elladan leaned across the desk and tipped the small chin upwards, urging black eyes to meet his, “What Elrohir told me is so ridiculous, it is not to be believed. I can ot credit that such a gorgeous, lust inspiring elf would harbor such delusions.” The elder twin leaned in closer, mouth a hairsbreadth away from the advisor’s, “I have wanted you since I was an elfling and I want you still as shameful as that id. If I did not believe so strongly in the sacred bond of marriage or did not love Glorfindel so dearly, I would still be fighting for your favors.”

Erestor did what every elf faced with Elladan’s burning gaze and honeyed voice did. He blushed and melted under the seductive power.

Elrohir smiled.

September 29

I do not think that I can continue to fulfill my duties. Elrond has informed me that Glorfindel and I can take our leave at anytime. I am short of breath and my back hurts constantly. I am only seven months pregnant. I have five more to go…*sigh*


“Glorfindel. Glorfindel.” A small hand shook the broad shoulder of the sleeping blond. Slowly blue eyes began to focus.

“Yes, Erestor?” Glorfindel yawned widely.

Erestor’s bottom lip pouted cutely and his eyes were pleading, “I would like a kiss.”

Blue eyes lit up, “A kiss? Of course, you can have a kiss.” Glorfindel scooted closer to his love and kissed him sweetly.

Erestor panted softly when the blond drew back, the dark eyes were glazed, “More.”

Glorfindel was eager to comply.


Glorfindel hummed as he strolled out of the bathing chamber, toweling his hair. He walked toward the bed to get his clothes. A small hand settled on his naked hipbone and guided him forward to stand before the bed.

“Mmmm, Erestor.”

A soft kiss was pressed to the skin below his navel. He lowered the towel from his head. Very bright eyes gazed up at him. He let the drying cloth drop to the floor and adjusted his stance to accommodate both his growing arousal and his lover’s inquisitive hands and mouth. He jerked as the hot little mouth latched onto him. Gone was Erestor’s usual playful style. This was straight ravenous suction. The blond could not quite decide it he wanted to beg for mercy or beg for more. This indecision held him largely immobile as his mate sucked him right to orgasm and beyond. Finally, he had to forcibly detach Erestor from his groin.

“Please, melethen, I am too sensitive. Have mercy.”

An expression of hurt appeared in the midnight eyes, “I just want to love you and make you feel good.”

Glorfindel carefully knelt in front of his little wounded love, “You make me happy just by existing. There is no need for hurt feelings.” He hugged Erestor as close to him as his mate’s swollen belly would allow. Erestor burrowed into Glorfindel’s neck and they remained close for long moments soaking in each other’s love. Then Erestor sucked the blonde’s earlobe into his mouth. Glorfindel moaned with more than a little desperation.

October 4

I do not know what is happening to me. I can not eat, sleep or work for wanting Glorfindel. His scent alone is enough to arouse me unbearably. The sounds of his passion fill me with pleasure. His seed has become my favorite food. I can not even begin to describe its sweet flavor. Just thinking about his taste is making me hungry.


“What are you doing, meldir?” Elrond’s mouth twitched in amusement as his seneschal jumped and whirled about to face him. He grew even more amused as the blond frantically shushed him.

“I am hiding from Erestor.”

Elrond’s eyebrows rose, “You most beloved mate, Erestor?”

“He is driving me to exhaustion. He is insatiable.”

Elrond’s eyes went wide, then he burst into laughter.

Glorfindel was sulky, “It is not funny.”

The elf Lord slapped the blond on the shoulder, “Do not fret, meldir. Soon this stage will be over and he will hate your very existence. Enjoy this phase while it lasts.”

November 16

It is not fair! Why do I have to do all the work? Glorfindel gets to prance around looking fit and beautiful while I look like a fate waddling duck. This is all Glorfindel’s fault. Whose idea was it to have elflings anyway?


“Darling, would you like me-”

“No. Do. Not. Touch. Me.”


“I do not feel like talking or snuggling or making love. I want to be alone.”

Glorfindel’s voice was hesitant, “Would you like me to leave the room?”

The little dark haired elf pulled the covers over his head muffling his reply, “Yes, please.”

Glorfindel left the room quietly. Erestor uncovered his head.


Elladan watched his captain practice with is ceremonial knives. The movements were precise and lovely but the warrior’s spirit seemed dampened.

“What is it that troubles you so, Glorfindel?”

The blond slowed, then stopped, shoulders slumping, “Erestor is annoyed with me.”

Elladan rolled his eyes at the dejected tone, “And what have you done to our esteemed advisor?”

“Apparently, I have gotten him pregnant.”

Elladan laughed but Glorfindel just continued to look miserable, “You are serious? But…it was his idea.”

Glorfindel nodded sadly, “Yes, I know.”

“Yesterday, he was all over you and today he is blaming you for impregnating him?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

Elladan patted the blonde’s broad shoulder, “It will be over soon. Just three more months to go.”

“Three months.”

“Three months.”

December 21

I have noticed that Glorfindel is getting more than his fair share of admiring glances lately. Yesterday, I overheard one of the visiting guards offer him an ear if he wanted to talk. I am sure an ear is not all he was offering. Glorfindel is a bonded elf and he had better remember that.



Glorfindel moved somewhat warily to his mate’s side. The past month had taught him caution and his agility had served him well when it came to dodging flying objects. Erestor patted the space beside him on the bed and the warrior gingerly sat down beside him.

“Here, put your hand on my stomach,” Erestor placed the callused hand on the smooth mound, “He has been very active today, can you feel him?”

The blue eyes sparkled as a tiny foot pushed against his hand, “Ohhh, he is strong. He has been kicking more than usual lately.”

“He kicks and punches and turns flips all day but especially when I am trying to sleep.”

Glorfindel put his ear to the stretched skin and the rhythmic beat of the tiny heart was clearly audible. Erestor stroked his hair and said, “His faer is very bright and more gold than silver. He will take after you.”

Glorfindel could not ignore the curl of warmth the words caused him. He moved up to kiss his love, “I have missed you.”

Erestor kissed him back, “I have missed you too.”

January 2

Elrohir has finished painting the baby’s room. The walls are covered in the most beautiful of murals. Elrohir has devoted an entire wall to the instant I met Glorfindel. I am standing to the right of Elrond, slightly behind my Lord. Glorfindel is kneeling before us, hand over his heart. He is pledging his allegiance to Elrond but his eyes are on me.

One month until my dream realized.


“Elrond has…suggested that you stay in bed for this last month.”

Erestor knew from Glorfindel’s hesitant tone that suggested meant ordered.

Glorfindel knew from Erestor’s mutinous expression that the conversation was not going to go as planned.

“Bed rest! He is assigning me bed rest?!”

Glorfindel winced, “He believes it is for the best,” he paused, “I believe it is for the best. You can barely stand now without feeling faint. It is dangerous for you to be wandering around the house alone.”

The black eyes flashed ominously but the very pregnant little elf settled back against the pillows with a huff. Glorfindel kissed his head, “Thank you, meleth. Now, I will be back shortly. Elladan wants to discuss the duty roster. I will bring you something to eat at noon.”

Erestor sighed as the door closed behind his mate. He turned to gaze out of the window. The winter sun was bright, reflecting intensely off the freshly fallen snow. Winter was his favorite season. The summer sun that made Glorfindel into a bronzed god, burned his fair skin cruelly. The spring flowers were lovely but pollen made his head hurt. Autumn for some reason was his busiest season with preparations for winter to be made. In the winter everything slowed down. The sun was gentle and the pollen was absent. Glorfindel was home for long stretches of time because apparently orcs did not like to be cold.

He had been outside in so long and he had always enjoyed the gardens after a fresh snow. He wanted to go outside. With a bit of effort, he managed to drag himself out of bed. He waited for the wave of dizziness to pass. He made his way carefully to his wardrobe. He pulled out his heaviest winter robe and struggled into it. He slipped into his snow boots and headed to the door. He peeked out into the hall. As soon as all was clear, he tipped down the corridor and out of a side door. He made his way slowly to his favorite garden breathing in the crisp, fresh air.

The baby punched and kicked at him happily. Erestor patted his stomach pleased. His elfling was ready to see the world. He made it to a bench and painstakingly lowered his bulk down unto it. He sat there watching the snow glitter and various animals playing in the underbrush. His nose had turned red from the cold when he decided the time had come to return to the house. He barely made it two steps when the pain hit.


Something was wrong. Glorfindel rubbed his hand over his chest. For a brief moment his vision swirled and his stomach rolled with nausea. He was vaguely aware of Elladan questioning him with concern as he staggered to his feet. Erestor. Something was wrong with Erestor.


They found him just off the garden path, a slash of black upon the white, white snow. Glorfindel ran ahead and scooped him up from the ground. The black lashes fluttered and opened slightly as the little elf moaned. “I called for you. I knew you would find me.”

Glorfindel’s voice was harsh, “If you would have followed my direction, I would not have had to find you.”

Erestor cried out as another pain swept threw his body, “Do not be angry with me! I am sorry! Please, the baby is going to be born today!”

Elladan looked at Glorfindel sharply at Erestor’s outburst. The blond sighed, “I am not angry, meleth, merely upset and afraid. Everything will be fine. The baby will be fine. His light is at its brightest just as it should be.”

They made it to the rooms of healing in record time. Elrond awaited them. The healer helped Glorfindel rid Erestor of his winter robe and checked the advisor over for ill effects. When he found none, he embraced the blond warmly.

“I trust you can take it from here?”

Glorfindel clutched at him somewhat fearfully, “You will be close if I should have need of you?”

“I will be right outside.”

Glorfindel released his Lord and turned back to take his mate’s hand.

“Where is Elrond?”

“He has gone outside to await the birth of our son with is own sons. We shall bring forth our child together so that when he is born his first moments will be spent surrounded solely by his parents’ love. You do trust me with the help of the Valar to bring forth our child?”

Erestor did not hesitate, “I trust you.”

A soft white glow enveloped both elves and throughout the long hours that followed, Glorfindel showed Erestor the true measure of a great elven warrior. In constant control despite his own inner trepidation, he was a tower of strength by Erestor’s side.

His calm coaxing presence was a balm to his fraying nerves. Through each phase of Erestor’s labor, the blond patiently and lovingly guided him and when the pain became to great, he took Erestor’s hands in his own, sending him wave after waave of his own power.

It was a long labor, draining them both. After several hours, Glorfindel took a moment to clean his heirloom blade. The birth of the child was imminent and in the next moments, the sound of new life filled the room.

Tears rolled down the warrior’s face as he wiped off the tiny elfling and placed him in Erestor’s greedy arms. Tears rolled down Erestor’s cheeks. Soft lips kissed them away.

“Do not cry, lovely one. He is beautiful and perfect. Look at him. He looks just like you.”

Erestor sniffled, “I can not help it. I am just so overwhelmed. He has ten fingers and ten toes and just because his hair is black does not mean he looks like me. He has your eyes, so blue. Oh, Glorfindel, his ears are perfect, pointy and delicate.”

A knock sounded at the door. Glorfindel kissed Erestor’s cheek again and got up to carefully open the door. Elrond and his sons stood there, impatient to welcome the newest addition to their extended family and Imladris.

Elrond was the first to hold the baby elfling. He cooed to the tiny boy and stroked the little clenched hands. A strange expression crossed the Lord’s face.

Erestor already worried for his child’s future asked a little fearfully, “What? What is it, my Lord?”

Elrond smiled at him, his awe clear to all in the room, “He is destined for great things, meldir, great things.”

Glorfindel beamed, “Of course, he is. He is our son, is he not?”

The peredhil rolled their eyes but inwardly agreed. Nothing less than perfection would dare spring forth from the union of Erestor and Glorfindel.

February 14

We have a beautiful son. He has my hair and Glorfindel’s eyes. He is perfect in everyway. Now, if we could just decide what to name him.