Tangled Tales

I Won't

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You've been telling me I need to change
Or else you'll go away

Erestor walked along the bolts of vivid bolts of fabric, rows of blues, reds, greens and gold. The seamstress sent him a questioning look. It was well known that the advisor tended to dress only in shades of black and grey. The brunette ignored the look and continued to search for something that would both suit him and please his lover.

And I've been searching every inch of me
To find within myself
A way to give you what you want and not become somebody else…

When he had found cloth that was understated enough for him to be comfortable but different enough from his usual choices to be noticed he went to place his order.

Elf maiden smiled at him, “Good day, Master Erestor. Oh, what beautiful colors! Are you ordering a new robe for someone?”

Erestor shifted uncomfortably, “No,” he took a deep breath, “I have decided to try something new.”

You just want my passion
But you don't want my pain

The advisor stared at the ceiling above unable to find sleep even though the time was late. His skin was still slick with the sweat of lovemaking and his ears were filled with the soft sounds of his partner’s sated slumber. He turned over onto his side away from the sounds, hair tumbling to cover his face and closed his eyes against the raw tears.

You don't even really care 'bout what's inside my brain
You think that I don't know what's going on behind my back
But you seem to underestimate these very simple facts…

Erestor walked slowly toward the training ground. He could see his love in the distance standing very close to a new trainee, blond head bent to whisper in the youth’s ear. His sharp eyes noted the hectic flush on the young soldier’s high cheekbones and his chest ached. The youth saw him before his Captain and sent him a frightened, apprehensive look. He returned the look with flat, reflective eyes. His love just raised a golden eyebrow and slowly straightened up and away from the recruit. Erestor made sure his expression was schooled not to show his inner turmoil.

“Lord Elrond needs to talk to you as soon as possible, Seneschal.” He turned to walk back to the house without waiting for a reply.

The things that brought you to me
Now are the very things you hate

“I do not understand why you insist on working such long hours! You put your duties before our relationship again and again. You act as if the valley would cease to function without your presence! You need to forego work and have fun sometimes!”

Erestor stared at the wall behind the pacing elf, “I will try to arrange some time off with Elrond.”

“Please, do not put yourself out for my sake.”

And it's becoming very clear to me
That you're the one that's changed


“Not now, Elrond, please, not now. I can not bear it.” He left the main office very conscious of the concerned silver gaze following him out.

I used to think that we could make it last
That I would love you all my life

Erestor stroked the delicate mithril band that graced his finger. He knew by heart the words transcribed on the inside of the ring. “Immortal Love”. Why, now, did the words burn his hand?

But when you tell me I'm not good enough
You know it's just not right…

“I don’t know why I ever thought this would work. We are just too different, Erestor. You fail to understand my needs and desires. I can not stay in this room. I’m going for a walk to calm my mind.”

“To the barracks?” the raven haired elf whispered. The blond shot him a sharp look but did not answer as he slammed the door behind himself.

We need to talk despite the hour
'Cuz just like time, this comes too late

The stars were high in the sky when the warrior returned. The door opened to reveal the advisor waiting up in his favorite chair.

“Glorfindel, we need to talk.”

I WON'T let you hurt me
And I WON'T beg you to stay
I won't lay down and shut my mouth
So you can brag the next day
I WON'T be your trophy
And I WON'T look the other way
So I guess you got your wish 'cuz babe I promise
Things are gonna change

Song By:Keri Noble