Tangled Tales

A Change of Perception

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“Why, hello, Lord Erestor. I must say you are looking especially pale today. I see you have been most successful in your quest to avoid all exposure to the sun.” This was said with the utmost sincerity without a hint of sarcasm, maybe even with a bit of hopefulness.

Erestor looked up a bit irately at the large blond in front of him, “Good day, to you Lord Seneschal. I see that you are as blond and blue eyed as ever, so all must be right in the world. Now, if you would please, I have work to finish.” The pale, raven haired elf returned his fathomless gaze to the stack of papers and maps before him on the huge desk he stood behind.

In the far corner of the room, the Lord of Imladris snorted with amusement, “ My Lord Glorfindel, I do believe that you have something for me?” The warrior moved away from the elf behind the desk with obvious reluctance and made his way over to Elrond to hand him the reports he had finished three weeks ago but promptly forgot to turn in during the excitement of training new guards during the springtime. Elrond smiled at him sympathetically when his crystal clear blue gaze drifted back toward Erestor. He sighed forlornly and shook his head in admission of defeat, “Surely, Elrond, you can talk some sense into him. Convince him of what a great catch I and tell him of the untold pleasures he is missing out on by refusing my suit.”

Elrond’s smile of sympathy broadened into one of amusement, “I talk to him constantly, old friend. You know as well as I that he will simply say that you are not his type. And yes, before you ask, I have tried to find out just what his type is but to no avail. Maybe, he does not like blondes.”

Glorfindel’s mouth quirked to one side, “At one point I would have laughed at that statement and said everyone likes blondes…but now, I am not so sure. Maybe he doesn’t like blondes or maybe he doesn’t like blue eyes. I do not know, but I am not going to give up so easily.”

“Easily, meldir? How long has it been now that you have pursued Erestor? Some centuries, if I am not mistaken.”

Glorfindel sighed, “It will be going on six centuries next year, if you count the couple of fifty year breaks and yearly dalliances. Always he has been at the back of my mind.” He sighed again miserably, knowing full well that Erestor could hear every word that passed between himself and his Lord. “He straightened decisively, “Well, my Lord, I must be getting back to the training grounds. It does not do to let them rest for too long. The newer ones get antsy and that almost always leads to trouble. Good day, my Lord.” He walked to the desk, “Good day, Master Erestor.”

“Goodbye, Lord Seneschal.” Erestor did not look up. Glorfindel turned on his heel smartly and strode out of the door.

Elrond waited until he was sure Glorfindel had cleared the hall before speaking, “Why do you torment him so, Erestor. He has been actively seeking you as his mate for about four centuries, excluding the breaks and brief affairs. What IS the real reason you refuse his offer? There are many who would consider selling their souls to be in the position that you are in. At the very least, you should let him know your reasons for refusing him. It might be something that he can fix or work on? The distinguished looking elf moved to stand in front of his good friend, ex-teacher and advisor with his questions showing plainly in his vivid grey eyes.

Erestor sighed and lay down the parchment he was working with, “I will not get any more work done this day, if I do not satisfy your morbid curiosity, will I, my Lord?” He smirked as Elrond grinned at him and shook his head, “I thought not. It is simple really, Glorfindel is just too…too much of a hero.”

Elrond’s eyebrows shot up, “And what is wrong with that?! You don’t like heroes? What’s not to like? He’s younger than you, has a body like a soldier of Rohan, glorious blond hair, blue eyes, intelligence…the elf killed a Balrog, for Vala’s sake! He even has dimples!!” Elrond could not understand his advisor’s reasoning. He did, however, notice the other brunette’s mouth turning more downward with each item he listed as if in disgust.

His suspicions were confirmed when Erestor shuddered delicately and said, “Oh, I am right. It does sound even more horrible when you list the reasons aloud. Do I even look like the kind of elf that would be seen with someone with,” He paused for dramatic effect, “dimples? I think not. And for the record, I am, in fact, not especially partial to blue eyes. They are really kind of common. I could throw a pen out of the window and hit an elf with blue eyes and don’t get me started on blond hair. Every elf in the Golden Wood has blond hair and three fourths of the elves in Mirkwood. It is not at all impressive or noteworthy.” Erestor looked up expression serious and serene, “No, my Lord, it will take more than our resident hero and all around good elf to stir this ancient blood. I am much too old for hero worship and what is Glorfindel but a hero.”

Elrond stared speechless into black eyes for a full minute before he regained the mental capacity to shut his mouth. He stared a bit longer after his mouth was closed, then spoke, “You must be the most demented elf ever or an elf with impossibly high standards. Glorfindel merely has to smile to make nearly every elf in the castle swoon and here you are telling me that he just doesn’t do it for you.” He shook his dark hair with disbelief, “Wow.”


Glorfindel joined Elrond in his chambers for their nightly wind down and asked the same question he always asked sooner or later when in his Lord’s company, “So what did you and Erestor talk about today?”

Elrond took a careful sip of his wine and spoke slowly, “Well, I found out why he refuses your suit.”

The blond sat up excitedly, “What? Tell me. Tell me.”

Elrond held up a hand for silence and took a deep breath, bracing for Glorfindel’s reaction, “Well, to be quite blunt, he implied that you…bored him.” The silence in the room was deafening. The explosion when it came was blinding.


Elrond cleared his throat as Glorfindel jumped up to pace off his outrage, body lined with the glowing white light of a truly enraged elf, “Well, maybe not bore him…just not excite him. He said that he was well pass the age for hero worship and your sickeningly sweet ways were a threat to his perfectly white, perfectly straight teeth.” Elrond knew that he was exaggerating but seeing Glorfindel whip himself into an angry froth was entertainment not to be missed and he wanted to enjoy it while it lasted. Glorfindel was not prone to rage but was rather an analytical plotter like Erestor, but in a friendlier less cynical way. Blue eyes flashed with fire, muscles bulged and blond hair danced around a flushed masculine face. He wondered what Erestor would say if he could see the blond now. Hmmm, most likely.

Glorfindel paced around the room excitedly, waving his arms wildly about for emphasis as he continued to explode, “Bore him?! I, Lord Glorfindel of Gondolin and Imladris, do not excite him? I am too much of a good little elfling to arouse his passion. I, who hath slain a Balrog, bedded a Vala to seal the deal a second life-”

Elrond gasped and waited for lightening to strike Glorfindel down for his impertinence. When it did not happen he looked at his long time friend with new respect and not a little amount of envy. A Vala, now, that was impressive. In return for a second chance at life no less.

“can cause half the Valley to swoon over a simple smile…I do not excite him!!?” And just like that the fireworks were over and in place of the seething, glowing elf of a minute ago, stood a calm, cool and collected Seneschal of Imladris. Elrond raised an eyebrow at the look of calculation that had settled over the beautiful face of his friend. Glorfindel smiled at him, a small, sinister smile, “Of course, my Lord, this means war.”

Elrond’s other eyebrow joined it’s twin. Erestor was no easy opponent. No elf that had lived as long as Erestor through times as turbulent as the ones past should be underestimated and he told Glorfindel as much, “Erestor is not an elf to be taken lightly, Glorfindel. The only reason that every elf in the Valley does not fall to the feet of Erestor at his smile is because he Does. Not. Smile. Be careful, meldir, to upset Erestor is to invite untold agonies into your life.” Glorfindel’s smile just grew more sinister.


Erestor exhaled with more force than was necessary, “Glorfindel, would you please stop lurking in the doorway and either say what you have come to say or leave. You and your extremely large lungs are sucking up all of the fresh air in my study.” The blond moved into the open area of the study with all the leashed danger inherent in the large savannah cat he so closely resembled. Erestor rolled his eyes. Really, what did anybody see in Glorfindel? An opportunity to ride a stallion? Please.

Glorfindel came forward to lean across the desk and tipped the raven haired head up until he could see into black eyes. “Erestor, I am tired of this game of cat and mouse. I want you.” Erestor raised an eyebrow at this proclamation and removed his pointed chin from Glorfindel’s grasp. The blond continued, “I want you under me, over me, beside me, and any other position I might think of in the course of the day.” His voice lowered, “But no matter how I might have you, one thing will be the same, you will be filled to your throat with my cock and loving it. What say you, Erestor? End this silliness and give into me. You can not truly be doubting my prowess in bed; I am more than good in anything I try my hand at and a master of things I truly enjoy and,” the huskiness increased, “I would truly enjoy you, meldir.”

Erestor stared at the large lion in front of him, thinking through his response as he always did, “At this moment, meldir,” he put emphasis on the word, “I am thinking that you have overestimated the degree to which you are endowed. To my throat, Lord Seneschal? Really, your leggings are not THAT concealing. Now, please, I have work to do. Perhaps, you can find some elf fresh from their majority celebration to indulge these fantasies of yours. I am busy.” With those final words Erestor picked up his quill again and started up where he had left off when Glorfindel so rudely started hogging his oxygen.

Glorfindel stared down at the top of Erestor’s shiny black head in amazement. If he had made that announcement to any other elf in the Valley, they would probably be dead right now or at the very least unconscious. He looked down at himself and everything seemed to be in order. His biceps were still bulging, his boots were still shiny, his clothing crisp, and his thighs ripped. He should have been every bit as sexy as he remembered himself being when he looked in the mirror that morning. He straightened and left the room, sometimes the best part of working a strategy was to know when to retreat and regroup.

Erestor smiled at the door closing behind Glorfindel. Really, the young elf was more than amusing. He wondered what Elrond had told him to fire him up so and with Elrond’s penchant for exaggeration he felt sure that it was something along the lines of he would not have Glorfindel if he was the last elf on Arda. He shook his head. Things were sure to be interesting around the Valley for quite some time.


“Elrond, I will need to use your sons.”

Elrond’s eyebrows rose to his hairline, “Does that mean what I think it means?” He looked at his friend across his cup of chilled wine and Glorfindel grinned at him unrepentantly.

“I just thought I should tell you before the refuse hit’s the fan so to speak. I need to rid Erestor of his impression of me as a goody two shoe and what better way to do that than by bedding the sons and heirs of our Lord.”

Elrond nodded, “In theory that sounds good…except that Elladan and Elrohir have long since been past the age of majority and Erestor is all ready well aware of the many affairs that you have had over the course of the years. No, that will not work. You will need to prove your prowess to Erestor directly and that, meldir, will be no easy task. The last elf that tried to kiss Erestor without his permission ended up without two teeth and missing a braid and he has always professed that he got off lightly.”

Glorfindel nodded. Well aware of the unfortunate accident that almost caused a war between Imladris and Mirkwood. These things would not happen if Thranduil would not insist upon instilling in his sons the idea that they were entitled to whatever they wanted. The second son of Thranduil quickly found out that his entitlement did not extend to the Chief Advisor of Elrond and thankfully, Galadriel and Celeborn had reacted quickly to stop the fallout between the two realms. Elves still whispered about it sometimes when Erestor walked by. It was quite the reputation builder. Glorfindel began to understand how Erestor could was able to be so selective. When one had the power to start a war by refusing a prince, then proceeding to beat the crap out of said prince for daring to touch him, refusing a twice born legendary warrior was the next plausible step. This was going to be harder than he thought but he was nothing if not persistent and he knew Erestor was more lenient with elves he cared about invading his personal space. Erestor had never cared for the sons of Thranduil, not even the youngest, Legolas, who was an all around upstanding fellow.


Erestor lay on the grass in one of the many gardens of the Valley because he wanted to, so he did. The flowers sang to him and the earth hummed along. All was well until his sharp ears picked up Glorfindel’s familiar tread. *sigh* He continued to lie on his stomach certain at least that he was in no *real* danger from his long time friend and peer. The footsteps stopped behind him and he braced, not at all surprised when the heavy weight of the blond settled against his back. He had to admit one thing, the warrior was brave if nothing else, on the other hand perhaps he was just reckless and foolish. He smiled into the grass…foolish recklessness could be quite attractive in the right circumstances. Maybe these circumstances. Golden blond hair swung into his field of vision. “Lord Seneschal, how delightful of you to invade my highly personal space in this manner.” He shifted slightly to spread the not inconsiderable weight of Glorfindel more evenly along his body. Glorfindel was quite a bit wider than him, so it felt like he was being surrounded and pressed into the ground by rock hard heat…not at all unpleasant. For a while Glorfindel as content to simply laze about upon his person, but like an elfling that was soon not enough to hold his attention. Erestor rolled his eyes as long broad fingers begin to card through his hair fanning it out the grass, braiding small sections of the inky mass and placing small flower blossoms here and there. The gentle stroking and pulling of his hair had almost lulled him to sleep when he felt a finger stroke deliberately from the tip of his ear to the lobe. He gasped and jerked as a bolt of pure fire shot straight to his groin. Offended, he immediately tried to buck the warrior off of his back and roll over but found himself pinned quite expertly to the ground. Not expertly enough to keep him there but expert enough to require time and strategy before he could escape. He relaxed again, seething inside, biding his time. Glorfindel hummed in his ear and nuzzled into his hair and placed a moist kiss on the soft skin of his neck. Erestor steadfastly ignored the liquid trickle of heat making tracks through his body. He would not be distracted by pleasure or captured by any elf he did not want to be captured by.

Glorfindel was holding his body under the strictest of control when all he wanted to do was rub against the tight body that he held captive beneath him. He nosed jet black hair aside and planted a soft kiss on the tender skin of Erestor’s neck helpless to resist, he let his tongue dart out to taste the tempting flesh. He smiled at the tiny shiver that made its way through the now pliant body beneath him. He continued to nibble along that long slender neck, not touching the sharply pointed ears again, even though he really, really wanted to suck on the tips. Ears were high personal to an elf and he didn’t want to push his luck so early on in the game. With one hand and the rest of his body, he made sure to keep Erestor pinned tightly to the ground but with his free hand he explored the body beneath him. He squeezed strong biceps, traced lightly along the raven haired elf’s side and tested muscled thighs. His breath came quicker as his captive writhed under him and arched into his touch. He decided that everything was going according to plan so why not take it to the next level. He returned his hand to Erestor’s side and brushed down toward his groin. The advisor lifted up to give him more room to touch and Glorfindel thought that was a wonderful idea so he eased back a little to give himself *SHIT* more room to be flipped over onto his back with fire hot black eyes boring into his soul and a pointy elbow at his throat blocking his windpipe. Okay…he had obviously lost control of the situation at some point…probably the point when Erestor had lifted up to rub against his cock and offered what seemed like an invitation to get to know his, but had clearly in retrospect been a trap. Glorfindel had certainly learned his lesson he just hoped he lived long enough to put it to good use. He focused on the deadly elf above him.

Erestor snarled down at Glorfindel, “It seems, Lord Seneschal, that you are now in my power. Is this how you treat all of your elders, lulling them into a false sense of security, then molesting their persons against their wills? Really, I am quite shocked.” He stared into brilliant blue eyes and his own widened at the grin that stole over perfect pink lips.

Glorfindel grinned, “Shocked but not quite appalled, am I right, oh, genius one? Admit it, you want me. You’re just playing hard to get. If you were truly offended, I would be missing several teeth at the moment and possibly half of my hair.”

Erestor sat back until he was straddling the huge body, “Perhaps, I am restraining myself because of my respect for your station and usefulness in Lord Elrond’s household.”

“Perhaps, you are restraining yourself so that you will not take me here upon this grass in this lovely garden.”

“Now, I know that you are indulging in wishful thinking, my Lord Seneschal.” After this the amusement left the shining dark eyes, “Glorfindel,” the blond gasped at the use of his name, “what do you desire from me. A fling to satisfy your curiosity or…?” Erestor let the question trail off.

Glorfindel let the smile leave his face, a look of complete and utter seriousness settling over his handsome face instead, “Erestor, surely you know that I would not have pursued you of these years for a one night stand or even a couple of weeks, I want you to be mine and mine alone. I want to own you.” He held still as obsidian eyes looked into his soul. Whatever was seen there made the brunette elf nod decisively and move from straddling his prone body.

Glorfindel took the hand that was offered to help him stand and waited for something to be said. Erestor merely brushed off his robes and strode off, hair still littered with the various braids and flowers that the blond had woven into the black mass, leaving Glorfindel to wonder what the next day would bring.


The next day brought a meeting. A meeting that he was barely prepared for and late to thanks to his restless night dreaming about all the things he could do to a certain dark haired elf that was not Elrond. When he walked in, two minutes after he was supposed to have been present, there was only one seat left. Unsurprisingly, it was situated between Erestor and one of the lesser advisor’s to Elrond. He murmured his apologies for interrupting and hurriedly took his seat. Erestor gave him a smug, superior look and returned his attention to the elf speaking about what seemed to Glorfindel to be a horribly boring subject. He sat there listening with one ear and arranging his folders until he something slide up his thigh. He tensed but otherwise made no move. He slowly raised his blue eyes from the papers spread in the front of him and met curiously expressionless black ones. Erestor gazed back at him as if nothing was going on but underneath the table the advisor’s slender hand made short work of the laces holding Glorfindel’s leggings together. Glorfindel gasped softly as cool fingers touched his heated flesh. The elf sitting to his right gave him a slightly quizzical look. Glorfindel gave him a small smile, waving off his concern. He scooted his chair as close as possible to the heavy table at which they were seated. Erestor turned his attention back to the speaker outwardly but out of sight his hand worked Glorfindel’s flesh with a precision that spoke of years of practice. The blond licked the sweat that had beaded on the top of his lip and prayed that he was not as flushed as he felt. His hips twitched and pushed upward as Erestor’s thumb played over the leaking head of his arousal. Out of the corner of his eye as if in slow motion, Glorfindel saw the scribe sitting next to him drop his quill. He tried to push Erestor’s hand away but the raven haired elf would not be deterred. The lesser advisor bent to retrieve his writing utensil and saw much more than he bargained for. The poor elf eeped and hit his head on the heavy wooden table causing more stares to be cast in their direction. Even the ever increasing amount of embarrassment Glorfindel felt could not prevent him form achieving orgasm right then and there. During all the commotion, Erestor’s attention did not appear to wander in any way from the elf speaking. The elf even had the audacity to primly wipe his hand on the inside of Glorfindel’s thigh before returning it to the table, pristine and innocent. Glorfindel could not look to his left or his right for the rest of the meeting. He was intensely relieved when Elrond called the gathering to an end. He got up and made his way swiftly to the door. Erestor took his time arranging his files and letters, yet still, managed to catch up to the blond elf in the hall.

“My Lord Glorfindel, I fear I have done you an injustice.”

Glorfindel turned to face the brunette elf, fully expecting him to apologize for embarrassing him in the meeting. What he got was not what he expected.

“Your leggings do conceal a hidden treasure. Good day, Lord Seneschal.” The composed elf walked off down the hall leaving Glorfindel gaping after him.

After a moment more, the blond smiled. That was definitely progress.


Glorfindel decided that progress was an understatement as Erestor held him pinned to the wall naked as the day he was born so that he could thoroughly and systematically explore every inch of his body. The blond hissed as pointy teeth tugged at an already swollen nipple. He arched and shifted trying to direct Erestor’s attention to the other side of his chest but Erestor would not be detoured or distracted. He had obviously decided that he liked Glorfindel’s right nipple more than the left one. Glorfindel could not decide if he felt bad for the left nipple for not getting its fair share of attention or bad for the right nipple for getting more than its fair share of attention. His hand clenched in the inky mass of hair as Erestor gave his poor nipple one more nip before heading farther south. An inquisitive tongue circled his navel before dipping into the tiny depression. Glorfindel’s stomach muscles seized as if a live current had been sent through his abdomen. Not entirely inaccurate.

“Erestor…can I, can I…can we, please, move to the bed?” Glorfindel tried to catch his breath as the black eyed elf ceased in his ministrations to consider Glorfindel’s request. His question was answered as Erestor stopped pressing him into the wall and stepped back to give him room to move. Glorfindel swayed woozily for a moment before getting his bearings back. He blinked and looked into faintly amused eyes that seemed to ask what he was waiting for. He staggered the seemingly immense distance to the large bed and fell upon it face first. Erestor chuckled behind him and pulled him back up to balance on his hands and knees.

Erestor stroked the muscled behind admiringly before bending down to nip at one cheek. The blond before him shuddered and arched his back. Erestor smiled and licked teasingly, fleetingly at Glorfindel’s center. The warrior whimpered and spread wider, baring all of himself to Erestor’s sight. Erestor fondled the heavy arousal hanging low between the sprawled legs. Glorfindel cried out at his touch and Erestor leaned back in to tease at his entrance. Glorfindel vibrated in place torn between pushing forward and pushing back resulting in him doing neither. When Erestor inserted a slick finger into him the need to push back won and he moaned entreatingly.

Erestor praised him, “That’s it. Show me how much you want it.”

A steady stream of whimpers, moans and groans left the excited blonde’s mouth as Erestor continued to prepare him. When the dark haired elf finally knelt up behind Glorfindel and positioned himself, the warrior was afire with need.

Erestor placed himself at the slick, loosened entrance and held there. Glorfindel squirmed against him. “Fuck yourself on my cock. Go slowly, I want to feel ever inch.”

Glorfindel panted and braced himself on his elbows. Slowly, ever so slowly, he pushed back. He could feel himself opening to take the wide bulb of the head and fought against the urge to just thrust back and take Erestor in to the hilt. He cried out when the head of Erestor’s cock came into his body with a pop. He stopped and tried to breathe. Erestor gave him a moment before a long fingered hand tugged insistently at his hip.

“Oh, oh…Uhnnn”

“That’s it. Just like that. You are so tight, so beautiful on my cock.”

Glorfindel squirmed as much from the husky words as from the incredible pressure inside his body. He gasped in relief as his cheeks came in contact with Erestor’s pelvis. He could feel the raven haired elf so deep inside him holding perfectly still. Then motion. Erestor thrust into him with sure, deep motions. Piercing him over and over to his very core. He could just barely manage to keep upright. Then he didn’t need to because Erestor was pulling him upright by his hair and the shaft inside of him seem so much more in this position. It felt like the dark haired elf was rearranging his insides and he was loving every moment of it. Erestor had one arm wrapped around his waist holding him securely against his heaving body and the other hand snaked down to grasp his bobbing erection. Glorfindel jerked at the contact and keened aloud. On the next stroke he was coming. His pleasure spiked higher as Erestor clamped onto his arched neck with sharp teeth and bit down. Glorfindel moaned as the dark elf spilled into his sated body.

Erestor withdrew slowly and the two collapsed down unto the rumpled bed. It was a long time before Glorfindel found the energy to speak.

“So, what changed your mind? My stunning good looks? My large endowment or did you suddenly develop a taste for blond hair?”

Erestor swatted at him lazily, “None of the above. I decided that even though I was over hero worshipping, I am not adverse to being worshipped.”

Glorfindel lay still, “That is how it is to be?”

“You decide your own fate, Seneschal.”

‘I will be your most faithful servant.”

“A most excellent decision.”

The End