Tangled Tales

The Lost Time

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Erestor stared at the huge palace before him. A place that in his darkest moments he had felt he would never see again. He closed his midnight eyes as the purest sensation of relief swept through his weary body. He squeezed the tiny hand nestled in his trustingly and received a tentative squeeze back. He opened his own eyes and looked down into the eyes of the one responsible for his continued existence, “You will be safe here.” The tiny white haired elfling smiled up at him brilliantly. He had been waiting to hear those words come from his Ada’s mouth all of his young life. He looked toward the sprawling house. They would be safe there.

Five Years Earlier

“What do you mean he is gone?” The normally level voice rose alarmingly in obvious distress.

Elrond pulled the large blond into his embrace and held him as he struggled against the truth of the situation and the embrace. “He is gone, Glorfindel. One of the servants reported seeing him taken by the men.”

“No, no…” Glorfindel shook his head in negation tossing golden blond hair wildly. “Erestor is a great warrior. No mere man could take him down. It is a lie! I do not believe it. I will not believe it!”

“There were many.” Elrond stroked the tangled, bloody hair back down as the warrior sobbed into his dirty, torn robes, “Imladris burns before my eyes. Erestor has been ripped from our grasp. My sons lie in the tents of healers and I have seen tears fall from the eyes of Glorfindel of the Golden House of Gondolin. Surely, the Valar will mark this infamous day in the history of elves.” He rocked the heartbroken elf in his arms and wondered if he would lose two loved ones ere this was over.


“My Lord Elrond! My Lord Elrond!”

Elrond looked up with the tired eyes of an elf that had seen too much tragedy in his long life, “What is it? I am busy at this moment.”

The young servant elf threw himself to the floor in front of his Lord’s desk, “My Lord, a mighty blessing has visited the valley this day. Master Erestor is returned!”

The quill that had been gripped in Elrond’s fair hand fell unheeded to destroy the letter he was preparing. The dark haired elf rose quickly, “If you speak the truth, indeed, then it is more than a blessing but a gift from the Valar themselves. Does Lord Glorfindel know? Where is Erestor now?”

“He is in the House of Healing. I have not told Lord Glorfindel but the valley is afire with the news, my Lord.”

Elrond exited the room hastily, intent on finding out if the elf that had been missing for five long years had been returned to them. He fairly raced down the hallways, earning himself many an odd look from those unused to him behaving in a less than proper way. He burst into the healing chambers without knocking and his heartbeat stopped. There on one of the many beds that graced the room sat Erestor. The raven haired elf looked a few moments from death but there was no doubt that the emaciated elf was his friend and advisor of old. He broke his stupor to rush forward and hug his old tutor but was brought up short by both Erestor’s panic filled eyes and a tiny white haired elfling of no more than three years that jumped in front of the panicked elf. He stilled and his mouth gaped as Erestor lunged forward to draw the elfling back against his body, shielding him from view. He reached out with both hands palm up and approached the bed slowly. He watched as the fear in onyx eyes was forcefully locked down until no emotion remained to be seen. “Erestor…I have missed you, meldir. I have mourned these long years without you by my side. Please, know that I would never harm you.”

“My Lord Elrond.” The voice was rusty as though the vocal cords had endured more than they could bear. The pain filled eyes closed briefly and a deep breath was taken. Slender hands stroked riotous curls out of the blue eyed elflings face, “Lindir, this is my Lord and dear friend, Elrond Peredhel.” The elfling smiled at the grey eyed elf. “Elrond, this is my son, Lindir Peredhel.”

Four Years Earlier

“Glorfindel, you and your men have searched every village of men within miles of Imladris. When are you going to face the truth, meldir? He is lost to us. You must put this behind you and so that healing can start. Allow yourself to grieve…allow me to grieve.”

Dull blue eyes stared in charcoal grey ones, “No amount of time can heal this wound. I died a year ago and I continue to die daily. Do not ask me to forget him, Elrond. Do not ask me to cut out my own heart and bury it in unstable sands.”

Elrond’s expression was immeasurably sad, “Forgive me, meldir. His absence weighs heavily on me and my own pain impairs my ability to console yours. I will support you in your continued search.”

Glorfindel bowed his regal head and whispered, “Thank you, Elrond. Ever are you my rock and comfort in these times when I am lost.”


Elrond gazed at the tiny, clear eyed elfling in shock. As realization set in he looked away from the beautiful child with slightly rounded ears to the beautiful fully elven Male that sat behind the elfling. “How-” he stopped as Erestor shook his head pleadingly and gestured toward the wide eyed boy sitting in his lap. Elrond bit back the question instead addressing Lindir, “I am most pleased to meet you, Lindir Peredhel.”

The little blond smiled and stepped forward shyly, bowing, “I am…happy to meet you, too.” He wrinkled his nose charmingly, “We have the same name. Did my Ada name you, also?”

Elrond smiled sadly back at the little sprite, “No, your Ada did not name me, little one. My own Adar named me.”

Lindir nodded thoughtfully, “So all Adas get to name their own elfings.” He backed back up until Erestor’s knees stopped his progress and climbed back into his lap with some help from the skinny elf. “Ada, I am sleepy now. Is it safe for us to rest here?”

Elrond’s eyes filled with tears as Erestor kissed the small turned up nose, “You may sleep, ion.” The toddler’s eyes quickly acquired the glaze of deep slumber and Erestor tucked him into bed before turning back to his Lord. “I am most pleased to see you, Elrond, but as you can discern I, too, am tired from our journey home. Please, give me some time to recover before the debriefing.”

Elrond nodded. “Of course, Erestor. You are home now and your health comes first here,” his voice broke a litte, “and the health of your son.” Erestor nodded back at him, eyes a miniscule bit less haunted, and lay down to wrap himself around his child. Elrond stood there a moment longer to look upon the poignant scene before leaving the room. Yes, Erestor was home now and he had to inform Glorfindel of his love’s presence.

Three Years Earlier

Elrond rushed down the halls in the direction of the piercing screams that rent the night air. Glorfindel was having nightmares again. The torturous dreams of fire and failure had started anew on the very night after Erestor’s abduction. He burst into the distraught blonde’s bedchambers to find him curled into a tight ball in the middle of the wide bed he used to share with Erestor. Elrond quickly sat on the rumpled sheets reaching out to stroke the broad back turned to him. He soothed the crying elf in silence for some time.

“He is alive, Elrond.”

The dark haired elf did not quite know how to respond to that statement. Erestor had been missing for two years without trace or clue to his whereabouts. “Glorfindel…”

“I can feel him…I felt him tonight.”

Elrond’s eyebrows raised. That was the first time since two weeks after Erestor’s disappearance that Glorfindel had uttered those words. Soon after the blond had lost all connection with Erestor’s thoughts and feelings. This was not something to be scoffed at. “Tell me about it?” He made it a plea and not a demand.

“He is in pain…alone and afraid in a strange place.” Tear filled eyes looked up at the ceiling as the warrior rolled over onto his back. “He has been intentionally blocking me from his mind and his heart…to spare me the agony from which he is suffering. Whatever happened tonight was painfully enough to break through his shields,” the blond lapsed into silence.

“The important thing is that he is still alive, Glorfindel. As long as he is still alive there is still hope.”

Hope. I haven’t dared to feel hope in so long.”


Elrond found Glorfindel sitting under a shade tree in the garden far from the hustle and bustle of life. He approached the elf slowly striving for serenity. Glorfindel deigned to look at him as he sat before him perched on his knees in one of his best robes.

“Yes, Elrond?”

Elrond reached out to grasp the broad, callused hand of Glorfindel and he brought it to his mouth and pressed a soft kiss to the soft skin of the back. Blue eyes looked at him with curiosity and trepidation.

“Erestor has returned.”

Two Years Earlier

Elrond knocked lightly on Glorfindel’s bedchamber door. He waited patiently but when met with continued silence, he tested the doorknob and the heavy wooden door swung open to reveal an empty room. Elrond sighed sadly. Glorfindel’s outer mask that covered his despair over loosing his bonded mate had begun to crack lately. The blond had disappeared from the Last Homely House more and more often to escape into the serenity of nature. Elrond closed the door to the once happy room and turned to make his way out of the house and to the far gardens. He walked slowly concentrating on the tarnished golden spirit that was one of his best friends. He made his way unerringly through the highly cultivated rose gardens to the wilder outer gardens. There he found Glorfindel propped against a large tree. The blond head was tilted downward, chin tucked into the broad chest, arms wrapped around bent knees. Elrond dropped to his knees in front of the warrior in one of his best robes.

Blood shot, tear swollen blue eyes looked up at him desolately,Yes, Elrond? You have need of me, my Lord?”

Elrond reached out to tug the larger elf into his arms. Glorfindel came willingly and tucked his face into Elrond’s neck. The brunette rocked the blond soothingly, stroking is hair, “Do not despair, meldir. One day soon, I will come to you sitting under this very tree and I will say to you, ‘Erestor has returned,’ and in this way I will return the light to your life instead of just keeping the darkness at bay.”

A choked voice, “Promise me, Elrond?”

Elrond closed and looked within himself for deception or lies. He found none and knew his words to be prophecy.”

“I promise.”


Blue eyes went impossible wide and time seemed frozen in that instant. In the next instant, Elrond was sprawled back on his ass looking up into frantic cerulean eyes.

“Where is he?! Where is he?!”

Elrond opened his mouth to tell Glorfindel that he was resting but before he could get the words out, the blond had took off at a dead run toward the house shouting back that he would find him himself. Elrond sat on the grass covered ground a moment longer before jumping up and following Glorfindel’s path at a run himself. He had not warned Glorfindel about Lindir.

Glorfindel had located Erestor with the utmost ease. The elves that had seen him come running had simply pointed in the direction of the Healing House. He burst into Erestor’s rooms without knocking and immediately dropped to his knees, shaken to his core, by the reality of Erestor being within his sight once more. The black haired elf was asleep, the closed eyed healing sleep of the deeply exhausted. Glorfindel did not bother with standing back up, he simply crawled to Erestor’s bedside on all fours. He reached out a gentle hand to stroke a sharp cheekbone. “Erestor,” he breathed.

Black eyes fluttered open and a soft smile graced ruby lips, “Glorfindel…a vision sent by the Lorien to help me through this pain. How I wish you were real. I am lost without you.” The eyes began to close again in sleep but Glorfindel spoke again fervently.

“I am no dream, my love. You are home now and I am at your side once more. I have missed you so desperately, Erestor. It was all my fault…all my fault…everything…my fault.” Glorfindel bowed his head over Erestor’s chest, “So sorry, sorry…sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry-”

Erestor sat up shakily, realizing exactly where he was and exactly who he was conversing with, “Glorfindel_” but he was interrupted as a small hand snaked from beneath the cover and grabbed his arm.

“Ada! Do not leave me, Ada! I am afraid, do not go with them,” a whimper.

Glorfindel recoiled sharply as a white curly head appeared from beneath the covers. Crystal eyes quickly filling with angry, anguished tears , Glorfindel stared at the small elfling like he had never seen a child that young before. Lindir stared back at him, rapidly becoming uncomfortable with his intense scrutiny. The tiny boy shifted closer to Erestor and tucked his face into the weakened elf’s body, hiding his face as Erestor had taught him to do as soon as he was old enough to learn. His Ada had not wanted the bad men to find him fair and hid him from their leering eyes as often as possible. Shocked eyes slid back to look into Erestor’s face. Erestor just dropped his head to his chest and put his arm around Lindir both claiming him as his own and comforting him. Glorfindel rose to his feet, turned on his heel and left the room. Erestor bit back the fresh tears and pulled his child closer to his body, humming softly to lull him back to sleep.

Five Years Earlier

Screams. Everywhere there were elves screaming. Screaming and running. Erestor pushed the panicked, terrifying sounds to the back of his mind, blocking out all distractions. He could not afford to be distracted. He cut his way through the men pouring down the hallway, determined to offer all the elves working in the house a chance to get to safety. He slashed the legs of one man focused on capturing a pretty kitchen men. As he fought on , his mind tried to wrap around the fact that they were under attack by a rogue group of slavers, traders of flesh and it seemed there was a big market for elves. More and more men rushed into the hall and soon he was surrounded. Where was Glorfindel? Where were Elrond, Elladan, Elrohir? He could only hope that they were still alive and free, fighting on. He grimaced as a well placed swipe of the sword caught him in the side. He was not capable of holding his own against so many attackers. He had never developed the brute strength required of sword masters. In his youth, in his time of war, he had been trained as a spy and strategist. His could take down almost any opponent one on one, but a group…his thought trailed off unhappily. Where was Glorfindel? Another blow landed, this time his upper chest. Where was Glorfindel? His body jerked as a rope wrapped tightly around his wrist. He continued to fight, swinging his sword wildly about even as he acknowledged that his end was upon him. Where was Glorfindel? The second rope made him loose his grip on his sword. Then it was a blur, a flurry of movement and triumphant shouts from the men. He was quickly bound and as the world went black he only had one thought. Where was Glorfindel?

It was over. It was over and they had all survived. Elrond rushed to his sons’ sides as the healers worked to patch them up. He saw Glorfindel in the distance, bloody and weary from the fight. As he reassured himself of his families’ safety his brow furrowed. Where was Erestor? He turned to Elrohir, “Have you seen, Erestor?” The younger twin shook his head. His gaze shifted to Elladan, he shook his head slowly. Elrond squeezed their hands and moved swiftly off, searching through the healers tents. Nothing. No Erestor. His heart began to beat faster and he moved more slowly toward the rows of the slaughtered but a keeper of records told him that no, Erestor was not among the slain either. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Glorfindel turn toward him. A tug on his robe, drew his gaze.

“Yes?” Elrond asked rather impatiently.

The small servant girl looked up with tears streaming down her beautiful face, “You are seeking for Master Erestor?”

Elrond’s focus sharpened, “Yes. Where is he?”

The girl dropped her eyes, “They took him…the men.”

Elrond’s heart stopped. He could hear Glorfindel drawing nearer.”

“Tell me what you saw.” The girl haltingly began to tell him about her near capture and Erestor’s intervention. When she had finished, Elrond waved her off. Already pushing his own emotions aside to prepare to deal with Glorfindel’s.”

“Elrond, have you seen Erestor? I can not find him.”

Elrond took a deep breath and laid a hand on Glorfindel’s shoulder, “He is gone, Glorfindel.”


Erestor felt a warm, broad hand stroke over his tangle hair and tried to blink back the painful tears rolling down his sunken cheeks. “I knew that it would be like this. The first year of my captivity, all I wanted to do was to get back home. No matter what they did to me, all I wanted was to get back here, to get back to Glorfindel. The second year, reality set in.” Erestor smiled with sad fondness, “Glorfindel has never liked sharing with others, especially not something or someone that was supposed to be his alone. Did you know that he was even jealous of the time I spent with Ecthelion? My very own brother, his best friend.”
Erestor rolled over to his other side to face Elrond, careful not to disturb little Lindir, “I knew that if I returned here nothing would ever be the same, but when I received the opportunity to flee there was no other place I could go where I could be sure that Lindir would be safe from harm.” Dim, black eyes looked up earnestly into sorrowful grey ones, “I am so ill, Elrond, so very ill. Before Lindir was born, I was determined to die, to escape the cruelty of living, but then he was born. Beautiful, perfect and white. A gift of purity, newfound innocence given to me by the Valar. I knew then that I could not be so selfish as to take my own life or allow myself to fade. I had to ensure his safety first. I had to be certain that Lindir would be an elfling until his majority not be subjected to the horrors that I was subjected to.”

Elrond crouched down beside the healing room bed and pressed his forehead to Erestor’s, their tears mingling, “Oh, meldir. Oh meldir…”

“I just want to apologize to him…”Erestor sniffed.

“For what, meldir?”

“For being alive”


Glorfindel did not raise his head as the light tread stopped behind him.

“At this moment I am ashamed to call you meldir.”

Glorfindel lifted his head slowly, looking at the bare wall opposite him, “You should be. At this moment, I am ashamed to be Glorfindel.

10 Years Earlier

Erestor sat on the picnic blanket firmly wrapped in Glorfindel’s loving embrace. Both elves watched with amused eyes as Elladan tried to eat while Elrohir tried to steal the choicest bits of his food.

“Elrohir!! Why don’t you go fix a plate of your own?” Elladan had, at last, reached the end of his patience with his younger brother.

Elrohir grinned impishly, “Because that would require me getting up and walking over to the food and preparing my own plate. It is much easier just to sit here and mooch off of you, dear brother.”

The two advisors watched with wide smiles as Elladan jumped up and took his loaded plate with him heading toward the company of his father. Elrohir, the little irritant, was clearly weighing the danger of following him versus the energy he would have to expend to fix his own plate. A warning glare from his Ada solved the problem for him and Elladan discreetly stuck his tongue out at his twin, grinning innocently when Elrond turned to look at him.

Glorfindel drew Erestor back tighter against his broad chest, “If ever we decide the time is right to have elflings, what do you suppose they would look like, pen-vain? Do you think any of them would get their eyes from me, their hair color?”

Erestor wriggled slightly in the pretense of getting comfortable, really just wanting to feel Glorfindel press closer to him in reaction. His gaze found once more the children of Elrond, “Hmmm, it is possible that a child of ours would take after you, but I rather think that any elflings we have would resemble Elrond’s children greatly with dark hair and dark eyes.” He turned his head to smile teasingly at the blond, “So, if you are holding out for a blond, blue eyed elfling, we may have to adopt one.”

Glorfindel leaned forward to kiss the teasing lips, “ You have so little faith in my genes, pen-morn. I will have you know that my genes could take yours on single handedly.”

“Oh, and what is your reasoning why Elrond did not have a single blond elfling?”

“Celebrian was not half the warrior I am.”

Elrond and the twins stopped eating to peer at their old tutors as musical laughter filled the air.


Glorfindel sighed. His heart ached to have Erestor this close and still be separated from him. His love for the raven haired elf struggled with his sense of guilt and shame for having failed him in his time of need…and that elfling. Lindir, Elrond had told him that the elfling’s name was Lindir. Glorfindel was not sure he could live his life with a constant, immortal reminder of the fact that he had allowed his bonded mate to be stolen from his home and held in captivity for five years being subjected to acts worse than death. What did that say about him? But this wasn’t really about him, was it? No. This was about him loving Erestor, loving Erestor so much that he would accept anything he needed to, to have his love back at his side. He closed his eyes and recalled wide, wary blue eyes and a mass of curly white hair. The fair coloring did nothing to hide the fact that the elfling was Erestor’s. The tiny face contained all the features that would allow Lindir to grow into an elf as fair as his Ada. The little elfling had clutched at Erestor’s arm and hid his face in his light robes. Glorfindel had frightened him. He remembered clearly, too, that Erestor’s first move had been to comfort his child not explain the tiny boy’s presence to him. So, that was the way it was to be then. He would have put aside his useless pride and anguish to befriend Erestor’s child…more than that to love him as an Adar should. The old warrior stood shakily, mind made up. He had always wanted a blonde, blue eyed elfling. He had also always thought that elfling would be his.


Erestor sat on the floor of his private room in the Healing House, propped against the wall

watching Lindir play and occasionally taking part in his games. While he was recovering his strength, he was doing so slowly. He was pleased to note that Lindir was having no such trouble. His precious baby was picking up weight at a goodly speed and was positively glowing. Lindir’s little face had finally acquired the baby fat common to most elflings and Erestor had to resist the urge to pinch those chubby cheeks in happiness. Lindir crawled back to within touching distance playing with the toy horse Elrohir had given him. The horse had been one of the younger twin’s favorite toys and bore a striking resemblance to a certain someone’s favorite horse. Erestor pushed away the wave of pain that came with any thoughts of Glorfindel. It had been several days since the blond had walked out of this very room after finding out about Lindir. Elrond had visited him often in the days following the incident, always with words of encouragement and hope. Elrond had been particularly intense one day, telling Erestor that his pain would not last. Erestor wondered what vision had given Elrond’s words such conviction and if that vision included Glorfindel.

Lindir paused in his play as a knock sounded at the door. He glanced at the door warily and moved to sit by his Ada, still uncomfortable around other elves even though he had seemed to take a liking to Elrond and his sons. Erestor smiled reassuringly at him and answered the knock expecting Elrond to enter to give Lindir his check up. The grey eyed elf did open the door and enter but close on his heels was a golden blond elf, Glorfindel. Lindir eeped and scooted closer to Erestor as the tension level skyrocketed in the room. Elrond smiled at the tiny white haired elfling and he smiled backed shyly showing sharp little teeth. Erestor stayed quiet looking at Elrond with questions in his shadowed eyes.

His Lord looked back at him with a pleading expression, “Give him a chance, Erestor, please. He still loves you and wants to make amends.”

Lindir sat up looking at the blond elf with more interest than fear this time, “He loves Ada?”

Glorfindel took a sure step forward, “I do,” he answered the elfling. He looked at Erestor with sad eyes, “I love you…I will always love you, Erestor. There is nothing that can undo my love for you. Nothing. Not time or space or,” he looked at Lindir circumstance.” He walked slowly toward the pair on the floor so as not to startle either and sat on the floor before them. He extended a large hand to the wide eyed elfling, “Hello, pen-neth, my name is Glorfindel.” He waited for the little boy to accept his greeting. Lindir’s hand looked doll-like in the huge warrior’s hand but Glorfindel’s grip was extra gentle. The white haired elfling smiled uncertainly at the intense stranger.

“I am Lindir Peredhel. I love Ada, too.”

Glorfindel’s smile became easier, “Yes, yes, of course, you do. Perhaps, we can love him together.”

Lindir gave him a solemn look, startling on one so young, “Perhaps, we can.”

Elrond broke the uncanny silence, “It is time for your check up, pen-neth. Come now, up on the table.” The elfling jumped up and ran the short distance to the table Elrond had indicated. Lindir liked Elrond well enough but he shook his head when Elrond went to pick him up and place him on the table. Elrond moved back at his negation giving him space. Lindir smiled at his new friend and climbed up the short ladder on the back of the healing platform. He situated himself with great satisfaction and beamed at the healer. Elrond beamed back.

“Good job, pen-neth.”

Glorfindel slowly eased closer to Erestor, aware of the dark eyes watching him with caution. He sat beside him as Lindir had done, “He is truly your child. Such independence is remarkable in one so young.”

“He was forced to mature beyond his years, but yes, he is truly remarkable.”

Glorfindel’s head bowed, “I beg your forgiveness.”

Erestor also hid behind his long hair, the still ragged ends trailing along the floor, “There is nothing to forgive. I understand that you were shocked. Elrond had not warned you about Lindir.”

Glorfindel raised his head, shaking it, “Shock is no excuse for my behavior. I am sorry for frightening Lindir and adding to your pain. Please, though I may need to repeat this plea often, grant me your forgiveness.”

“I…I ...accept your apologies.”

Erestor startled as a warm weight enclosed his hand and watched with wide eyes as Glorfindel raised his slender hand to his mouth and kissed it gently.

“My life was dark without you, melethen. I am so relieved to have you back home, by my side.”

Tears formed in black eyes at the heartfelt words and trailed down pale cheeks. Glorfindel used the captured hand to tug the slight elf into a loose embrace, reluctant to cause an adverse reaction with the tight embrace he longed to give Erestor.

Lindir watched the exchange with a frown playing across his turned up nose. He had not been able to discern the words but clearly saw the tears on his Ada’s face. Elrond sought to reassure him.

“He is all right, Lindir. Glorfindel has not harmed him.”

Blue eyes held a question, “Then why is he crying?”

“They are tears of joy, pen-neth.”

Lindir shook his head, “I have seen Ada cry before and he was not joyful. I do not like for him to cry. I want to get down now. He probably misses me.”

Elrond sighed both at the young reasoning and the fact that Lindir had seen Erestor cry, “A moment longer, please, Lindir. I have not quite finished-”

“I want to get down now! I want my ADA!” The tiny elfling yelled, kicking out.

Erestor’s head snapped up at the sounds of his baby’s distress, “Let him come to me, Elrond.” Glorfindel moved back slightly.

“But I -” Elrond gave up at the darkening expressions on both Lindir’s and Erestor’s faces and let the little boy wiggle back down the ladder and return to his Ada‘s side. Lindir dived into Erestor’s open arms and began to wipe the tears away from his cheeks.

“Do not cry, Ada. I am here. I do not like you to cry.” He glanced at the seneschal covertly, “Why does he make you cry, if he loves you? I do not make you cry. I love you. Maybe he should go away. He is bad like the man that made you cry.”

Erestor rubbed Lindir’s little back, “No, no, pen-vain. It is okay, I am not sad or hurt. Glorfindel makes me very happy and he is not bad like the men. He is very dear to me, more dear than a friend. ”

Lindir’s mouth made a little o of confusion, “That is what Elrond said to me,” he hesitated, “I do not understand, Ada.”

Erestor kissed the crinkled up forehead, “Hopefully, you will one day. Now, that you are certain that I am not sad or injured you will let Elrond finish his examination, will you not?”

Lindir nodded silently, still trying to make sense of happy tears. In his short life he had only known sad tears and he did not like them. This time when he went to the table he walked slowly and held out his arms for Elrond to pick him up. Once he was in the half-elf’s arms, he hugged his neck and whispered, “I am sorry.”

Elrond smiled into the fragrant hair, the scent of one so young reminding him of his own children, “That is okay. It is a good thing that you care so much about your Ada’s well being. You can help me look after him and make sure he is not pushing himself harder than he needs to. All right?”

Lindir nodded and let go of Elrond’s neck so that the healer could continue his check up. He would most certainly keep an eye on his Ada and the huge blond elf.