Tangled Tales


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"Elladan, have you seen our dolls?"

Elladan frowned, confused, at his younger sibling, "Dolls, what dolls? We had no dolls."

Elrohir shook his head fondly at his brother’s display of offended masculinity…a display that repeated itself every other hour. "Our Erestor and Glorfindel dolls."

Elladan’s scowl lifted, "Ohhh, our Erestor and Glorfindel Action Figures."

Elrohir rolled his eyes, "Yes, those."

"No, I have not seen them, but I am suddenly overcome with the desire to find them. I take it that I will have your help in this endeavor?"

Elrohir just nodded, used to Elladan taking over his plans and ideas. "we should start in the nursery storage rooms." the two elves made their way to what used to be their favorite room in the Last Homely House. They went through two closets full of toys with Elladan haphazardly pulling things out and Elrohir putting them back in their place before they found the two dolls…ahem, action figures, they were looking for.

"Here they are, Ro!"

Elrohir’s hand shot up in lightening fast reaction as Elladan tossed the Glorfindel doll at him. He smoothed back the silky blond strands on the doll’s head and smiled as wide blue eyes and a wide grin made an appearance. He turned to watch his brother do the same thing with his Erestor doll. Elladan caught his eyes and smiled.

"Let’s play with them!" The brothers settled down on the floor cross legged with the dolls between them. "You know, Elrohir, we did not fully realize the potential of these action figures when we were younger."

Elrohir raised an eyebrow, "Whatever are you talking about, brother? Are you trying to tell me that we could have done more with these dolls than drop them from lond heights whenever Erestor gave us too much homework or Glorfindel pushed us to we ached?"

Elladan laughed, "That was fun, though, wasn’t it? Yes, I think we quite overlooked a couple of possibilities."

"You do remember that the dolls are not anatomically correct, don’t you?"

"That is what imagination is for."

"Well, let’s do it then. Am I correct in believing that you will be playing Master Erestor?"

"Indeed, I think that I spent enough time over the years studying him to be able to play him realistically."

"Stalking him, you mean."

"Whatever, " Elladan shrugged.

Elrohir smirked, "where is our little play going to take place then?"

Elladan pondered, "The classroom…Glorfindel interrupts our lesson right as it is ending and Erestor lets us go early but we don’t exactly leave…"

"I like it already."


Elladan and Elrohir sat in their private classroom listening intently as Erestor lectured about the history of Greenwood. Well, Elrohir was listening intently, Elladan was staring at their beautiful, black haired tutor with moon eyes. Elrohir mentally rolled his own eyes. He did not understand it. Glorfindel was just so much sexier. Erestor was too cold to fantasize about. Those chilly black eyes made Elrohir shiver…but not in the same manner they did Elladan.

Erestor continued, "And Oropher was actually not the first son of-"

A knock sounded at the door and Erestor frowned. He hated being interrupted when he was deep in a lesson. He moved to the door and opened it. Elrohir sat up in his desk straighter as their guest was revealed. Elladan frowned as the blond stepped close to Erestor to whisper in his ear. Elladan’s frown deepened when the advisor blushed and Elrohir lost his smile. Erestor left Glorfindel at the door and returned to his pupils.

"That will be all for today. Go over your notes, there will be a quiz tomorrow. You are dismissed."

Elladan lingered for as long as possible before joining his brother at the door. He glared at him and Elrohir blushed and stopped talking to the blond warrior.


Elrohir stopped holding his doll upright for a moment and glared at his older brother, "You were always trying to embarrass me in front of Glorfindel. I used to get so mad at you!"

Elladan nodded sagely, "I was trying to protect you from heartbreak. He was much too old for you."

Elrohir gaped, "Too old? What ?! Are you trying to say that Erestor was not too old fro you, but Glorfindel was too old for me?"

"Yes, I was mature for my age. You were but an elfling." Elladan dodged the plush dragon his brother threw at his head.


Erestor waited for the door to close before turning to the seneschal, "Glorfindel, what was so important that you had to interrupt the twins’ lesson?"

Glorfindel smiled roguishly and sauntered closer to the younger elf, "Do not play coy with me, advisor. You know very well what I want."

Erestor turned toward his desk and began to straighten the papers there, "I have no idea what you are blathering about." he stilled as warm, heavy weight attached itself to his back. Outside the door, through the keyhole, identical grey eyes widened.

Glorfindel raised a hand to pull aside the silky curtain of Erestor’s jet hair to reveal pale pale skin. He brushed a soft kiss to the satiny flesh. Erestor sighed and leaned back into his embrace. Glorfindel smiled.


Elladan sighed, "I remember the day we found out they were together."

Elrohir nodded, ‘That day went from being the best day ever to the worst ever. It was your idea, remember?"

"But I did not have to do much to persuade you, eh, brother?"

Elrohir blushed, "I really wanted to kiss Glorfindel."

"And you got to didn’t you?" Elladan grinned.

"It was wonderful. Then he lowered the boom. ‘I’m sorry, Elrohir, but I’m in a relationship.’

"With Erestor."

"With Erestor."


The twins watched with wide eyes and open mouths as their two favorite elves stroked, kissed, nibbled, and sucked on one another on top of Erestor’s desk. Finally, Erestor lay back, pale thighs spread wide, and closed glazed dark eyes…wishing for the hundredth time that Elladan was past his majority as Glorfindel prepared to penetrate him with his tiny, insignificant penis.


"HEY!" Elrohir was outraged. "Erestor would never think that with Glorfindel between his thighs and Glorfindel’s cock is NOT little!"

Elladan smirked, "It is so tiny. I have seen it. You know warriors have no modesty."

"Take it back ! You are just jealous because he gets to sleep with Erestor and you do not."

"I am a better elf than Glorfindel any day."

All too soon their play disintegrated into two tussling elflings fighting over their respective crushes.

"Elladan! Elrohir! Stop that at once!"

The twins spring apart liked scalded cats, wide grey eyes shooting up to meet their Ada’s irate gaze.

"What in the world are you two fighting about?"

"Well," Elladan started, eyes on the floor to avoid his Ada’s angry glare. He looked back up as two light, familiar treads stopped in the doorway behind Elrond. Erestor and Glorfindel looked upon the scene with interest. Then Erestor frowned but not at the twins, his eyes were on the dolls on the floor.

"Where did you two get those dolls?"

Glorfindel focused on the dolls as well, taking in their positions and half dressed state, "And what have you been doing with them?"

The twins blushed blood red and held their peace.

The end.