Tangled Tales

Erestor Kitty

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Glorfindel kitty looked at Erestor kitty longingly. The tiny black cat looked back with narrowed green eyes. Glorfindel kitty sighed. Erestor kitty did not like him. The black cat would not play with him, bath with him or chase mice with him. All Erestor kitty wanted to do was sit in the study with Elrond elf. Glorfindel kitty liked Elrond elf too but he did not like the study. You could not play in the study or chew the rolled up papers or scratch the furniture. Elrond elf did not approve of such antics.

Erestor kitty looked back at the giant golden cat staring at him with suspicious intent. Erestor kitty flicked his tail lazily and wondered for the hundredth time why Elrond elf had felt the need to add another cat the household. Did he not purr enough or give enough attention? Was he lacking in some way? He watched as two chubby miniature elves ran into the room calling for Glorfindel kitty. He rolled off the table to slink away. The two little Elrond elves were not as nice as the big Elrond elf. They pulled his tail and ruffled his fur and made him dirty. Glorfindel itty liked the little Elronds. He did not mind their sticky little hands and wet kisses. Erestor kitty shuddered at the thought. He made his way to the study and nosed at the door. It was firmly closed. He meowed petulantly then listened for the light tread that signified Elrond elf. The door opened and Erestor kitty trotted in and jumped up into a chair beside Elrond elf. Elrond elf smiled at him and stroked a gentle hand over his sleek black body. Erestor kitty purred at him and settled down to watch him make swirly lines on paper. Before long, he had drifted off to sleep.

"Wake up, Erestor. The work day is over and I need to lock up the study."

Erestor kitty blinked one sleepy eye at Elrond elf. Then stood slowly and stretched to work all the kinks out of his sluggish little body. Elrond elf looked at him with amusement apparent in his wise grey eyes and waited for him to finish is wake up routine. With one last jaw popping yawn, he dropped lightly to the floor and followed Elrond elf out of the study. In the hallway, he and Elrond elf met Celebrian elf. He liked Celebrian elf. Celebrian elf made Elrond elf happy and that was important to Erestor kitty. Celebrian elf had nice blue eyes and long pretty hair. Sometimes Erestor kitty played with Celebrian elf’s hair while she was sitting or laying. He was always careful not to pull it too hard or chew it to pieces. The only bad thing about Celebrian elf was that she had the two little elronds, but the little Elrond elves made big Elrond elf happy too. So they were okay…sort of. He was just happy that she had not had six like his Nana did. Elrond elf and Celebrian elf went off in the direction of their rooms. Erestor kitty sighed but knew that elves like Elrond and Celebrina needed alone time.

He decided to go exploring. There were lots of interesting things to look at and touch in his home. He went to his new favorite place, the little Elronds’ toy room. The little Elronds had lots of toys more than him and Glorfindel kitty combined. He loved to stalk and pounce on the unsuspecting stuffed animals. He could pretend that he was as large as Glorfindel kitty. It wasn’t his fault he had been bred for brains and not brawn. He was well into his hunt when he felt something pounce on him. His claws shot out and he struggled to get free, but he could not. Instead, a broad tongue licked his head. Glorfindel kitty. He hissed a dire warning at him but Glorfindel kitty just licked him again. Erestor kitty was finding it hard to breathe under the blue eyed cat’s weight when he caught sight of the younger Elrond elf. He went limp and meowed pitifully. The little Elrond came over and pulled Glorfindel kitty off of him.

"Bad, Glorfindel! No squish Erestor!"

Glorfindel kitty looked very sorry. Erestor kitty was not fooled but the little Elrond elf was, he kissed Glorfindel kitty on the head and told him to play nice. Glorfindel kitty tried to apologize but Erestor kitty just walked away. Glorfindel kitty looked sad but Erestor kitty did not see.

Today was going to be a special day in the big house, Erestor kitty could tell. Lots of elves bustled around and Celebrian elf was very smiley and singy. Celebrian elf also made sure the little Elrond elves were sparkly and clean. Erestor kitty let them pet him. They were awed by the privilege, he could tell. Erestor kitty made sure to stay by Elrond elf. Elrond elf would know what all the commotion was about.

It was late in the afternoon when the big event happened. He and Elrond elf and Celebrian elf and the little Elrond elves went outside to stand on the steps. First came light colored elves riding those big dogs they called horses. Then came a moving house pulled by the horses and more light elves came after that. He could feel the Celebrian elf’s excitement and his big green eyes tried to identify the cause. Maybe Celebrian elf liked horses. Then two light elves stepped out of the rolling house. Erestor kitty waited patiently as they came closer and was slightly surprised at their familiar scent. They smelled like Celebrian elf! On closer inspection, the two elves looked like Celebrian elf, also. Obviously, she was their kitten. Erestor kitty knew that was not quite right but he had never learned what little elves were called. Maybe they were puppies.

The Celebrian elves hugged Celebrian elf and they petted and kissed the little elond elves, but they looked at Elrond elf like he was a bad kitty. Erestor wondered what he had done wrong. A paw batted at his tail and he turned around to see Glorfindel kitty. He decided that since it was a special occasion not to hiss at the blond cat. Glorfindel kitty took it as encouragement and rubbed along Erestor kitty’s body, livking his neck. Erstor kitty was about to protest when a feminine voice cut in.

"What lovely cats. We have also brought our cats, Haldir, Orophin, and Rumil. Hopefully, they will like each other."

Elrond elf replied, "The black one is Erestor. He is my most capable helpmate. The blond one is Glorfindel. He is the pet of Elladan and Elrohir."

Erestor kitty beamed with pride and Glorfindel kitty rumbled loudly in his versionof a purr. All the elves were heading into the house, so Erestor kitty followed them. Glorfindel kitty stayed outside to chase a butterfly.

Soon night fell and Erestor kitty tired of following his elf around and decided to go play. He head to the toy room, certain it would be empty because the little Elronds were with the Celebrian elves. He rubbed and pounced on his favorite plushies until he noticed the air had grown quite still. He quickly looked up to find himself under scrutiny from three sets of blue eyes. Standing before him were three slim, light colored cats with dark ears, tails and paws. Erestor kitty had never seen them before. They must have come with the Celebrian elves. He backed away warily as a playful light appeared in six haughty blue eyes.

"I am Haldir. These are my brothers, Orophin and Rumil."

"I am Erestor." Erestor kitty meowed back. Erestor kitty became even more uncomfortable as the three cats separated and began to circle him. He did not like this one bit.

"Erestor…what an unusual name for an unusual kitten."

Erestor kitty was insulted, "I am no kitten!"

"But you are-"

"so tiny-"

"so pretty-"

"so utterly delectable."

Haldir kitty circled closer, ‘We are not here to fit, Erestor. We simply want to get to know you better."

Erestor kitty meowed loudly for Elrond elf but Elrond elf’s light tread did not come. He was alone. Erestor kitty crouched low, hair standing on end, claws unsheathed and prepared to fight. Before the first blow could be passed, Glorfindel kitty appeared.

Glorfindel kitty had been wandering the halls looking for Erestor kitty when he had heard his panicked cries. Glorfindel kitty had taken off in the direction of the twins’ toy room. Much to his anger, he found Erestor kitty surrounded by the visiting cats trying to be brave. Erestor kitty did not have to be brave when Glorfindel kitty was around. Glorfindel kitty ran over to stand in front of Erestor kitty. He arched his back, puffed out his fur and growled fiercely. Erestor kitty was not to be threatened. The three visiting cats took one look at his scary demeanor and fled. Erestor kitty waited until they were gone before collapsing to the floor. Glorfindel kitty nudged the tiny black cat with his head and purred reassuringly. He licked Erestor kitty, smoothing his fur back down and he meowed encouragingly as Erestor kitty tentatively licked him back. He arranged himself in a protective embrace around Erestor kitty and purred him to sleep.


Glorfindel looked down at the black haired elf snuggled in his embrace. Every once in a while, Erestor would make a purring sound and give him a little lick. He wondered just what was going on in his advisor’s marvelous head.

The End.