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A. apostasy (a-pos’ta-sy) n.: abandonment of one’s principles

Elrond/Glorfindel, Erestor

 "Come on…let’s do it."

 A shake of a dark head, "No, it is wrong."

A kiss planted on a strong jaw, a whisper, "You know you want to."

"I can’t. You can’t."

"Why not?" A husky question.

"It is wrong…it is sexual harassment…it is….it is…"

A low chuckle, a small pelvic thrust, "It is what, my Lord?"

"It is apostasy!" Elrond’s voice rose on the last word as Glorfindel pressed harder against his groin. The blond laughed, delighted by the fight his lover was putting up. He snuggled closer, rolling Elrond beneath him and straddling his waist. He looked down into hazy slate colored eyes and knew he was going to win this battle tonight. He stroked a hand down his own chest, tweaking his already hard nipples, and watched with pleasure as Elrond tracked each move avidly.

"You think he’s beautiful, don’t you?"

"Yesssss." A hiss as he begins rocking over his Lord.

"You want to touch him? You want to see if his tongue is as sharp as it seems or unbearably sweet like the candy he eats when he thinks no one is watching, don’t you?"

"Yes…yes." Panting now. Hands pulling Glorfindel down harder to meet hips thrusting up to get more friction.

Glorfindel leaned down to kiss gasping lips, "You wish he was in this bed, naked, between us. You wish to impale him from behind with your large peredhel cock and see if he struggles against you as I did or begs for more," another kiss, "as I did. And in your heart of hearts, you wish for him to conquer me as you pillage him…in essence taking us both at once. Is that not right?"

Near incoherence now, "Yes, yes, yes…Glorfindel, please…please…I…need…I need-"

"You need Erestor. I need Erestor. You would do this for me, wouldn’t you? Give me the pleasure of his company…yourself…our pleasure." Glorfindel stopped grinding against his Lord long enough to take his hard shaft slowly into his already used aperture. Elrond gasped and bucked but Glorfindel kept him pinned to the bed, controlling the pace from his advantageous position on top. He stopped half down, "We will do it?"

Elrond pulled at his hips, growling in frustration as Glorfindel locked his strong thighs and refused to be moved. "Yes, yes, anything…please!" Glorfindel smiled a blinding smile full of triumph and sank down as far as he could go, surrendering control as Elrond quickly flipped him over and pounded fiercely into his body. Release was rapidly upon them both and soon they were laying in a sticky, confused heap. Elrond raised his head blearily, "You are an iniquitous influence on me."

Glorfindel smiled, "Some principles are made to be abandoned."

B. brandish (bran’dish) vt.: wave


The door swung open, "Elrohir-" Elladan’s voice died just as suddenly as he had opened the door as he met wide, embarrassed gray eyes identical to his own. Embarrassed because he had obviously caught his brother in an extremely private moment. Elladan’s eyes dropped down to where Elrohir still gripped his arousal frozen in the moment. He quickly shut the door before anyone else happened by. The soft snick of the door closing freed his brother form his trance and the younger elf lunged for the sheet hanging over the edge of the bed and wrapped it around his waist. Elrohir dropped his chin toward his heaving chest letting his long hair obscure his flaming face.

Elladan walked forward slowly, quietly, so as not to spook his prey…he meant, his brother. "Elrohir, do not be ashamed. You have done nothing wrong. Although, "he allowed a little mirth to invade his tone, "the next time you decide to brandish your sword, maybe you should lock the door." He settled down on the bed beside his twin and Elrohir peeked at him through strands of chestnut hair.

 "No one else enters without knocking and you are back early from sparring with Glorfindel."

 Elladan put his arm around his brother, "Yes, our resident Balrog Slayer was in high spirits this day and fought with a lightness to his step that enabled him to defeat me even faster than usual." Elladan tugged playfully at the sheet covering his brother, "But do not let me disturb your sword practice, please, do continue. I may pick up a couple of pointers." He laughed when Elrohir glared at him from under his eyebrows.

 "I think not. If you want to play with a sword, play with your own."

 Elladan eased behind his brother, settling against his back with a leg to each side of his waist. He tugged on the sheet again, this time not so playfully. When Elrohir tightened his grip, he took the tip of one delicately pointed ear into his mouth, since Elrohir’s hands were already clenched, reflex demanded counteraction and as soon as those slender fingers loosened their grip, Elladan pulled the sheet away. Elrohir made a half hearted grab for it but abandoned the effort when Elladan wrapped one arm around his slender waist and pulled him tighter against his chest, tongue playing with the sensitive ear tip.

 "What are…what are you doing, Elladan?" Breathy, barely keeping from moaning.

 Elladan released the reddened ear with a pop, "Helping you with your technique, little brother." Elladan attacked the long neck bared to him as his brother writhed in his grasp. He stroked and pumped and pulled the hard shaft between his brother’s legs, eyes glued to what he was doing. When a particularly violent reaction from Elrohir disturbed his grip, he used his legs to pin his brother down and keep him spread wide and vulnerable to his touch. 

 Elrohir was lost in a storm of pleasure and so did not hear the knock at the door. Elladan did and more than that he recognized the pattern. His gaze shot to the lock…open. Well, this should be interesting. The door opened silently and gray eyes met blue and held. He wrapped his brother’s hair around his free hand to keep his head tilted backwards away from the door and gave his erection a particularly hard twisting stroke. Elrohir came with a high keening sound and went taunt in his embrace, sending creamy white fluid running over his fingers. The door closed. Elladan turned his head to kiss his brother softly. He waited until Elrohir’s breathing evened back out after he had wiped him down with the edge of the sheet.

 "I meant to tell you before you distracted me," Elrohir snorted at that statement, "that a convoy form Lorien arrived earlier."

 Elrohir raised his head sleepily, "Who came with them?"

 Elladan smiled secretively, "Oh, the usual suspects."

C. calumny (cal’mu-ny) n.: slander


 "You will not believe the vision that has crossed my eyes."

 "Try us. We have often wondered why your eyes dangle so in your head."

 The blue eyed blond glared at his hazel eyed brother. "You will be sorry you mocked me so when I tell you what I have seen."

 The hazel eyed brother held his hands up in supplication and elbowed their other brother to get him to stop laughing. "We are sorry, dear brother. Please, tell us what you have seen this fine day and we will endeavor not to interrupt."

 "Well, as you know, I went to seek out Elrohir."

 "Yes, we know all about your love for the young Lordling." More snickering.

 Another frown, "He was there in his room…but not alone."

 The silver eyed brother sat up a little straighter, "Do continue."

 "Elladan was there."

 "Ahh, you had us on the edge of our seats there for a moment. We thought you were about to tell us that you finally managed to catch young Elrohir in the raw."

 "Oh, it was raw, alright."

 A moment of silence. "Just what are you trying to tell us?"

 "Elrohir was naked."

 The hazel eyed blond frowned, "So, Elladan is his brother. We have seen each other unclothed a million times. It was nothing."

 The blue eyed one arched an eyebrow, "I assure you that we have never seen each other unclothed in quite that way."

 "Go on, go on."

 "He was seated on the bed and Elladan was seated behind him."

 "Was Elladan naked?"


 "See, I told you it was nothing."

 Another censuring frown, "Elladan had Elrohir pent to his chest and he was…he was…"

 "Yes? Yes?!"

 "Stroking him."

 "Stroking him?"

 "Stroking him."

 The hazel eyed brother leapt from his seat, "Surely, you jest! This is just some kind of calumny against the grandson’s of Galadriel!"

 "I kid you not! This I saw with my own two eyes! Elladan played him like an instrument until he reached completion and Elrohir was most willing and responsive."

 The silver eyed brother sighed longingly, "At least now we know why Elladan so vigorously discourages his brother’s suitors."

D. dissolute (dis’so-lute) a.: licentious; loose in morals


 Erestor moved with quiet purpose around his study sorting and arranging the various scrolls throughout. He barely glanced up when someone entered his sanctuary without waiting for his permission. He just continued with what he was doing.

 "You give me no greeting, Chief Counselor?"

 "I did not seek you out neither did I bid you enter. A greeting would be encouraging bad manners, do you not think?"

 "I have been told a many of time that I do not think…most of them I believe have been by you." A faint hum of agreement met his statement. "I was on my way to see our Lord when I was assaulted by thoughts of your incomparable beauty, so I decided to visit you." Black eyes cut in his direction.

 "You are on the way to see your lover…I mean our Lord, yet you are detoured by the mere thought of my beauty? Does our Lord realize just how dissolute you really are?"

 Glorfindel smiled, walking over to stand behind the serious elf. He ran a hand lightly over the black waterfall of hair. "Our Lord knows many things…about me, about you. He is not overly concerned with the state of my morality."

 Erestor turned to face the blonde, removing his hair from his possession, "I have often wondered at our Lord’s blind spot when it comes to you. How such a remarkable elf could have such bad taste is beyond me."

 "Lately, I, too, have found myself questioning his taste. Especially, as it seems he has taken a bit of a personal interest in you, Chief Counselor. Is there something you are not telling me, Master Erestor? Is that how you got to the top of the ladder…by climbing trees?"


 Glorfindel touched the red imprint on his cheek lightly, reverently. His voice was thick with heat when he spoke, "I have always known there was hellcat behind the ice. I can not wait to be beneath you, to stare up into your eyes as you take your pleasure in me."

 Fury faded out of black eyes leaving a cold stillness, "You do not have to wait, Lord Glorfindel. You are already beneath me. Please, show yourself out like you showed yourself in."

 The warrior left slowly with a lingering glance. In the hallway, just outside the door, he met Haldir. The hazel eyed blond looked at him quizzically before falling into step beside him. "I have been looking for you to see when it is most convenient for us to arrange the guard transfer."

 Glorfindel nodded. They walked a piece more in silence. Haldir opened his mouth then hesitated. Closed it. Glorfindel smiled slightly. "Go on, ask your question."

 "Why do you antagonize him so? It would seem to behoove you to try to get into his good graces…if you want him in your bed."

 "Erestor does not have good graces. Besides…his…disdain for me makes me hard."

 Haldir said nothing. Some things were not meant to be understood.

E. exculpate (ex’cul-pate’) vt.: absolve, vindicate, clear of guilt



 "No. Go away. I do not feel like talking to you right now."

 "Are you never going to talk to me again. Your own brother?"

 "You were not so quick to remind me of our kinship earlier."


 "Is that what this is about. What would you have me say, Elrohir?"

 "I would have you say you are sorry…that…that you were in the wrong. That such a thing will never happen again!"

 "You want me to exculpate you. Is that it? You want to be cleared of all guilt and responsibility for what took place. Fine. It was all my fault. Now will you talk to me?"

 Elrohir whirled around to face his irate brother, "You will not apologize to me? After what you did to me?"

 Elladan stalked closer, crowding his brother against the wall, "After what I did to you? I have done nothing, nothing to you, Elrohir." He leaned forward until they were eye to eye, "That incident, as you call it, was nothing compared to what I want to do to you. I have wanted to bend you over that desk Ada bought you and fuck you senseless for years. I have dreamed of sucking you off before our majority. Every day you live and breath in this house with me, I have to restrain myself from taking what I should not have. If anything you should be thanking me for exercising self control in the face of opportunity, in the face of your weakness. Because I could have taken you, Elrohir and I would not have regretted it for one moment. No, I will not apologize to you, little brother. Not at all." Elladan stepped back and turned to stride off down the hall anger evident in every step.

 When Rumil rounded the corner several minutes later, Elrohir was still against the wall staring after his brother.

 "Lord Elrohir?"

 Elrohir blinked wide gray eyes and shook his head, "Rumil, my dear friend." He stepped away from the wall, "What has kept you so busy that you did not seek to find me until this moment."

 Rumil blushed slightly, "Forgive me, Elrohir…there has been much on my mind."

 Elrohir took the archer’s arm, looping it through his, "Yes, I know the feeling." The two walked off down the hall at a much more casual pace than Elladan had earlier.

F. fractious (frac’ tious) a: cross, irritable

An assortment of characters

 "My Lord Elrond, there seems to be a fractious air around your sweet Valley this eve."

 Elrond looked down the table of from his seat and took in the varying expressions of ire and increasing puzzlement. "It would seem you are quite correct, Erestor." They both observed the deepening mutinous expression on Elladan’s face as his brother continued to laugh and talk with Rumil and Orophin. Haldir was deep in conversation with Glorfindel, yet his eyes flicked somewhat nervously from his brothers, the twins and most surprisingly Elrond and Erestor.

 "There is mischief afoot, my Lord."

 Glorfindel raised his eyes at that moment to gaze across the table at Erestor. Erestor snarled silently at the Seneschal and Glorfindel smiled back at him. Elrond watched the interplay silently.

 "It would seem that there is also more animosity than usual between my right and left hands."

 Erestor shifted slightly in his chair to the right of Elrond, "There is a saying that one must always watch out for the left hand because that is the hand that performs the sleight while the right distracts the eye."

 Elrond raised an eyebrow and leaned over to whisper in Erestor’s pointed ear, "Do not fear sweet Counselor. I know very well what both of my hands have been up to. And while the left has been bit naughty of late, he does not act without direction or out of his bounds." Elrond leaned back and when Erestor looked once more in Glorfindel’s direction he met knowing blue eyes and a complacent smirk.

 "Elladan is positively livid. I believed that he had gotten over his irrational jealousy towards Elrohir’s friends years ago."

 Haldir looked at Elladan, "It appears he has had a relapse, my Lord. Do you want me to have a talk with Orophin and Rumil?"

 "No, Elrohir is old enough to choose his own friends and fight his own battles. Elladan will always try to control him if he does not stand up for himself."

 Haldir made a soft, noncommittal noise. "I do not suppose you have talked to Master Erestor since the last time we talked."

 Glorfindel sighed, "No, sadly not. He has been very sure not to be caught alone in a room with me since then. He believes that he will be able to hide behind Elrond’s robes but he is wrong. So very wrong."

 Haldir raised an eyebrow, "So Lord Elrond approves then? Or do you have an open relationship?"

 Glorfindel looked the other blond in the eye, "When you go to Celeborn, do you go to him alone or do you visit the Lady also?"

 Haldir blushed a fiery red, "I…go to them both."

 "And does Galadriel suffer your presence for the sake of her Lord or does she revel in your delight and his?"

 Haldir nodded with understanding, "So you both would have a third and you have chosen Erestor." He was silent for a moment, "You both have your work cut out for you."

 Glorfindel laughed, "I have always loved a challenge."

 Haldir nodded again, "Yes, that is what Celeborn said also. I almost feel sorry for Erestor."

 Glorfindel was oddly solemn, "No, it will not be Erestor who will suffer in this relationship."

G. grandiloquence (gran’dil’o-quence) n.: pompous language



 "Oh! I am sorry! Please, excuse me." Orophin reached down to help the poor elf he had ran over regain his footing. A small, slim hand was placed warily into his and he pulled the elf to his feet. "Please," he began to apologize once more, "forgive me."

 A tiny upturned nose appeared out of a wild mass of hair…then peculiar looking eyes, "I am alright. There is no need to plead so." A dimple made an appearance, "I will not tell Lord Elrond that you attempted to trample his minstrel underfoot."

 "I-" Orophin began smiling, then stopped suddenly, frowning. The small elf he had knocked down immediately lost his smile also. Orophin started over, "I have never seen an elf with white hair before." The small elf’s hands flew to his head instinctively trying to protect his hair from Orophin’s inquisitive gaze. A futile effort as the hair continued to wave freely down to mid his back. Orophin edged closer, "Or eyes quite that color." The small hands moved to cover the heavily lashed eyes. Orophin pulled at the tiny wrists, "There is no need for all of that. It seems I must apologize once more. I did not mean to stare so or put you ill at ease. You look…okay…even with your…odd…coloring."

 Lindir pulled away from the loose grasp the archer had on his arms and backed away slowly with his hands still covering his eyes. Once he judged himself an adequate distance away from the blonde, he turned and ran down the hall. Orophin stood there with a bemused expression on his face until a velvety voice reached him.

 "Orophin of the Golden Wood. Well do I know that you are not give to grandiloquence, but when one has insulted the appearance of another, you must do better than to tell them they look ‘okay’ if rather ‘odd’."

 Orophin turned to face Erestor, disgruntled, "And I suppose that you could have done so much better, Master Erestor?"

 Erestor smiled showing perfectly white but somewhat alarmingly sharp teeth, "Of course, I could have. Lindir is shy and very much distressed by his unusual features because they attract often unwanted attention. I would have told him there was no need to hide behind his hands, lovely as they might be, not when one is blessed with hair that shimmers in the light like the finest gossamer threads…and eyes that can enrapture and tempt an elf toward actions most unwise. And then, my fair tree dweller, I would have taken one of those dainty hands," Erestor moved forward to lift one of Orophin’s hands, "and kissed it softly," he brushed a kiss across the warm surface, "and begged forgiveness" he bowed slightly over the still captured hand, "for causing distress to his entrancing person." Erestor looked up into wide silver eyes, "That is what I would have done." He stepped back, releasing the archer’s hand, "Of course, I would have never been so uncouth in the first place. Good day."

 Orophin watched him stride off.

 "I would have paid good money to be in your shoes."

 Orophin started at the sound of Glorfindel’s voice. It seemed today was his day to be spied upon.

H. harlequin (har’le-quin) n.: clown; traditional clown dressed in motley

Elrond/Glorfindel, Erestor

 Elrond stroked the blond head nestled into his shoulder, "It can not be as bad as you claim it to be. Surely, you exaggerate the situation."

 A muffled whine met these words, "You say that because you don’t see how he treats me when you


are not around. Ask anyone and they will tell you that he detests me. He treats me as if I were dirt beneath his precious feet."

Elrond smiled, "Maybe he would not take you to task so harshly if you did not behave so outlandishly in his presence. You know that Erestor is not one to look favorably upon what he perceives as foolishness. I do not understand it either. Why do you go out of your way to act the harlequin when he is around. You know it annoys him."

Glorfindel was silent and still for a moment, "Because if Erestor is not berating me, he is ignoring me…and that I can not take."

Elrond stroked his hand over the silky hair once more, "I worry, Glorfindel."

"Why is that, my Lord?" Sleepy now.

"Why do you want to invite someone into your bed who by all accounts, even yours, detests you?

The warrior snuggled closer, eyes glazing over slightly with impending sleep, "Be…cause you love him…I love him."

Elrond pressed a kiss to the top of his head, "But will he grow to love you and me?"

A mumble, "Of course…we’re easy to …love…"

"Yes, yes, you are."

I. indolent (in’do-lent) a.: lazy


"Why do you laze about like indolent bums instead of going out to greet the day? You missed breakfast in the Great Hall."

Orophin and Rumil favored their brother with a disgusted look from their positions on Rumil’s bed. "We are not lazy. We are depressed."

"Without hope."





Haldir broke the chain, "In love." He looked at his stricken brothers and raised his eyebrow at Orophin. "What paragon of virtue has stolen your heart?"

Orophin sighed, "Lindir."

"The minstrel? The one with the mismatched eyes and the colorless hair?"

Orophin frowned, "Do not disparage him so. He is beautiful and his hair is white. I know it has been a while since we were elflings, but the last time I checked white was still a color."

Haldir smiled, "Forgive me for insulting your pixie. He is a bit different from the types you usually go for. I mean before now you have not looked twice at any male that was shorter than 6 feet. Lindir is at most 5 feet and an inch."

Rumil piped up, "Our poor brother has been bewitched by that exotic kitten. I fear for him."

"And what about you, Rumil? You can not even begin to make your move on Elrohir because Elladan is always lurking around making sure you don’t get too close."

Rumil threw his pillow at Orophin, bouncing it off of his head. Orophi retaliated and Haldir stepped in quickly to stop it from becoming an all out war.

"Stop, the both of you. Look at you behaving as young boys instead of hardened warriors. What would our Lord and Lady say if they could see this behavior?"

Orophin and Rumil turned to their older brother, "We would not know because whenever you are with us, they can not seem to take their eyes off of you long enough to notice our behavior."

Haldir groaned, "Do not start! I am warning you!"

Rumil continued on, "Oh, Haldir…if you do not have anything planned for this evening, perhaps you can stop by the royal talan and we can discuss my visions."

Orophin picked up where Rumil left off, pretending to be Galadriel, "Yes, I see it clearly now…you are naked and so is Celeborn. You are both seeing to my every pleasure. So I have seen it, it must come to pass…or surely, the world shall fall."

Haldir bounced his own pillow off of Orophin’s head.

J. juvenile (ju’ve-nile) a.: young, pertaining to youth

Erestor, Lindir

"Why are you looking so sad, little muse?"

Lindir look up with big, shining eyes at the tall elf standing before him from his seat on the floor. "I am sad, Erestor." Lindir did not feel the need to lie to Erestor, he had known the advisor since before he could remember. Erestor had practically become his Adar after his real Ada had died many years before his majority. If there was one being on all of Middle Earth that thought he was beautiful, it was Erestor. He buried his head into the older elf’s robes as he settled on the floor beside him. Erestor pulled him in the circle of his arms with a sigh.

"Is this about Orophin?"

Lindir did not answer the question, "I think I would like to color my hair."

Erestor rolled his eyes heavenward, "Your hair is already colored. It is white."

"I mean a normal color…like blond, brown or red."

"Not black?"

Lindir hugged Erestor closer, "Black is not a normal hair color for an elf. I could not name two elves with black hair and I have been to all three elven realms." The small artisan felt the broad chest under his head shake with laughter and pulled back to look into his mentor’s amused face…a face that was surrounded by the absolute blackest hair he had ever seen, unrelieved by highlights of any color. "Oh…"

Erestor smiled, "Yes, oh," he teased the young elf. "So, you see that hair color will not stop you from living your life or doing anything you want in life. It has not stopped me, has it?"

Lindir frowned, reaching up to touch the jet strands, "But your hair is beautiful. It is long and straight and shiny. It would look good in any shade. My hair is a wild, wavy horror. My best attempts at taming it still leaves it with huge waves that tumble everywhere. It is almost longer than I am tall. It is a nightmare!"

Erestor laughed out loud, "It is not as awful as you make it, small one." He winked, "If there is one thing that is proven to attract elves, it is an abundance of hair. Unusual hair makes the attraction even stronger."

Lindir was silent for a moment, "There is always someone trying to touch my hair…but I thought it was just out of a type of morbid curiosity. I have never seen anyone playing with your hair." He raised and eyebrow and pierced Erestor with an inquisitive look.

Erestor smirked, "That is because I broke the hand of the last elf that tried millennia before you were even born. There are still those that gaze at it longingly and from time to time I receive sonnets and poems praising my," he lowered his voice mockingly, "midnight tresses."

Lindir laughed then sobered quickly, "It is just…I…thought…that maybe he would be different from the others that used to laugh and point at me when I was younger."

Erestor stroked a hand over the wilder than usual white curls on Lindir’s head, "Do not let Orophin’s juvenile behavior bother you. He did not mean anything by his remarks. Orophin often speaks before his thinks, it is his way…and the way of his brothers. He can not help himself. In fact, he told me that he thought you were most enchanting and would very much like to make up for his bad first impression. You should give him another chance. He is a good elf at heart."

Lindir looked doubtful, "Maybe…he’s kinda…."

"Kind of what?"


Erestor frowned, "Orophin? Lindir, did he do something to you that I did not see? I would not have you afraid in your own house."

Lindir was quick to reassure Erestor, "No, no, he did not do anything to me. He is just…big and intense…and hard."

Erestor nodded solemnly, "Hard? Obviously, you made a better first impression than you give yourself credit for."

Lindir sat still for a moment then blushed to the roots of his hair, "Erestor!"

The raven hair elf laughed at the amount of embarrassed outrage Lindir managed to put into his name.

K. knapsack (knap’ sack) n.: sack or bag for provisions

Elladan/Elrohir, Elrond

"Elrohir, I am troubled."

Elrohir looked up from the scroll he was translating to stare at his father with a concerned expression, "What is it, Ada?"

Elrond sat behind his desk looking deceptively calm, "Your brother has come to me requesting leave. He desires to go to Lorien and visit your grandparents," he paused, "I can see by your expression that he has not told you of this request."

Elrohir answered even though it was not a question, "No, Ada."

"That is what troubles me. You and Elladan have never been on a prolonged journey from the valley without each other. My advisors tell me that you are not speaking to each other. Glorfindel tells me that you have had a horrible fight…Erestor will only say that it is complicated. What is it, Elrohir?"

"It is…complicated."

Sharp gray eyes pierced Elrohir’s, "Have you fallen out over one of the archers from Lorien? That young, pretty one, Rumil?"

"Not…exactly, Ada."

"I would like for you to talk to your brother before he leaves. I would not have you grief between you should anything happen to either of you when you are apart."

"Please, do not talk that way, Ada! I will talk to him before he leaves. We will make things right between us."

"Good." The two elves finished there work in silence. Elrond satisfied with his talk and Elrohir filled with trepidation over his upcoming talk with his brother."

Elrohir walked slowly down the hall to his brother’s room and stopped in front of the door, taking a deep breath before knocking softly.

"Come in, Elrohir." Elrohir entered and stood just inside the door awkwardly. Elladan frowned at him. "I suppose Adar has informed you of my request to leave the valley." He moved around throwing clothes from his closet to the floor, obviously searching for something."

Elrohir cleared his throat, "Yes…he told me. What …what are you looking for?"

"My knapsack. You know the one with blue lining."

Elrohir smiled, "It is in my room."

Elladan frowned again, "What is it doing in your room?"

"Because it is mine."


They stood staring at each other for a moment. Then Elrohir rushed forward, hugging his brother. "Do not leave me, Elladan. I am sorry for being mean to you. I will not do it again. Do not leave me alone."

Elladan stroked the chestnut hair, so like his own, "You will not be alone. Ada, will be here, Glorfindel, Erestor…Rumil."

A sniff came from his shoulder, "Are you leaving because of Rumil? We are just friends…there is nothing going on."

Elladan sighed, "You are just friends because he is afraid to challenge my authority in my house. He only holds back because he knows I disapprove…you only hold back because I disapprove."

Elrohir drew back a little, "I did not want it to be this way. We promised each other forever and everything."

Elladan smiled sadly, "We were elflings then. We knew not the ways of the world. It was a dream."

Elrohir looked at his brother shrewdly, "A dream you still cherish. I…I could give you everything, Elladan." He pressed closer to his brother, letting him feel the heat of his body.

Elladan stiffened and tightened his hold on his brother, "Not like this, I did not want it to be like this. Something out of pity, out of an insane urge to keep me closer to you."

Elrohir crumpled and wailed, "I do not want you to hate me!"

"Oh, Elrohir, I could never hate you. I just need time to sort my feelings out."

"It would not be pity; I love you. I want you. You know this."

"You also love Rumil."

"Yes…but that does not mean I love you any less."

Elladan shook his brother, "I do not want to share you!."

Elrohir touched his brother’s mouth, "You would not be sharing me…we would be sharing him. Everything and forever."

Elladan leaned down to kiss his brother, "Everything and forever."

L. luxuriant (lux-u’ri-ant) a.: exuberant in growth; rank, overabundant


"That was beautiful."

Lindir looked up from his harp, startled, "Orophin! How did you get here? Who told you where to find my rooms?"

Orophin smiled, "Do you not think that I can find the quarters of the loveliest minstrel in the Last Homely House? I am more than a mere archer; I can track with the best of them."

Lindir narrowed his eyes at the blond, "Erestor told you, didn’t he?"

Orophin laughed, "You have found me out but do not be cross with him. I begged and pleaded with him until he told me just to be rid of my presence."

"No one can force Erestor to talk if he does not want to."

Orophin settled on the bench beside the little elf, "If you did not want company perhaps you should have closed your door. Your music must call to any unwary elf walking by like a siren’s song."

"Not many people venture to this side of the palace. That is why I chose it for my home."

"Erestor also stays on this side of the house, doesn’t he?"

Lindir nodded, "He does."

Orophin fell silent as his eyes were drawn against his will to the riotous mass of white hair falling down Lindir’s back and unto the floor. He had not realized he was reaching out until a small hand clamped down on his broad wrist. He looked up into blue/green eyes sheepishly. "I am sorry…it is just…"

"It is just so what?" Lindir asked, curious.

"So luxuriant, so long and beautiful. It attracts the eye and tempts the hand."

Lindir’s mouth formed a surprised o and his hand dropped, "You may touch it."

Orophin reached for the nearest curl and twined it about his finger, delighting in the softness. He laughed, pleased, when the curl bounced back into place after he released it. He stood to position himself better to play in Lindir’s hair. He lifted it and scrunched it and ran his fingers through it. Quite loosing himself in his play. Lindir sat patiently and endured his stroking and petting like he was a small white kitten.

He was nearly asleep when Orophin spoke.

"Can I braid it?"

Lindir hmmm in agreement and waved his arm in the general direction of his brush and comb. Orophin let his hair fall to go fetch the combing utensils. The large warrior parted out tiny sections making sure to hold the rest of the heavy mass out of the way of the braiding action. Before he was halfway through, Lindir fell asleep resting his slight weight back against Orophin’s broad chest. Orophin just continued on carefully making sure Lindir did not tip over. After a long while he gently shook the little elf awake.

"Lindir, Lindir, I am finished. Do you want to look at it?" The sleepy elf nodded and Orophin helped him over to the mirror above his dresser. Lindir blinked at his reflection once, then twice. A tiny hand reached up to touch the numerous braids.

"You have tamed it."

Orophin smiled at the awe in the soft voice, "I am glad you like it," he hesitated, "perhaps I could do it for you every day."

Lindir beamed at him through the mirror, "Perhaps, you could."

M. malfeasance (mal’fea’sance) n.: official misconduct

Erestor, Archer, Glorfindel

"Being a member of Glorfindel’s Royal Guard is hard work. We have to work longer and harder than the other sentries that guard the valley."

Erestor batted long, thick lashes, "Longer and harder, you say?"

The blond archer leaned forward entranced by the flirtatious tone and glance, "Longer and harder…sometimes all day and into the night."

Erestor reached out an elegant hand to rest on the soldier’s well defined bicep, "I like an elf with endurance…perhaps, you can tell me more about your training tonight?"

"Why, Erestor if you wanted to know about the regime I put all my elves through, you only had to ask."

Erestor sighed forlornly as the young cadet hastily made his way to the barracks under the fiery heat of Glorfindel’s glare. "Hello, Glorfindel. How kind of you to scare off my entertainment for the night. Can no one get laid in this valley but you? Really, what would our Lord have to say about such conduct?"

Glorfindel smiled winningly, the young soldier forgotten, "Elrond would be on my side, fair one. In fact, he charged me with this duty. He said to me, "Glorfindel, insure that Erestor is so desperate that he will have to succumb to our lecherous advances." It is officially approved conduct or should I say malnificence."

Erestor raised an amused eyebrow, "I believe the word you are mangling so badly is malfeasance, official misconduct."

Glorfindel just waved a hand, "You know what I mean. Why do you bother with those adolescents anyway? If you want a warrior, here I am. The best that Middle Earth has to offer at your beck and call, ready to provide every pleasure."

"And the long time lover of my Lord."

Glorfindel sighed, "Is that what’s bothering you? Elrond wants you to sleep with me. He talks about it constantly. He dreams of seeing us perform for his pleasure. He’s starting a harem and we’re going to be his favorites."

Erestor shook his head sadly, "Why, oh, why does Elrond put up with you? He can do so much better. How could such a brilliant elf stoop so low?"

Instead of taking offence, Glorfindel offered, "I could show you why he holds me in such high regard. One night and you would be willing to let me get away with murder too. I would do anything for you, Elrond would do anything to you. I do not understand how you can continuously resist such an offer. Am I so repugnant to you? I know that Elrond is not the problem."

Erestor stepped closer to the blond, "Anything…you will give me anything?"

"Anything." A promise.

"What if I told you that the very mention of your name calls up images of you at my feet, that ever talking mouth gagged with my cock? You would still offer anything?"

"Anything…" a breath.

"You and Elrond have been together for some time…does he still take care with you? Prepare you gently?"


"I will not. Do you take him?"




"That…that is interesting. I will think on it. Good day, Lord Seneschal."

N. nefarious (ne-far’i-ous) a.: grossly vile or wicked



Rumil fanned the chestnut hair he was playing with about the ground, "Yes?"

"Do you think I am beautiful?"

"Of course, you are beautiful."

"Do you think that Elladan is beautiful?"

Silence met this question. Elrohir opened his eyes to stare up into startled blue ones. He smiled teasingly, "It is okay, you can answer. I am not trying to trick or trap you."

"Well…of course he is beautiful also…he is your twin. Why do you ask?"

Elrohir licked his lips, "You are pleasing to him also."

Rumil pulled back a little warily, "I do not think so. Are we talking about the same elf? Elladan, your brother, who seems to want my head on a spike every time I venture near you?"

Elrohir laughed, "He does seem to be a bit possessive, doesn’t he? It’s just that…"

"What?" Rumil asked with a sense of growing dread.

"If I told you that Elladan loved me, would you be upset?"

"No, he is your brother. He should love you."

"What if he loved me…more as a lover should? Would you think that nefarious?

Rumil was quiet for a long time before he answered, "Elrohir, I already know that Elladan loves you more than a brother should."

Elrohir frowned, "You know? How do you know?"

"I saw you."

"You saw…me?"

"And Elladan. Together…in your room the day we arrived from Lorien."

"Yet, you said nothing? You were willing to enter into a relationship with me knowing that I might be sleeping with my brother on the side?"

Rumil looked into serious gray eyes, "I love you."

Elrohir smiled softly, " I love you too…but-"

Rumil smiled sadly, "but you love Elladan more."

"No, not more, differently. I would not give up either."

"I am not sure how I feel about this. How does Elladan feel about this…this arrangement?"

Elrohir drew the blue eyed elf down closer to him, "Elladan thinks you are beautiful. He wants to see you naked. He would be eternally grateful if you would allow him access to me…to yourself. He would love you as I love you if he only got to know you."

Rumil gave in to the insistent tugging and buried his face against Elrohir’s neck, "I want you to be happy…your happiness is mine. I will think about it. My own brother is in a three way relationship…maybe it can work."

"Haldir is very happy with our grandparents, isn’t he? Elladan and I would have you be no less content."

O. overweening (over-ween’ing) a.: arrogant

Elrond/Erestor, Glorfindel

"My Lord."

Elrond looked up from the work he was absorbed in to stare into dark eyes, "Yes, Erestor?"

"The work day is done."

Elrond smiled faintly, "Thank you, Erestor, but I think that I will finish these papers before I retire."

The dark eyes narrowed slightly and Erestor moved closer to the desk, propping a narrow hip against it nonchalantly, "Glorfindel tells me that you want me."

Elrond’s quill froze on the paper. He looked up again. This time the midnight eyes were unreadable. "Does he now?"

‘He does. Does he lie?"

The quill was put down, "He does not."

Erestor pursed his lips, gray eyes followed the movement, "What do you desire about me, my Lord?"

"What is not to desire?"

"That is not an answer."

Elrond stood and walked around to stand in front of his advisor and long time friend, "I admire your intelligence, I adore the way you chew your bottom lip before a meeting…making it plump, red, swollen. I dream of running my fingers through your hair and I wonder what you taste like nightly."

"You wonder about my taste?"

"I do."

Black lashes lowered, "Then taste me, my Lord."

Elrond drew the slight body into his embrace, hardly able to credit that this was truly happening. He thoroughly explored every moist crevice, chasing Erestor’s flavor, insatiable for it. It was a long while before the two elves broke apart, panting.

"Where else may I taste you?" Elrond slide a hand lightly down the front of the darker elf’s robe, coming to a stop at the juncture of his thighs.

Erestor gasped, "What about Glorfindel?"

Elrond smiled against ruby lips, "Think of it as a humbling experience to help him with his overweening attitude and overly large ego."

Erestor leaned in for another kiss, "I can live with that."


Glorfindel fidgeted impatiently in his room. Elrond was late and he had had a bad day. Someone was going to pay for it too and if Elrond did not appear in the next five seconds it was going to be him. Just before he could work himself into a murderous fury, Elrond stepped through the door. Glorfindel crossed his arms and huffed slightly. Elrond smiled at him.

"Aww, sweetie, do not be mad. I have a gift for you."

Glorfindel perked up, "A gift?"

Elrond held out his arms, "Come, kiss me."

Glorfindel moved into the circle and kissed the half elf, "You taste…different. Where have you been?" He pulled back to frown slightly, storm clouds gathering behind sky blue eyes.

Elrond just pulled him back, "With Erestor. Kiss me, again."

Glorfindel frowned, puzzled, but kissed him again, "The taste is somewhat familiar." Elrond hummed. "With Erestor?"

"With Erestor."


Elrond’s eyes twinkled as the light bulb went off in the warrior’s head and Glorfindel attacked his mouth with fervor, trying to suck every trace of Erestor from his mouth. Elrond finally had to pry him off, so he could breathe. "Slow down, Glorfindel. There is more where that came from."

Blue eyes wide with excitement, "When can I get some?"

P. parsimonious (par’si-mo’ni-ous) a.: stingy


Erestor smiled to himself as he heard the lock on the door click into place. He leaned into the hard chest that plastered itself to his back and the moist kisses to his neck for a moment. "I figured you would be showing up here sooner or later, my Lord Seneschal."

A nip to his ear, "I had to wait all day…if I was a suspicious type elf, I would think you planned it that way."

Erestor laughed, "Then it is a good thing you are not paranoid, is it not?" He turned around and found himself faces heated blue eyes, "Why, Glorfindel, it seems as if there is something on your mind."

Glorfindel walked the slighter elf farther into the office until his back hit a wall, then he kissed him hungrily. Erestor allowed him to dominate for just a second then nipped his lip sharply, only just stopping short of drawing blood. His whole demeanor changed instantly. Glorfindel pulled away slightly, opening his mouth for Erestor’s exploration and melted into the darker elf. Even though he still pinned the advisor to the wall all his actions contained an element of pleading, reminiscent of a cat begging to be stroked. Erestor smiled into the kiss. He thought so and he so loved to be right. He let bruised lips go to capture an earlobe, "What do you want, Glorfindel?"

The blond gasped, "I want what you gave to Elrond…at least…"

"And what did I give to Elrond, golden flower?" The warrior thrust against him and Erestor put a hand on his hip to hold him slightly away. Glorfindel whined softly.

"I am not sure, but I will know when I taste it."

Erestor smirked, "Oh, really?"

"Yes, really."

"I suppose it would only be fair…"

"Yes, yes, fair."

"…but I do not want you to get into the habit of thinking I will always give you what I give Elrond, because I will not."

Glorfindel stilled for a moment, then went back to trying to rub against the elf restraining his movements. It was nothing more than what he had imagined. "Please, Erestor, I will be good to you. I will search thoroughly."

"You may proceed."

Glorfindel started immediately with another kiss even though he knew that was not quite the taste he was looking for. Then he kissed the long slender neck and all the skin he bared as he undid the fastenings of Erestor’s office robes. He kissed the reddish nipples and they were delicious but not the taste he was looking for. By the time he settled on his knees in front of Erestor’s throbbing arousal, the raven haired elf was panting slightly and Glorfindel was ravenous. He took the hot shaft in one hand and licked from root to tip. The taste skipped along his taste buds and into his memory. He had found it. His mouth settled over the head and he sucked lightly, trying to coax more from the plum shaped head. His brow furrowed in frustration when no more came forth. He sucked sharply and Erestor jerked against him with a yelp.

"Ah! What are you trying to do suck out my soul?" A hand in his hair urged his head back and he had to let go.

He frowned up at Erestor, "I am trying to do something here. It is not my fault you refuse to give more than a hint of what is to come. How am I suppose to know if this is the correct flavor if I don’t have proper sample. I should have known that your body would be as parsimonious in this as you are in everything else." He leaned back in to lick the tip again and hummed in satisfaction as a pearl of precome beaded out. "So…licking is good. I can do licking."

Erestor looked down into heavy lidded, lazy blue eyes and wondered precisely what he had gotten himself into.

Q. quandary (quan’da-ry) n.: dilemma


"I need to talk to you."

Haldir and Orophin looked at each other, "Which you?"

Rumil paced back and forth, "Both of you. I do not know what to do! I am so lost…my heart urges me one way, my head another. I am going insane!"

Haldir reached out and caught one of his younger brother’s flying limbs and pulled him into his lap. A sight that any number of archers in Lorien and Imladris would have found hilarious. Haldir was just not the sort of elf one expected that action from. But Haldir loved his brothers and that is why Rumil did not give it a second thought. He merely curled into his brother tighter and tucked his fair head into his shoulder. Orophin did not blink an eye either; he had spent many a night in his brothers arms saddened by one thing or the other. The middle brother merely sat to Haldir’s side and stroked the down turned head.

Haldir waited for Rumil to calm himself then spoke, "Now, then tell us about this horrible quandary you have found yourself in."

Rumil sniffed, "I suppose I should start with the good news. Elrohir has told me he loves me."

Orophin smiled, "That is good news indeed. What is the bad news?"

"He has also told me he loves Elladan."

Both brothers stiffened at the news, "And what is the choice he has set forth before you? Does he want you to timeshare him with Elladan or has he chosen his brother over you?"

Rumil hugged Haldir tighter, "Neither. He wants to share me with Elladan."

The room was silent for a moment, then Orophin spoke, "That sounds like good news to me." Haldir promptly cuffed him upside the head.

"That is the problem…I feel that any other elf would be quite pleased with the arrangement, but Elladan has disliked me for so long that I can not see him being attracted to me in that manner."

Haldir rocked back and forth slightly, "Before…he was mean to you because he thought that you would be taking Elrohir away from him…now that Elrohir has come up with this…arrangement, he may be seeing you in a different light."

"A more sexual and pleasing light," Orophin quipped. He ducked another blow to the head.

"I think that you should consider their offer seriously. Perhaps, you should have a talk with Elladan…alone."

"Talk with Elladan? Alone?"


"I think you have made me more stressed instead of less."

Orophin threw his arms around the two, "That’s what brothers are for."

R. requiem (re’qui-em) n.: hymn or mass sung for the dead


"Orophin…Orophin, I don’t think that this is the best place to be doing this…"

Orophin smothered Lindir’s words with his mouth, kissing the breath from the tiny, inexperienced elf, "Why not…no one is out here. No one can see us."

Lindir gasped as Orophin captured the tip of his ear between gentle teeth, "Erestor does not like it when I disappear from functions. He worries about me. He will come looking for me and if he catches us like this, I will be singing your requiem."

Orophin shifted on the garden bench upon which they were seated and tugged at the waist of the white haired elf, trying to bring him closer. Finally, he gave up the effort of coaxing Lindir closer and just picked him up and settled him on his lap. He groaned appreciatively as Lindir wiggled about in response to his caresses. He reached down to pull at the dark green robe the minstrel was wearing. Lindir’s grip on his shoulders tightened a bit fearfully as Orophin lifted the rich fabric and slipped a hand underneath it to work at his leggings. Orophin rubbed his back soothingly at the same time he unlaced his breeches. Lindir tore his mouth away from the archer’s to try to speak once more.

"Orophin…I do not think…oh!" Lindir’s body jerked as the warrior achieved his goal and wrapped a broad hand around the younger elf’s arousal. Lindir could not help but pump into that tight grip and the other blond encouraged him to continue to thrust. Lindir tried again, "Orophin, I do not want-please, please …"
"What, baby? You don’t want what? Me to stroke you like this?" Orophin passed his thumb over Lindir’s leaking head and smiled when the small elf whimpered with pleasure. He pressed moist kisses to the arched neck, "Tell me how to please you, fair one. I will do anything you want."

"Maybe he does not want his first time to be on a stone bench in a public garden."

Lindir squeaked and Orophin froze as Erestor’s icy tones hung in the air. The minstrel frantically pushed away from Orophin’s embrace trying to smooth his robes and hair. He turned to face Erestor and was struck immediately with guilt at the disappointment he saw in dark eyes. He lowered his head and waited to be reprimanded. He was surprised when a warm hand brushed over his curls and a kiss was pressed upon his brow. He looked up and Erestor smiled at him.

"You are not in trouble, Lindir. You are after all, quite grown and can do as you will. I would just like to have a few words with Orophin."

Lindir looked a bit wary. He was pretty sure Orophin could handle himself…but Erestor was not an elf to be angered. Even Glorfindel was afraid of Erestor to some degree. He glanced at Orophin not willing to let him face Erestor’s wrath alone, but Orophin waved at him to go ahead and nodded reassuringly at him. Lindir left the garden reluctantly looking back several times at the two elves that held his heart.

"Walk with me, guardian."

Orophin stood from the bench smoothing his tunic down and fell into step with the forbidding advisor. He was not too worried. He had a feeling he was about to receive some Adarly threats. It was what he would do if he came upon his son making out in a garden.

"I helped raise Lindir. Did you know that?"

Orophin nodded his head shallowly, just as he had thought, "I had some idea. Lindir holds you in high regard." Erestor smiled faintly at the words.

"I am not about to warn you away from him, Orophin. That you need not fear. I have lived long enough to know that meddling in your children’s love lives can only lead to pain. Yet, I do have words of warning for you, warrior. Lindir is so very dear to me. His father was my cousin and I was saddened by his death. Lindir and I helped each other heal. I would be beyond irate should anything happen to my elfling. I understand that eventually you two will make love. Make love. Eventually. I expect you to show him every consideration, because believe me I will know if you do not. And that consideration includes a bed and the finest oil you can obtain. Do we have an understanding, Orophin?" Erestor stopped to look down at the blond elf.

Orophin grinned at him widely, "I understand. You love Lindir as a son and would make my life hell if any harm comes to him. Check. Who knew you were such a soft touch, Master Erestor?"

Erestor frowned at him, "Watch your tongue. I am not above creating a reason to dislike you."

S. specious (spe’ cious) a.: plausible, but not really true


Elladan looked at Elrohir as a knock sounded at his door. Both their eyes widened dramatically. Elladan motioned for Elrohir to hide himself and waited until his younger sibling had made it to the bathroom before opening his door. Before him stood an apprehensive looking Rumil. He smiled at him and invited him in. The youngest of the Lorien archers sat gingerly on the edge of his bed. Elladan sat beside him and waited for him to speak.

"I…I have talked with Elrohir."

Elladan nodded knowingly, "And? What have you decided?"

Rumil looked down at his hands, " I do not know. His argument was…specious. I could believe it."

Elladan turned to face Rumil fully and took his fidgety hands in his, "What did you not believe and how can I make you believe it."

Rumil looked into the grey eyes so like Elrohir’s and took a deep breath, "Well, you hate me for one thing. I can not fathom you agreeing to share Elrohir with me."

Elladan smiled self deprecatingly, "I do not hate you, Rumil. I hate the fact that you have Elrohir. That you get to hold him and kiss him and touch him. In fact, you are my favorite brother of the three of you." Elladan looked at the blue eyed elf from beneath his lashes, "And you could become so much more. Think of it Rumil, here you have the twin sons of Elrond begging you to be in a relationship with them. Do you know how many elves would give their life savings to be in your situation?" He scooted closer to the wide eyed elf, " You could have both of us. Elrohir, an innocent, who knows almost nothing of matters of the flesh. Me, a more experienced mirror of my brother. It would be like having every fantasy covered. I know you have dreamed of seeing us together. Every young elf in this valley fantasizes about what we might do in our rooms at night. You would know Rumil. You would be a part of the fantasy."

All while Elladan had been talking he had steadily moved closer to Rumil and that made it remarkably for him to swoop down and kiss the dazed elf. Rumil moaned at the contact. It was like kissing Elrohir but so totally not. This twin was no shy elfling that had to be coaxed into playing. Elladan’s tongue was aggressive and thorough, leaving no ground uncovered. When the older twin drew back to let him breathe, there were stars dancing behind his closed lids. That wonderful mouth did not retreat far, instead it peppered kisses along his jaw line and up to his ear. He hissed with surprise at the spark in pleasure.

"Say, yes, Rumil."


T. timorous (tim’or-ous) a.: timid; indicating or showing fear


Elrond peppered the pale neck with kisses, "Please, Erestor…for me. I have dreamed of seeing the two of you together in one bed for so long. Do not deny me this."

Erestor stood in Elrond’s tight embrace, eyes half closed, "I do not know if Glorfindel is quite up to the challenge of having both of us in one bed."

"Oh, but he is. Glorfindel is so much more than you give him credit for, Erestor. Please, come with me to our rooms tonight. I will make it worth your while. We can do whatever you want…"

Erestor raised an eyebrow, "Whatever I want?"

"Whatever you want."

Erestor spun around to face his Lord, "Very well then. I will do it. Is Glorfindel waiting for our esteemed company?"

Elrond smiled, "Always."

The two elves made their way through the various halls that led to Glorfindel’s private quarters, the preferred place for any intimate trysts since Elrond’s rooms were relatively close to his sons’. Glorfindel answered the door on the second knock and smiled with welcome when he saw who was at the door. The two dark haired elves filed in, Elrond stopping to kiss the blond once before continuing on to stand next to Erestor in front of the huge bed.

Erestor reached out a finely made hand to grab the front of Elrond’s work robes to pull him close to his body. Glorfindel moaned at the sight of two pink tongues meeting each other before Elrond closed the kiss. Glorfindel watching with wide eyes and burning arousal as Erestor and Elrond disrobed each other in slow, sensual movements, all the while kissing and stroking each other’s flesh. When they were fully nude, Erestor moved slightly out of the broader brunettes embrace and turned to Glorfindel. He smiled with lascivious intent, "Come now, Glorfindel, do not be so timorous. You are going to join in at some time, are you not."

Glorfindel wasted now time stripping off his own garments which caused Erestor to laugh, a tinkling, slightly mocking sound. Glorfindel hesitantly approached the black haired elf and gazed at him beseechingly, pleading to be kissed. Erestor trailed a hand lightly over pouty pink lips before using a handful of hair to pull the blond closer. Glorfindel whimpered as the advisor took devastating possession of his mouth. He was barely aware of the soft kiss Elrond placed on his shoulder before moving to stand behind Erestor. He panted as the kiss he was so involved in broke for lack of air and struggled to focus on the words Erestor was whispering to him. When the meaning of those words finally registered, he slowly lowered himself to his knees in front of the intimidating elf and leaned forward, eyes falling shut, mouth falling open.

Elrond held Erestor up and against him with one arm, peering over his shoulder to watch his cock disappear between Glorfindel’s passion swollen lips. With his free hand he alternately stroked over Erestor’s chest and thighs soothing his jerks as the blonde’s suction increased. Elrond shifted to get his own arousal right where he wanted it, pressed between the curves of Erestor’s ass. The fine sheen of Glorfindel induced sweat made sliding in that sweet valley so very good. Elrond thrust forward as Glorfindel swallowed Erestor’s shaft, the two old lovers trying to ring every drop of pleasure from their new playmate.

With a gasp, Erestor’s grip tightened in blond hair, urging Glorfindel to stop. The warrior let his rigid staff slide free of his mouth with a wet pop. Erestor opened black eyes to look at the erotic apparition before him. He helped Glorfindel rise with a solid grip and propelled him to lay back upon the massive bed. It was time for him to do some pleasuring of his own.

U. unconscionable (un-con’scion-a-ble) a.: unreasonable; without conscience


"Oh…oh..oh" Glorfindel writhed uncontrollably as the dark haired elf between his legs played him like a fine instrument. Erestor would circle his clenching opening with a soft touch before swiftly entering him with two slick fingers, sparking his prostate in the most wonderful way. Over and over again. He wouldn’t let him come, making him balance on the sharp blade of orgasm. Glorfindel tried to kiss the brunette laying beside him on the big bed but he didn’t have the breath to hold the kisses for more than a second or two. Besides kissing Elrond was not helping him calm down. Kissing his Lord was just making him more excited, reminding him that he was in bed with both his loves at one time. After a few moments, Elrond moved from his gasping mouth to lick at his collarbone, to tongue his nipples, to clean the puddle of precome from his lower belly, to pin him down with a broad forearm and suck teasingly at the head of his prick.

"Please! Please, please…please," Glorfindel whimpered, throat sore from begging, moaning, screaming, pleading with his tormentors. He had long ago decided that they were utterly unconscionable. No sane, loving elf would treat him this way. Elrond had never been so mean to him before. He was on the edge of hyperventilating and his heart was beating much too fast when Erestor slid his fingers free of the hot grip of his body.

"Shh, calm down, Glorfindel. It will be over soon."

Elrond raised his head to grin at Erestor’s words. The advisor leaned forward to whisper into Elrond’s ear and he nodded. Glorfindel almost felt faint with relief when Elrond replaced Erestor between his legs. Finally, someone was going to fuck him. His back arched hard as Elrond penetrated him slowly all the while staring into the black eyes watching them from the sidelines. Glorfindel turned his head to look at Erestor through sweaty blond hair. The advisor was sitting close to them, close enough to reach out and touch the both of them. He was stroking himself in an almost absent manner, sharp eyes darting over both of their bodies, lingering on the spot where they were connected. Glorfindel only had a moment to feel the thrill of being watched so intently when Elrond started to move. Deep, hard thrusts. The kind of thrusts that signified to Glorfindel that he had been left unattended too long. Glorfindel could only hold on as his body was rocked by the half elf.

Elrond looked down into clouded half closed blue eyes lost in pleasure before glancing back up to look into clear, calculating black eyes. Erestor gave him a cynical little smirk and leaned back on his elbows, jutting out his pelvis. Elrond’s gaze dropped to the flushed arousal nestled between strong thighs and licked his lips. Glorfindel moaned beneath him as his control slipped and his thrusts became harder, more savage. Erestor smiled. He turned his attention back to the blond beneath him, determined to bring both of them off so that he could go worship at the alter of Erestor.

V. voracious (vo-ra’cious) a.: greedy, very hungry


A cool hand touched his forehead and Rumil’s eyes fluttered open reluctantly. Those hazy blue eyes widened with shock at the sight before him. Elrohir. When had he come in? Or had he…the thought was lost as Elladan’s voracious mouth sucked him down. His eyes closed again and he couldn’t fight back a moan. Soft lips touched his and he sipped from them like he was dying of thirst. Elrohir caressed him tentatively, skimming his chest, flirting with a nipple but not quite making contact. Elladan, on the other hand, touched him with assurance, mouth swallowing him whole, hands exploring the heat between his legs with intent. Rumil wanted to say something…to discuss things but trapped between the sons of Elrond he could do nothing but writhe and pant desperately.

Elrohir had not meant to leave his hiding space but when he had heard Rumil cry out with pleasure, he could not stop himself. He had watched for long moments as his brother teased and taunted the blond by using a gentle touch. Elladan had known he was there. Elladan always knew when he was present and grey-silver eyes had opened and speared him with their intensity. They had called to him, invited him to join in and he had wanted to. So he did. Even though he and Rumil had been quasi-dating for some time now, he had never seen him naked, had never gone farther than kissing. Something had held him back. Now he knew that something was actually someone, his brother. When he had kissed Rumil before, it had felt like betrayal. When he touched Rumil while Elladan touched him, it felt like love.

Elladan looked up to watch as Elrohir kissed Rumil. He still felt a faint curl of jealousy that anyone besides him should had the privilege of his brother’s kisses but it was nowhere near as intense as before. He backed off a little bit, concentrating on the plump head of Rumil’s arousal and had to hold the young guardian still as he squirmed between the two of them. He was so caught up in making Rumil plead that the touch of Elrohir’s hand upon his hair startled him for a moment before he leaned into the light touch. He wanted to do this to his brother…to take his brother into his mouth and make him high on ecstasy but first they had to reassure Rumil of his place in their relationship. He and Elrohir had discussed this before. Elrohir wanted to gift Rumil with his virginity, a sign of his love for him. Elladan had been angry and jealous but he had given in to Elrohir’s arguments. He wanted to be the first to experience pleasure in Elrohir’s body to give him pleasure, but Rumil had sacrificed a lot when he had agreed to let Elladan share in their love. Elrohir had said that Elladan would also have to sacrifice. So Rumil would take Elrohir first, then…then Elladan could have him and he intended to make the best of the opportunity.

W. wrest (wrest) vt.: twist or get by force; twist from the truth

Lindir, Erestor

A soft knock sounded at the door. Erestor raised his head from his pillow slightly before answering it, "Come in, Lindir. The door is open." He watched through narrowed eyes as the tiny elf made his way over to his bedside. He rolled over unto his back so that Lindir could sit beside him on the bed. The white haired elf did so and smiled prettily at him. Erestor scowled. "And just what has you so happy this late at night?"

Lindir giggled, "Oh, come now, Erestor. Do not play the grouch with me. You may be able to hide it but you have been quite pleased with yourself all day."

Erestor lifted an eyebrow at his elfling, "I am always pleased with myself because I am quite pleasing. How is today different from any other day?"

Lindir tilted his head to the side, "That is precisely what I have come to ask you. Well, tell me."

Erestor looked smug, "It is nothing. Merely the look of a job well done, nothing more."

Lindir noded sagely, "And does this…job well done have anything to do with the fact that Lord Elrond spent the day lost in a daze and Lord Glorfindel was even more giddy than usual?"

Erestor pursed his lips, "Maybe, I am not at liberty to say." He waited for Lindir to take offence which he did immediately.

"You would keep secrets from me? Your son, most likely to be your only one, the way things are looking. Ada Erestor, I am crushed." The little pink lips formed a pout.

Erestor laughed, "So, you think to blackmail me into telling you my secrets by playing on my soft emotions. How horrid of you Lindir. Is this the son I raised? Resorting to manipulating his own helpless Ada?"

Lindir snorted, "Helpless Ada my foot. Tell me! Or I will expire with curiosity."


Lindir’s brow furrowed, "Yes, what? Must I wrest the truth from your mouth?"

"Yes, I played a part in the behavior our Lords exhibited today."

Lindir’s mouth formed a round o and his two toned eyes lit up, "Tell me! Give me details."

"You are too young for such things." Erestor waited, he was not disappointed.

"Too young?! How can I be too young when I am about to have a lover of my own?"

"Yes, about that…I have decided that you should wait an additional two centuries before allowing Orophin to bed you. During that time you will only be allowed kisses…on the cheek."

Lindir stared down at the elf who had raised him with an incredulous expression on his face, "I sincerely hope you are playing, Ada, or I will be forced to take you to Elrond for healing."

Erestor smirked, "Oh, please do, but rest assured, healing will be the furthest thing from our Lord’s mind."


"What? You wanted to know."

"I have changed my mind."

"So have I. Let me tell you all about it. First I made them strip-"

Lindir tried to jump from the bed and run but Erestor was too fast for him and grabbed him before he could make good on his escape. Then the little elf tried to cover his ears with his hands but Erestor tickled him without mercy all the while detailing his night with the Lords of Imladris.

X. xylography (xy-log’ra-phy) n.: art of engraving in wood


Orophin sat against the tree, expression melancholy. They would be leaving Imladris soon. Haldir’s chore accomplished. Orophin tried his best not to remember what else they would be leaving. Lindir…Elrohir and Elladan. He did not know who he pitied more himself or Rumil. At least he only had to leave on love behind but Rumil would be assured that his loves were not suffering from undue loneliness. Orophin sighed and picked up the small whittling knife he had sat down beside him as he moped on his star crossed fate. He began to recreate all the key events that led up to and formed his relationship with his lovely minstrel. He started with the hallway incident as he liked to call it. He thought for a moment and then marked out the place that would hold his conversation with Erestor who he owed a tremendous amount for his help in wooing Lindir. Orophin did not doubt for one moment that had Erestor been against him, his relationship with Lindir would not exist.

He included his favorite scene in which he was standing behind Lindir braiding the tiny elf’s hair as he dozed lightly. He smiled fondly remembering how he had had to keep the white haired elf balanced as he combed the wildly curling hair. He loved his elf’s hair and his hand clenched around the knife recalling the feel of the light tresses. He was so caught up in his craft that he did not notice he was no longer alone until someone cleared their throat. He looked up into hazel eyes and smiled.

Haldir smiled back at him and took a seat beside him on the leaf strewn ground, "Practicing your xylography, I see."

"Yes, I would like to give Lindir something to remember me by when I am gone."

The silverish eyes dimmed a bit and Haldir felt himself empathize. He had been away from his loves but a short time and already his heart longed for them. Rumil and Orophin would be away from Imladris for a much longer time and did not know for certain when they would be returning. He put his arm around his brother and kissed him on the head, "It will be all right, Orophin, you’ll see. Elrohir and Elladan will not be parted from Rumil for long and I’m sure they will not be so cruel as to not invite Lindir to travel to the Wood with them."

Orophin’s eyes brightened, "I did not think of that. You are right. The twins visit our Lady quite regularly and Lindir can journey with them." He looked puzzled as Haldir kissed him again and stood, "Where are you going?"

Haldir rolled his eyes, "I’m off to cheer up our dear younger brother. Knowing him, he is in some corner crying his ittle, bitty eyes out."

Orophin laughed aloud, "I will be sure to tell him you said such about him."

Haldir struck an arrogant pose, "Tell him. He can do nothing against my superior skill, strength and let us not forget beauty."

Orophin watched his brother strut off and returned to his work much cheered.

Y. yearn (yearn) vi.: feel a desire for, long for

An assortment of characters

Rumil glanced back one last time to look at the elves gathered at the front of the Last Homely House to see him and his brothers off and then urged his horse abreast of his brothers’ horses. Orophin gave him a look of complete understanding and Haldir’s wise eyes held sympathy for his younger brother, yet they had to go back to their lives in the Golden Wood.

Lindir stood on the top stair clutching Erestor’s arm as he watched Orophin disappear from his sight. Erestor gently shook his grip loose and gathered him close to his side, "It will be all right. Elladan and Elrohir are already planning to make a trip to Lorien and I am sure that Elrond can find it in his heart to make due without his favorite minstrel for a while. And if not, I am sure that I can convince him to let you go with his sons to visit the guardians of Wood."

"Thank you for your reassurance, Ada. I do not think that I will be able to attend dinner tonight. Please, make my excuses to our Lord."

"I will."

Lindir stood on tiptoe to kiss Erestor’s cheek before turning to make his way into the house. Erestor stood for a while and watched his retreating son before a soft touch caught his attention. Glorfindel stood close to him and held his hand. He raised an eyebrow at the blonde’s audacity.

Glorfindel ignored the command in his eyes and said, "He’ll be okay in a couple of days. Do not worry."

Erestor pulled his hand away, "Do not touch me in public, Lord Glorfindel."

Glorfindel raised the hand that had held Erestor’s to his chest and rubbed the spot over his heart. Funny, it did nothing to soothe the ache within. Elrond took his other hand, raised it to his mouth and pressed a kiss to the scarred appendage. "Do not take it personally. He told me the exact same thing yesterday after I put my arm around his waist after a council meeting."

Hurt blue eyes met accepting grey ones, "I do not understand him, Elrond."

"Neither do I and I doubt we ever will completely. Just let him have the space he seems to need so desperately. We can only hope that in time he will come to accept our love and care."

"He is not without a loving side. He loves Lindir and expresses that love openly. I guess I just yearn for him to treat me in the same manner."

"Give it time, Glorfindel, give it time."

Elrohir lay his head on his brother’s shoulder, "I am sad, Elladan."

Elladan kissed his forehead, "Then let us retire to our rooms and I will try my best to lift your mood."

Elrohir smiled, "Along with other things, no doubt."

"No doubt."

Z. zeal (zeal) n.: passionate ardor, intense interest, eager striving.


Elrond stood in the door of the bedchamber he shared with Glorfindel and on the rarest occasion Glorfindel and Erestor loath to disturb the scene playing out in front of him. Erestor sat against the headboard with a sleeping Glorfindel draped across his lap. Elrond watched with a warm swelling feeling as slender quill welding hands carefully carded through soft blond hair, stroking and petting it, causing the exhausted warrior to burrow deeper into the warmth of Erestor’s body. Erestor’s ruby red lips curved into a slight smile at the movement and Elrond felt his respond in kind. They really were beautiful together, seemingly complete opposites but both so capable and determined in their own ways. He strained his ears to listen as Erestor began to talk softly to the large elf laying across his legs.

"Beautiful, beautiful warrior…if you only knew…" the soft voice trailed off before picking up again, "how I wished I had your zeal for life…that I could be as passionate and outgoing, but, no, that is not my lot in life. I wonder sometimes what you see in me. Elrond, I can understand. He is Lord of this Valley. Of course, he would be attracted to and pleased with an elf that helped his life run so smoothly, but what draws you, Golden Flower? What draws you to this skinny scholar, a moth among butterflies?"

Elrond could not hear briefly as he tried with disbelief to process what he was hearing? Erestor was insecure? Why…how…what in the world?

"…but I will not question my good fortune and will enjoy it while it lasts. Yes, that is sound advice. I will take it, after all, I am the chief advisor to Elrond. I should know what I am talking about."

Elrond shook his head and usually he did, but it seemed his advisor was suffering from some misconceptions. It was time to make his presence known before Erestor found him out. He bumped the door lightly and startled black eyes looked up before quickly closing off.

"My Lord Elrond, Glorfindel wanted to wait up for you but as you can see he lost the battle. Now that you are here, I will return to my rooms."

Elrond walked forward and cupped the pointy chin in his hand, "Why do you not stay, Erestor? You are wanted here?" And Erestor could tell that they were talking about more than one moment and one night, but he was not yet ready to accept what blue eyes told him daily and what grey eyes revealed to him now.

He closed his own eyes and turned away, "Not tonight, my Lord, I am tired."

Elrond dropped his hand and nodded, disappointed but hopeful of the future. As Erestor gathered his belongings and left the room, Glorfindel snuggled up to his new source of warmth.


"Yes, Glorfindel?"

"Is Erestor gone?"

Elrond rubbed the blond hair back from the handsome face, "Yes, but he is not gone far."

A soft exhale, "That is good."

"Yes, that is good."


The End.