Tangled Tales

Inspiration Lost, Justice Gained

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What a boring day.

Absolutely, positively boring.

Quatre padded around his spacious room. Spacious by human measures anyway. He came to a stop in front of the red maple dresser that resided at the foot of his fluffy bed. He peered into the crystal clear mirror there. At least he didn't look like he was dying of boredom.

It was true. Quatre appeared in no way as if he were at Death's doorsteps. Strange, really, as he was quite a few years over a hundred. His freshly cut blond hair gleamed with health and his sapphire blue eyes sparkled. His slight, pale skinned body was clad in a flimsy white slip dress. He looked no older than sixteen. Quatre sighed and looked away from his perpetually young image.

" I guess I'll go see what Trowa's doing, still working probably. He's always working."

With these words Quatre left his room at the back of the palace where he and Trowa lived. He paid little attention to the splendor of the various halls and rooms he strolled through. After all, he had lived here for going on fifty years. If anything he wanted to redecorate it. Trowa had had the same décor for centuries. Lots of plants and flowers, liberally laced with gold. It was like living in a jungle to Quatre, but it made Trowa happy. Not surprising, since he was the God of Earth.

"Trowa, Trowa." Quatre called as he neared the massive lobby type quarters that Trowa worked in. He was right. Trowa was still working. Granted, Trowa was beautiful when he was at work. Seated on his throne of living cherry wood and garbed in only a brown loincloth and a sheer forest green robe. Quatre could always tell when Trowa was concentrating especially hard, because he would shimmer brightly from within. His head full of lush hair tipped back giving a rare glimpse of both eyes. Too bad they would be closed in meditation.

Quatre flopped down on the velvety couch in front of Trowa's throne. There was no need for conversation. Trowa couldn't hear him when he was in this trance like state. The palace was never open during the Season, Trowa's peak work months. It was to dangerous to everyone concerned when Trowa wasn't fully alert.

Quatre lay there on the couch for a few hours watching Trowa. It became apparent that he wasn't going to take a break anytime soon after the fourth hour. Quatre jumped off the couch with the coltish grace only he had. Trowa often said he reminded him of an exceptionally lovely unicorn he once owned. He was going out.

He knew it was against the rules to leave the palace during the Season, but he was sure Trowa would hate it even more if he expired of boredom. Okay, so he was immortal. So who cared. He was certain he could make it back before Trowa took a break. He knew from experience that he could work for months on end without stopping. Quatre slipped quietly out of the palace. The living décor wilted in sympathy for him should he get caught.


Quatre slowly opened the door, praying to Heero above that the hinges did not squeak. Thankfully, the servants did a wonderful job maintaining the place. He managed to get through the door and close it soundlessly. Now, if he can just make it to his room.

"Where have you been?"

Quatre froze. Busted. Just his luck.

"I thought I heard a noise and went outside to check it out"

He immediately saw that lying was a bad move as the already mad Earth God began to positively glow with fury.

"Do you really expect me to believe that? That pitiful excuse is worthy only of a human. Why do you insist on trying me this way? The restrictions I place on you are for your own protection. Did I not tell you to never leave the palace without notifying me during the Season.

As Quatre watched Trowa pace and rant, his own anger grew until he could be silent no longer. He thinks I'm some child he has to baby sit!

"I'm not helpless you know! I'm a god myself, in case you forgot! I'm perfectly capable of looking out for myself!

Trowa paused. Maybe he was going about this the wrong way. His Quatre was exceptionally stubborn and willful. He stalked over to his throne and sat down.

"Come here, Quatre."

"No, I don't want to," Quatre pouted.

Tightening his hold on his uncertain temper, Trowa tried again.

"Please, Quatre, I'm sorry for yelling."

Quatre sulkily treaded over to stand in front of Trowa. Trowa reached out and tugged on a lock of Quatre's hair before picking him up and setting him on his lap.

"Quatre," he began," you know that I love you more than anything on Earth or in the Heavens don't you? And, yes, I realize that you are a god yourself. It's just that you are so beautiful and innocent that I fear someone more powerful than you or even I will steal you away. Do you understand?"

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Quatre nodded, not really agreeing, but wanting to get back on Trowa's good side. For in truth, he thought no god more powerful than Trowa, save Heero, and who would dare anger Trowa by messing with him. He gazed up into his love's visible emerald eye and thought, not for the first time, about how well suited Trowa was for his job. Quatre had never met anyone, god or human, with eyes as vivid as Trowa's or with bangs so deliciously wild, just like Earth. Trowa was so wild really. Quatre shuddered as he thought of the many ways Trowa had taken him over the years they had been together. He was so magnificent.

Trowa looked down at his companion and sighed at the glazed over, vacant look in his eyes. He could tell Quatre had tuned him out a while ago. He shook him softly to get his attention.

"Quatre, I trust you still managed to spread a little inspiration around," he remarked.

Slightly offended and upset to be pulled from a lovely memory, Quatre huffed," Of course, I did. It is my job, after all."

Quatre started to say more, but the amused gleam in Trowa's eye stopped him. Well, well, well, maybe he could inspire him to have a little fun. It had been forever since they’d had any together.

"Trowa, don't you want to play with me tonight. It‘s been awhile since we‘ve had any fun together."

Trowa looked down at Quatre draped temptingly across his lap. His big blue eyes heavy lidded and smoldering. He shifted uncomfortably as Quatre’s pink tongue darted out to lick perfect lips. He tried to remember that he had work to do.

"I'm sorry, but it's Spring in the Southwestern Hemisphere. You know how much work it is to make sure every plant and animal is blessed with fruit."

"But Trowa-"

"No buts. I've already agreed to leave Antarctica in Winter to spend extra time with you. If I let anything else lapse, I'll get in trouble with the boss. Now, get off my lap and let me get back to work."

Quatre clung to Trowa's neck, refusing to budge. He tried to talk Trowa out of going back to work. Work was boring and Heero couldn't care less about Trowa. He was probably out impregnating some other poor soul.

"The boss. Hmmph. Heero is so busy keeping her Godly Highness, Relena, occupied that he's stopped answering prayers. Even the most devout human voice doesn't seem to reach his ears. I think, personally, Queen Relena is screening his calls to see if he‘s taken another mortal lover."

"Hush," admonished Trowa, snickering. He might be listening as you speak."

"You know it's true, Trowa. Relena is jealous of everything and everybody. I wouldn‘t waste my time being jealous of those silly human women and men Heero lays with. Save your jealousy for someone important like another god or goddess."

"Shh, for the last time. You don't want get on Relena's bad side. She is Heero's wife after all."

"That doesn't matter. All the gods and goddesses know that he desires anything of beauty. And that now he wants Duo and that Duo won‘t give him the time of day, because Heero will fuck anything that moves. Everybody knows that Duo is very possessive and would never go for that."

"And just how would you know that? You've never met Duo and I‘d never spread such vulgar rumors. I am quite fond of Duo. I count him among my dearest friends."

"Zechs told me all about it. He thought it was funny. Isn‘t Duo your brother?"

"Yes, Duo is my brother, but well you should know that blood does not equal friendship. So Zechs told you and he would know wouldn't he? I wonder, "Trowa mused," what does our King see in the Death God? He really is no more than a pest. Now, get down off my lap and let me get back to work."

"I'm not budging until I get some." Quatre locked his arms around Trowa’s neck and wiggled deeper into his lap. Trowa’s breath hissed sharply in. Quatre smiled and leaned forward to whisper into a beautifully curved ear.

"Trowa doesn’t Spring make you horny? All those … animals … mating, flowers blooming. While I was out today, I watched a few and it was quite invigorating."

Trowa groaned as his blond tempter rocked against his arousal all the while sucking at his earlobe. "Quatre, you know I’m not into bestiality. That‘s more Dorothy‘s kick."

The blue eyed god laughed, "Darling, you know I count humans among the number of animals." He pushed the green robe off of muscular shoulders. "Do you want me to tell you what I saw. It was quite entertaining in a horrible sort of human way."

Trowa thrust in counterpoint to Quatre’s movements, having given up the idea of work for the moment. "Horrible way? Just what were you watching Q? Was it something that Wufei wouldn’t have approved of? Shall he be calling me at any moment ranting about your depravity? Wondering how you could possibly be his sibling?"

Quatre pulled his mouth away from the delicious skin he had been sucking on, " Oh, Fei, definitely wouldn’t have approved. I’m sure he’ll hear about it soon enough, but I don’t think it was a crime. It was more along the lines of role play, but his servants will report anything."

Trowa was intrigued. A crime that wasn’t a crime? " Tell me," he gasped the command.

Quatre shrugged out of his slip and went to work on the fastenings at Trowa’s hip. "Well, I was in a forest when I came upon a slight young man with the most vivid red hair and he was arguing with this simply huge man, by human standards anyway. Then all of a sudden the big one grabbed him and kissed him. The smaller one put up a struggle." Trowa raised an eyebrow. Quatre smoothed it back down. "It was a false struggle, Trowa. I looked at his aura and it pulsed with desire. It was just to make his conscience feel better for submitting. Then the big one forced him to his knees and made him take it quite hard. I was amazed at the red head’s endurance. I enjoyed it." He licked the ear he was whispering in," It made me think of you and the way you take me when I’ve teased you past control. I want you to take me that way now. Hard."

Trowa groaned and transported them to their bedroom. He threw the giggling blond onto the bed and quickly commanded some vines to secure his wrists and ankles to the bedposts leaving enough slack for movement. He looked at the lovely pale body stretched out before him. His cock throbbed. Quatre licked his lips at the naked lust on his love’s face. Trowa tracked the wet motion and decided that he wanted to use that moist haven. He crawled up the captured boy and presented himself at his mouth. Quatre smiled and opened for him moaning with the knowledge that he would be ridden hard tonight. He shivered. He wasn’t bored in the least.


"Where is he?! Where is he?!"

Trowa had resurfaced from his meditative trance, when he had noticed an eerie silence in the palace. Although the place was buzzing with noise and activity, he could acutely feel the absence of one divine presence. Quatre was gone. Again. If he didn’t love him so much, he would kill him.

"This is the last time. He has went too far. I will kill him myself."

The world shook with the force of Trowa's fury. On Earth, various parts of the planet were brutalized by storms that seemed to come from nowhere. In the Heavens, several of the more perceptive gods and goddesses acknowledged the depth of the trouble Quatre was in.

Meanwhile, Quatre wandered gaily in a field of freshly bloomed wildflowers. Trowa sure did an excellent job. These flowers are amazing. Quatre thought fleetingly of Trowa. He knew he would be furious like the last time, but he could not spend his life in a cage waiting for him. Tired, Quatre stopped his play and decided to find a nice spot to rest. There's a nice spot. Quatre settled down beside a small stream, completely oblivious to the fact that Trowa knew he was gone and that he was about to attract the wrong type of attention.

Duo paced back and forth through his underground kingdom. His violet eyes sparked with frustration and his almost floor length, chestnut braid swung with each agitated step he took.

"I can't take this anymore! I am so freaking bored down here. Even torturing damned souls has gotten old. I need something to do. Now that Dorothy’s at Ambrosia with Relena the wars have halted and that means my business has slowed down. If I don’t do something, I’m gonna-" Duo paused mid tirade as a twinkle in the distance caught his eye.

"What the Hell?" Duo stalked toward it to get a better view. What he saw made him smile. Why if it wasn’t another god. Quite a little cutie, at that. Well, it seemed like his fun had come to him. A little fresh ass always cured boredom.


Duo peered into one of his numerous sight streams scattered across the planet. He liked to watch the humans . They amused him with their wars, crimes, and disease. Duo rarely got to socialize with the other gods and goddesses, because when he left Hades, his kingdom, to go to Heaven bad things tended to happen. But here was a divine being on Earth within his reach, he was sure of it and he intended to make the most of it. He needed some company and this slight blond would do just fine until someone came to fetch him back because he didn’t doubt he belonged to someone. He was to pretty not to.

Duo watched the blond, blue eyed young man, a boy really, lounge by the stream making a wildflower necklace. Duo was certain he had never seen a more inspiring creature. He wondered what kind of god he was. maybe the God of Virgins and laughed. If he was he wouldn’t hold that title for much longer. Already he was having a swell time.


Quatre lifted his head. He couldn't shake the feeling he was being watched. He glanced around. Nothing seemed amiss. So he went back to stringing his necklace.


"Who's there?" Quatre asked, jumping up.

"Calm down, flower. Nobody's going to hurt cha."

Quatre spun around to see a slender youth standing a few feet behind him. Mesmerizing. There was no other way to describe him. He seemed to radiate with power. His eyes were purple jewels and his hair. What could be said about his hair? It hung in a silky braid almost brushed the ground.

Quatre took a step back, more than a little alarmed. Not only was this being stunning, he was divine. Literally. Quatre had never before met this god. True, he and Trowa did not go out much, but they had attended several functions in Heaven. This god had not been at any of those parties. Quatre would have remembered. Quatre took another step back as braided god glided closer to him. He came to a stop a few inches from Quatre's face. Trowa.

Quatre stood his ground. Whatever was about to happen, it was obvious that it would be futile to run. This guy was much stronger than him.

"Who are you?" Quatre asked again. He leaned back so that the other man’s face would not be so close to his.

"Does it matter?" Duo questioned, reaching out to touch blonde’s face. Quatre jerked away. It was time to get out of there.

"Ummm, I think I'm going to go now."

"Don't you want to finish your necklace?" Duo held up the incomplete chain.

Trowa's going to be really mad. Quatre hesitated not wanting to return to face Trowa, but still wary of the violet eyed man. He would rather face Trowa than be uncertain of his well being. Trowa loved him above all else.

"I'll make another one. I have to go now."

"Not so fast."

Quatre went to turn and was unpleasantly surprised to find he couldn't move. Okay, now he was more than alarmed. He was terrified.

"If I did not know better, I'd think you didn't like me," said Duo smiling. Confident in his power over Quatre and wanting to string him along a little more before telling him he meant him no harm. He liked the slight boy already and wouldn’t want to make him to upset. And now that he was closer to him, he could see the faint traces of another god on him. A more powerful god.


Trowa was about to lose his mind. He did not have a clue where Quatre was. Usually, he would have returned by now with a silly excuse and a simpering smile. Something was wrong, seriously wrong.

He stopped searching the house. It was the third time he had stomped through it. It was unlikely Quatre reappeared in his room. He would wait a while longer. Maybe he is trying to punish me for ignoring him. It was having an effect. He could not work. He was uninspired to say the least.


"Please, let me go. Trowa's expecting me at home." Now he'll let me go, for sure.

The words did give Duo pause, but to Quatre's dismay his smile returned bigger than ever. "Trowa, huh? I used to know him. We grew up together. So, you think Trowa will come looking for you, hmm? What are you his lover? I haven’t seen him in a century or so. It’ll be great to see him again. Catch up with his Earthly happenings and such. Now that I think of it, I have missed him."

Quatre stayed silent. This stranger had grew up with Trowa? There were only a handful of gods as old as Trowa. Heero, Duo, Relena, and Dorothy. Zechs, Treize, Noin, and Sally were much older.

Wait a minute, he had met all of them…except…

"Duo! You're Duo aren't you. Trowa talks about you sometimes. Are you really his brother?"

"That’s what they tell me. We look nothing alike, huh ? Charmed to meet you. And you are?"

"Quatre. Trowa‘s lover. I don‘t look much like my siblings either. Now that we know each other, I would like to go home." Quatre still wasn’t certain he wanted to associate with the God of Death even if he did seem to be the friendly sort if a bit odd.

"Aww, there's no need to be testy Quatre. Can I call you flower? I'll just call you flower. Now we better go before Trowa starts looking for you, ne?"


t." Before Quatre could finish a single word, he found himself in a totally alien environment. It was dark and he could barely see Duo because he was attired in all black. Even though he knew it was silly to look to his abductor for protection, he edged closer to him.

"So, you want to be close to me now, flower. What would Trojan say?" Duo laughed at his new pet’s behavior. He was looking forward to his brother’s reaction to finding out he had his property.

"Don't call me that," hissed Quatre still trying to get used to the gloomy obscurity. He wasn't positive, but he was pretty sure he was standing in a pile of bones and those were skulls grinning at him out of the blackness. It was so dark.

"Okay, flower," Duo teased. 'Let me show you where you'll be staying."

Quatre did not budge. He had a strong aversion to darkness and an even stronger aversion to Death. Which did not bode well for Duo's relationship with him. He supposed he ought to give him a chance for family’s sake.

"Do we have to walk there? Couldn't we fly or zip or vanish or however we got here?" questioned Quatre. He didn’t know his way around so he couldn’t transport himself.

Duo looked at him consideringly. He wanted to start off on a good foot with his flower, he wanted him to take back good memories when Trowa came to fetch him so that Tro wouldn’t be too upset with him.

"Does Trowa fly you everywhere?"

"Well, no, but-"

"Then what makes you think I will? I don’t even get to fuck you like Trojan does."

Quatre blushed at the blunt words but answered. "But I'm scared and I don't like walking on dead people and you should always strive to make your guests comfortable."

Duo laughed. Now here was a little spitfire. No wonder Trowa had claimed him. What a cute sense of humor. "Now is a great time to get used to it. You don't want to be afraid forever, do you? Especially since I get the feeling you’re going to visit me often from now on."

"I won't be here that long and I doubt I come back to visit. Trowa is going to notice I’m missing and come get me if Wufei doesn’t tell him first. ," Quatre replied with far more assurance than he felt. He had made Trowa mad after all. At the moment he wasn't sure he was high on Trowa's to do list.

"Wufei? Who is this, Wufei?" Duo’s forehead wrinkled. He tried to think of all the gods and goddesses he knew. Wufei was not among them. "Is he some up start god like you? One of Heero’s many illegitimates ?"

Quatre frowned insulted. He and Wufei were about the same age. Up start god. The nerve of him. "Wufei is the God of Justice, my brother, and he just happens to be a full god like me, thank you. His parents are Treize and Heero."

Duo laughed. This just got better and better. Treize and Heero had a child? He wondered what he looked like. He bet Relena had a cow, not to mention Zechs. Who everyone knew thought he owned Treize. He had to keep up with the world better from now on. He was missing too much.

After he managed to curb his laughter, he grinned at the still frowning Quatre, " You are going to have to introduce me to this fantastical creature born of such illustrious men. Wufei, did you say? Tell me, flower, is he as beautiful as you are?"

"I don’t wish to tell you anything about my brother at the moment and I won‘t. I also don‘t think Trowa will appreciate how you talk to me."


"That's it. I'm going to find him. Henry, I don't know when I'll be back. Tend the house.

The servant nodded, secretly wondering just what was going on. The young Master Quatre had been missing for a full day. Most unusual.

"If I may be so bold, Sir, where can I reach you?"

"I'm going to Heaven."

With those words, Trowa vanished. He reappeared, an uncountable number of miles, above his Earthbound home. He surveyed his surroundings. He never tired of the light filled sanctuary where most of the gods and goddesses lived, but now he had more pressing things to do than gawk at the opalescence of Heaven. He started to walk in the general direction of Ambrosia Hills, the location of Heero's home. If one could call a structure that spanned the area of a continent a home. Walking he was bound to meet someone who had seen Quatre or knew of his whereabouts. Quatre, where are you?

He had only been walking about an hour when he happened upon Zechs. Stumbled over him really. It went to show how preoccupied he was that he didn't notice a naked God of Love tangling with an equally nude God of Philosophy, Treize. Those two were as shameless as ever.

"Ow! Get off my hair if you don't mind," snapped a frustrated Zechs. Frustrated, because a now distracted Treize was in the process of trying to escape his embrace.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't see you," apologized Trowa, carefully stepping off of Zechs' platinum tresses. Zechs gave him a look of disbelief. Not notice him?

"You mean to say, you didn't see me in all my splendor before you?"

"It's not that hard to believe," said a still struggling Treize who had been trying to get away for quite a few minutes before Zechs had seduced his senses.

Zechs bit him sharply on the shoulder in reprimand then turned back to Trowa.

"What are you doing in Heaven anyway? Isn't it the peak Season on your Earth?"

"I'm looking for Quatre. Have you seen him?"

"No, I haven‘t seen the little brat," mumbled Zechs, already losing interest in Trowa and trying to resume his seduction of an intrigued Treize.

"You have lost Inspiration," Treize looked stunned then worried. He glanced sideways at Zechs who simply shrugged with disinterest. Trowa was usually very protective of the younger god. He remembered the times when they had appeared together in Heaven.

"I did not lose him," Trowa snarled. " He disobeyed me and is most likely in trouble somewhere. I need to find him."

"Whoa, I can't believe you lost him," repeated an openly amused Treize, no longer worried because Zechs wasn’t concerned. If Zechs wasn’t worried, he wasn’t going to pretend to be. It’s not like it was his son missing.


Zechs paused in his sucking of various spots on Treize. He wanted to be left to his fun. Quatre had already taken up to much time in his life. So he offered some advice.

"If you didn't lose him, which you probably did, maybe, he was stolen. Now go. Leave us in peace. Go see Treize‘s little bastard. He should know what‘s going on with your precious toy." Zechs’ tone was bitter under the honey smoothness..

Trowa did. His mind spinning with the implications of what Zechs had said. Quatre. Stolen. It made perfect sense in a sick way. His worst nightmare realized. Zechs was right; he needed to see Wufei. The God of Justice would know if a crime had been committed concerning Quatre. Wufei recorded all crimes and his staff carried out various forms of justice or punishment.

He and Wufei were close and had been ever since Quatre had introduced them.. One could almost say they were best friends. Trowa confided in no one so much, save Quatre. One could say he had a thing for the younger gods. They were less absorbed in themselves. Not by much though. Angry and more than a little worried, he decided to fly to Wufei's Court. He could keep an eye out for Quatre along the way.


Quatre stood in midst of an extravagant room. He was shaking not from the destination, but from the journey there. If he had to step on one more severed limb or in another puddle of blood, he was going to go insane and he thought Trowa’s taste was bad. It must run in the family.

"What do you think?"

"Of what?" inquired Quatre still trying to recover from his walk through Hell.

"The room, flower." Duo replied.

Quatre summoned his courage and contemplated the room. All of the furniture appeared to be made out of bone and all the accessories were black or red, but this was not what stood out the most to Quatre. What stood out most was the state of the room. It looked like a hurricane had hit it.

"Who lives here?

"I do."

"Then where will I stay?"

Duo wiggled his eyebrows suggestively," Why with me, flower. Where else? He waited for Quatre’s reaction with glee. It wasn’t outraged as he expected merely concerned.

"But that wouldn't be, wouldn't be -"

"Wouldn't be what, flower?" Duo questioned as Quatre could not find the words.

"Wouldn't be proper," Quatre finally got out.

Duo tried to stop himself, but the laughter escaped. Quatre had been kidnapped and yet he was still worried about propriety. Priceless, simply priceless.


"What wouldn't be proper, flower, is if I return and you're still wearing those clothes. Put on some pajamas. We’re having a slumber party as soon as I get back. We’ll have popcorn and everything. I want to get to know my brother in law."

Duo vanished before Quatre could say anything or ask where he was going. Quatre sat on the bed and shook his head. He was no longer fearing for his life and other things. Nope, now just his sanity. He wondered what Trowa was doing and how soon he would rescue him from Duo’s insane clutches. He prayed that Trowa would rescue him before it was too late and he lost his mind.

Duo flew around his dark kingdom making sure to tell all his guards that under no circumstances was Trowa to be allowed into Hades. He wanted to spend a little time getting to know his new relative. His smile widening as he neared the end of his errand. This was working out better than he expected. He had a new friend, Quatre, a new interest to check out, Wufei, and he would soon be seeing his older brother, Trowa. Life in the Underworld was good.


Trowa knocked on the massive wooden door that graced Wufei's Court.

"Come in, Trowa."

That's wasn’t good. That was an ominous sign. Wufei was expecting him. He entered the clean, almost sparse by god standards, Court. Wufei was seated on the floor. He had no throne; he didn't think they were necessary. Wufei radiated serene beauty which was completely at odds with his hothouse exotic flower looks.

"You seek Inspiration," Wufei stated with certainty, his bottomless black eyes shining.

"You know where he is," questioned Trowa with a growing dread for the answer.

"He is in the Underworld."

"He's dead?! That's impossible, he is as immortal as you or I."

"I did not say he was dead. Duo has him. He has decided that Inspiration would make a marvelous friend and past time." Wufei tucked a silky black hair behind a delicate ear. " He does not seem interested in hurting him merely playing with him and getting to know what kind of being you would love. "

"Duo has him." Trowa's exposed eye widened. He hadn’t saw his brother in ages, but he still remembered his off key sense of humor. "I must get him back before Duo traumatizes him. I shall go now." Trowa went to vanish, but Wufei grabbed him. He rematerialized and waited impatiently for his friend to speak.

"I'm afraid it won't be that simple, Trowa. Nothing is with Duo. He has locked his kingdom against you and the only way to get in is by High Decree from Heero. Duo wants to have as much time as possible to get to know your lover."


"You mean I have to petition Heero?"

"Yes, and it will not be easy. Duo is said to be his current favorite and Relena is on a rampage. Dorothy and Noin are at Ambrosia Hills also. Dorothy is feeding Relena's pique and Noin is trying to calm her down. When you get to the palace, it could be months before you see Heero, but Heero has always had a soft spot for Quatre. It is said that Quatre is his and Zechs‘ child. I never asked Q, myself."

"I don't have months, my friend. It's already been several days and the Earth is wilting in my absence. I need my Quatre back now, before something happens to him and as for the rumors, I wouldn‘t doubt it, although, Zechs seems to care very little about what happens to him.."

"From the stories I have heard, Heero wanted to see if a child of Zechs’ would be more beautiful than Treize’s and Zechs wanted to get back at Treize. Quatre was the result. As for the situation on Earth, I have heard the prayers of the humans. Injustices grow more rampant in times of need and their situation fast becomes dire. Good luck, you will need it."

Trowa bid Wufei farewell. He materialized in Ambrosia Hills. No other god's palace, however, immense could compare to the magnificence of Heero's home. In fact, there were replicas of favored gods and goddesses palaces in Ambrosia Hills. The palace was in disarray. One could feel Relena's rage even though you could see neither her nor Heero.



"Aw, flower, I can see you need have not followed my orders. How can we enjoy ourselves if you refuse to cooperate. Now be a darling and change into some pajamas."

Quatre rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers. He was instantly attired in pale blue pajamas with white clouds. Duo nodded approvingly and snapped his own fingers. His suit was black ( big surprise) and covered with stars. Duo bounced onto the bed and settled down comfortably. Quatre waited for him to say what was supposed to happen next. He didn’t have to wait long.

"Let’s talk about our secret crushes."

Quatre stared, mouth open. Duo looked perfectly serious. " I don’t have a secret crush. I’m committed fully to Trowa. I don’t have to fantasize about anyone else."

Duo cocked his head to one side. "You ’re a bit young to be committed to any one, aren‘t you, flower? And you’re telling me that you don’t secretly want anyone but Tro?"

Quatre nodded smugly, " And I am plenty old enough for your brother."

Duo was not impressed. "So tell me what my brother does to you that makes you so hot to trot for him. I can not imagine."

"No. It’s private."

Duo smiled sweetly, " Okay. I’ll tell you about the times I’ve slept with Trowa during our youth. Of course you know I had to seduce him. What with his silly rule against sleeping with his brothers and sisters. I see it didn’t keep him from sleeping with his nephew."

Quatre’s mouth dropped open. Duo started laughing at him. This was really too easy. "Don’t get your panties in a wad, flower. I was just kidding. Trowa’s not my type. I don’t cotton to the idea of sleeping with my siblings either. I think I’ll leave that to Heero, Relena, and Dorothy. You know growing up with someone just seems to make them less desirable. You know all of their faults and weaknesses. Speaking of my type, tell me more about my relatively new nephew, Wufei. He sounds intriguing."

Quatre flushed at being so easily taken in. So Duo wanted to know about Wufei. He smiled. This could be fun. He couldn’t see the rigid Wufei being in Duo’s presence for more than a few seconds and as far as he knew Wufei was a virgin.

"Well, first off, Wufei is beautiful." Duo sat up straighter as Quatre continued. " His skin glows a rich bronze color and his hair gleams like the sun except it is the deepest black. His body is a model of male perfection and his lips should be a sin. He‘s also pure." Duo’s eyes gleamed and Quatre went on and on describing Fei’s best attributes and Duo was entranced. He decided that they would visit Wufei’s Court just to save Trowa the trouble of a trip to the Underworld of course. Quatre wasn’t worried. Wufei could more than take care of his self and unlike Zechs, Wufei’s father cared about him slightly.



Trowa turned toward the sound of a relieved female voice. He saw Noin rush from one of the various open doors leading to the lobby in which he stood. He noticed her eyes were bloodshot and weary.

"Trowa, thank Heero, you are here. Maybe, you or Quatre can talk some sense into Relena or at least, stop Dorothy from egging her on.

She stopped talking as Trowa's expression darkened and his eyes filled with ire at the mention of Quatre's name.

"What is it? What's wrong? It's Quatre isn't it?"

"I need to see Heero as soon as possible. Quatre's been abducted."

Noin gasped. Her mouth parting in shock. Quatre had been abducted…but who?

"Who?" she pressed for more information.

"Duo," replied an impatient Trowa. "I need to see Heero now."

Noin smiled brightly. This was more funny than serious. " Duo took your baby. Your good friend and brother, Duo, God of Death. I can see why you want to get him back in a hurry. Duo’s not the sort you’d want a youth to hang out with. Not to mention he could tempt a saint."

Trowa growled impatiently. He didn’t want to think about Duo trying to seduce Quatre. Quatre was his and he’d better remember that or Duo would be in for a world of hurt if he layed one finger on his property.

"Just take me to Heero."

Noin reached out and touched his arm. They both vanished. Noin materialized directly in front of a highly frustrated, highly pissed off Heero. She dropped to her knees in a show of graceful humility. Trowa stood arrogantly. He wasn’t afraid of Heero or in awe. Heero got to rule by the mere fact that he was older not because he was more powerful.

"My Lord."

"Yes, Noin? What is it? I am in the midst of something here," grated Heero with a sidelong glance to Relena who was seated on her throne adjacent to his.

Noin raised her dark violet head, her dark eyes laughing. She looked up into Heero's hard cobalt eyes and swallowed a moan. He really was quite hot. She could totally understand why he was the father of over fifty something divine beings and numerous heroes. She could still remember the last time he had taken her.

"It is Quatre, Your Highness."

Everyone in the extremely extravagant room watched the effect these words had on their king. Heero’s visage softened and his mouth curled upwards in a slight smile. "Yes? What has my absolutely adorable offspring gotten himself into now?"

Relena growled in fury at his words like she did every time he flaunted one of his illegitimate children in front of her face. It was well know that she hated everyone of them and their parents too.

Dorothy, the Goddess of War laughed snidely and elbowed Relena in the side causing her to frown fiercely.

Noin stood and smiled, " He has managed to get himself noticed by Duo, your Highness. Duo," she paused," likes him." She waited for the explosion she knew was coming. Everyone knew Heero wanted to fuck his younger beautiful brother.

As Noin had expected, Heero leaped from his throne, thunderbolt in hand, a murderous rage filling his formidable features. "What!" Heero’s aura flared dramatically. " That no good scum won’t give me the time of day, but he takes a liking to my child. I can give him anything in the world and he won’t even let me touch him! How dare he, how dare he kidnap, my Quatre!" Heero bellowed, shaking Ambrosia with the force of his ire.

"Heero!" Relena snapped. " I am right here in the room with you, you realize. At least show me some small measure of respect."

Dorothy smiled viscously, " Truly, Relena he treats you worse than those humans he beds. He’s only upset because Duo wants to fuck Quatre and not him."

"That’s enough!" Trowa roared, annoyed by their silly bickering. " No one is fucking Quatre but me and that’s final. Now, Heero would you please unlock the gates of Hell so I can go get him?"

Heero sat back down slowly inner light dimming. It would be best for Trowa to go get Quatre back before Duo became to attached. He didn’t want another obstacle in the way of his seduction of Duo. " Alright, I’ll unlock them. There, now go."


Wufei looked up at the sudden flash of light. There before him stood his brother Quatre and the infamous Duo. Duo grinned at him charmingly. He merely lifted an eyebrow and turned to Quatre. Quatre looked none the worse for the wear. Wufei stood," I’ll tell Trowa you’re here. Please make yourselves comfortable." He vanished.

Trowa was just turning to leave when Wufei appeared. He stopped in surprise at seeing Fei outside his residence. He rarely left his Court.

Wufei said calmly, ignoring everyone but Trowa, " Quatre is at the Court," he paused, " so is Duo." Trowa was gone in an instant. Wufei the next.

They were both in for a bit of a surprise when they got back. Instead of ending their impromptu slumber party, Duo had simply changed its location. The two gods that had caused so much trouble were seated in front of Wufei’s numerous viewing screens of the world, eating popcorn, and having a generally good time. Wufei looked at Trowa and raised an eyebrow. The green eyed god simply shook his head. He wasn’t all that surprised. Quatre spotted him and jumped up and ran to him excitedly. Trowa staggered under the impact of his slight body. Whatever he may have been about to say was swallowed by Quatre’s mouth. Duo grinned and looked away from the lip locked couple at the slender young man standing by them. His breath caught. He couldn’t really say if Wufei was more beautiful than Quatre because everyone’s taste was different, but he knew for a fact that Q’s brother was breathtaking. Kidnapping Quatre had been a wonderful idea. He was no where near bored at this moment.

Wufei raised an eyebrow at the god staring at him intensely. He was rewarded with a slow grin infused with so much heat that he blinked. He broke the eye contact pointedly and moved to see what was so interesting on the viewing screens. He immediately turned red. Each screen was tuned into a different scene of sex on Earth. He heard laughter and looked up to see the purple eyed god laughing at his expression. He made no comment, simply waited for Trowa to pry Quatre’s tongue out of his throat. Quatre moved back with a disappointed sound.

Trowa determinedly pushed his arousal down and turned to Wufei who was watching him impassively. One of the reasons he and Wufei got along so well was because of Wufei’s studious personality. It was a nice contrast to Quatre’s vivacious nature. His gaze slid to Duo who was grinning looking not the least bit repentant for stealing his love. Duo noticed his glare and grinned harder. Trowa sighed it was difficult to stay mad at his little brother.

He moved toward the other two. So did Quatre because he was still plastered to his front side making lazy thrusts. He motioned with a hand toward Duo, " Wufei, I’m sure you know of Duo, but I don’t think you’ve ever met him. Duo, this is Wufei, God of Justice, son of Treize and Heero."

Duo stepped forward in a flash, kissing Fei’s hand before he could react, he whispered against the soft skin, " It is a pleasure to meet you, Wufei." Wufei stared at him too shocked to even retrieve his hand. Duo used this to his advantage sucking his middle finger into his mouth. He moaned and gave it a quick hard suck.

Wufei started and snapped out of his stupor when Duo sucked on his finger. He jerked his hand back to his side and tried to ignore the heat that flashed through him at the scrap of teeth against his finger. He frowned hard at the violet eyed boy who just continued to look at him with open lust. He shifted his glare to Trowa. Trowa shrugged. Quatre was smothering his giggling in Trowa’s neck. He returned his glare to Duo and very deliberately wiped his finger off. Duo’s eyes hardened but the desire remained.

Trowa spoke, breaking the tension with his own displeasure," Duo, explain yourself." He waited knowing Duo would react instinctively to the tone of his voice. Sure enough, Duo’s eyes snapped to his already pleading for forgiveness.

"Trojan, I was bored and I swear that I didn’t know he was yours. I returned him safe and sound. See? I didn’t even try anything after he told me he was your lover." Duo held out his hands placatingly.

Trowa’s expression did not soften, "You returned him after several days during which I was going crazy. You could of at least called to tell me where he was and what’s with locking the gates?"

Duo smiled sheepishly, " Alright, I should have contacted you, but I knew you would want him to come back right away. I wanted to get to know my brother in law." He lowered his head. "Forgive me, Trojan, I am sorry."

Quatre looked at Trowa imploringly and he sighed. " I forgive you, Duo. I see Q has not been harmed and in fact seems to be quite happy." He pierced Quatre with a hard look, " Too happy for a person that disobeyed me for the twelfth time and managed to get himself kidnapped." Quatre eeped.

"Trowa, I’m sorry, but I needed to get away from the palace for a while. I couldn’t find anything to do."

"Well, if you get bored again, you’re welcome to come to Hell anytime." Duo glanced at Wu, " Your brother is more than welcome there too." Quatre smiled brightly and looked at Trowa for consent. Trowa nodded slightly. Q hugged him tighter.

Wufei rolled his eyes, " Please, Quat, let the man breathe." Quatre loosened his grip and shot him a mock glare. Wufei continued, " And I know all about your little foray into human watching. I want to say I’m shocked at you, but I’m not really. I can’t believe we’re brothers."

Quatre finally let go of Trowa and danced lightly over to his brother whisking him into his embrace for a spur of the moment miniature waltz. Wufei moved with him gracefully, a small smile graced his mouth which Q kissed briefly. Quatre rubbed his back and spoke into his ear, " It would seem that our dear Uncle Duo has taken an interest in you." Wufei growled. Quatre smiled," He is an okay guy, Fei. Kinda strange but respectable. He didn’t try to touch me when he learned that I was taken. More than most would do."

Duo stood beside his brother and watched as the other two siblings danced to music only they could here. His groin tightened. The contrast was exquisite. They would look incredible naked wrapped around each other. He glanced down at Trowa’s crotch and smiled. Ah. " Hey, Trojan, which one did you meet first?" Trowa jerked and gave him a startled look.

"I met Quatre first. Then Wufei. Why?" Duo gestured with one hand and Trowa blushed. " Just because I like the mental picture doesn’t mean anything. I love Q and I plan on being faithful. Anyways, Quatre wouldn’t go for it and Wufei would probably faint at the very suggestion. He is very chaste."

Duo nodded, " So I’ve heard. Don’t worry, bro, I plan to correct that very soon."

"You will not take him against his will, Duo." Trowa said it as a statement. No question involved. Pure statement of fact.

Duo scowled, "I have never taken anyone that was not willing, Trowa."

Trowa gave him a measuring look, " You know what I mean Duo. You will not seduce him or bewitch him. You will not take him unless his mind, and body both are saying yes. And no, one out of two is not acceptable. He is family, Duo." He looked at the younger god hard to make sure he understood. Duo nodded finally not liking being brought to task.

Trowa smiled at Duo’s expression, "Don’t look so glum. Aren’t you confident in your ability to get him to succumb to your charm?" Duo grinned and Trowa knew he was resolved. " Be careful, Duo. He is easy to love. Don’t get snared in your own trap."

Duo snorted, " I am not going to fall in love with some up start godling like you, Trojan. I just want to sample the rarity of his beautiful virginity." Trowa simply shook his head.

Quatre danced Wufei back to them and released him. " And what are you two talking about so intently, Tro?"

Trowa merely looked at Duo. Duo smiled and replied, I was merely telling Trojan how much I would like to introduce your brother personally to one of the deadliest sins." The tone of his voice left no doubt to which sin he was talking about. Quatre frowned and wondered if he had spoken too soon when he had said Duo was respectable, but he was as respectable as a god with almost unlimited power could get. He hoped again that his confidence in Wufei’s ability to protect himself was not misplaced.

Wufei replied smoothly, " I am quite familiar with every sin there is. It is my job to be after all. I doubt you could teach me or show me something that I do not know or haven’t seen. I would like to ask you to refrain from sinning in my Court. It does not send a good example."

Trowa and Quatre laughed. Duo grinned; despite his apparent innocence Wufei would prove to be a more than worthy sparing partner it seemed. Lovely, just lovely. Trowa told him to be nice about fucking Wufei, he didn’t tell him not too. Trowa knew he couldn’t control Duo so he tried to temper him and he was right to do so. Because Duo very much wanted to just hold the haughty young Wufei down and take him until he was satisfied, but Trojan said be nice. He would be nice. Very nice.

Trowa cleared his throat, "I’m sorry to run Wufei, but it is the Season and I do have a lot of work to catch up on. Quatre and I really must be going."

Wufei nodded sagely, " It is alright, Trowa. I understand. Please, come back and visit me soon." he smiled, You also Quatre, maybe when the boredom is too intense."

Quatre smiled, " I will be sure to visit more often, Fei. Maybe I can help you keep an eye on those pesky humans."

Wufei smiled back at him and watched as the two gods faded from view. He sighed forlornly. He really did not get to see those two often enough. He walked back over to his meditation spot after resetting the viewing screens to their proper channels. He sank to the floor smoothly, settling into a classic lotus position and picked up where he had been when Duo and Quatre had first arrived.

Duo watched as Wufei went about his business ignoring his presence to the hilt. This just wouldn’t do. He walked silently to stand behind the seated boy. He reached out and ran a finger over the fall of black silk resting against Fei’s broad back. Wufei did not so much as twitch. Hmmm. Duo got on his knees behind him and swept the hair aside. He trailed his fingers over the soft skin he bared. Still no reaction.

Wufei felt the heat emanating from Duo intensely, but he held his position. He didn’t move when fingers stroked through his hair or when they trailed across the side of his neck, but he couldn’t ignore the touch of soft lips to his flesh. His eyes snapped open, " Just what do you think you’re doing?"

"I like to call it foreplay. Of course, if you don’t want any foreplay, I could just fuck you now," Duo whispered into the ear closest to him. Wufei grabbed a chunk of his bangs and pulled hard; he fell forward. "Ow! Let go damn it!"

Wufei used the handful of hair to pull Duo to the front of him. " Don’t touch me again. I don’t have time to spend playing with you; I have work that needs to be done. I’m sure you can go find some willing piece of meat to satisfy you. So kindly remove yourself from my Court."

Duo smiled up at him and removed the hand from his hair. He stayed where he was though, draped across Fei’s lap. " Of course I could find any number of beings to satisfy my desires, but that’s not what I want." Duo moved closer," I want you. You don’t have to be afraid, baby. I have enough experience for both of us. I’ll make it good for you."

Wufei tilted his head to one side and leaned down until his nose was touching the braided boys nose and whispered breathlessly," I have no doubt as to the extent of your…experience…and I’m sure you could make it good,

"So good," Duo whispered, focused on the warm moist air coming from Fei’s mouth as he spoke. He shivered.

Wufei pressed his lips lightly to Duo’s and finished," but you’re not my type." Then he put a hand on Duo’s chest and pushed him away. Duo caught unaware fell on his back. Wufei laughed and stood up moving toward his private chambers. Duo stayed where he was watching Fei retreat. So that’s how he wanted to play it. Wufei may have surprised him, but Duo had a millennia more experience than that upstart god.

Wufei entered his chambers to find Duo draped across his bed clad in nothing but his loosened hair. Wufei barely gave him the benefit of a full body glance. He went about arranging papers and such. Then he started to disrobe. He ignored the hitched breath that came from the direction of his bed. He slowly slid the robe off and down, knowing he was showing inch upon delectable inch of honey colored skin. He calmly walked over and got into his bed. A hand reached toward him, he smacked it away. "Don’t touch me. I want to sleep undisturbed."

Duo watched stupefied as Wufei went to sleep as though it were an everyday occurrence to have the God of Death naked in his bed. Man, being ignored made him hard. He reached down to stroke himself.

"If you’re going to jack yourself, please, get off the bed. Some people are trying to sleep."

Duo got off the bed.

Morning came to Wufei’s Court like it always did and Wufei got up with the morning light just as he always did. It was a perfectly normal day in all respects except that he wasn’t alone in his room. He sat up and reached over and smacked the braided god.

"Ow! What the He-"

Wufei cut Duo off, "Get up, it’s daylight. Do you not have somewhere to be?"

Duo rubbed his head, " I have nowhere to be besides where I am. I left someone in charge. I can spend as much time as it takes to get into your ass."

Wufei raised a disdainful eyebrow, " You must be planning to retire, because you’re never getting into me." He rose and stretched, unmindful of the sheets that fell away from his tight body. Duo reached out to touch a pale nipple. Wufei stepped away nonchalantly, walking to his massive dresser to pull out an outfit resembling the one he had on yesterday. Duo hopped out of the bed and bounced over to inspect the other god’s wardrobe. His lip curled in disgust. White, tons of white and blue. Truly they were complete opposites. His closet was filled with black, liberally sprinkled with red.

Wufei left the bedroom, ready for work. Duo hurriedly conjured up one of his favorite outfits. Black of course. He found Fei seated in front of his myriad of screens, peering at them intently. He sat beside him on the wooded floor.

"Why do you watch the screens, if you have servants to do it for you and report back to you?"

Wufei answered without looking at him, " I am supervising the activities of those that my servants can not see. Like you for instance, I knew that you had Quatre before any other god.

Duo grinned, a devilish gleam in his eye, "Soooo, If you wanted to you could spy on, I mean observe," he hurriedly corrected, "anyone you wanted to god or mortal?"

"That is correct."

"Wow, I thought your job was boring and tedious, but I see it does indeed have it’s upsides."

"Boring and tedious? As opposed to gruesome and disgusting?"

"Hey!" Duo exclaimed offended. His job might not be everyone’s dream job but to him it was ideal. "You know something, Wu-baby, you need to get away from this prison and experience life. I see it too often with the mortal folk, always working and chasing a buck, while life passes them by and the string is cut. Then to me they come without ever experiencing the joy of being alive. I don’t want that to happen to you , Sugar."

Wufei glanced over at him coolly, "First of all, I’m immortal. Secondly, my name is not Wu-baby or Sugar. It’s Wufei. Third, I experience life, thank you very much, just without the pitfalls of humans because I know better."

"Wufei, for your own good, I’m going to take you with me to visit my, excuse me, our family. It’ll be fun. First stop, your Dad." With these words before Wufei could protest, Duo leaned over and touched him, then they were gone.

When they appeared in the absolutely immaculate abode wherein Treize resided, he was engaged in questionable activities as always. Upon their arrival he immediately disentangled himself from the amorous clutches of the tenth muse, a muse gone wrong, Obsession. The muse glowered and shimmered out of sight.

Wufei tsked. "Father, what have I told you about playing with Obsession. Wasn’t it just fifty years ago that she unmanned you?"

Treize smiled, shrugging into his robe, " Ah, son, that was a long time ago. I’ve decided to grace her with my forgiveness, After all, passion clouds the mind and she is very passionate indeed. What are you doing here anyways? Not that I’m not happy to see you, but you so rarely leave your Court."

Wufei frowned, "I have been kidnapped by my dear uncle, Duo. He wants to sleep with me and he thinks that dragging me around the universe against my will will aid him in his mission. He is a fool."

Treize smiled with delight, taking in the dark clad god lounging on his bed, right at home among the rumpled sheets and strewn pillows. So, this one would have his baby. He hoped he was up to the challenge and indeed, he looked to be. It could prove entertaining should they both decide to stick around.

"Come Wufei, let us talk and catch up. Many years have passed since we have been together for any length of time and I do hope you will grace me with your presence for longer than a moment. You know my house is your house, quite literally." Treize turned to lead them to the living quarters.

Wufei fell into step beside his father, listening as he began to tell him of all the up and coming philosophers that were spreading his doctrine around Earth. Wufei in turn told him of the trouble his precious philosophers were getting into and causing. This amused him to no end and quite exasperated his son. Duo followed close behind listening with a slight grin at the exchanges of father and son. For some unknown reason it pleased him that his newest conquest had at least one loving parent. It would help Wufei get over the inevitable pain of his departure.

Unaccounted for time passed as the two gods conversed catching up with each other’s lives. Wufei grinned suddenly at his father. "Many times have you graced the screens of my Court, father. What kind of example, do tell, are you setting for your poor impressionable son?"

"Impressionable? Poor? Ah, my boy, you amuse me. Even when you were new to my world you were unimpressed. Everyone that set their sights on you remarked upon your stubbornness."

Duo laughed, " Now, that I believe." Wufei started as if he had forgotten the very existence of the other god. Duo walked over to stand behind him, tugging his hair free from its prison. Wufei turned to grace him with a fierce frown. Duo merely smirked. "Wu, baby, I’m tired and I should like to retire. I expect you to come to bed soon." With those words, he waltzed off heading in the direction of the rooms Treize had set aside for his son. Wufei glared at his retreating back.

Treize cleared his throat, " So, it would seem as if you have an admirer and quite a powerful one, I might add."

"Annoying one is what I would add."

Treize continued, "It would not be so bad to have him attend to your needs, young one. I am sure he is more than experienced even though he is not as free with his affection as his brother. There are many who would give anything to be in your esteemed position at this moment. I know that you think you have no time for such games, but as it seems that you have been taken on a …shall we call it a forced vacation, maybe the time is right for a little fun and relaxation. Think on it, Poppet. The games you play do not necessarily have to follow his rules. I, too, am tired and would seek my chambers. Goodnight, son and remember you are welcome to stay here as long as you would like." Treize lightly placed a glancing kiss on Wufei’s furrowed brow and headed off to his quarters.

Wufei sat alone for some time before he too strode off to his rooms. He reached his bedroom and was not the least bit surprised to see Duo reclined naked atop his bed. The god’s eyes were closed as if in slumber but Wufei was not fooled. He moved to stand in front of his floor length mirror and started to disrobe. He watched in amusement as the violet eyes opened to a slit to wander his body and a pink tongue snaked out to lick suddenly dry lips. He considered what his father had said about the game not having to follow Duo’s rules. The advice was valid and as he watched Duo watching him, he admitted to himself that the god was more than passing fair and if their was every someone he would like to be debauched by, it was he. He turned to go to his bed and Duo tracked his progress with lust clearly showing in his beautiful eyes. Wufei perched lightly on the edge of the bed beside Duo. Duo waited for him to make a move a bit warily. He smiled. It was a good thing that Duo was non too sure of him.

He leaned forward and teasingly ran a feather light touch from Duo’s collarbone to his navel. He smiled as the muscles clenched underneath his fingers and a shudder followed his course. "Duo," he whispered, "I’m thinking of taking you up on your offer to introduce me to sin. I think that it would help me be a fairer, wiser judge of men, to understand their perspective. Quatre has long told me to expand my scope of knowledge and perhaps I should heed his advice. What do you think, Duo?" He sat back with a inquiring look.

Duo was upon him so fast, his head spun for a moment. When the room came into focus, he was lying with his head at the foot of the bed and his feet at the head of the bed with Duo straddling his waist. He gasped as Duo pressed ardent kisses to his neck and he grabbed the ever present braid to pull him back and away. Desire glazed eyes met his, question evident. "Duo, stop. I’m not sure I want to make this introduction and just how can I be sure that you are the proper person to introduce me to sin?" He waited until the haze left the eyes of the older god. Duo sat back still astride him.

"So, let me get this straight. You might could be swayed to sleep with me…if I could prove that I am the most capable lover around. Is that right?"

Wufei grinned, "Right."

Duo nodded, " Okay. What do you need as proof? References from satisfied customers?" A black book magically appeared in Duo’s hand. A video demonstration?" He smiled, "Perhaps, a free trial?"

Wufei placed a hand in the middle of his chest as he went to bend down to claim his mouth. "Well, I was thinking something along the lines of a demonstration, but not on me. I mean because if I didn’t like the service, you would still have gotten what you wanted. That’s a raw deal. Raw."

Duo removed the restraining hand from the center of his chest and brought it up to his lips. " Sweet darling, I am waiting tell me what you would have me do."

Wufei smiled with delight, " First, I want you to let me up. Then, I want you to touch yourself and let me watch. Watching is something I’m familiar with."

Duo released him and rolled to the side. "I can do that." He watched Wufei sit up facing him. "Okay, do you want me to just start or do want me to do something in particular first?"

Wufei licked his lips, "I would like it if you sat against the headboard with your legs spread apart. Other than that you may proceed as you wish."

Duo moved back against the headboard keeping eye contact with the young god in front of him. He spread his legs wide and was pleased when the dark eyes dropped and ran over all that he had to offer. He took himself in hand and a gasp sounded in the stillness. Wufei’s eyes were wide and curious. He started off slowly, stroking, teasing himself the way he like most. As thoroughly as he knew himself and as completely as he provided his own pleasure, Wufei’s pleasure at watching him drove his desire higher. He thrust up into his hand, curling his torso upwards, because he knew from experience that showed off his abs to their greatest advantage.

Wufei shifted uneasily as his arousal throbbed and ached. He had not expected to get so caught up in Duo’s pleasure. It was nothing that he had not seen before and yet, it all seemed new. The assurance with which Duo stroked himself told him that Duo was confident in his technique. And the release and clench of the muscles in that otherworldly body was sending fire straight to his groin. He found himself inching closer and closer, wanting to get in on the action. Duo’s eyes closed as he hit a particularly good spot. This was his chance! Wufei reached out and touched the weeping head of the rock hard shaft. He was immediately pinned by Duo’s glowing orbs. Wufei froze as the full power of that gaze skewered him. Duo gripped his wrist and pulled him to sit upon his legs. He bared his teeth in a pained parody of a smile.

"So, you want to help me, do you?" When Wufei shakily nodded, Duo wrapped Fei’s fingers around his arousal. "Let me show you how to please me, then." He adjusted Wufei’s grip, "I won’t break and I’m at the stage where a light touch would just aggravate me. Do it hard."

Wufei gave an experimental pull, pleased when Duo’s breath hissed out between clenched teeth. He stroked faster with more confidence and smiled as Duo twitched and bucked up into his hand. Oh, yes, this was entertaining. He caught his lower lip between his teeth as he concentrated on finding out just what brought Duo the most pleasure.

Duo was hard pressed to keep his body on the bed. The fiery pleasure shooting through him made him want to thrash and writhe about. All in all, he wasn’t that successful in staying still, but Fei did not seem to mind. He looked at his tormentor, loving the focused expression on his face as he brought him pleasure. Oh, he wasn’t going to last much longer. "Fei…Wufei," He tried again louder in between gasping breathes.

Wufei looked up the second time Duo gasped his name. He frowned not at all happy to be interrupted. "What?" he said a bit snappishly, still stroking and pulling his new toy.

Duo shuddered, took a deep breath, tried to speak , shuddered and tried again. "Wufei, I’m gonna…come."

Wufei’s eyes widened, "Really? Do it then. Come for me. Let me see you let go." He stroked faster and harder.

Duo groaned at the eagerness in his voice and arched up into the increased intensity of his touch. It was coming, it was coming. "Ahhhhh!" Duo’s back arched up hard and hot cream spurted up onto his abdomen and over Wufei’s hand. He dimly heard Wufei gasp as he vision went black with the force of his completion. For a beginner, Fei had a lot of natural talent and had proved to be a fast learner. He watched avidly as Wufei hesitantly lifted a soiled hand to his mouth and touched his tongue to a creamy finger. In that instant he was hard again. He looked at Wufei’s naked form, noting his still rampant desire.

"My little god, I can help you with that if you please," he gestured toward Wufei’s lap with a hopeful expression. He watched with interest as Fei looked back at him considering before shaking his head no. Duo could see him drawing back into himself and putting distance between them.

"That is quite alright, Duo. I can do without a little Death tonight. I’m tired and I wish to sleep. Please tidy yourself so that we might rest."

Duo grumbled but did as he was told and in a blink order and cleanliness was restored to the bedroom. Wufei lay down beside him, but when he went to draw him into his arms smacked his hands away. Duo sighed. This was going to be one tough seduction.