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Inspiration Lost

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What a boring day.

Absolutely, positively boring.

Quatre padded around his spacious room. Spacious by human measures anyway. He came to a stop in front of the red maple dresser that resided at the foot of his fluffy bed. He peered into the crystal clear mirror.

/At least I don't look like I'm dying of boredom./

It was true. Quatre appeared in no way as if he were at Death's doorsteps. Strange, really, as he was quite a few years over a hundred. His freshly cut blond hair gleamed with health and his sapphire blue eyes sparkled. His slight, pale skinned body was clad in a flimsy white slip dress. He looked no older than sixteen. Quatre sighed and looked away form his perpetually young image.

" I guess I'll go see what Trowa's doing, still working probably. He's always working."

With these words Quatre left his room at the back of the palace where he and Trowa lived. He paid little attention to the splendor of the various halls and rooms he strolled through. After all, he had lived here for going on fifty years. If anything he wanted to redecorate it. Trowa had had the same décor for centuries. Lots of plants and flowers, liberally laced with gold. It was like living in a jungle to Quatre, but it made Trowa happy. Not surprising, since he was the God of Earth.

"Trowa, Trowa." Quatre called as he neared the massive lobby type quarters that Trowa worked in.

/I was right./

Trowa was still working. Granted, Trowa was beautiful when he was at work. Seated on his throne of living cherry wood and garbed in only a brown loincloth and a sheer forest green robe. Quatre could always tell when Trowa was concentrating especially hard, because he would shimmer brightly from within. His head full of lush hair tipped back giving a rare glimpse of both eyes. Too bad they would be closed in meditation.

Quatre flopped down on the velvety couch in front of Trowa's throne. There was no need for conversation. Trowa couldn't hear him when he was in this trance like state. The palace was never open during the Season, Trowa's peak work months. It was to dangerous to everyone concerned when Trowa wasn't fully alert.

Quatre lay there on the couch for a few hours watching Trowa. It became apparent that he wasn't going to take a break anytime soon after the fourth hour. Quatre jumped off the couch with the coltish grace only he had. Trowa often said he reminded him of an exceptionally lovely unicorn he once owned.

/I am going out./

He knew it was against the rules to leave the palace during the Season, but he was sure Trowa would hate it even more if he expired of boredom.

/Okay, so I'm immortal./

So who cared. He was certain he could make it back before Trowa took a break. He knew from experience that he could work for months on end without stopping.

Quatre slipped quietly out of the palace. The living décor wilted in sympathy for him should he get caught.


Quatre slowly opened the door, praying to Heero above that the hinges did not squeak. Thankfully, the servants did a wonderful job maintaining the place. He managed to get through the door and close it soundlessly.

/Now, if I can just make it to my room./

"Where have you been?"

Quatre froze. Busted.

/Just my luck./

"I thought I heard a noise and went outside to check it out"

He immediately saw that lying was a bad move as the already mad Earth God began to positively glow with fury.

"Do you really expect me to believe that? That pitiful excuse is worthy only of a human. Why do you insist on trying me this way? The restrictions I place on you are for your own protection. Did I not tell you to never leave the palace without notifying me during the Season.

As Quatre watched Trowa pace and rant, his own anger grew until he could be silent no longer.

/He thinks I'm some child he has to babysit!/

"I'm not helpless you know! I'm a god myself, in case you forgot! I'm perfectly capable of looking out for myself!

Trowa paused.

/Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way./

He stalked over to his throne and sat down.

"Come here, Quatre."

"No, I don't want to," Quatre pouted.

Tightening his hold on his uncertain temper, Trowa tried again.

"Please, Quatre, I'm sorry for yelling."

Quatre sulkily treaded over to stand in front of Trowa. Trowa reached out and tugged on a lock of Quatre's hair before picking him up and setting him on his lap.

"Quatre," he began," you know that I love you more than anything on Earth or in the Heavens don't you? And, yes, I realize that you are a god yourself. It's just that you are so beautiful and innocent that I fear someone more powerful than you or even I will steal you away. Do you understand?

/Yeah, yeah, yeah./

Quatre nodded, not really agreeing, but wanting to get back on Trowa's good side. For in truth, he thought no god more powerful than Trowa, save Heero, and who would dare anger Trowa by messing with him. He gazed up into his love's visible emerald eye and thought, not for the first time, about how well suited Trowa was for his job. Quatre had never met anyone, god or human, with eyes as vivid as Trowa's or with bangs so deliciously wild, just like Earth.

/He's so magnificent./

Trowa looked down at his companion and sighed at the glazed over, vacant look in his eyes. He could tell Quatre had tuned him out a while ago. He shook him softly to get his attention.

"Quatre, I trust you still managed to spread a little inspiration around," he remarked.

Slightly offended, Quatre huffed," Of course, I did. It is my job, after all."

Quatre started to say more, but the amused gleam in Trowa's eye stopped him.

/Well, well, well, maybe I can inspire him to have a little fun. It's been forever since we've had any together./

"Trowa, don't you want to play with me tonight."

Trowa looked down at Quatre draped temptingly across his lap regretfully.

"I'm sorry, but it's Spring in the Southwestern Hemisphere. You know how much work it is to make sure every plant and animal is blessed with fruit."

"But Trowa-"

"No buts. I've already agreed to leave Antarctica in Winter to spend extra time with you. If I let anything else lapse, I'll get in trouble with the boss. Now, get off my lap and let me get back to work.

Quatre clung to Trowa's neck, refusing to budge. He tried to talk Trowa out of going back to work. Work was boring.

/Heero couldn't car less about Trowa./

"The boss. Hmmph. Heero is so busy keeping her Godly Highness, Relena, occupied that he's stopped answering prayers. Even the most devout human voice doesn't seem to reach his ears. I think, personally, Queen Relena is screening his calls."

"Hush," admonished Trowa, snickering. He might be listening as you speak,"

"You know it's true, Trowa. Relena is jealous of everything and everybody."

"Shh, for the last time. You don't want get on Relena's bad side. She is Heero's wife after all."

"That doesn't matter. All the gods and goddesses know he only desires Duo."

"And just how would you know that? You've never met Duo."

"Zechs told me."

"And he would know wouldn't he? I wonder,"Trowa mused," what does our king see in the Death God? Now, get down off my lap and let me get back to work."

/I'm not in the mood anymore, anyway./

"Fine, I'm hungry anyway," Quatre grumbled, jumping down and heading toward the kitchen.

Trowa watched Quatre disappear in the direction of the kitchen. He smiled as he faintly heard Quatre mutter something about what good is it to be the God of Inspiration if he couldn't inspire Trowa to make love to him.

/Next time, small one./

Trowa began to shimmer brightly as he resumed his blessings of the Earth.


"Where is he?! Where is he?!"

Trowa had resurfaced from his meditative trance, when he had noticed an eerie silence in the palace. Although the place was buzzing with noise and activity, he could acutely feel the absence of one divine presence.

"This is the last time. He has went too far. I will kill him myself."

The world shook with the force of Trowa's fury. On Earth, various parts of the planet were brutalized by storms that seemed to come from nowhere. In the Heavens, the gods and goddesses acknowledged the depth of the trouble Quatre was in.

Meanwhile, Quatre wandered gayly in a field of freshly bloomed wildflowers.

/Trowa sure does an excellent job. These flowers are amazing/

Quatre thought fleetingly of Trowa. He knew he would be furious like the last time, but he could not spend his life in a cage waiting for him. Tired, Quatre stopped his play and decided to find a nice spot to rest.

/There's a nice spot./

Quatre settled down beside a small stream, completely oblivious to the fact that Trowa knew he was gone and that he was about to attract the wrong type of attention.

Duo paced back and forth through his underground kingdom. His violet eyes sparked with frustration and his almost floor length, chestnut braid swung with each agitated step he took.

"I can't take this anymore! Heero hasn't been to see me in ages. I refuse to continue to await him. That witch has him on a chain! I'm gonna-"

Duo paused mid tirade as a twinkle in the distance caught his eye.

"What the Hell?"

Duo stalked toward it to get a better view. What he saw stole his breath away.

/Such beauty, such warmth./

Duo peered into one of his numerous sight streams scattered across the planet. He liked to watch the humans . They amused him with their wars, crimes, and disease. Duo rarely got to socialize with the other gods and goddesses, because when he left Hades, his kingdom, to go to Heaven bad things tended to happen. But here was a divine being on Earth within his reach, he was sure of it.

/He is all that is desirable, like the sun./

Duo watched the blond, blue eyed young man, a boy really, lounge by the stream making a wildflower necklace. Duo was certain he had never seen a more inspiring creature. Not even Zechs, the God of Love, could hold a candle to this boy.

/I must have him./


Quatre lifted his head. He couldn't shake the feeling he was being watched. He glanced around. Nothing seemed amiss. So he went back to stringing his necklace.


"Who's there?" Quatre asked, jumping up.

"Calm down, flower. Nobody's going to hurt cha."

Quatre spun around to see a slender youth standing a few feet behind him.


There was no other way to describe him. He seemed to radiate with power. His eyes were purple jewels and his hair. What could be said about his hair? It hung in a silky braid almost brushed the ground.

Quatre took a step back, more than a little alarmed. Not only was this being stunning, he was divine. Literally. Quatre had never before met this god. True, he and Trowa did not go out much, but they had attended several functions in Heaven. This god had not been at any of those parties. Quatre would have remembered.

Quatre took another step back as Duo glided closer to him. He came to a stop a few inches from Quatre's face.


Quatre stood his ground. Whatever was about to happen, it was obvious that it would be futile to run.

/This guy is much stronger than me./

"Who are you?" Quatre asked again. He leaned back so that Duo's face would not be so close to his.

"Does it matter?" Duo questioned, reaching out to touch Quatre's face. Quatre jerked away.

/It's time to get out of here./

"Ummm, I think I'm going to go now."

"Don't you want to finish your necklace?" Duo held up the incomplete chain.

/Trowa's going to be really mad./

Quatre hesitated not wanting to return to face Trowa, but still wary of Duo. He would rather face Trowa than be uncertain of his well being. Trowa loved him above all else.

"I'll make another one. I have to go now."

"Not so fast."

Quatre went to turn and was unpleasantly surprised to find he couldn't move. Okay, now he was more than alarmed. He was terrified.

"If I did not know better, I'd think you didn't like me," said Duo smiling. Confident in his power over Quatre.


Trowa was about to lose his mind. He did not have a clue where Quatre was. Usually, he would have returnrd by now with a silly excuse and a simpering smile.

/Something is wrong, seriously wrong./

He stopped searching the house. It was the third time he had stomped through it. It was unlikely Quatre reappeared in his room. He would wait a while longer.

/Maybe he is trying to punish me for ignoring him./

It was having an effect. He could not work. He was uninspired to say the least.


"Please, let me go. Trowa's expecting me at home."

/Now he'll let me go, for sure./

The words did give Duo pause, but to Quatre's dismay his smile returned bigger than ever.

"Trowa, huh? I used to know him. We grew up together. So, you think Trowa will come looking for you, hmm? What are you his lover?

Quatre stayed silent. This stranger had grew up with Trowa? There were only a handful of gods as old as Trowa. Heero, Wufei, Duo, Relena, and Dorothy. Zechs, Treize, Nion, and Sally were much older.

/Wait a minute, he had met all of them…except../

"Duo! You're Duo aren't you."

"Charmed to meet you. And you are?"

"None of your concern."

"Aww, there's no need to be testy. I'll just call you flower. Now we better go before Trowa starts looking for you, ne?"


t." Before Quatre could finish a single word, he found himself in a totally alien environment. It was dark and he could barely see Duo because he was attired in all black. Even though he knew it was silly to look to his abductor for protection, he edged closer to him.

"So, you want to be close to me now, flower."

"Don't call me that," hissed Quatre still trying to get used to the gloomy obscurity. He wasn't positive, but he was pretty sure he was standing in a pile of bones and those were skulls grinning at him out of the blackness.

/It's so dark./

"Okay, flower," Duo teased. 'Let me show you where you'll be staying."


Quatre did not budge. He had a strong aversion to darkness and an even stronger aversion to Death. Which did not bode well for Duo's relationship with him.

"Do we have to walk there? Couldn't we fly or zip or vanish or however we got here?" questioned Quatre.

Duo looked at him consideringly. He wanted to start off on a good foot with his flower, but he wasn't going to coddle him.

"Does Trowa fly you everywhere?"

"Well, no, but-"

"Then what makes you think I will?"

"But I'm scared and I don't like walking on dead people."

"Now is a great time to get used to it. You don't want to be afraid forever, do you?

/Hopefully, I won't have to be./

"I won't be here that long, anyway," Quatre replied with far more assurance than he felt. He had made Trowa mad after all. At the moment he wasn't sure he was high on Trowa's to do list.


"That's it. I'm going to find him. Henry, I don't know when I'll be back. Tend the house.

The servant nodded, secretly wondering just what was going on. The young Master Quatre had been missing for a full day. Most unusual.

"If I may be so bold, Sir, where can I reach you?"

"I'm going to Heaven."

With those words, Trowa vanished. He reappeared, an uncountable number of miles, above his Earthbound home. He surveyed his surroundings. He never tired of the light filled sanctuary where most of the gods and goddesses lived, but now he had more pressing things to do than gawk at the opalescence of Heaven. He started to walk in the general direction of Ambrosia Hills, the location of Heero's home. If one could call a structure that spanned the area of a continent a home. Walking he was bound to meet someone who had seen Quatre or knew of his whereabouts.

/Quatre, where are you?/

He had only been walking about an hour when he happened upon Zechs. Stumbled over him really. It went to show how preoccupied he was that he didn't notice a naked God of Love tangling with an equally nude God of Philosophy, Treize.

"Ow! Get off my hair if you don't mind," snapped a frustrated Zechs. Frustrated, because a now distracted Treize was in the process of trying to escape his embrace.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't see you," apologised Trowa, carefully stepping off of Zechs' platinum tresses. Zechs gave him a look of disbelief.

/Not notice him?/

"You mean to say, you didn't see me in all my splendor before you?"

"It's not that hard to believe," said a still struggling Treize.

Zechs bit him sharply on the shoulder in reprimand. Then turned back to Trowa.

"What are you doing in Heaven anyway? Isn't it the peak Season on your Earth?"

"I'm looking for Quatre. Have you seen him?"

"No," mumbled Zechs, already losing interest in Trowa and trying to resume his seduction of an intrigued Treize.

"You have lost Inspiration," Treize looked stunned.

"I did not lose him. He disobeyed me and is most likely in trouble somewhere. I need to find him."

"Whoa, I can't believe you lost him," repeated an openly amused Treize.


Zechs paused in his sucking of various spots on Treize. He wanted to be left to his fun. So he offered some advice.

"If you didn't lose him, which you probably did, maybe, he was stolen. Now go. Leave us in peace."

Trowa did. His mind spinning with the implications of what Zechs had said. Quatre. Stolen. It made perfect sense in a sick way. His worst nightmare realized. He needed to see Wufei. The God of Justice would know if a crime had been committed concerning Quatre. Wufei recorded all crimes and his staff carried out various forms of justice or punishment.

He and Wufei were close. One could almost say they were best friends. Trowa confided in no one so much, save Quatre. Angry and more than a little worried, he decided to fly to Wufei's Court. He could keep an eye out for Quatre along the way.


Quatre stood in midst of an extravagant room. He was shaking not form the destination, but from the journey there.

/If I have to step on one more severed limb or in another puddle of blood, I'm going to go insane./

"What do you think?"

"Of what?" inquired Quatre still trying to recover from his walk through Hell.

"The room, flower." Duo replied.

Quatre summonded his courage and contemplated the room. All of the furniture appeared to be made out of bone and all the accessories were black or red, but this was not what stood out the most to Quatre. What stood out most was the state of the room.

/Someone stays here./

"Who lives here?/

"I do."

/He can't meant to say I will be sleeping with him./

"Then where will I stay?"

Duo was silent for a long time. He seemed to be choosing his words carefully as if he knew what a fragile state of mind Quatre was in, but how eloquent can Death be?

"You will stay here with me."

"But that wouldn't be, wouldn't be -"

"Wouldn't be what, flower?" duo questioned as Quatre could not find the words.

"Wouldn't be proper," Quatre finally got out.

Duo tried to stop himself, but the laughter escaped. Qutare had been kidnapped and yet he was still worried about propriety.

/Yes, this flower is precious./

"What wouldn't be proper, flower, is if I return and you're still wearing those clothes. Prepare for bed."

Duo vanished before Quatre could say anything or ask where he was going. Quatre dropped to his knees, despair overcoming him.

/Trowa, where are you? Why haven't you come for me?/

He prayed that Trowa would rescue him before it was too late.

Duo flew around his dark kingdom making sure to tell all his guards that under no circumstances was Trowa to be allowed into Hades. His passion rising as he neared the end of his errand. It was time. Time to pluck his delicate flower. The thought brought a smile to his lips and sent heat to his groin.


Trowa knocked on the massive wooden door that graced Wufei's Court.

"Come in, Trowa."

/That's not good./

This was an ominous sign. Wufei was expecting him. He entered the clean, almost sparse by god standards, Court. Wufei was seated on the floor. He had no throne; he didn't think they were necessary.

"You seek Inspiration, old friend," Wufei stated with certainty.

"You know where he is," questioned Trowa with a growing dread for the answer.

"He is in the Underworld."

"He's dead?! That's impossible, he is as immortal as you or I."

"I did not say he was dead. Duo has him."

"Duo has him." Trowa's exposed eye widened. "I must get him back. I shall go now." Trowa went to vanish, but Wufei grabbed him. He rematerialized and waited impatiently for Wufei to speak.

"I'm afraid it won't be that simple. Duo has locked his kingdom against you and the only way to get in is by High Decree."

"You mean I have to petition Heero?"

"Yes, and it will not be easy. Duo is said to be his favorite and Relena is on a rampage. Dorothy and Noin are at Ambrosia Hills also. Dorothy is feeding Relena's pique and Noin is trying to calm her down. When you get to the palace, it could be months before you see Heero."

"I don't have months, my friend. It's already been several days and the earth is wilting in my absence. I need my Quatre back now, before something happens to him."

"I have heard the prayers of the humans. Injustices grow more rampant in times of need. Their situation fast becomes dire. Go, find Noin, she will aid you. Good luck."

Trowa bid Wufei farewell. He materialized in Ambrosia Hills. No other god's palace, however, immense could compare to the magnificence of Heero's home. In fact, there were replicas of favored gods and goddesses palaces in Ambrosia Hills. The palace was in disarray. One could feel Relena's rage even though you could see neither her nor Heero.



"Aw, flower, I can see you need discipline."

/And I will enjoy giving it to you./

Quatre's head snapped up from it's position in his lap. He was still kneeling on the floor where he had crumpled when Duo had left. He looked Death in the face with fear. Duo reached down and jerked him to his feet, pulling him hard against his body.


"Please, don't," beseeched Quatre.

"Don't what, flower? Don't make you want me? Don't touch your silken flesh? I don't think you can stop me and I know Trowa can't. Just relax, flower. It won't hurt for long."

Quatre began to struggle furiously, kicking and striking out wildly. He fought fiercely with all he had, but was soon subdued by Duo's superior strength.

/My flower has thorns./

"Did that make you feel better, flower? Now that you can tell dear old Trowa that you put up a fight. Okay, flower, now that that's out of the way, let's get down to business."

Duo walked Quatre backwards toward the monstrosity of a bed that graced the middle of Duo's bedroom. Quatre whimpered pitifully, his arms caught behind his back by Duo's strong grip. The back of his knees hit the bed and he tumbled unto it.

Duo grinned down at the picture of terrified innocence Quatre presented.

His resistance only aroused him more. His little flower would not be reluctant for long; soon he would open his soft petals and beg for his rain.

Duo adjusted his grip on Quatre's wrists, holding both his hands with one of his own. He divested Quatre of his flimsy covering with a deft flick of the wrist. Quatre lay motionless, trying to pretend this was not happening to him. Duo's breath caught at the sight of his pale, sweat dampened body.

"Exquisite, absolutely divine."

Quatre just lay there, eyes shut tight. Duo leaned down dying to taste those trembling pink lips. Quatre jerked and turned his head at the touch of Duo's mouth, denying him intimate access to his mouth. Duo snarled, displeased at being denied.

"Resist all you want, flower. It'll only cause you more pain, not I. By the way, I think I should know the name of the person that is about to make me cum."

Duo grabbed a fist full of Quatre's hair pulling sharply.

"Tell me," he demanded.

Quatre gasped. His head pounding with the pain.

"No," he managed to get out.

Duo let go of his wrists and straddled Quatre. One hand still wrapped in his hair, Duo let the other wander down his quivering body.

"How badly do you want to keep your name a secret, flower? Enough to let me have you anyway I want? I will have you, let there be no doubt. Tell me your name and I'll be gentle."

Quatre's whole body was arched upwards from Duo's grip on his hair. He did not have the will to hold out against such violence.

"Quatre, my name is Quatre."

Duo celebrated this victory by placing an adoring kiss on Quatre's neck. Quatre flinched away, tears wetting his cheeks.

"That wasn't so bad, now was it, flower," soothed Dou, kissing his way down Quatre's neck to his chest. He kissed a moist path down the center of his captive's chest. Pausing, he glanced up to watch the play of emotion on Quatre's expressive face. There was distress, but he could feel Quatre's temperature rising. He licked a nipple teasingly, not at all surprised when Quatre bucked and moaned.

"Please, please no," whimpered Quatre.

"Why not, when you're enjoying it so much."

/I'm not enjoying it. Am I?/

"No, no, Trowa, Trowa, please."

Smack! Quatre's head reeled to the side. Duo stared down at the handprint forming on Quatre's otherwise unblemished skin. Surprised that this boy could make him lose his temper so easily. More than ever he wanted to show his power over this flower.

"Don't ever say that name in my presence again," rasped Duo.

/Trowa, Trowa!/

Quatre ignored him, weeping hysterically. Rage consumed Duo.

/Quatre should feel honored I evened looked at him./

He pinned Quatre to the mattress with his forearm.

/I'll show him what he's been missing. Trowa is nothing compared to me./

Quatre only felt the merest brush of Duo's hand before he was consumed. Dou swallowed Quatre repeatedly, sucking painfully hard, forcing the boy into hardness. Quatre writhed wildly, caught in a whirlwind of pleasure against his will.

/I can't believe this. I'm so dirty, not worthy of Trowa's love./

"No, no, no," He chanted breathlessly, but it seemed the more he protested and struggled the more determined Duo became, the more intense the pleasure. Until he came in a burst of sensation. Duo continue to nurse, making sure non of Quatre's essence escaped. He sat back with a smug expression on his devilishly handsome face. He straddled the dazed boy, still fully dressed and forced him to meet his eyes.

"Now what will you tell your sweet Trowa? Perhaps I should tellhim about how you exploded in my mouth, drenching my tonsils with your heavenly cream."

Duo vanished just as Quatre's blow to his head would have connected.

/I wouldn't blame Trowa if he never spoke to me again./

Quatre, confused, tired, and depressed, curled into a ball and cried himself to sleep. Not bothering to cover his nudity. What was the point?



Trowa turned toward the sound of a relieved female voice. He saw Noin rush from one of the varios open doors leading to the lobby in which he stood. He noticed her eyes looked hagard and bloodshot.

"Trowa, thank Heero, you are here. Maybe, you or Quatre can talk some sense into Relena or at least, stop Dorothy from egging her on.

She stopped talking as Trowa's expression darkened and his eyes filled with pain at the mention of Quatre's name.

"What is it? What's wrong? It's Quatre isn't it?"

"I need to see Heero as soon as possible. Quatre's been abducted."

Noin gasped. Her mouth parting in shock. This went deeper than even Trowa realized. Someone was going to pay.

"Who?" she pressed for more information.

"Duo," replied an impatient Trowa. "I need to see Heero now!"

"Stay here. I'm sure he will see you immediately."

"How can you be sure?"

"Trust me."

Trowa stood there staring open mouthed at a wisp of smoke. Noin had vanished. With nothing left to do but wait. He went to rest in his own piece of Heero's Ambrosia Hills.

Noin materialized directly in front of a highly frustrated, highly pissed off Heero. She dropped to her knees in a show of graceful humility.

"My Lord."

"Yes, Noin? What is it? I am in the midst of something here," grated Heero with a sidelong glance to Relena who was seated on her throne adjacent to his.


Noin raised her dark violet head, her brown eyes hesitant. She looked up into Heero's hard cobalt eyes and swallowed gathering her courage.

"It is Quatre, Your Highness."

Everyone in the extremely extravagant room watched amazed at the effect these words had on their king. Heero jerked as though shocked, an absolute stillness spreading through his rigid frame. He searched Noin's face with an intensity that made her tremble.

"Out. Everyone out."

At these eerily calm words, some servants actually ran over each other in their haste to clear the room. Relena exchanged a look with her right hand goddess, Dorothy, who nodded. They too exited the room, but at a more dignified pace.

"Speak, Noin."

"Inspiration has been abducted." Noin looked away nervously, dreading saying her next words.

"By Duo."

As Noin had expected, Heero leaped from his throne, thunderbolt in hand, a muderous rage filling his formidable features.

"How dare he, how dare he kidnap, my Quatre!" Heero bellowed, shaking Ambrosia with the force of his ire.

"My Lord, My Lord," Noin franticly tried to calm the enraged god. Heero still enraged, but more in control, turned his gaze upon a flustered Goddess of Loyalty.

"My Lord, something must be done. Trowa is so upset that he has stopped working. The Earth as we speak is dying a slow painful death and you can't…I mean you can't….."

"I can't what?!" Heero pressed. "I can do anything, I please. I rule here, no one else," he said gesturing grandly.

Noin once more dipped her head humbly. Then threw back her slim shoulders and met Heero's stare head on. She seemed to be gathering power from within.

"You can't just go take him from Duo by force with no apparent reason. You risk exposing it all, ruining it all." Noin stated earnestly.

Heero looked at her consideringly. He stepped closer and put his hand beneath her delicate chin, holding her gaze steady.

"And what if I want to expose it all, let it bask in the light?"

Noin closed her eyes, a tear escaping. Her fine boned hands clenched tightly at her sides, the perfect nails biting into soft flesh.



"But you promised. You promised never to tell," she whispered, eyes opening, but cast downwards, glistening with teardrops waiting to fall.

Heero leaned down, clutching her close to his hard chest. He stroked her hair soothingly, resting his forehead on hers.

"Shh, we will work this out some how," he reassured.

/Thank you./

Noin clasped him tighter in gratitude, breath blowing warmly on his firm lips. She peered at him pleadingly. Firm lips brushed satin ones.

"What do you suggest, sweet one?"

Noin stepped back shakily, running a hand over her tousled hair. Composure returning to her slowly.

"I suggest…"


Quatre woke abruptly. He blinked drowsily, glancing down at the arm encircling his waist. At first, he thought he was back on Earth snuggling with his love, Trowa. Then the events of the past several days bombarded him in sickening flashes.

"Awww!" he screamed trying his best to evade what seemed like an iron band around him.

Duo impassively drew Quatre beneath him releasing his waist to pin his arms high above his head. Quatre stilled as suddenly as he had begun to fight, staring up into a wicked purple gaze. Said gaze filled with satisfaction at his surrender. Duo relaxed his grip, letting Quatre's arms free. Quatre lay there as he began to kiss his lips. Then in a lightening quick move thrust his knee into Duo's highly aroused groin. In the pain and confusion that followed Quatre managed to wrestle himself from Duo's grasp and flee into the depths of Hell.

"You'll pay for this, flower!" Duo's agonized cry vibrated through the immense room.

Quatre ran, not sure really trying to go anywhere, just trying to get away. His labored breaths rose as mist in the surprisingly frigid air of his surroundings. Slap. Slap. His bare feet pounded over paths scattered with limbs and bones. He ran so hard that he didn't notice the black shadow blocking his path until it was too late.

"Ah, flower, how nice of you to return to me, " said a still smiling Death.

Quatre's scream of pain attracted all manner of spirit, demon, and beast. All the denizens of Hell flocked to see what promised to be delightful entertainment. Their Dark Lord, taming the vibrant young god trembling naked before him.

Quatre's eyes rolled into the back of his head as Duo used the now bloodied blond hair to force him to his already bruised knees. Quatre heard as though underwater the faint rustle of cloth and the unmistakable whisper of a zipper. He could feel the crowds leering anticipation.

"Not here, please, not here."

"You had your chance, flower. You chose to waste it."

Quatre could not help but choke as Duo pushed his steel erection into the very back of his dry throat. Duo groaned with the intense pleasure of Quatre's tight mouth. His precum fast lubricating the passage. Quatre cursed his immortality. Wishing for the first time to be mortal so that he could find reprieve from this depraved humiliation. His eyes began to slowly lose focus as tears clouded his vision. Duo continued to pound in and out of his bruised and bleeding lips.

/Trowa, Trowa where are you?/


Trowa stood in front of Heero, listening to his Highness explain that there was nothing he could do personally. His vision dancing with red spots.

"If I may be so forward, my Lord, what can you do?"

Heero had to admire Trowa's grit. Not many had the guts to stand before him undaunted and unfazed. Quatre had chosen well.

" I can only unlock the Underworld for you. I can do no more without strong cause."

"That is enough."

Trowa left Ambrosia Hills to it's controversies and secrets. The time had come to prepare for war.


"My Lord, My Lord!"

Duo paused midstroke at the sound of his first in command's voice. His shiny, saliva coated penis still resting on Quatre's swollen, raw tongue.

"This had better be good," panted Duo, waiting impatiently for the reason his fun was being interrupted. Quatre slumped in Duo's grasp, mouth slack and slimey with spit and precum.

"Master, the locks are opening and we can't close them back. Nothing we've tried has worked, Sir."

Duo dropped an abused Quatre on the floor, his senses clearing rapidly. He was redressed in an instant.

"Prepare for war."

Quatre lay where he had fallen, motionless, spirit broken, Inspiration lost.


Trowa stood at the gates of Hell. Nothing short of Heero himself was going to keep him from Quatre. Duo was going to pay and if he had hurt Quatre he would be lucky to survive.

Duo could feel Trowa's presence, could sense it in his very being. Duo lounged on his throne, unconcerned, petting Quatre who was chained by his side. He had the advantage after all. While Trowa's soldiers were numerous, they were also alive. Which meant that they could and would die, adding to Duo's lifeless army.

Wufei sat on his floor, legs crossed. Something was wrong. Even though the gods were matched, he felt Duo had an unfair edge. He just could not figure out how. Their legions were equally match-

/That's it! I must alert Heero of this unforeseen complication./

Trowa charged through the masses of walking dead. A god in all his glory. Spiked hair sweat dampened, emerald eyes gleaming like jewels. His force close upon his heels. He could almost see Duo; he was so near. His divinity and Quatre's emanated to him.

/Close, so close. Quatre, I'm coming./

Duo looked up from his, despite everything, beautiful captive.

"He's here."

Quatre's blue eyes seemed to glow from within.


/There he is./

Trowa entered the monstrous throne room, like a tornado, blowing all from his path, until he stood before the insolent God of Death.

"Trowa, how nice of you to visit me. I haven't seen you since we were 200 years old. I trust you already know Quatre." Duo jerked the chain around Quatre's wrists, pulling him forward.

Quatre watched Trowa take a sweeping inventory of his bruised and battered body. He seemed to shrink into himself as Trowa's gaze took in the traces of blood and cum that smeared his face.

/I'm ruined. I should have obeyed him. Now, I am soiled in his eyes./

Trowa looked back at the now openly laughing Death, face darkening with fury.

"Stand and face me, Death."

"Why? When you will soon be overtaken by the multitude."

"Our legions are evenly matched, Harlequin."

Duo wagged a slender finger.

"It is you, Trowa, who is the fool. Look around, can you not see?"

Trowa glanced around. It did now appear as if Duo's zombies had the upperhand. With the death of his men, Duo's multiplied. The situation was fast becoming dire.

/How could I have not seen this?/

Duo laughed as realization flashed across his nemesis's face. He stepped down from his seat a scythe forming in his hand.

"Soon, Trowa, it will be over," he promised as he strode forward.

Just as the titan powers were about to collide, the Deathscythe and the fiery sword of Earth, a blinding light filled the Underworld.



All dropped to their knees in homage except the two furious gods at war.

Heero stood silently for a moment, then he turned to Duo. Who was surveying him with remembered lust.

"Duo, where is your honor? Wufei has alerted me to your treachery. What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Heero, you know I fight you win," Duo smirked, licking his lips teasingly.

Heero looked at Duo consideringly. He turned to Quatre, taking in the boy's wretched state. His countenance blackened. He turned back to the feuding gods.

"Stand down. There will be no further blood shed on this day. Duo, release Quatre, there is no honor in this. It is not befitting of a god, even you Death."

"But, My Lord, he must pay for the disrespect to me and mine."

"Rest assured, he shall be duly punished. Now, go take your Inspiration and leave."

Trowa gathered Quatre to him, freeing him from his bonds. Quatre shivered in his arms, clutching him tightly.

"I'm sorry Trowa."

"Shh, you're safe now. That's all that matters."

/Thank Heero, he still wants me./

Duo watched resentfully as Trowa and his stolen flower disappeared from his view.

"If you wanted to see me, Duo, all you had to do was make an appointment."

Duo smiled and slinked closer to Heero.

"But this was so much more fun, My Lord," he breathed.

"Unfortunately for you, it has also stirred my anger."

Duo gaped at a loss. He had tortured others before and it had not bothered Heero in the least. What was so different about this instance?

"But, Heero-"

"That is enough. I will not be back. I leave you with a word of warning: Don't mess with Quatre again."

With these words, he vanished, leaving a puzzled, stricken Duo standing there staring into empty space.

                                          The End