Tangled Tales


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"Ummm, Heero, are you sure that's the right way to do it?"

"Yes, Quatre, I'm sure this is the correct way to do it," the stoic boy replied not pausing in the act of installing a brand new baby seat into the backseat of Trowa's bronco. Wufei had absolutely refused to have the baby ride home in Duo's mustang. Trowa had insisted they use his vehicle.

Quatre cocked his head to one side doubtfully," If you say so."

He opened his mouth to offer more unneeded and unheeded advice when he was interrupted by a flurry of activity coming out of the hospital door. His doubting expression melted into a mega watt smile.

A gaggle of nurses were surrounding Duo and Wufei as they tried to make their way to the car with little Destiny. Most of the nurses were imparting last minute pearls of wisdom to the new parents, a few were just sad to see such a beautiful couple leave their ordinary lives. They wanted to commit every second to memory.

Wufei heaved a sigh of relief as the last of the nurses fell away. He thought they would never leave. It was finally time to go home, to show Tiny her future. He pulled the sleeping baby closer to his chest, smiling at the gurgle that escaped her parted lips. He missed the fact that the other three pilots were waiting on him to put her in the car seat. Quatre spoke up.

"Wufei, aren't you going to put the baby in the car seat so we can head home?"

Wufei frowned,' Why would I put her in that contraption when she's perfectly fine in my arms?"

"Well," Quatre began only to be cut off by Heero.

"Because Wufei, it is illegal for her not to be in a child protection device, not to mention dangerous."

The black haired boy turned to level a glare at the so-called Perfect Soldier. Duo quickly stepped between them, heading off a potential fight. He turned to his love.

"Fei Fei, it's for the baby's safety. You do want her to be safe don't you?" he held out his arms for Tiny, beaming as Fei grudgingly handed her over. He placed her gently in the seat and snapped her in, making sure her pillows were just so. He placed a soft kiss on her rounded forehead and quietly closed the door on her side. He then slid into the back seat beside Wufei who was rechecking all of the seat's fastenings.

Heero watched for Wufei's go ahead, before cranking up the Bronco and heading home. In the passenger side, Quatre daydreamed about a baby of his own.

By the time the boys reached the mansion, Wufei and Duo were nervous wrecks. Things really were different when you had a family of your own. Every automobile on the highway appeared a deadly threat out to get you. Both boys heaved sighs of relief as the house came into view. This parenting thing was going to take some getting used to.

Heero deftly parked in his usual spot, popped the trunk, and jumped out to unload the suitcases and what not the couple had brought from the hospital. Quatre gathered up most of the baby's bags and Duo got the rest. Wufei got the baby, of course. It was rare to see anyone, even Duo, with Destiny for an extended amount of time.

They were greeted at he door by one of Quat's numerous servants and informed of the facts that Mill and Trowa were still out, both visiting their sisters. Heero handed off the luggage and headed for his room to do whatever he did there. Duo relieved Q of his burden and followed Fei to the nursery. His heart swelled with emotion when Fei placed the baby in the crib he and Trowa had built. He moved to stand beside Fei to gaze down at their little girl. The moment was made perfect when Fei reached over and grabbed his hand.

They stood there for a long time watching her tiny chest move up and down. The spell was broken by a knock at the door of the light yellow room. They turned to see a timid young lady.

"Master Quatre said to inform you that dinner is available," having delivered her message the girl scurried off.

"Are you hungry, Fei?" Duo asked not hungry himself. Imagine that.

"Not at the moment. I'm more tired than anything. I think I'll turn on the monitor and try to get some rest before she wakes up and has to be fed.

Their room was next door to the nursery for convenience sake. Duo walked the short distance there with Wufei taking note of every wince and his mild pallor. Once inside the room, he swept Fei up into his arms and deposited him on their bed. Wufei blinked up at him questioningly.

Duo fixed him with a stern look, daring him to tell him anything but the truth," What's hurting?"

Wufei obviously wanted to say nothing, but muttered, " The stitches are still sore and walking up the stairs did not help any." He lay still as Duo helped him out of his clothing.

Duo felt his temperature rise as Fei's bronze flesh was revealed to him. The only thing stopping him from ravishing the feast before him was the angry red line of stitches below Fei's navel and the doctor's orders. He stared at the line consideringly.

"Fei Fei, did you not buy something to help this heal faster and cleaner?"

Wufei who had been holding his breath under his partner's inspection nodded. He tried to read Duo's reaction to the future scar but could not.

"Are you going to tell me where it is?"

Wufei blushed at the amusement evident in that question and quickly told him it was in the top drawer of his desk. He watched Duo swagger over and get the herbal oil.

Duo resumed his position straddling the naked Fei with ointment in hand. He opened the small bottle and drizzled some of the fragrant liquid onto the cut. Wufei emitted a small gasp and gave a slight buck.

Duo raised his eyes from the glistening skin and asked," Cold?" knowing that was not the cause of Fei's reaction. Fei shook his head no, a small blush on his high cheekbones. Duo gave him a patent look then gently massaged the moisture into the scar. Covering more area than strictly necessary.

He used increasingly larger circles until he was brushing the dark pubic hair that graced Wufei's groin. He took great pleasure in the pants escaping the coral lips above him. Deciding he had played enough Duo grasped the firm arousal he had been ignoring.

Wufei let out a keening cry when Duo took him in hand. He opened eyes he hadn't realized he had closed. He watched, eyes locked with Duo's as Duo lowered his head and took a lick at his head. He arched sharply, not even feeling the slight pain caused by his incision, just trying for more of the pleasure Duo represented. Duo chuckled and engulfed him in moist heat. His world went black then exploded with color.

Wufei was well on his way to ecstasy when Duo abruptly began to pull away. Wufei growled, hands clenching in the abundance of chestnut locks. He almost broke down when Duo reached up to untangle his fingers.

"Wufei, let go, the baby's crying." Duo tugged at his hands again. Wufei let go of him like he was on fire coming crashing back down to reality. The baby!

"I have to go to her," he went to get up, but found himself unable to move. He looked up into violet eyes. Duo shook his head indicating his state of undress.

"I'll go, I'm still dressed," Duo left the nude still hard boy on the bed, speechless.

Wufei stared at the door for a full minute after it closed. Then he shook his head and flopped back on the bed. Not only was he unsatisfied, but now he was a negligent parent. And even as these thoughts fluttered through he ached for release. Duo had the baby, everything was under control. Surely no one would blame him if he got himself off.

He trailed his hand down his sweat-dampened body. He grasped his painfully swollen shaft and pumped. Imagining that Duo was still there. In time at all he was back at the peak of ecstasy.

Dou placed the sleeping baby back into her crib. He tiptoed down the hall silently. A moan met him at the door. He eased it open and slipped into the room, the door slid unnoticed from his fingertips.

Wufei jerked upright as the door closed with a resounding click. His glazed eyes met hungry purple ones. He licked his lips and blew silky black strands out his face.


Duo almost came standing there as that husky plea reached him. He paced across the room dropping clothes as he went. Wufei watched him with a palpable intensity. He crawled unto the bed and over the heated boy. He kissed his way up satin thighs.

"Now, where were we?"

This was Fei's only warning before he was once more engulfed. Duo used one hand to pin the arching hips and the other to stroke his own hardness. Within moments both were erupting. Fei into the lush pinkness of Duo's mouth, Duo onto the bed and his hand. For awhile ragged breathing and gasps filled the room.

Exhausted himself, Duo dragged himself up beside his lover. Dropping a kiss on his forehead he pulled him close and settled his chin on the top of his head.


A feline rumble greeted his question.

"When can we have sex again?"

"Six weeks."

Duo grew very still, "Six weeks? Over a month? I'm going to die! Are you sure, Fei?"

His question was met with silence. Wufei had drifted off. Duo tried to put this daunting news from his mind and followed suit.

Two hours. Two hours. Two hours was all the sleep Wufei managed to get. It seemed as if he had just shut his eyes when soft coos woke him up. The baby was awake. Since she didn't seem to be distressed, Fei took the time to clean up and dress. He crept out leaving duo still asleep.

He went to the nursery and peered with amusement at the tiny waving limbs. He walked closer and laughed as the baby's blue gaze found him.

"Hello, beautiful," he picked her up, holding her in one arm with easy familiarity. " Let's go see what the other's are doing, shall we?"

They found the other guys gathered in the living room doing various things. Sometime during his short nap, Mill and Trowa had returned. Mill and Heero were playing chess, one of their favorite pastimes. Trowa was finishing a rather intricate dollhouse that abandoned by Duo and Quatre was watching one of his videotapes.

Wufei walked around the mess of dollhouse and sat on the couch next to Quatre. The blonde's face lit up.

"Oh, you're awake and so is the little one. How's she like the nursery and the baby monitors, they are working fine?"

Wufei pulled a tiny hand from an equally tiny, but ravenous mouth, " The monitors are very sensitive and I'm not sure how she feels about the décor. It's difficult to tell."

Quatre giggled and scooted closer, leaning over to tickle the baby. The happily waving limbs and gurgles to cute to resist. What a beautiful baby.

"Oh, Wufei, can I hold her?" Quatre turned on his most pleading expression knowing of Wu's extreme protective streak.

Wufei look from the pleading aqua gaze to Destiny and back again,"Okay, you can hold her, but be careful." He gingerly handed the baby over. Trowa raised an eyebrow at the other two pilots who also had been observing the scene. Mill shrugged and mouthed the words, Quat's hard to deny.

Mill left the finished game, a rare victory for him and stood behind his smaller mate who was so obviously entranced with the wiggling bundle in his arms. Totally observed in Quatre's happiness, he didn't see the small hand reaching for his unbound hair until it was too late.

"Oww!" Mill glared at Quatre who did not a thing but laugh at his efforts to retrieve his hair. The baby was bound and determined to put the locks in her mouth. Trowa and Heero joined Quatre in the act of laughing at Mill's predicament.

It was Wufei who finally managed to coax the platinum strands away from the surprisingly strong grip. As all babies do when tharwted, Destiny sent up a mighty wail. Quatre quickly handed her back to Fei who deftly popped a pacifier into the crying mouth. She was asleep within seconds. The room was silent for a few minutes.

" You should have just let he have the hair, Milliardo. You have plenty to spare."

Milliardo turned to glare at Trowa, " Just wait until she attaches herself to your bang, clown boy.

Heero moved to sit beside his love, amusement glowing in his eyes," Now, now Peacecraft, just because you were almost scalped by a newborn, is no reason to be hostile."

Several choked snickers met this statement. Mill just huffed and sat on the floor in front of Quatre making sure Tiny was indeed asleep and out of reach of his hair. Quatre rubbed the offended spot and kissed it all better. The dollhouse was soon finished by two sets of skilled hands and the baby rested in strong arms until it was time to retire once again. Duo slept on blissfully.

Wufei settled into bed tiredly. It had been a long, long, but good. Duo's braid caught his eye. A chuckle escaped him. Poor Mill. His eyes slid shut.

Crying…Tiny's awake. Wufei elbowed the snoring boy beside him.

"Duo wake up, the baby is crying."

Duo grumbled incoherently and rolled over and stumbled out of bed. Wufei promptly went back to sleep.

Duo padded over to the crib," What's wrong, honey? Hungry? Wet? Both? It's three in the morning you know? No, I guess you don't."

Duo undid the fuzzy pink jumpsuit that Relena and Noin had bought. Yep, she was indeed wet. As he changed the dirty diaper, it hit him. His baby looked more than a little like Heero.

Duo shook his head and blinked slowly, trying to rid himself of sleep. Nothing changed. Little Destiny looked enough like Heero to be his own. The blue eyes with barely a hint of tilt, the creamy skin, the dark hair. Wow, he wondered if Wu had noticed it yet. No, he definitely had not or he would have made it known. Duo finished redressing the baby and lovingly rocked her back to dreamland. As he put her back in the crib he wondered how long it would take the others to make the connection.

He trudged to his room, heart feeling a bit heavier than before as he remembered the night of her birth. Remembered Wufei asking him if he loved him more than Heero. They had said no more on the subject since then, but it still weighed on Duo's mind and troubled him greatly. That issue needed to be resolved soon. Yes, the sooner the better. He climbed into the large bed and snuggled under the covers. Wufei instantly turned to him with a sound of contentment. Duo lay there with his heart in his arms and stared at the ceiling.

Duo walked blearily into the kitchen barely missing a wall. Five pairs of eyes focused on him. The owners of those eyes were dressed for the day and well rested. He fumed.

"Good morning, Duo," Quatre greeted," your breakfast is on the counter."

He nodded at least someone was looking out for his welfare. After the initial glance Fei hadn't even acknowledged him. Duo looked at his lover over his fork. His fresh, well rested, slept all night lover. It wasn't fair! He got up all through the night to feed and change the baby then Fei played with the baby all day. The little voice of reason reminded him that Fei had carried Destiny for nine months and given birth to her. He brooded over his meal.

Wufei cooed at the baby. He glanced at Duo out the corner of his eyes. He could tell he was feeling the lack of sleep. That's what he got, for getting him pregnant. He turned to him with a blinding smile.

" Duo, did you sleep well, honey?" Wufei widened his eyes; head turned to one side like he had witnessed Quatre do before.

Duo paused fork in mid air. He stared at the innocently tempting expression Fei wore. It looked strangely familiar. He was sure he had seen it before. Wufei waited for an answer. He cleared his throat.

"Yeah, I feel great. This parenthood thing is a snap." A tiny voice in his head laughed at him.

Wufei nodded with satisfaction," That's great because Trowa and Heero are going to take us car shopping today." He turned back to the baby.

Heero choked on his coffee," We are?" He looked at Trowa who grinned sheepishly and tried Wufei's borrowed expression. Heero sighed. He hated that look.

Duo sputtered," But we have a car, Fei! Why do we need another one?"

Wufei turned to him in the middle of burping Tiny. His eyes grew moist and lower lip trembled.

"You have a car, Duo, a sports car. We need a family car for the baby. We are a family aren't we?" He blinked back tears that threatened to fall.

All eyes swung to Duo to see his answer. Neatly backed into a corner, Duo said nothing just got up and left the kitchen to get dressed.

The admiring eyes swung back to Wufei who had resumed his play with the baby. Quatre smiled at Mill, and whispered," I taught him everything he knows." Mill replied," I believe you."

Duo once more sat glumly in the back of the Bronco. A family car. Him, the God of Death, in a family car. The world was not fair.

Wufei could tell Duo still had not come to terms with the idea of a family car, but he was not going to have Destiny being zoomed around in a mustang. He scooted closer to him and laid his head on Duo's shoulder.

"Duo," he stage whispered.

"Yeah," He felt Duo play with his ponytail.

"You know you can still drive your car just not with the baby," he snuggled closer," you understand don't you?"

Duo inhaled the vanilla scent of Fei's shampoo and nodded. For this he could understand a lot.

"We're here."

Wufei looked at the car lot. It looked sufficient. The four climbed out and were greeted by a sales person. She immediately strode up to Duo. She stuck out her hand.

"Hi, I'm Amber and I 'll. be helping you find your new vehicle today," she beamed and tossed her auburn hair and beamed.

She then turned to Trowa and Heero," are all of you together?" She lingered a bit on Trowa.

Heero snaked an arm around the green eyed boy's slim waist," We're together." Trowa blushed at Duo's snicker.

She then looked over their shoulder at Wufei who was pushing Destiny in her stroller.

"Oh, what a beautiful baby! She clasped her hands to her chest and turned back to Heero. " She looks just like you." There was a collective gasp from the group and Heero even took a step back.

Wufei's face drained of color. His baby looked like… like Heero. He was going to be sick. Could he really have nothing of his own? He was always going to be in his shadow. His perfect shadow! He vaguely heard Trowa gasp an agreement then hurriedly pull Heero off before he got caught in the storm and Duo correct the sales woman. Duo moved to stand behind Wufei who looked a little queasy. He placed his hands on the slumped shoulders.

"Baby, are you okay, baby," he murmured placing a kiss on his temple. Amber faded into the back ground like a true professional. She looked longingly after Trowa.

Wufei took a deep breath and turned to Duo. Duo would tell him the truth. His baby didn't really look like Heero. Did she?

"Duo, do you think she looks like Heero?"

Duo never wanted to lie so much in his life. He looked down into those pleading eyes and couldn't do it.

"Yes, I think she has a passing resemblance to Heero. It's not often you see Asians with blue eyes."

Wufei did not burst into tears like Duo expected. He just nodded and turned back to the stroller.

"Let's go find Destiny a car."

The ride home in their new Achieva SL was a quiet one. Destiny was asleep in the back and the scenery had become beyond interesting to Fei. They arrived to find Heero and Trowa already there. Wufei made a beeline for their room with Tiny. Duo went to follow but was intercepted by a concerned Quatre.

"Trowa told me what happened." Quatre steered him back outside to sit in the gardens. He waited patiently across a stone picnic table for Duo to start talking.

"Well, I know he's upset, but he didn't throw a tantrum like I expected. He asked me what I thought and I told him the truth. He just nodded and we went to find the car." Duo sighed staring at his clasped hands in front of him.

They sat in companionable silence. Duo absorbed in his thoughts and Quatre offering emotional support. After apiece they wandered back into the house. Quatre was immediately nabbed by a frisky Milliard to his delight.

Duo smiled as he watched a former enemy retreat down the hall with a giggling Quat over his shoulder. Surely if love could conquer their differences love would conquer with him and Fei. Feeling a bit hungry, after all that thinking and shopping. He headed to the kitchen.

Soft singing lured him to the door. He quietly took a seat at the table to watch Fei finish bathing the baby in the sink. He loved it when Fei sang which wasn't often.

Wufei wrapped the fussy baby in a big fluffy towel drying her. He then carried her over to her clothes conveniently located by Duo. He dressed silence. Well there was nothing he could do about her looking the tiniest bit like Heero. It wasn't that bad really. Heero was quite lovely to look at, not that he would admit that to anyone out loud. He peeked at Duo who was looking at the baby with fascination. He smiled.

"Duo, it'll be okay, I know you're thinking how horrible it would be if she grew up to be as ugly as Heero. Don't worry, I'm sure she'll grow out of it."

Duo could not help but laugh at the serious look Fei was trying to convey while his eyes were brimming over with amusement.

He leaned closer to Fei and replied with the same seriousness, " I hope you're right. I would hate for her to be cursed with Heero's looks. Sometimes I wonder what Trowa sees in him."

Wufei dropped his façade and graced him with a beautiful smile. Duo was extremely relieved that Wufei seemed to have come to terms with this ironic twist of fate. As they sat there the day seemed brighter and the air lighter. A small voice whispered of unresolved issues, but was pushed under the table. Now was not the time. Not this golden moment of happiness.

Duo leaned forward in concern as an almost inaudible gasp left Wufei. " What is it Fei, what's wrong?"

Wufei smiled sheepishly, " She already knows how to seek out a weak spot; she kicked my incision."

Duo held out his hands, " Give her to me. I'll put her to rest." Wufei gingerly handed the precious bundle over. Duo noticed his slight hesitation. " You know, Wufei, I was raised in an orphanage. I have plenty of experience with children of all ages. I can handle my own baby; trust me."

Wufei sighed," I'm sorry if it seems that I doubt your ability to take care of her…it's just that I love her so much and if anything should happen to her." He glanced down, " You understand don't you?"

Duo laid a hand on his shoulder," Of course, I do Wu-babe. Now, let's see about putting this angel to rest." He cooed down at her and she gurgled back at him. " How about a lullaby, sweetie, hmm? My Wu-bunny lies over the ocean, my Wu-bunny lies over the sea! My Wu-bunny lies over the ocean, please, bring back my Wu-bunny to me!"

Wufei sat mouth open for a moment; then dissolved into snickers. " Me, a bunny? That has got to be the silliest lullaby I have ever heard. I am nothing like a bunny, not in the least."

Duo laughed," Oh, and what animal pray tell, do you think you resemble? Please, inform me?" He waited.

Wufei cocked his head to the side in thought," Well, I think Quat is the closest to a bunny-

Duo tittered, "Yeah, a kung fu ninja bunny on crack"

"Stop, interrupting. Now where was I? Quatre would be a bunny, Heero would be a wolf-

"Crazy like a wooolf," Duo sang. Wufei frowned at him," As I was saying, Heero would be a wolf, Trowa would be a cat-

"What kind of cat?" Wufei graced him with another frown," Can I finish? Any kind of feline. They're all sleek, mysterious, and graceful? Duo grumbled," I didn't know you thought so highly of Barton. I bet not catch you trying to stroke him" Wufei slapped him upside the head. " Stop grumbling you're upsetting the baby." Duo glanced down; the baby, still fully alert, smiled up at him. "Hmmp."

" Quatre's a bunny, Heero would be a wolf, Trowa a cat, Mill would be…I'm not quite sure. What do you think?"

"Oh, I can talk know, can I? Let's see.. an animal that is aristocratic, aloof, sexy as hell and screams sex. I know a wild stallion. " He sighed. Wufei smacked him again." And you grumble about me." Duo grinned sheepishly.

"Okay, this is the final list. Quatre's a bunny, Heero's a wolf, Trowa's a cat, Mill is a stallion, you're a panther, and I'm a dragon. There, don't you agree?"

Duo started to answer, but a low, husky voice bet him to it. "I disagree, my Quat is nothing like a bunny. If anything he's a rare white tiger."

The couple looked around to see the other two couples in the doorway. Quatre shrugged, " we heard you smacking Duo and came to see what he was doing?"

Heero smirked," I also disagree. I see Duo as less like a panther and more like a hyena."

"Hey!" The room exploded with laughter.