Tangled Tales

A New Beginning

Entrance | Livejournal

Dr. Sally Po walked down the hospital corridor, shaking her head in disbelief. It was simply unbelievable. Impossible, surely, but all the tests proved that the impossible had indeed happened. She stopped in front of room 112. A room just like any other except for the miracle it held inside. She took a deep breath, said a quick prayer to any god that happened to be listening and walked into the sterile white room.

The pilot within looked up as she entered, he could tell that something was wrong, very wrong. Whatever it was, he could take it he was strong, not weak like so many others.

"Doctor, what have you found? Please, don't dance around it, just tell me the truth I can take it."

Sally looked at the young man seated in front of her trying so hard to be brave. She decided, as he had demanded, that the best approach was the direct one.

"First of all, I found nothing fatal. No cancer, or anything of the sort. In fact, I do believe congratulations are in order, you're pregnant.

She watched as Wufei fell to the floor in a dead faint.

Wufei drove home slowly on pure muscle memory. His heart in his stomach and his stomach in his throat. He should have known something like this would happen. Nothing in his life had ever been normal. Things had been to perfect for him lately. A nice home, nice friends and the love of his life, all in one place. His life…Duo. Now that could potentially be a problem. He had no idea how his partner would take the news that he was soon to be a father. Since there was no way he was going to terminate the pregnancy, he could either like it or lump it. Hopefully their relationship would not end before it really began.

He parked in front of the sprawling manor where he and the other pilots lived. He walked determinedly up the stairs and into the living room. The first people he came upon were Heero and Trowa snuggling on the couch. They both looked up as he strode in.

"Wufei… is there something wrong?" Trowa asked worried at the expression on the Chinese boy's face.

Wufei grimaced. It seemed he wasn't hiding his inner turmoil as well as he thought. Instead of answering he asked, "Have you seen Duo?"

"He's upstairs," Heero put a restraining hand on Trowa's arm as he went to get up. The two silent pilots watched as the brown-eyed boy turned to walk upstairs.

Trowa looked down at Heero with questions in his visible green eye. The wing pilot pulled him close again and stroked his back reassuringly.

"If anything is seriously wrong, he'll tell us. Just wait and see."

Wufei walked into his and Duo's room, not the least bit surprised to see that the violet-eyed boy was asleep. Duo believed firmly in getting his beauty sleep. It worked for him, Wufei had to admit. He sat on the bed beside him, taking in his beautiful features softened by sleep. He untangled the long chestnut braid that had wrapped it self around Duo's out flung arm.

He smiled as the napping boy stirred blinking dazed eyes. His smile was returned as recognition set in.

"Hmm, hi, Fei," Duo pulled him down to lay beside him. "I'm glad you're back. I missed you. What did Sally say? It was just a stomach virus right, sweetie?"

Wufei burrowed deeper into Duo's chest, placing his ear over his lover's heart trying to commit his heartbeat to memory in case this was the last chance he got to hear it.

Duo tightened his grip on the raven-haired boy, sensing his uneasiness. Maybe, something was wrong.

"Is everything, alright, baby? You know I love you, right. I'll stand by you through anything."

Wufei hoped with all his heart that those words would prove true. He prepared himself for the worst case scenario. He would not beg or cry. Now to get on with it.

"Duo, I'm pregnant," Wufei waited for all hell to break loose and waited and waited.

When Duo continued to maintain his silent stroking of his back, Wufei gathered his courage and raised his head to look into Duo's face.

He was utterly shocked to see the amusement glimmering deep in the purple depths. Duo smiled.

"I know."

Wufei pushed away from this unexpected vision, mouth open. Apparently, he wasn't prepared for anything.

What do you mean, you know?" he gasped.

Fei Fei, you've been grumpy, tired, experiencing mood swings, having morning sickness, and craving pizza, which you absolutely hate. You were either pregnant or going through a mid life crisis. Since you're way to young for a mid life crisis, you had to be pregnant." Duo smiled again smugly.

Wufei gaped like a fish, then the realization that Duo had known all along hit him like a tidal wave. He launched himself at the braided idiot fully prepared to kill the father of his child. Thankfully, Duo had seen the murderous gleam in those almond shaped eyes.

He quickly subdued the enraged Shenlong pilot and rolled him beneath himself, pinning him with his body. He placed a hand under Wufei's chin forcing him to meet his eyes.

"Chang Wufei, I love you with all my heart and I will love our child just as much." Duo placed a quick kiss on the trembling coral lips." Now let's go tell the other's." Duo jumped off the bed and pulled the still fuming Wufei along behind him as he raced down the stairs.

Trowa and Heero were once again interrupted mid kiss. They waited expectantly as Duo bounced over to them. Perhaps nothing was wrong after all.

Duo grinned his manic joker grin and swung the other boy in front of him embracing him from behind, placing his hands on his belly.

"We have an announcement to make. We're going to have a baby!"

The silence was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Trowa recovered first jumping up to hug Wufei and pat Duo on the back.

The three boys turned to look at Heero, who remained frozen in the same position with his mouth hanging open. Trowa stomped impatiently.

"We are waiting, Heero."

Heero's mouth snapped shut as his gaze moved from the blushing Wufei to his lover's demanding green gaze.

"Congratulations, Wufei, Duo. Do you mind explaining how this is possible? "Heero asked in a slightly shaken monotone.

"I must admit," Trowa moved back to the couch,' I'm curious also."

Duo looked at Wufei and waited for him to explain since he didn't quite know how it was possible either.

Wufei began haltingly looking at the floor.

"Well, from what I can remember and put together, the decision to destroy our whole colony was not a sudden one. The elders decided I would be the best person to start our race anew. I guess they prepared for the possibility that I would be homosexual by making it possible for me to have offspring.

Heero nodded as though the destruction of an entire colony and a boy that could give birth was an everyday occurrence.

Duo blinked. "That's it? I expected you to say you were abducted by aliens or at the very least experimented on by Oz."

Trowa smiled and shook his head. " I can't wait to tell Quatre and Milliardo when they return from L-4."

Heero cocked his head to one side, staring with cobalt blue eyes at Wufei's flat abdomen.

"How far along are you, Wufei?"

Wufei rubbed his stomach self-consciencely. "Three months."

Duo whistled. 'That means you got pregnant the first time we made love. Man, am I virile or what?"

Heero and Trowa laughed aloud when Wufei decked the gloating boy.

Quatre and Milliardo walked into the front door of their house into the living room and promptly stumbled over a stray toy. Toy?

Milliardo caught the slight blond boy before he hit the floor and turned on the light. The area was littered with all manner of toys.

"This is our house, isn't it Quat-darling," the former Epyon pilot drawled in his oh, so sexy voice.

Quatre whispered back, "I'm pretty sure it is."

"So you're back."

Quatre and Milliardo looked up at the top of the stairs at a tousled Heero.

"Umm, why are there toys all over the living room?" Milliardo asked.

Heero allowed a small smirk to grace his well-shaped mouth as he stared down at the two blondes consideringly.

"Wufei's pregnant," with these words, Heero turned and left the stunned young men standing there.

"He was joking, right?" the question was asked in tandem.

Wufei woke up to the smell of blueberry pancakes. Quatre was home. He pushed the covers back and got out the bed, moving silently as to not wake up his sleeping partner. The morning sickness had ceased at the start of his fourth month and he had started showing a tiny bit.

He padded downstairs, shaking his head at the mess Trowa and Duo had left in the living room. When he entered the kitchen he was greeted by the sight of the Sandrock pilot flipping pancakes on the stove and Milliardo sipping coffee at the breakfast table.

"Hello, Wufei, it's nice to see you again."

Wufei nodded, used to the Peacecraft prince's formal style of greeting. Quatre removed the last pancake from the stove and turned to smile at him as he sat to Milliardo's left.

"Want some pancakes?" the shorter blond, asked, laughing when the other pilot's stomach growled loudly.

He served Wufei and Mill, then innocently stated," I hear you're eating for two now." He waited patiently for Wufei to stop choking. Mill passed him a glass of water.

Wufei took a large gulp of the liquid and gasped," Who told you?"

Quatre stared at him. He had fully expected to be at the end point of a katana by now. He had only been so forward because He knew Mill would protect him. Tears began to gather in his aqua eyes. "It's true then?"

He jumped up and ran around the table and hugged the Asian boy when he nodded an affirmative.

"We have to go shopping! Do you have a good doctor? Do you need anything? How are you feeling? How is Duo taking it? How-

Wufei exhaled in relief as Mill pried Quatre from his death grip on his neck.

'Darling, let him breathe. If he suffocates he won't be able to answer your questions," he pulled the bouncing blue-eyed boy back onto his lap. Quatre beamed at Wufei, but waited for the boy to finish his breakfast.

Wufei purred happily as he devoured the last bite. Time to answer the questions in the blue eyes focused on him.

"First off, Duo and I are very happy. I have a great doctor. Sally referred me. I don't need anything at the moment and Trowa and Heero have been showering us with toys and gifts."

As if conjured from the air, Duo walked into the kitchen in search of his errant boyfriend and was immediately overcome by congratulations and well wishing.

After all the smiles and hugs he managed to seat himself by his love. The two couples were soon joined by the other couple in the house.

The morning passed by in a near perfect blur, filled with good food, good friends, and good thoughts. Both Quatre and Trowa made mental notes to check into male pregnancy.

After breakfast the six had separated, but agreed to go out for dinner. At about 6 p.m., three vehicles left for, V'ianiton, an eclectic restaurant that served almost every food known to man.

Milliardo and Quatre led the train, after all they were the only ones who knew the way. Duo and Wufei followed closely behind the white convertible in Duo's black Mustang and Heero and Trowa brought up the tail in Trowa's green Bronco.

They made it to the establishment without incident and were showed beyond graciously to their table by the owner who was overjoyed to have Prince Peacecraft and Mr. Winner as customers. Dinner was well underway, when Wufei excused himself to go to the restroom. He waved off Duo's offer to accompany him. He was pregnant not disabled. He wasn't even noticeably pregnant yet.

The bathroom was empty when he entered. He decided to use the stalls. Lately, he had been avoiding urinals. It just didn't seem proper in his condition.

The door opened and two sets of feet were heard. Unconcerned, Wufei finished his business and stepped out of the stall into the large restroom. He walked to the sink to wash his hands. The other two occupants fell silent as the small Asian pilot came out of the stall. His outer beauty seemingly highlighted by an inner light.

Wufei tensed as the men moved toward him. They were obviously together and looking for a little fun. He just wanted to get out with as little trouble as possible. He spun around to face the men as they closed around him. He cursed the awkward position he found himself in, his back against the sinks. Thoughts of the life growing inside him flashing through his head.

"Hello, pretty boy," The larger of the two reached out toward Wufei's face. Wufei snarled and knocked the brunette man's hand out of his face.

"I was just leaving, he tried to brush past the duo, but was brought up short by a yank of his ponytail. He growled a warning growl and lashed out. Hitting the smaller man holding his ponytail in the stomach. The guy doubled over wheezing. He got in several good licks before the bigger man managed to pin him against the sinks, back arched over the front lip. The smaller blond guy righted himself, chuckling weakly.

"Seems we got ourselves a real firecracker, huh, Van?"

The brunette licked his lips enjoying the hateful glare Wufei was bestowing upon him." Yeah, Rent, but I'm up for a little heat." He laughed as the restrained boy tried to bit e the hand clamped over his mouth. "Now, sugar, there's no need to be so testy. We'll make it well worth your time. And hey, even if you don't enjoy it, we will.

Duo fidgeted at the table. Fei had been gone an awfully long time. It was unusual for him to take so long in the restroom. He was going to check on him. He stood abruptly. All eyes focused on him.

"I'm going to check on Fei." Duo strode off in the direction of the rest rooms. Quatre laid a hand on Mill's arm," Someone should go with him. Something isn't right." At these words, both Milliardo and Heero stood and followed the braided boy.

Duo burst into the bathroom just as Rent was undoing the laces on Wufei's white slacks. Van was to caught up in marking the smooth caramel skin of Wufei's neck to hear the nearly silent entry into the bathroom. A bolt of pure fury ripped through duo at the sight of Wufei pinned helplessly against the wall with two men making sort work of his clothes and dignity.

Van never knew what hit him. One moment he was sucking honeyed flesh, the next he was out cold on the tiled floor. Rent did not fair much better. When Heero and Mill banged through the door, duo was beating the shit out of the blond that had presumed to touch his love. Heero pulled Duo off the bleeding man before he killed him. Mill crossed over to Wufei who was shakily righting his clothing and hair.

Mill tipped up the tear stained face, "Are you alright, Wufei? Did they..did they-," he stopped as Wufei shook his head no and burst into tears clutching him close. He stroked his back soothingly as Heero tried to calm an enraged Shinigami.

"Duo, stop. Duo stop before you hurt yourself. Wufei needs you now. You are no help to him like this. Milliardo and I will take care of these two. You need to calm Wufei down." Heero wasn't sure if Duo was listening until he finally stopped struggling and his eyes cleared. Heero released him.

Duo walked over to extract Wufei from Mill's arms. The raven-haired boy just held on tighter to the taller man's shirt. Mill shrugged. "Wufei, Duo's here. Don't you want to be with him?" Wufei shook his head no. Mill watched in sympathy as pain flashed in the violet eyes. Duo spun on his heel and marched out the door.

Wufei raised his head as the door closed, letting the prince go, and rubbing red veined eyes. He stepped back and walked over to splash some water on his overheated face. Heero and Mill stared at him.

Finally Heero spoke, " Why didn't you go to Duo. He just beat the crap out of two men for you?"

"Mind your on business, Heero," Wufei snapped, whipping around. "This is none of your concern."

Heero sneered," Maybe he should have left you to fend for yourself." The two stood toe to toe. Mill placed a hand on each chest to forestall any more violence for tonight.

"Heero you take care of these two and Quatre and I will take Wufei home." Milliardo escorted the shaken boy back to the table. Quatre and Trowa stood up.

"Um, honey, what's going on. Duo just stormed out without saying anything." Milliardo quickly filled the other two in. Trowa went to find Heero and the blond couple paid the bill and ushered Wufei to the car.

The ride home was silent and tense. The trio walked into the manor. The house was literally vibrating with the music Duo was blasting at maximum volume. Mill and Quatre went to their room.

Wufei trudged reluctantly up the stairs. He knocked on the door. No answer. He opened the door and walked in. Duo lay face down on the bed. Wufei walked over to the entertainment center and turned the stereo off. The figure on the bed did not move. Wufei sat beside him.

"I'm sorry…I, I just didn't know how to react and I, I," Wufei stopped talking and looked down at his joined hands.

"You, what?" Duo rolled over looking up at the sullen boy with sad eyes.

Wufei swallowed," I was ashamed that you had to see me in such a situation." He dropped his chin to his chest," How can you love someone so weak. I could not protect our child or myself. How can you stand to be near me?" A tear dropped onto the bed.

Duo looked at the bowed head and defeated posture. With a sigh, he released his anger. He gathered his fragile love close to his chest. He knew Listening to his heartbeat reassured Wufei. He ran his fingers through the loose silk of his hair.

"Wufei, darling, you are not weak. You are one of the strongest people I know and I love you. Don't you understand? That I love you, you faults and all. I know that you could have handled those men by yourself if not for your condition, but honey, you are pregnant. You can't do everything you used to. I also know that you would never put our baby in danger intentionally. Now stop beating your self up. I can't take it anymore."

Wufei sniffed and snuggled closer to Duo, emotionally drained. He fell asleep with the strong thump of Duo's heart beneath his cheek. Duo stayed awake a long time afterward. Wondering just who gave Wufei such a complex.

----3 months later

"Wufei, come out of the bedroom, please," Duo beseeched.

"No, I'm hideous! I'm never coming out again!"

"Now, now, sweetie. How are you going to have the baby, if you never come out of our room?"

'I'm sure Quatre and Mill can afford to bring my doctor to me," A petulant voice returned.

A flurry of giggles and chuckles escaped from the crowd gathered behind the exasperated pilot. He turned and fixed them with a glare. He took a deep breathe and tried again to coax the suddenly image conscience Wufei out of their bedroom.

"Wu-baby, we have company. Noin and Relena have come all the way from the Sanc Kingdom to see you. You don't want to keep the former Queen of the world waiting do you? It would not be honorable or respectful." Duo let the last sentence ring. He had him now.

There was an explosion of mumbling, then the door opened a crack. Wufei peeked around the corner to make sure Duo was telling the truth. Sure enough, Relena and Noin were standing in the hallway laughing at him. With one final curse in mandarin, Wufei exited the room.

A collective, Awww, immediately sounded. At seven months, Wufei was well and truly showing. Duo tried hard to suppress the laughter that threatened to erupt as he waddled over to the royal couple.

"Hello, Relena, Noin, " Wufei greeted them, bowing slightly like he had just not caused a scene by refusing to came out of his room. "Please let's go downstairs to the living area."

The small crowd turned to follow the waddling boy to the staircase. Noin raised a finely arched eyebrow when upon reaching it; Wufei stopped and turned to Duo an imploring look on his face. Duo stepped forward and gathered him up into his arms. Relena gaped in shock. Heero caught her expression and smirked.

"Wufei has developed a fear of going down the stairs. He thinks he will fall because the baby is throwing off his center of gravity. He's also become somewhat spoiled over the months."

The boy in question raised his head to level a glare at the wing pilot. This caused laughter to ring through out the group once more. In a low aside, Quatre whispered to Mill," If I were pregnant you would carry me wouldn't you?"

Milliardo smiled," You know I'm always more than willing to give you a ride, darling." Quatre blushed and elbowed him in the side.

----A month later

"Duo, what do you think we should name the baby?"

Duo looked up from his plate full of food and put his fork down. "You want to talk about that now, sweetie?"

"Yes or I wouldn't have brought it up," Wufei said crossly. "Well, what do you want to name the baby?" Wufei tapped his chin." I know what I want to name the baby, Chang Li Yang, if it's a girl and Chang Lo Lee, if it is a boy."

Duo cocked his head to one side, " Don't I get a say in the naming of OUR child?"

Wufei fixed him with a glare," I asked for your input did I not. Does this mean you have an opinion?"

"I was thinking Destiny Chang Maxwell or Destined Chang Maxwell," he waited for a reaction. Wufei gazed at him blankly. Duo stared back with no expression.

Then Wufei grinned," I like it. It is a nice blend of my name, yours, and fate. Destiny or Destined it is." Duo resumed his meal. Wufei turned back to the window and hummed a lullaby from his childhood. Now the baby had a name.

----9 weeks later

"Duo, Duo," Wufei gasped and hit the snoring boy.

"Ow! What the Hell-," he broke off as Wufei slugged him again.

"Duo, its time. I'm having the baby. I need to get to the hospital now."

Duo hopped out of bed and ran to the closet to get Fei some clothes. They had prepared all the suitcases two weeks ago. A gundam pilot was always prepared. He helped Fei into the clothes and then down the stairs. He knocked sharply on Heero's door. It opened not three seconds later.

Trowa stood in the doorway looking like he had never been to sleep. He assessed the situation immediately. A smile broke across his face.

"Heero and I will get the bags and we will tell Mill and Quatre that Wufei is in labor."

Duo nodded hurriedly as Wufei whimpered in pain. "Thanks Trowa, we'll see you there." Duo managed to get them out of the house and into the black Mustang without incident. Looking back Duo would never be able to explain exactly how he managed to get Wufei to the hospital safely, but somehow he did. They were greeted at the door by a gaggle of nurses and doctors. Someone must have called ahead.

Wufei was hustled into the front door in a wheelchair and whisked up the elevator to his private suite. Duo bounded up the stairs since the elevator was filled with personnel. He watched nervously as they transferred Wufei from the wheelchair to the bed. Every whimper that escaped the clenched coral lips pierced him to the quick. He hovered uncertainly. It was disconcerting to see Wufei show any reaction to pain. A nurse tapped him on the shoulder. He jumped, startled.

"Sir, your family is here."

Family? What family? Then it clicked that she must be talking about the guys. Yeah, they were family. A particularly loud groan snapped him out of his daze.

"Duo, Duo, " Wufei gasped out.

"Yes, sweetie," Duo moved to his side and grasped his hand, noticing the fine tremors wracking him. "Yes, honey?"

Wide brown eyes stared up at him, slightly glazed with pain. Duo could see the effort he was going through not to scream. He wondered when they were going to give him some painkillers. He pushed some errant strands of hair off his face.

"Duo, you love me don't you. You wouldn't let anything happen to me or the baby would you?" His grip tightened on Duo's hand and his eyes franticly searched the braided boy's.

Duo couldn't believe he still had to reassure Wufei after all this time. Hadn't he given him everything he had to give, didn't he tell him constantly that he loved him? Well, what was one more time?

"I love you, Wufei. How many times do I have to say it, how many ways do I have to show you?"

Wufei gazed up at him with saddened eyes," Do you love me more than Heero?"

Duo gaped down at him. Too astonished to say anything. What in the hell was going on inside of Wufei's head?

Wufei closed his eyes and turned his head away, letting go of Duo's hand. The silence said it all. Suddenly the pain wasn't that bad. He felt numb and he wasn't sure if it was the medication or the overwhelming pain in his heart.

Duo closed his mouth, anger boiling to the surface. Here he was about to die with worry and sympathy pains and Wufei was questioning his love. How dare he? What was he going to have to do? Cut his arm off. Duo reached over and jerked Wufei's head back around to face him.

"Chang Wufei, I can not believe you are this blind. Of course I love Heero as a friend. You Wufei are my soulmate, the father of my child. Heero could never touch the place you have in my heart. Do I have to spend a lifetime proving it, because I will."

Wufei blinked drowsily up at him. The head surgeon tapped Duo on the shoulder and told him that they had administered the anesthesia. Duo watched as Wufei slipped into unconsienceness. He placed a glancing kiss on his slightly parted mouth. He turned and left the room, heart heavy. Just what kind of home were they bringing their child into? He had to talk to someone. Heero was out, so was Trowa. He didn't know Mill like that. So Quatre it was. He found him sitting with Mill and the others in the waiting room. After telling them everything was fine, he pulled Quatre aside.

Quatre waited observing the emotions flying across his expressive features. Something was wrong other than the fact that Wufei was in labor. Finally Duo began to speak.

"Quatre, do you think I love Wufei?"

"Of course, Duo. I know that you love him more than anything, " the blond waited for the reason behind this strange question.

'Wufei doesn't believe I love him. He believes that I love Heero. All this time, all the time he's been with me, he has believed that I love another. Am I so cold as to not notice that he hasn't been secure in my love? Is it I, Quatre? Am I insane? Do I give the impression that I'm lusting after Heero?" Duo ended on a sob, beyond upset that Wufei thought so little of their relationship.

Quatre gathered the sobbing boy into his arms, rubbing his back soothingly," Wufei is just insecure, Duo. He needs a lot of reassurance and he hides that need behind a mask of indifference. And no you do not give the impression that you are in love with Heero. If you did, I'm pretty sure Trowa would have said something by now. Wufei has always been a little intimidated by your closeness to Heero, but remember how you felt about his and Trowa's relationship at first. He's just not as open to trust as you are."

"But Quat, I've done everything possible to convince him of my love and he still doubts me. What am I going to do? What if he never really believes me?" Duo's voice was muffled by the blonde's shoulder.

"I'm sure he'll come to believe you, Duo. Now dry your eyes and let's go join the others."

Quatre and Duo reentered the waiting room just as the doctor entered from the other side. The doctor paced over to them.

"Duo Maxwell?"

Duo raised his hand, "That's me."

"Congratulations, sir. You have a beautiful baby girl and Mr. Chang is asking to see you."

Duo raced to the room and threw open the door. Wufei was propped up against several pillows, cradling a pink bundle. Wufei graced him with one of his rare smiles as he came closer to the bed. He pulled the covers back from the baby's face.

"She is beautiful. She looks so much like you, you can hardly tell she's Asian."

Duo's assessing gaze swept over the tiny form. Taking in the creamy skin a shade darker than his own, the ever so slightly tilted eyes, which for the moment was a strange blue hue. The fuzzy hair that was more brown than black. He took all this in and fell instantly in love with his child. Surely no infant was ever so perfect and his problems and Wufei's paled before this perfection.

Duo looked up from the baby and watched the same emotion's he had just experienced flicker across his mate's face and his chest tightened. This was what life was about. Loving someone and being loved in return. Then passing that love on. Duo knew that he and Fei had a long road ahead of them, but he had never felt so blessed as he did at that moment…standing beside his soul mate and daughter as the sun rose outside marking a beautiful new day, a beautiful new beginning.