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Duo, Wufei, Trowa, and Heero watched patiently as Quatre paced in front of them blond hair glowing as the fireplace cast a soft glow over his whole body. Quatre had sought them out during various times during the day and told them to meet him in the den at 9 p.m. for an important meeting. For thepast 5 minutes they had watched him pace. Finally, Duo couldn't stand it any longer.

"Quat, please stop pacing and tell us what the deal is."

Quatre stopped directly in front of the fireplace, eerily backlit like many a villain.

"Okay, I've asked you here to ask you if you like the way you're portrayed in various fanfics. Because I, for one, am highly dissatisfied."

Complete silence reigned for a few seconds, then Duo fell off the couch he had been seated on between Heero and Wufei, laughing hysterically. Quatre glared at him.

"Duo, I'm serious. I, personally, believe I am totally misunderstood."

Heero reached down to pull Duo off the floor and back onto the couch. He looked over Duo at Wufei, then at Trowa, who shrugged.

Wufei, always one to try to solve a problem asked,"Well, what do you not like about how you are written Quatre?"

Quatre crossed his arms and inhaled," I have quite a long list actually, but let's start with this whole shy virgin thing. It's completely wrong. I sucked Trowa's dick the first night I met him. Forty well hung men follow me across the universe and call me Master for Allah's sake."

Wufei looked at Trowa and raised an eyebrow, waiting for confirmation. Trowa blushed and nodded yes. Duo whistled.

"Way to go, Tro."

Quatre shifted his weight and waved his hands around.

"Come on guys, you can't tell me you're happy with all the characterizations you're given with absolutely no evidence. Wufei, what about all those nosebleeds? Heero, what about the way you treat Duo? Duo, what about the way you're written as an idiot. Trowa, what about how you're painted as a wimp?"

Heero snorted," As if I would ever treat Duo like a worthless possession. And if I did, Duo wouldn't just hang around like a broken dog.

Duo grinned and patted Heero's head,"Down boy. Quatre, I know what you mean, but there's a lot of authors who write wonderful fanfiction. I particularly like fanfics where I get to fuck Heero and Wufei at the same time."

Wufei reached over and slapped Duo on the back of the head,"The nosebleeds are a bit extreme and unlikely, but I was a virgin before Duo and Heero. And believe me, they are every bit as well endowed as they are written. Although, Duo's hair is more trouble down during sex than it's worth. Especially, during threesomes."

It was Duo's turn to smack Wufei.

Trowa cleared his throat," Q, baby, I'm pretty happy with the amount of times I get to screw you. I'm only unhappy when you're captured and raped or when someone else gets to have you, like Zechs."

Quatre pouted," Well, I still say some fics go too far."

"Hey, I have an idea let's try to think of all the good things about fanfics. I get to go first."

Everyone turned to look at Duo think.

"Okay, I got it. I like how beautiful our hair always is in good fics," Duo smiled. "Quat, you go next."

The small blond thought," I like how flexible Trowa is." Trowa blushed.

"I'll go next," Heero stated."I like how often I get seduced."

Wufei smirked," You would. Well, I like being hard to get and selective."

"It's my turn again. I like making Wufei and Heero scream."

Heero growled and pulled Duo closer," I like screaming."

Wufei crossed his arms," I do not scream."

Trowa rolled his eyes. Him and Quatre had spent many a night listening to Wufei demand to be fucked harder, at the top of his lungs.

Quatre frowned," Guys, we skipped Trowa." Trowa stood from the easy chair he had been lounging in and grabbed him.

"Let's go upstairs, and I'll show you what I like about fanfics." He led the willing boy way. Leaving the lustful trio downstairs.

Duo pulled away from Heero's kiss to catch his breath. "Where's Quat and Trowa?"

Wufei smirked," They left while you and Heero were trying to devour each other."

Duo paused then grinned widely," Come on, Fei, let's re-enact one of my favorite fanfictions."

Wufei raised an eyebrow warily. Duo's fanfic favorites usually involved chains.

"Which fic, might that be, Maxwell?"

"Oh, you know, the one from the Boys Next Door Smut Contest, Fantasies Can Come True."

Heero spoke up," But, Duo, we don't have that S&M X and Wufei is perfectly willing to be ravished by us."

Duo considered," You're right, we might have to fudge a bit and improvise." He sat up and pushed off of Heero's chest. He then stood up, pulling Heero up with him.

"Strip, Wufei, we may not be able to re-enact it fully, but we can do the basics."

Wufei quickly shed the black silk pajama bottoms he was wearing along with the black boxers underneath. He was very conscience of the eyes watching him. He sat with legs spread on the edge of the couch.

Duo turned to Heero," Now, you, Hee-chan, and then knell in front of Fei."

Heero stripped like he did everything efficiently with no wasted motion. He kneeled in front of the bronze boy on the couch waiting for instruction from the master of this play.

Duo removed his own clothing before giving directions.

"Rule number 1, Wufei, you cannot talk to Heero. Anything you want from him, you ask me. Heero is an extension of me. Rule number 2, Heero, you will obey me. Any disobedience will result in punishment. I f I think of any more rule, I'll let you know, kay. Now, game start."

"Heero, I want you to blow Wufei like he's never been blown before. Make him beg, let's make him scream."

Heero leaned forward to take a lick of Wufei's erection. Delightful. He grabbed the base to steady it and started to swallow the head, tonguing the slit lightly. Duo stood behind him and watched.

Wufei hissed as he was taken into moist heat. His eyes slid to half-mast and he arched trying to get deeper into Heero's mouth.

Duo smirked," No, no, Fei, don't close your eyes and don't rush him. Remember, if you want something ask me and I'll think about giving it to you."

Wufei glared at his tormentor. Heero was going torturously slow. Focusing his attention only on the tip of his erection. He glared harder at the top of that messy brown head. Mentally begging him to go faster.

He was surprised when Heero jerked. He looked up to find Duo kneeling behind Heero, pulling him up onto all fours. Once Heero was up, Duo separated the pale buttocks and leaned down and licked the clenching rosebud he found in that lush valley. Heero gasped and broke the suction. Wufei whimpered.

Duo pulled back," Oh, Heero," He shook his head mournfully," did I say stop sucking?"

Heero shook his head.

"Well, Heero, you have to be punished. What punishment do you want? I'll give you a choice. Either leave you in this condition, so unsatisfied and suck Fei myself, or shall I fuck you hard, make you sore in the morning. So, what will it be?"

"Fuck me hard," Heero gasped. Duo smiled.

"Alright, the choice has been made. Back to sucking Fei, he looks lonely and pissed. Don't stop sucking until he cums." Heero returned his mouth to Wufei. Duo positioned himself. 1,2,3.

Duo thrust forward into Heero as hard as he could, trying to get as deep as possible on the first try. A keening wail would have come from Heero's throat had it not been full of Wufei.

As it was the vibrations caused Wufei to groan and clench his fingers into fist. He was determined not to scream or ask Duo for anything. Heero had already failed, but he was going to beat this game.

Duo thrust with all his might, getting a sadistic thrill from watching Heero struggle to maintain his balance and not choke on Fei, and watching Fei try not to scream.

Wufei locked gazes with his violet-eyed demon and swore he could feel every thrust. They stayed that way focused on each other over Heero's bent head as Duo continued to punish Heero's ass. Wufei was fast reaching sensory overload.

A particularly sharp thrust sent Heero nose first into Wufei's crotch. Heero grunted, Wufei gasped as his back arched and he came hard, drenching Heero's tonsils. Right before his eyelids fluttered close, he saw the smugness in Duo's.

Heero let go of Wufei's arousal with a pop and pushed back against the couch and onto Duo. Duo pulled him upright and back against his chest. He leaned back slightly, causing Heero's spine to curve and his shaft to point straight at Wufei.

Wufei looked at the scene hungrily when his eyes opened. Duo stopped sucking Heero's neck to capture his gaze again.

"Return the favor, Fei fei."

Wufei leaned forward without hesitation and took Heero deep. Heero screamed. Duo reached around grabbing a handful of raven silk and held Wufei in place as he sent one last brutal thrust into Heero. Wufei gagged as Heero shot off into his throat unable to pull back against Duo's iron grip. Duo's satisfied groan complimented Heero's yell as he reached completion.

They all collapsed onto the floor, breathing hard. Wufei coughed and reached up to untangle Duo's hand from his hair.

"Next time, I get to choose the fanfic."

Heero whispered,"Thank the gods."