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Tangled Tales
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Tangled Tales
Thu 01/06/2005

Posted by cavityseeker at 1:23 PM CST
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Tue 08/10/2004
New Address

It has been brought to my attention that I did not provide you all with the new lj address. I am most sorry. :( Here it is:

New Tangled Tales

I hope to see you there.


Posted by cavityseeker at 12:43 AM CDT
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Mon 08/09/2004

Hey! Readers!

I will be moving all my fic to livejournal in a couple of days. This will include the


Alphabet Games. Please, join me for more frolicking fanfic fun on lj. My user name is __tk__ . Look forward to seeing you there.


Posted by cavityseeker at 12:57 AM CDT
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Thu 08/05/2004
Vocabulary Builder
Topic: Alphabet Games

U. unconscionable (un-con'scion-a-ble) a.: unreasonable; without conscience


"Oh...oh..oh" Glorfindel writhed uncontrollably as the dark haired elf between his legs played him like a fine instrument. Erestor would circle his clenching opening with a soft touch before swiftly entering him with two slick fingers, sparking his prostate in the most wonderful way. Over and over again. He wouldn't let him come, making him balance on the sharp blade of orgasm. Glorfindel tried to kiss the brunette laying beside him on the big bed but he didn't have the breath to hold the kisses for more than a second or two. Besides kissing Elrond was not helping him calm down. Kissing his Lord was just making him more excited, reminding him that he was in bed with both his loves at one time. After a few moments, Elrond moved from his gasping mouth to lick at his collarbone, to tongue his nipples, to clean the puddle of precome from his lower belly, to pin him down with a broad forearm and suck teasingly at the head of his prick.

"Please! Please, please...please," Glorfindel whimpered, throat sore from begging, moaning, screaming, pleading with his tormentors. He had long ago decided that they were utterly unconscionable. No sane, loving elf would treat him this way. Elrond had never been so mean to him before. He was on the edge of hyperventilating and his heart was beating much too fast when Erestor slid his fingers free of the hot grip of his body.

"Shh, calm down, Glorfindel. It will be over soon."

Elrond raised his head to grin at Erestor's words. The advisor leaned forward to whisper into Elrond's ear and he nodded. Glorfindel almost felt faint with relief when Elrond replaced Erestor between his legs. Finally, someone was going to fuck him. His back arched hard as Elrond penetrated him slowly all the while staring into the black eyes watching them from the sidelines. Glorfindel turned his head to look at Erestor through sweaty blond hair. The advisor was sitting close to them, close enough to reach out and touch the both of them. He was stroking himself in an almost absent manner, sharp eyes darting over both of their bodies, lingering on the spot where they were connected. Glorfindel only had a moment to feel the thrill of being watched so intently when Elrond started to move. Deep, hard thrusts. The kind of thrusts that signified to Glorfindel that he had been left unattended too long. Glorfindel could only hold on as his body was rocked by the half elf.

Elrond looked down into clouded half closed blue eyes lost in pleasure before glancing back up to look into clear, calculating black eyes. Erestor gave him a cynical little smirk and leaned back on his elbows, jutting out his pelvis. Elrond's gaze dropped to the flushed arousal nestled between strong thighs and licked his lips. Glorfindel moaned beneath him as his control slipped and his thrusts became harder, more savage. Erestor smiled. He turned his attention back to the blond beneath him, determined to bring both them off so that he could go worship at the alter of Erestor.

Tomorrow the Letter V.

Posted by cavityseeker at 12:01 AM CDT
Updated: Thu 08/05/2004 1:29 AM CDT
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Wed 08/04/2004
Vocabulary Builder
Topic: Alphabet Games
T. timorous (tim'or-ous) a.: timid; indicating or showing fear


Elrond peppered the pale neck with kisses, "Please, Erestor...for me. I have dreamed of seeing the two of you together in one bed for so long. Do not deny me this."

Erestor stood in Elrond's tight embrace, eyes half closed, "I do not know if Glorfindel is quite up to the challenge of having both of us in one bed."

"Oh, but he is. Glorfindel is so much more than you give him credit for, Erestor. Please, come with me to our rooms tonight. I will make it worth your while. We can do whatever you want..."

Erestor raised an eyebrow, "Whatever I want?"

"Whatever you want."

Erestor spun around to face his Lord, "Very well then. I will do it. Is Glorfindel waiting for our esteemed company?"

Elrond smiled, "Always."

The two elves made their way through the various halls that led to Glorfindel's private quarters, the preferred place for any intimate trysts since Elrond's rooms were relatively close to his sons'. Glorfindel answered the door on the second knock and smiled with welcome when he saw who was at the door. The two dark haired elves filed in, Elrond stopping to kiss the blond once before continuing on to stand next to Erestor in front of the huge bed.

Erestor reached out a finely made hand to grab the front of Elrond's work robes to pull him close to his body. Glorfindel moaned at the sight of two pink tongues meeting each other before Elrond closed the kiss. Glorfindel watching with wide eyes and burning arousal as Erestor and Elrond disrobed each other in slow, sensual movements, all the while kissing and stroking each other's flesh. When they were fully nude, Erestor moved slightly out of the broader brunettes embrace and turned to Glorfindel. He smiled with lascivious intent, "Come now, Glorfindel, do not be so timorous. You are going to join in at some time, are you not."

Glorfindel wasted now time stripping off his own garments which caused Erestor to laugh, a tinkling, slightly mocking sound. Glorfindel hesitantly approached the black haired elf and gazed at him beseechingly, pleading to be kissed. Erestor trailed a hand lightly over pouty pink lips before using a handful of hair to pull the blond closer. Glorfindel whimpered as the advisor took devastating possession of his mouth. He was barely aware of the soft kiss Elrond placed on his shoulder before moving to stand behind Erestor. He panted as the kiss he was so involved in broke for lack of air and struggled to focus on the words Erestor was whispering to him. When the meaning of those words finally registered, he slowly lowered himself to his knees in front of the intimidating elf and leaned forward, eyes falling shut, mouth falling open.

Elrond held Erestor up and against him with one arm, peering over his shoulder to watch his cock disappear between Glorfindel's passion swollen lips. With his free hand he alternately stroked over Erestor's chest and thighs soothing his jerks as the blonde's suction increased. Elrond shifted to get his own arousal right where he wanted it, pressed between the curves of Erestor's ass. The fine sheen of Glorfindel induced sweat made sliding in that sweet valley so very good. Elrond thrust forward as Glorfindel swallowed Erestor's shaft, the two old lovers trying to ring every drop of pleasure from their new playmate.

With a gasp, Erestor's grip tightened in blond hair, urging Glorfindel to stop. The warrior let his rigid staff slide free of his mouth with a wet pop. Erestor opened black eyes to look at the erotic apparition before him. He helped Glorfindel rise with a solid grip and propelled him to lay back upon the massive bed. It was time for him to do some pleasuring of his own.

Tomorrow the Letter U.

Posted by cavityseeker at 12:01 AM CDT
Updated: Wed 08/04/2004 1:44 AM CDT
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Tue 08/03/2004
Vocabulary Builder
Topic: Alphabet Games
S. specious (spe' cious) a.: plausible, but not really true


Elladan looked at Elrohir as a knock sounded at his door. Both their eyes widened dramatically. Elladan motioned for Elrohir to hide himself and waited until his younger sibling had made it to the bathroom before opening his door. Before him stood an apprehensive looking Rumil. He smiled at him and invited him in. The youngest of the Lorien archers sat gingerly on the edge of his bed. Elladan sat beside him and waited for him to speak.

"I...I have talked with Elrohir."

Elladan nodded knowingly, "And? What have you decided?"

Rumil looked down at his hands, " I do not know. His argument seemed a little...specious. I could believe it."

Elladan turned to face Rumil fully and took his fidgety hands in his, "What did you not believe and how can I make you believe it?"

Rumil looked into the grey eyes so like Elrohir's and took a deep breath, "Well, you hate me for one thing. I can not fathom you agreeing to share Elrohir with me."

Elladan smiled self deprecatingly, "I do not hate you, Rumil. I hate the fact that you have Elrohir. That you get to hold him and kiss him and touch him. In fact, you are my favorite brother of the three of you." Elladan looked at the blue eyed elf from beneath his lashes, "And you could become so much more. Think of it Rumil, here you have the twin sons of Elrond begging you to be in a relationship with them. Do you know how many elves would give their life savings to be in your situation?" He scooted closer to the wide eyed elf, " You could have both of us. Elrohir, an innocent, who knows almost nothing of matters of the flesh. Me, a more experienced mirror of my brother. It would be like having every fantasy covered. I know you have dreamed of seeing us together. Every young elf in this valley fantasizes about what we might do in our rooms at night. You would know Rumil. You would be a part of the fantasy."

All while Elladan had been talking he had steadily moved closer to Rumil and that made it remarkably for him to swoop down and kiss the dazed elf. Rumil moaned at the contact. It was like kissing Elrohir but so totally not. This twin was no shy elfling that had to be coaxed into playing. Elladan's tongue was aggressive and thorough, leaving no ground uncovered. When the older twin drew back to let him breathe, there were stars dancing behind his closed lids. That wonderful mouth did not retreat far, instead it peppered kisses along his jaw line and up to his ear. He hissed with surprise at the spark in pleasure.

"Say, yes, Rumil."


Tomorrow the Letter T.

Posted by cavityseeker at 12:01 AM CDT
Updated: Tue 08/03/2004 12:29 AM CDT
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Mon 08/02/2004
Vocabulary Builder
Topic: Alphabet Games
R. requiem (re'qui-em) n.: hymn or mass sung for the dead


"Orophin...Orophin, I don't think that this is the best place to be doing this..."

Orophin smothered Lindir's words with his mouth, kissing the breath from the tiny, inexperienced elf, "Why one is out here. No one can see us."

Lindir gasped as Orophin captured the tip of his ear between gentle teeth, "Erestor does not like it when I disappear from functions. He worries about me. He will come looking for me and if he catches us like this, I will be singing your requiem."

Orophin shifted on the garden bench upon which they were seated and tugged at the waist of the white haired elf, trying to bring him closer. Finally, he gave up the effort of coaxing Lindir closer and just picked him up and settled him on his lap. He groaned appreciatively as Lindir wiggled about in response to his caresses. He reached down to pull at the dark green robe the minstrel was wearing. Lindir's grip on his shoulders tightened a bit fearfully as Orophin lifted the rich fabric and slipped a hand underneath it to work at his leggings. Orophin rubbed his back soothingly at the same time he unlaced his breeches. Lindir tore his mouth away from the archer's to try to speak once more.

"Orophin...I do not think...oh!" Lindir's body jerked as the warrior achieved his goal and wrapped a broad hand around the younger elf's arousal. Lindir could not help but pump into that tight grip and the other blond encouraged him to continue to thrust. Lindir tried again, "Orophin, I do not want-please, please ..."

"What, baby? You don't want what? Me to stroke you like this?" Orophin passed his thumb over Lindir's leaking head and smiled when the small elf whimpered with pleasure. He pressed moist kisses to the arched neck, "Tell me how to please you, fair one. I will do anything you want."

"Maybe he does not want his first time to be on a stone bench in a public garden."

Lindir squeaked and Orophin froze as Erestor's icy tones hung in the air. The minstrel frantically pushed away from Orophin's embrace trying to smooth his robes and hair. He turned to face Erestor and was struck immediately with guilt at the disappointment he saw in dark eyes. He lowered his head and waited to be reprimanded. He was surprised when a warm hand brushed over his curls and a kiss was pressed upon his brow. He looked up and Erestor smiled at him.

"You are not in trouble, Lindir. You are after all, quite grown and can do as you will. I would just like to have a few words with Orophin."

Lindir looked a bit wary. He was pretty sure Orophin could handle himself...but Erestor was not an elf to be angered. Even Glorfindel was afraid of Erestor to some degree. He glanced at Orophin not willing to let him face Erestor's wrath alone, but Orophin waved at him to go ahead and nodded reassuringly at him. Lindir left the garden reluctantly looking back several times at the two elves that held his heart.

"Walk with me, guardian."

Orophin stood from the bench smoothing his tunic down and fell into step with the forbidding advisor. He was not too worried. He had a feeling he was about to receive some Adarly threats. It was what he would do if he came upon his son making out in a garden.

"I helped raise Lindir. Did you know that?"

Orophin nodded his head shallowly, just as he had thought, "I had some idea. Lindir holds you in high regard." Erestor smiled faintly at the words.

"I am not about to warn you away from him, Orophin. That you need not fear. I have lived long enough to know that meddling in your children's love lives can only lead to pain. Yet, I do have words of warning for you, warrior. Lindir is so very dear to me. His father was my cousin and I was saddened by his death. Lindir and I helped each other heal. I would be beyond irate should anything happen to my elfling. I understand that eventually you two will make love. Make love. Eventually. I expect you to show him every consideration, because believe me I will know if you do not. And that consideration includes a bed and the finest oil you can obtain. Do we have an understanding, Orophin?" Erestor stopped to look down at the blond elf.

Orophin grinned at him widely, "I understand. You love Lindir as a son and would make my life hell if any harm comes to him. Check. Who knew you were such a soft touch, eh,Master Erestor?"

Erestor frowned at him, "Watch your tongue. I am not above creating a reason to dislike you."

Tomorrow the Letter S.

Posted by cavityseeker at 12:01 AM CDT
Updated: Mon 08/02/2004 12:39 AM CDT
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Sun 08/01/2004
Vocabulary Builder
Topic: Alphabet Games
Q. quandary (quan'da-ry) n.: dilemma


"I need to talk to you."

Haldir and Orophin looked at each other, "Which you?"

Rumil paced back and forth, "Both of you. I do not know what to do! I am so heart urges me one way, my head another. I am going insane!"

Haldir reached out and caught one of his younger brother's flying limbs and pulled him into his lap. A sight that any number of archers in Lorien and Imladris would have found hilarious. Haldir was just not the sort of elf one expected that action from. But Haldir loved his brothers and that is why Rumil did not give it a second thought. He merely curled into his brother tighter and tucked his fair head into his shoulder. Orophin did not blink an eye either; he had spent many a night in his brothers arms saddened by one thing or the other. The middle brother merely sat to Haldir's side and stroked the down turned head.

Haldir waited for Rumil to calm himself then spoke, "Now, then tell us about this horrible quandary you have found yourself in."

Rumil sniffed, "I suppose I should start with the good news. Elrohir has told me he loves me."

Orophin smiled, "That is good news indeed. What is the bad news?"

"He has also told me he loves Elladan."

Both brothers stiffened at the news, "And what is the choice he has set forth before you? Does he want you to timeshare him with Elladan or has he chosen his brother over you?"

Rumil hugged Haldir tighter, "Neither. He wants to share me with Elladan."

The room was silent for a moment, then Orophin spoke, "That sounds like good news to me." Haldir promptly cuffed him upside the head.

"That is the problem...I feel that any other elf would be quite pleased with the arrangement, but Elladan has disliked me for so long that I can not see him being attracted to me in that manner."

Haldir rocked back and forth slightly, "Before...he was mean to you because he thought that you would be taking Elrohir away from that Elrohir has come up with this...arrangement, he may be seeing you in a different light."

"A more sexual and pleasing light," Orophin quipped. He ducked another blow to the head.

"I think that you should consider their offer seriously. Perhaps, you should have a talk with Elladan...alone."

"Talk with Elladan? Alone?"


"I think you have made me more stressed instead of less."

Orophin threw his arms around the two, "That's what brothers are for."

Tomorrow the Letter R.

Posted by cavityseeker at 12:01 AM CDT
Updated: Sun 08/01/2004 2:18 AM CDT
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Sat 07/31/2004
Vocabulary Builder
Topic: Alphabet Games
P. parsimonious (par'si-mo'ni-ous) a.: stingy


Erestor smiled to himself as he heard the lock on the door click into place. He leaned into the hard chest that plastered itself to his back and the moist kisses to his neck for a moment. "I figured you would be showing up here sooner or later, my Lord Seneschal."

A nip to his ear, "I had to wait all day...if I was a suspicious type elf, I would think you planned it that way."

Erestor laughed, "Then it is a good thing you are not paranoid, is it not?" He turned around and found himself faces heated blue eyes, "Why, Glorfindel, it seems as if there is something on your mind."

Glorfindel walked the slighter elf farther into the office until his back hit a wall, then he kissed him hungrily. Erestor allowed him to dominate for just a second then nipped his lip sharply, only just stopping short of drawing blood. His whole demeanor changed instantly. Glorfindel pulled away slightly, opening his mouth for Erestor's exploration and melted into the darker elf. Even though he still pinned the advisor to the wall all his actions contained an element of pleading, reminiscent of a cat begging to be stroked. Erestor smiled into the kiss. He thought so and he so loved to be right. He let bruised lips go to capture an earlobe, "What do you want, Glorfindel?"

The blond gasped, "I want what you gave to least..."

"And what did I give to Elrond, golden flower?" The warrior thrust against him and Erestor put a hand on his hip to hold him slightly away. Glorfindel whined softly.

"I am not sure, but I will know when I taste it."

Erestor smirked, "Oh, really?"

"Yes, really."

"I suppose it would only be fair..."

"Yes, yes, fair."

"...but I do not want you to get into the habit of thinking I will always give you what I give Elrond, because I will not."

Glorfindel stilled for a moment, then went back to trying to rub against the elf restraining his movements. It was nothing more than what he had imagined. "Please, Erestor, I will be good to you. I will search thoroughly."

"You may proceed."

Glorfindel started immediately with another kiss even though he knew that was not quite the taste he was looking for. Then he kissed the long slender neck and all the skin he bared as he undid the fastenings of Erestor's office robes. He kissed the reddish nipples and they were delicious but not the taste he was looking for. By the time he settled on his knees in front of Erestor's throbbing arousal, the raven haired elf was panting slightly and Glorfindel was ravenous. He took the hot shaft in one hand and licked from root to tip. The taste skipped along his taste buds and into his memory. He had found it. His mouth settled over the head and he sucked lightly, trying to coax more from the plum shaped head. His brow furrowed in frustration when no more came forth. He sucked sharply and Erestor jerked against him with a yelp.

"Ah! What are you trying to do suck out my soul?" A hand in his hair urged his head back and he had to let go.

He frowned up at Erestor, "I am trying to do something here. It is not my fault you refuse to give more than a hint of what is to come. How am I suppose to know if this is the correct flavor if I don't have proper sample. I should have known that your body would be as parsimonious in this as you are in everything else." He leaned back in to lick the tip again and hummed in satisfaction as a pearl of precome beaded out. "So...licking is good. I can do licking."

Erestor looked down into heavy lidded, lazy blue eyes and wondered precisely what he had gotten himself into.

Tomorrow the Letter Q.

Posted by cavityseeker at 12:01 AM CDT
Updated: Sat 07/31/2004 1:37 AM CDT
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Fri 07/30/2004
Vocabulary Builder
Topic: Alphabet Games
O. overweening (over-ween'ing) a.: arrogant

Elrond/Erestor, Glorfindel

"My Lord."

Elrond looked up from the work he was absorbed in to stare into dark eyes, "Yes, Erestor?"

"The work day is done."

Elrond smiled faintly, "Thank you, Erestor, but I think that I will finish these papers before I retire."

The dark eyes narrowed slightly and Erestor moved closer to the desk, propping a narrow hip against it nonchalantly, "Glorfindel tells me that you want me."

Elrond's quill froze on the paper. He looked up again. This time the midnight eyes were unreadable. "Does he now?"

`He does. Does he lie?"

The quill was put down, "He does not."

Erestor pursed his lips, gray eyes followed the movement, "What do you desire about me, my Lord?"

"What is not to desire?"

"That is not an answer."

Elrond stood and walked around to stand in front of his advisor and long time friend, "I admire your intelligence, I adore the way you chew your bottom lip before a meeting...making it plump, red, swollen. I dream of running my fingers through your hair and I wonder what you taste like nightly."

"You wonder about my taste?"

"I do."

Black lashes lowered, "Then taste me, my Lord."

Elrond drew the slight body into his embrace, hardly able to credit that this was truly happening. He thoroughly explored every moist crevice, chasing Erestor's flavor, insatiable for it. It was a long while before the two elves broke apart, panting.

"Where else may I taste you?" Elrond slid a hand lightly down the front of the darker elf's robe, coming to a stop at the juncture of his thighs.

Erestor gasped, "What about Glorfindel?"

Elrond smiled against ruby lips, "Think of it as a humbling experience to help him with his overweening attitude and overly large ego."

Erestor leaned in for another kiss, "I can live with that."
Glorfindel fidgeted impatiently in his room. Elrond was late and he had had a bad day. Someone was going to pay for it too and if Elrond did not appear in the next five seconds it was going to be him. Just before he could work himself into a murderous fury, Elrond stepped through the door. Glorfindel crossed his arms and huffed slightly. Elrond smiled at him.

"Aww, sweetie, do not be mad. I have a gift for you."

Glorfindel perked up, "A gift?"

Elrond held out his arms, "Come, kiss me."

Glorfindel moved into the circle and kissed the half elf, "You taste...different. Where have you been?" He pulled back to frown slightly, storm clouds gathering behind sky blue eyes.

Elrond just pulled him back, "With Erestor. Kiss me, again."

Glorfindel frowned, puzzled, but kissed him again, "The taste is somewhat familiar." Elrond hummed. "With Erestor?"

"With Erestor."


Elrond's eyes twinkled as the light bulb went off in the warrior's head and Glorfindel attacked his mouth with fervor, trying to suck every trace of Erestor from his mouth. Elrond finally had to pry him off, so he could breathe. "Slow down, Glorfindel. There is more where that came from."

Blue eyes wide with excitement, "When can I get some?"

Tomorrow the Letter P.

Posted by cavityseeker at 12:01 AM CDT
Updated: Sat 07/31/2004 2:04 AM CDT
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